WWL>Topics>>10-29 6:45pm Sports Talk: inspirational story

10-29 6:45pm Sports Talk: inspirational story

Oct 29, 2013|

Deka and Bobby talk to Doug Crossman who received a kidney donation from a friend he met at LSU basball games who was murdered.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk. You know they say out loud and life is not so much how you talk what you say but if you listen. And each day I get to advocate and my home and sometimes -- comb over disclose it to the sports while on the front page. Of this weekend's paper you could see a dedication on -- McKinley high school. And then my mother thome sees it became you have you heard about the story about the young man in the -- in his friend and I got to reading it today. And I caught up producer Steve and you know I said that's it report -- the reporter. Jim must -- from the advocate gonna meet in two on next he has -- cross and then. Who is a long time friend Shelby homes. Donated a kidney to devote any very unique. Saying wave but -- a story it is heartwarming and -- first of all thank you so much for the time and this is a part of sports. That it's one of those human nature stores it's sports is a small part but I just found -- story. So unique -- -- you and she'll -- were framed in his dates back to you your love for LA issues so. One -- there's an -- tell us do a story about how this came about. Well you know should we were good Aaron. News what happened to him not spoke out and it shouldn't happen to anybody bridge. -- -- -- -- Young man and didn't EB -- big. And he walked toward where he was out Monday night. And unfortunately some body shot. No reason no probably. Still outlawed too so. Well. The prognosis is not paying him and so. We thought Tuesday. Wednesday more. Bit -- passed away and removed from life support well. Would produce a fairly merit thing we were trying to figure out mentioned that they're the pale were straight and joke and everything and wondered it was spirit and -- The danger it was. It was like just stopped in my life one bit -- and so what we do what I am met. -- -- Shall we bomb that would be at the bank. And you don't win -- players we thought he would have passed away and that will bring their. Well. There's so -- check out real well currently. -- and should always -- adapting I am now I'm doing you know that should open it up problems with my kidneys. I don't poly cystic shouldn't -- about the dial. Treat your pro am so Lugo and they have -- you know and and you know he won't try to play -- in the you know someday would be -- column. Well. His most -- -- talk about. You know well why. Should regional. -- -- discovered good good good show we -- wanted our. Little meters well slightly injured. Well Nadal. And make the play. About well. But anyway she's followed that and so -- and I bet you shall we would want. -- to do and so. You know Rasheed I am you know is considered she's like well -- already aren't -- issues as you know we saw it last night to. Donated organs and they you be it by doing -- and needed a transplant and I told my good compliment and -- out little problem so I'm good. Give them you know my name they would give in end. Did those guys blow away your urge called me and here in. They stole the ball. Probably more in. Out there and you'll strawberry. And it -- who would call matching. All of counsell and earlier out there and well it up and make all parts of the horse -- was a match. And that took -- -- you -- ago that they've made. Out very well. Thought about thought. Probably night but he told W we came out. Check here and which you should have been good -- reached and that. And then week I'll do. Anymore I came here took it a week ago I am. Glory days -- -- foreign operations. Rather he's been. It and in fact that there -- things I'm a former tiger today -- game or parliament. Big night out of people. Standing Mo bile for Shelby -- should do just to show you what island through it again can you. One outcome but they're not gonna -- and gave me a -- They're fortunate. Doug Brosnan is is our our special gates as the hall warming story Shelby homes as a gentleman it. Donated a kidney to dope -- has been dealing with the kidney problems and those that -- that help on the four that is it vital. Battle part of the body in Dallas this is something that drains energy out of vehicles this. That you you skiing in in bunting on that local they went through an immensely with the downfall of these you know. And Shelby was a lifelong. Bad through each guy he was a devout part of the McKinley high school football program a statistician he was on there. There was a moment of silence prior to the LA issue firming game on Saturday night about the same time that August the cross -- a friend of -- what they admit it LSU events received the kidney. From Shelby homes -- this is a remarkable story and don't I just one last thought Arenas and -- like man this is. Or is -- it's it's it's it's almost like he is really -- it what makes it. You know it is so unique is that you guys -- Franzen and you know. And then you -- not know on that he was that he was on lap -- he was it past the Mac in and it caused him. Pain twenty Dallas of his salary like you -- didn't make much to make true that if he ever got into a situation. That someone would be able to benefit from it and lo and behold he's -- is the one that benefited from. You know there's there's been -- -- -- -- to show up. You know in good order like he should do so oracle. And Andrea good you know couldn't -- it would McKinley evaluated. Intern college you would want to achieve. You know where it would. You know we're -- awhile ago I was good good good good there and I'll be. You right now. And there are paying union religious. Tradition and he wouldn't do. I mean he'd be in law and air India it was a while all. There -- they -- Big Dig at and I know W being close friends and I don't mean to be I don't know -- Sabin alms is maybe. Do you feel more connected do you feel closer to a to a bad amount -- do you before coming loses. -- -- -- She I am extremely. Quiet out there and I show these kids. Are being you know. I want to be able to kill one thing the people do when wouldn't it be around February I'll be up there and -- okay. Sure we feel real good order. You know I go to college game -- -- I'll go to you know I'm -- -- -- it should open is going to be a year ago. I was at the first time you got to know that our young men and LSU baseball game. You know -- he would -- you know back to. The other group was very slow. The national championship. -- you -- and help him but watch I'm not undermine what part -- what. Came out to the tailgate village we came out with the team and good and you know it's like. In the world by chance to meeting him in the you know -- movies he was were Hillary and then I wore on well. All big -- on matters and and surely. Came here you're like -- -- ball. Perry who work for. Up in the wrong look at plucked from bird and then the people who demonstrated. We all. That would -- by congressional. What Doug is it as we wind down here are two things. Eight. Falcons folks I know you union -- his -- on -- -- thrown out their top list those who wanna you know she'll be and his family and how are you doing. Oh so Shelton most important part. It is a he will be in by. And -- wouldn't lead to write about and you'll want to reduce -- which we alms. You wanna make the donation to a then you go to except I don't patient. All other and it it. You understand Bobby it's not just be about. -- who's. Spearheaded by -- Yeah everybody. -- you -- it didn't say what about the result show what can -- -- optional respect. You know really it is cover. The hole that promote what. -- -- What a good day out operations something more out Newton. I'm didn't. -- -- -- -- My wife should be here and actually check book under laws came out so I will it would hamstring checked that all new show. And then the rain -- well be you know a popular ago. Not -- after the gave me a -- It would appear on about. What Doug I tell you what this is a fascinating story brings you know human interest in sports and all tied together my man in that. I wish -- nothing but the Benson and I thank you so much forgiveness. 1015 minutes of the time in it is an angry at Wheatley could ever do in the embattled -- you this is a great -- ship within. Yeah. I just want to lower body out there. Where you wouldn't -- you. -- -- -- ask you if you wanna be and -- There's a whole boat show -- Boller well -- that we -- going to be a match like you were talking about your outfit. So body's gonna -- it out and it's gonna go check. And an -- it it's well we'd all be cute. -- -- consider the goat than the biggest problem we're transplants. It is I think dollar. Dog -- recruitment does a great stuff mum and thank you so much gambler junior fan and ship and his family which you know but the but the big. All right all right and Bobby you know a lot of times. You know it was some balls had been in a situation where he donated kidney and -- him -- almost take Roger as a basketball -- and that is just. It doesn't fit this -- it was a perfect match in right no basis while we're remarkable story. Yet then that's the thing where you know everyone. You can really. Go after this are trying to be an organ donors when you renew your license yet you know it's easy to do and you could be. You know saving someone's life and are better of their lives in the future.