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10-29 6:20pm Sports Talk: Tampa Buccaneers

Oct 29, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to Roy Cummings who covers the Buccaneers for the Tampa Tribune to talk about the difficulties the Buccaneers are having this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are clearly in the running for the top draft pick in the 2014. NFL draft. Covering it at bay Buccaneers cause. The talk about the NFC south is Roy Cummings for the Tampa Tribune Iran you do television covers ballclub you know more about it before on the outside looking in it seems like. -- Seattle is Aaron Gant. He used you know it's a mile away and how way. You know this is how we're -- do it eight innings -- seven Miami to meet just a matter time or eight in looks like at the -- time. Before a show him. The Dolan. In October. Yeah you're very close you're you're right. Definitely yeah. And got a little arrogant about it. You know not sure of that Armstrong is quite successful at. You would expect the but he is well there in defeat but. -- right you don't not to touch that that what you do -- hit on. Is amazed under a third and right wing and all of a 10 -- the second or they're ranked Louisville went by between I was there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- -- him or they became a bowl team but what do you know eleven -- and the BCS I'm gonna. What did -- I thought he did that was so great. Yet now you're actually right and you know it's it's hard to keep the college level Booker to trigger but he. He certainly has an idea of what he wants to witness team had he didn't feel that. He can run -- way and got a certain kind of player that you want shouldn't. You know you get those guys they'll they'll chip well so. And you know like any coach you know it got to work kid you don't win of the -- and I got upset and I got four. In remorse either but he bodies and that was good enough for me so I -- you guys. So point. -- -- put some responsibility on the players I really think that. They've given that really didn't say you know Greg (%expletive) out of disciplinarian and he's there to entities that cities that we don't -- the Bill Belichick -- -- you know and so it. Bill Parcells was there Tom Coughlin was the disciplinarian or as a disciplinarian and know they'll all at some point or another because they were waiting another conflict or war -- I don't know -- Laguna and Portland operation -- or not. But you know style is not unique to the NFL -- slouch. Straighten that out right away. Much like every other coach in the league early a lot of coaches in the league. And he's got a typical. -- -- about things players. Nobody told aligned so to speak in the if you don't you're going to be gone by and again you know I've recently India -- -- went. If you're going to be an area went to it -- -- winning the league you know winning. They're usually let you go and but I'm. For I think the player can look at the past here in Tampa. At the end of the day. He's been positioned with a few gains and. Yeah they got a look at the -- right that's -- I was gonna askew. Have the fans talk about now you never wanna look in the past it to me those are critical you know drove by parity or how. You know close it is to winning and losing I -- I did Jets come on -- additional one -- They had a great chance to beat the Saints don't know what happened in New England -- was that you know they have a chance that I can't recall. You know what exactly happened but I know they could have been to -- -- and all of a sudden maybe get off to a better start Josh Freeman still there. Yeah -- Utley right in the New England may have a chance to take. And oh lead early on they were in control the game in the early going. Patriots were struggling to move the ball and we couldn't put touchdown by the Borden and part of that was just streaming -- was dropped pass -- Receiver but you know again it is not like you know coaching -- You know he didn't throw all I did Jaguars. Exactly. -- -- to speed and and you know -- art direction oh. You know we've got our league. The most out he'd bought that they want to call and a and yet bodily it would soak it unit you know not -- that well but I it will be that again. I look at it say you know and I think everybody the point here but I believe that it's. It becomes very you know he's beatable in the coach in this case a couple of players have passed. And the in my opinion and the players suddenly when a lot better because they certainly didn't position the way to make it close enough. Now Arroyo when you look at the NFC south -- as reported season started when I looked at Tampa Bay. I I thought in the -- -- days they healthy. Considering the running back Doug morn -- and Vincent Jackson everything so well. Of Josh Freeman plays well they could be of twelve the politics Carolina Carolina gets off to a great start we can you and Andy run the ball Mora because I thought they'd be outstanding. Would have -- seven they have a chance and then obviously that would have Falcons were have been the Saints are kind of thought. That was Sean -- coming back we can get to ten wins now they and expectation is obviously are even higher but. Besides Tampa Bay boy is things like boy that the problems -- related Nagin. And then maybe at Carolina. Could be dues and expenses thing and have a season. Yeah you're right. -- thought he was surprised it went out and certainly with the Atlanta. I'm not sure but he expected the Saints the girl but they started off. And certainly can't you know you look at look at technically you look at the talents say that this is -- team that. It should have been -- -- schools for a playoff spot or at least you know setting for a division title I think it's -- -- -- Carolina's so. I I Korean teams in the division have really. You know not played well they were expected to Carolyn to start picked it up. But I you know that's why I wouldn't count anything. I think. Which you know his ability. To turn this thing around the -- here and get this team. You know so winning second half which is -- to be -- now. -- from Atlanta certainly you would say that you know the Saints situation -- got a good coach -- -- very good quarterbacks. Yet seen the you know obviously double -- Tennessee title run and so. You know there's an opportunity there -- them to. You know. Think there -- you -- and two while -- are there. People -- Greg should but you know and -- an experimental time. Like that upstream and -- report this week accused by camaraderie off -- but. They had better quarterback play Michael and quarterback net which got treatment and you know on. You cannot channel a lot of things but one thing I liked was the -- quarterback. I think. Josh -- had a -- to getting so why your engineering. That is departure release and he got it and it's unfortunate on that because that without the player. Michael and give them very good quarterback placements there could be an area ball. -- been horrible with people expected would be. You know like any young quarterback -- got a lot to learn but so easy he played very well -- it right now but it is due to the players under team playing as well Michael and in one that probably to a tree went under on board -- how can folks volume alone would. It at our bombings TV he'll -- are coming EPO. Panel thought he yelled back on the real story there the most. At are coming EPO. Rod -- cover in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Tampa Tribune Roy thank you so much for the day we appreciate. -- and excellent take on those red -- cannot practice that he did and he's ten to 631 to have a person who's who go to Sandra.