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Oct 29, 2013|

Join Scoot as he counts down the * hottest topics from across the nation and locally in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to our Charlotte mr. tonight we're gonna have great weather and it looks like things are gonna work out great for Halloween night especially for the trick the traders. Now for those of us who are older trick the traders who are going to be out very late and perhaps even early in the morning Halloween night into a Friday morning. The possibility of some showers -- -- -- front moving through here but it's gonna bring spectacular weather for this week it once again sunny and very mild temperatures cool night. Very much like last weekend. So make plans to get out and enjoy it. And first look like this -- it was gonna come through cause more problems for the church leaders that looks like it might work out fine for liberty to get out. And do their trick or treating also tomorrow afternoon should be another great afternoon for another concert at Lafayette square. It's harvest the music concert series -- benefiting the second harvest food bank and always a lot of great music and and fun people out there. And Lafayette square right downtown. A just a few minutes ago before going on the year I got a I got a text from my brother. And it wasn't a picture of the Dallas Cowboys. There is no local Dallas Cowboys and said Dallas Cowboys why are we America's team. Because we shut down when things get really tough it's time for tonight's top rated a -- the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight. -- VW well number eight. 46 year old woman in Austin Michigan. Dressed up as an. Abusive wife for Halloween Paul -- I've -- up Paul crop Paul crop pub crawl you know what you start to say something wrong it just stays with you. Halloween pub crawl over the weekend that's when you know people go from one bar to another. Her 25 year old boyfriend was stressed as. And abused husband. The woman was arrested after getting drunk and actually beating and abusing her boyfriend. 26 year old -- Crespo according to police said it's ironic that she dressed up as an abuser. And she ended up abusing. Her boyfriend that night. Her blood alcohol level was point 19 more than twice the legal limit in Michigan I guess sometimes Halloween imitates life. Number seven at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Obama care right now is -- maps and this is damaging the image. The Obama administration CBS news has learned that. Over two million Americans have been told that they cannot renew their current insurance policies more than tripled the number of people. Said that. Dissent they're said to be buying insurance. Under the new Affordable Care Act commonly known as obamacare. Hundreds of thousands of people are losing coverage. White house Press Secretary Jay Carney said what the president said. And what everybody said all along is that they're going to be changes. Brought about by the Affordable Care Act to create. Minimum standards of coverage you know I'd -- and there's still a lot we don't know this is hoping -- -- to further in future shows but right now. Obamacare has been an embarrassment for the Obama administration. And since this is something that didn't just all of a sudden pop pop. This is something that -- which planned. That is there should have been more realistic talk about what people could expect and it should have been ready to go. I still have a very difficult time believing that accompany. Would not have been prepared even for. The number of people who were trying to sign on four obamacare I can't believe that accompany. Would not have been prepared to handle. The load. And the government. Could not handle load and that's what scares a lot of people about the government handling health insurance in general. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Why would anybody defense. Or restaurant. Philadelphia has created a new menu item. It's a deep fried. Twinkie burger. It's made with two deep fried twinkie bonds. Up pork belly and beef -- American cheese. And bake it. And it starts to appear on the menu today PYT is a restaurant in Philadelphia. You like he's -- -- also home of the lasagna burger OK so we've got lasagna in between two bonds they also serve. Can you think of anything that would be better for either in this. -- taco shells. Taco shells made out of bacon. You know there are so many bad things to eat out there and honestly I I I see these commercials. For for some of these these food chains. Not just the fast food chains but also agreed that the change where -- you sit down and yet we have dinner. Our lunch. And I just our breakfast I can't I can't believe that it. People would eat those things and I guess everything in moderation is okay. The problem is that people for equality it's on sale I guess it's okay as Beatrice eloquently did -- it must be right Leo let's use a little common sense of -- I guess I'm kind of trying to figure out what would be next after that deep fried twinkie burger. Too deep fried twinkie -- pork belly beat paddy American cheese and eight. How many cubic pie. Fried -- global yes we can work on that. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. During the Halloween season. Kentucky hospital to. Tourists. Who have two hours and also tourist who wanna spend the night in the old hospital. The Waverly hills sanatorium. Which home to thousands of sick patients from the 1920s until close in 1961. Many spooky encounters have been reported this year. The hospital is very old on its site close to two Louisville. And it features several ghost and Halloween themed television shows. And it's it will no nationwide the Waverly hills sanatorium. And -- this may -- think about something your new worlds and I've thought about quite often. How -- it do you think old charity hospital -- -- I -- my charity hospital and to some times I looked up at that and I just think. How haunted by the or when you drive by the question expressly look overture to think how haunted. -- deputy I am really surprised that that nobody has. Has is gone in there and done some kind of a horror movie or something about the charity hospital but it can you mention. Spending -- night. -- charity hospital. And this is something it will continue to talk about a predictor close to -- -- we will be on the Thursday night Halloween night we will be with you on that -- Will start the at the show with a top eight most haunted places. In the new World Series of the ridiculous you'll do it again this year. And we'll talk about a Halloween tomorrow night and and -- as well. But I was thinking of another place they would be rather creepy not to spend the night and -- it's healed and at Six Flags. Amusement park out in your -- to meet the that would be some like would that be what some creepy. Little places that used to be rides that might might be scary but charity hospital we thought about how -- -- hospital like the number four in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Washington Redskins Dan Snyder has met with NFL commissioner Roger did. -- today in New York the NFL wants a better understanding of how the Redskins plan to handle the controversy with the team's name. -- the owner of the Redskins. And Snyder once again reiterated to the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. He has no plans to change the Redskins name. It's been criticized as you know in the last couple of months by some groups there are fans and media. Bob Costas on some people on Capitol Hill native Americans find it very offensive. The meeting with Roger Goodell comes one day before the NFL officials are scheduled to meet in New York this would be tomorrow with representatives of the Unita Indian nation. That's the native American group defines the name offensive and what's changed. Last month NFL commissioner Goodell said. If one person is offended we have to listen. And ultimately it is the team owner and Snyder's decision. But it's something that I -- assault to go out and make sure we're listening to our fans listening to people who have a different view. And making sure that we continue to do what's right to make sure that every team represents the strong tradition. It has for so many years now I believe the Redskins have been named the Redskins for over. 81 years. And that's a long standing tradition. You know I I think at some point you just have to -- ago. And at some point you know because there's nothing illegal. You can't ban it I mean it's it would be unconstitutional. To save it. The team can't. Being named the Redskins. You can be offended by it you can not like it. You can. I try to. Started economic protest. But I don't know how -- that's gonna go yeah it is somebody was critical of the -- name if it was very offensive because of that the reference to catholicism. Eyes and no matter how. How strong the protest was against that. There's no way saints fans are gonna stop going to games. And when you think about the tradition the Redskins 81 years there's no -- Redskins fans are gonna stop going to Redskins games. And some people find the name offensive. You do what you can do to try to get something change -- I mean the next step would be there to pass legislation or something to that effect saying that it can't be seen that in and and that is absolutely ridiculous. So if you don't like the Redskins name figure out a way to. Showed you're disapproval of that. But beyond that if insiders talking to change the name the names are going to be changed. Never forget tonight's list of the top eight at -- Bad Rand Paul who's number one of the box office this past weekend knocking. Gravity from its three week run at number one. Bad -- applause produced by the people gave us the jackets TV shows and the movies. Johnny Knoxville. -- tennis stars as Bagram Paula I haven't seen the movie yet. But I've I've seen the previews and I've seen a number of skits on on jackass. That featured Johnny Knoxville is this. Bumbling old Graham -- And -- you know it's it's actually very funny but then I had to ask myself is is it OK to laugh at seniors. Did you did you see the -- That you laugh. You feel guilty about laughing it and it's seniors and we we all have or have had grandparents. And grandparents -- Mostly loved and appreciated. They tend to spoil us and we let them do that they spoil our children and we let them do that. So is it wrong to laugh at a movie that puts someone made up like an 86 year old man. In situations where we. We we laugh at him. And -- there's some interesting things about this movie -- the grandfather 86 year old Johnny Knoxville. Goes on road trip with his eight year old grandson showing him America. The grandfather introduces the grandson to male strippers. Disappointed child beauty stores and there parents -- -- very upset. Funeral home mourners. And biker bar patrons. Is it OK -- to laugh at seniors. And can you think of a movie that had seen it where you actually. Lasted a senior. I'm thinking about the movie road trip. And the where where -- they -- -- -- they stop at a stop somewhere and they're -- grip on his older couples there and the grandfather gets stoned. And he also on. I'm just excited if you will watching some kind of exercise video -- stuff that scene was funny but is it is it wrong to laugh. As seniors and did you see the -- Bagram Paula and did you feel guilty about laughing. If you at a -- Russia with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about hard numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. In a text upper -- and creativity. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Prominent doctors groups and step. Condoms should be more available for teenagers. The group supports having condoms available in malls. And everywhere. And I guess the question is is that really focusing on the problem. The American academy of pediatrics committee on adolescence. Believes that condoms should be more available -- teams in a new policy statement the committee said. That for teens to use condoms they must be available. And they're not gonna go in and ask for. Is the availability of condoms really the problem or is it really more about responsible behavior. Our -- really that hard to get. -- they really that expensive. So we're we have to make them free to kids doctor Rebecca O'Brien who wish to lead author of via this committee's policy statement said. The -- must be available everywhere and not just in healthcare settings. She said content should be available in malls and everywhere. And there's still a lot of resistance offering free condoms to teenagers because there's this belief that condoms being available will encourage teens to have sex. And that's -- WW pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Is giving free condoms to teenagers. Encouraging them to have sex. Give -- opinion by going to our web site at W dot com and should parents. Supply condoms for their kids now I know there -- lot of parents who don't -- think their kids are sexually active. But if your parent -- to be realistic enough to figure out whether or not they are it it's not what you want to believe about that it's it's what's happening. And whether it's a daughter or son. Which you ever consider giving your daughter or your sign. A content. And also you know since this is not something that I well. It's not going to need a bit. It's not it has have been embarrassing for me to buy content in many many many many many years. Obviously you know you get to a certain point your life and you know it doesn't marry you -- I'm barest. But is it really that difficult as it's is it really that and they are sitting. To buy condoms today to do we really need to focus on giving free condoms to two teenagers. And if we talk so much about. The availability of condoms. Are we really not facing the the real issue which is teaching personal responsibility when it comes to sex. If you wanna join our shooter like with your comment on numbers 26 ago. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy and I text number is 870 gates. And finally tonight. Number one or. The top candidate. Conservative author Ann Coulter says that all Republicans who criticized members of their own party over the recent government shut down. Should become Democrats. Is it really necessary to agree with everything your party says or dies. And do you agree with everything. The party that you align yourself with. Do you do you agree with everything that party says everything that party does. Now conservative author commentator Ann Coulter is saying that Republicans like senator Marco Rubio. Senator John McCain senator Lindsey Graham Mike Huckabee. These are among the people that Ann Coulter says should believe the Republican Party and become Democrats. Because they criticized the Republican strategy to defund obamacare which led to the sixteen day government shutdown. -- blog tonight is titled Ann Coulter is wrong all Republicans don't have to agree. Now you can send -- -- your conservative friends you -- tended to your liberal friends read it and shared it's on our website at WW real dot com for -- -- -- opinions. Ann Coulter is wrong while Republicans don't have to agree now what does it mean you have to agree with my blog or have to agree with me. You might think over a pub brawl Republican should agree and all Democrats should agree. We'll talk about this on the -- right do you agree with everything your party says and everything your party. Stands for if there's if there's a a general platform for your party if you're a Democrat or pop a Republican. Do you agree with everything your party stands for. To join Russia with your comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. -- over -- 77. This is -- -- show live on this Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on -- WL a prominent doctors group says that condoms should be more available for teenagers and the group supports -- condoms available in malls and everywhere. Is it really that difficult for teens to get condoms. Is the problem access to condoms or. Is the real problem a lack of teaching responsible sexual behavior and should parents. Dare give their kids condoms. Here's an update on our WWL pretty table opinion poll tonight is giving free condoms to teens encouraging them to have sex. 53% say yes it is. 47% say no it's not attracted -- -- on our -- sometimes our poll stays close to the same the way it is in the beginning it sometimes it fluctuates a lot. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com here's a Texan reads I have three girls and was a teenage mother. I have no problem getting my daughter's condoms at educating them fact is we live in a world almost we're almost everything is centralized. Instead of sheltering them. My arm them with knowledge. Also tonight we're talking about conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter. Saying that all Republicans who criticized members of their own party over the recent attempt to defund obamacare. And leading to the government shut down they should become Democrats. And that includes many prominent Republican senators. Is it necessary to agree with everything your party says or does. And do you agree with everything your party says or does scope blog tonight is Ann Coulter is wrong you may agree that -- disagree you can read it shared even division commented feel like. And Coulter is wrong all Republicans don't have to agree that's on the front page or website WWL. Dot com under our opinions here is a text and see -- blank by hater. Here's a text. And is a nut case. Here's another text. Since when do we take anything. And Coulter says seriously. Here is attacks teens are eternally. Biologists say in the mood some words I don't feel the need to use. A teenage -- are eternally in the -- the presence of condoms doesn't encourage sex. It encourages safe sex safer. At least. Here's a text about giving teams condoms. A trying to stop sex teen or otherwise by making condoms unavailable it's like trying to prevent people from going to the bathroom. Could not withhold from the toilet paper. -- if you would join our shared private economy and our numbers to in other words you're gonna go our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- number is 87870 from New Orleans says chuck being here under the WL. -- regular I'm gonna you know that they're sold all over apple. Question to me regarding current and -- church because they didn't detect it was correct in that. Number one teenager. Is beginning -- experience natural -- that happened. Doing those QB turned things happening with the parties and I love that use the word natural. Right number two. Number two. They're teenagers shouldn't live in society. Weird quote quote quote not. Allow. Radio airplay. Television viewing and other things that are directly in front. All of young people at each arm without any apple hold and it shouldn't go in in in in an interview. In utility and watch the and we channel got a cheap. Are essentially projects should suggest that. Behavior. The windows -- Turkey this. This is simply this is simply that I've talked about often I've I realized that it might appear to be more graphic today and it and it might be you cannot or aren't but chuck. But he doesn't take much to make teenagers think about sex there was the Sears catalog before they -- -- TV. And in videos -- -- there was or James Bond movie there where they were things that when he. Think about things. It would although being -- -- -- you can go away and it's true. But -- you don't want to do go back break the squad you go back but more so -- balance. -- moral responsibility. Of the young -- being you know what it's actually -- and so what it just all you know get local ballot today its audit department. -- or more or spiritual balance. -- -- secular. Our. Free triggering. -- on immorality in actuality okay. But too many parents have given up trying to demand that their children -- Learn certain things it doesn't mean -- they're -- always -- but you know Paris nearly realistic enough always better to have a Condit did not have a -- if we're gonna be sexually active. -- -- -- -- point in trying to make is this how would almost suggests it should just don't shop there I'll be here. Musically shall surely. Everything like that. How many of those tools. To show almost seeing where adults are actually using accountable what do you don't see. Well I would like to think that amendment that brought it upon it like I would like to think that if there are kids watching it there's no scene that gets to the point where they're about to use the condom. It shouldn't go that far. Yeah that's what I'm trying -- because don't actual scenes. Are happening. Almost every night on television. What I am aren't I thought about I thought about sex when I was a kid watching green acres I thought because if of whatever her name -- senator Lisa Lisa Douglas what I what I'm trying to explain is that it doesn't take that much to make people think about sex it's always been here. Technical. About checkbook and it's simply a year why then aren't you would think that. The promotion. Of nobody who can some precautions that would not just project to. Or why quarterly quarterly why -- we need to have the media promote this why does this need to be promoted in media why can't parents died just from a very early age start teaching their kids to be responsible for their behavior. Because. Every -- waiter is young adult it is feared some type of advertisement that the -- you don't win -- that promoting show actual. Days since that is a reality that. That's right that's -- that's reality you're never gonna -- references to sex checked we have got to get to break we're never going to escape references to sex. I couldn't when I was a kid. And -- that you could neither. It didn't take much to make us think about sex OK so it's everywhere today so -- can't change that you better do the other thing and it is teach responsible behavior. And if they're gonna be sexually active you better teach him to use a content that is your responsibilities apparent like it or not if you -- state witness. This is the -- -- and will be right back with more. Like for New Orleans on this Tuesday night and WL is giving free condoms to teens encouraging them to have sex that's -- -- WL party -- opinion poll tonight. Once again the majority has has flip a close Paul keeps going back and forth tonight. 52%. Say yes giving free condoms encourages teens to have sex. 40% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. If you're on hold stay -- just relax and I want to give you an opportunity to say what you wanna say more about to get to the news here's what you have to rush. So just relax and we'll get to you right after the news also -- we're talking about a conservative author. And commentator Ann Coulter was written a new book she says that all Republicans to criticize members of their own party over the recent government shut down. Should become Democrats. Really is it really necessary to agree with everything your party stands for. And what's the about the possibility of an opportunistic motive. That Ann Coulter has by saying something extreme. To get attention to seller book. The extreme voices get the most attention scope blog tonight you may agree you may disagree read -- share -- others. It's titled and Coulter was wrong all Republicans don't have to agree and that is on our website at WW held a conference page under our opinions. All right it's going to be a beautiful night tonight also tomorrow afternoon will be a great afternoon for the harvest the music concert series benefiting the second harvest food bank. Starts tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock right after work at Lafayette square. This is this coach it would will be right back and to -- WL.