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10-29 6:35pm Sports Talk: Carolina Panthers

Oct 29, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to Carolina Panthers Radio Color Analyst Jim Szoke to talk about the Panthers season so far and what is to come.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cannot practice -- soaking Dodgers now GM Carolina. As 1453. Straight and in the last five games they've given up just 44 point it's less than that points a game. And for the first time a long time this team and had to make up so much ground on the bag in the season their four and three. And they have everything in front and like -- an -- talk about in this division Tuesday at the plate the Saints twice in the next three weeks to meet TO TOT a sign about. How legit Carolina contenders are because they're playing the Falcons. The Patriots and the forty now that's a tough stretch for anybody. -- burrowed -- those guys that are complaining that the Peppers should've beaten their -- game they've played the last three weeks Minnesota. Saint Louis and Tampa Bay's you'd say well let's look at the next greens Q what they do. We're Atlanta it would -- is still Wednesday January to beat you beat that its final yet. A lot of that pat on the back I think we know better than a pretty good football team and a desperate team right now and then you're right. At separatist go to an. -- on Monday against New England. You know if they don't whip -- those games would that be a tough stretch to all the that they at least it sure that there in that class league play with those guys -- -- them it would validate what their record is which is sports reader. Now Jim now I guess he did -- about the of that a clippings are the billing is fours the front seven defensive front seven. Oh where would you put them I -- right now what I've seen. Probably the bands in the NFC in in the conversation. In the NFL you look at the Jets the cheese whatever as far as production but. Boy it sure seems like that they've lived up to all the hype that Princeton for the the Carolina Panthers. The -- and that's true and it is the fact that they dump it not to release Jon -- And you know they see as the Giants in indelibly guys that would be parked out front seven rookies and began the Chase Blackburn agreed to a -- -- And so I agree I don't vote in the better -- -- front seven and I haven't seen this week's league stats. But last week they were third in yards is second in points or the other way around. Mean top three in those two categories that led by the -- departure up until they get after the quarterback pick -- -- or cents a game close games. -- Johnson -- can again be double digit. I never really meet our front seven that they aren't what you is what they did -- -- it starlets -- in the first Utah and kicking it short the second about Purdue. The guys -- great they have to lay replied you project it just a quick burst coming off that we have a -- purity that kind of dominant player in the middle. India look at them look Medicare on numbers two and you can point one allowed things and his team is playing well -- last season they were fifth in Napa say it in the red zone right now. This 61%. In the last three games. Almost 80% in a red zone if they did this on a road -- can't talk about some of the things we apply to the Saints. And you know things they wanna move forward even idea -- percent of red zone on the road is Carolina right outside -- struggling and -- don't overall but only 30% on room. Yeah you know guys you know -- -- rattle the last few weeks as you river rock right there Robert Perez go for a four short -- career planning and you know losing games like about lottery -- argue in the game we. But the ball back connecting needed and he'd get into the game. You know he's got the best short -- quarterback in the league and he got Mike Tolbert and you got. You know DeAngelo Williams W got weaponry to pick up short yard regional lineup that's -- you have a guy at the plate and they're -- -- -- -- in the third year. I would -- -- reaching the -- take some rest and taking great risk to tackle Bill Belichick poke or a fourth down inside your thirty but -- -- it or accents and and there are -- well and they always picked the ball at that they extend drives. And that -- senior getting points and let it -- a touchdown to start the opera. Tim I thought last year that they were putting it offensively too much and -- Cam needs shoulders I mean I think less of Campbell would be better silly because there is the fan there's always been known as a good running team. And and and I -- approaches that would -- do not announcing that canyon managed the game because he has more ability in that. The biggest needed just have more rushing attempts and and and and pick and choose he didn't play action let them throw and I'd be like OK -- go win it force is that your take when you look -- that that's his role almost we Carolina and they can win games has by the -- Yeah it's it's been nice you know Bobby more -- -- in the main ingredient of what they do edwards' first two years. You know what -- -- that let it to them and that's why can't rate particularly -- -- longer use that cap Cam Newton Whitney's 26 your result would be like. RG three about knee surgery and things like that so you got to be Smart player you're well on cavity. So the Smart thing and let him play quarterback immensely nobody runs forever like what they did on forever I'll let him run but it makes cents and now -- -- -- first cheered him -- number one -- This year DeAngelo got 477. Yards in camp -- to 29. On the ground so he runs well and makes -- with a pocket breaks down a -- on. Well a little read option well Metallica option where you might keep it. But inside and out in -- for a hundred yard. Carolina taking on Atlanta Beasley era seven point favorite the -- this folks they are hot one of the three straight four of their five and they're four and three at the seven. During with a tenacious defense -- so Pete color analyst for the Carolina Panthers and they were -- always a pleasure. Take care this weekend as you guys take on -- -- Are. Are all right this is sport stuff. You're listening to WW.