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Oct 29, 2013|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: A prominent doctor now says condoms should be more available for teenagers. Is that really the problem? Is it the lack of condoms or the lack of teaching personal responsibility when it comes to sex?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter says that all Republicans who criticize members of their own party over the recent attempt to defund obamacare and that led to the sixteen day government shut down. Should become Democrats. Do you agree with an issue right if you disagree with some aspect of the Republican Party should you become a Democrat. Is it necessary to agree with everything your party does everything your party says if if you're a Democrat and in the south there are Democrats who. Are part very conservative in the same way that there are Republicans in the northeast and Massachusetts for example who are very liberal or moderate. If you're Democrat do you oppose gun control. If you're a Democrat do you oppose same sex marriage. If you're a Republican do you support some aspects of gun control. And if you're Republican arguing pro choice Republican. The you have to agree with everything your party stands for Stewart blog tonight -- title and Coulter is wrong all Republicans don't have to agree. Read that -- share with your politically minded friends it's on our website at WW dot com. A page under our opinions we're talking about that on the show tonight also a prominent doctors group says that condoms should be more available. For teenagers the group supports having condoms available in malls everywhere. Is it really that hard for teens to find condoms. Here's -- -- W a pretty -- opinion poll tonight is giving free condoms to teens. Encouraging them to have sex. Right now 59% say yes it's encouraging them to have sex. 41% saying no. You could have given me all the free condoms. They were available. And I still wouldn't tax. Because it was just not part of my lifestyle. And at that age and the other question is should parents be bold enough and courageous enough. To supply their teenagers with condoms. Their daughters. And their signs if they have reason to believe. They're teens are sexually active. Why would that be your responsibility I love what does somebody said earlier they said that if you teach your children to cross the street. It doesn't mean you wanted to play in the street. You're just trying to teach them across the street safely. Another good analogy about the availability of condoms encouraging sex was if fun if teens didn't have condoms they wouldn't have sex. That's like saying if teens. Did have toilet paper they would go to the bathroom. If you -- join us with your comets -- -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number is 87870. A tomorrow night will be the Wednesday night before Thursday. Halloween night so torn right we're gonna talk about some of the myths and superstitions about Halloween. And we'll set the record straight on many myths about Halloween. Do people really. Poison. Candy to try to kill children. Are kids really. Poisoned. Like candy on Halloween and their really razor blades and things like that and apples will set the record straight -- -- another miss on the show tomorrow night. Out front Tuscaloosa bill you're on this -- showing -- and you -- good evening. Indeed need to use we you know out condoms don't work maybe it's been Halloween and you know New Orleans have a lot of -- -- in the community. Maybe somebody who work who do at all. Two you know what I'm up emotions -- -- helped it prevent teenage pregnancy. Wouldn't want or -- -- love potion. I literally admirable white -- The better solution. Let me dictate -- -- but what we're talking about here is what is the problem of have a unwanted pregnancies to quickly and you know and Mary teenagers and and -- transmitted diseases and I think -- seriously that. The solution is good here. You know up insurance plans that pay for. Contraceptives. Or the morning after pill and yes even even. You know. Condoms a couple of -- the pebble a woman's struggle it now. And I you know. Treatment for its TDs. Posting things should be covered -- -- retail insurance policy. And everyone should be companies in the either on the exchanges or undercut our current insurance. It -- somebody wants to if somebody wants to be responsible. Oh with their sexuality. Is it really that difficult to get condoms. No it is not it's it's very easy victory every -- they have that -- And the issue is but -- -- people's attitudes even. Press some people won't upgrade and a six because India. And so people -- and it Welker and. Well that's in that I think that's almost in a different topic they're -- some people who yes who who wanna have kids for psychological reasons I've played they wanna feel wanted to date they went out there they feel like to get attention they have a baby and and get help from the -- -- -- are those people. But then there are those. Teenagers. That are just simply not responsible. When it comes to -- their sexuality. Is it too much to ask teenagers to be responsible -- -- even understanding that hormones raged through our bodies and can cause us to think about things. Is it really. Is it really out of the question as teens to be responsible. -- you not being -- people are responsible. I don't think it's your responsibility. -- of the public and taxpayers. To pick up the slack. You know their families can take care of you know out of wedlock bird it's. Well people you know they can pay for extra children out of wedlock if somebody on the -- their. I think you can cut out a lot but public funding that that. And supportive -- you know pregnant bureau's Houston had to go home. When they got pregnant -- now they have programs. To accommodate them at. I remember I remember how rare it wise for and one of the high school girls. To get pregnant today it's not as uncommon as it once once. And I think my problem with talking about the availability of condoms in balls and everywhere and got to make sure that they have condoms. To me that disguises the real problem which is personal responsibility and if somebody's not gonna be responsible they can have a condom. And think of a thousand reasons not to use it at that moment. We you know I think though it in the morning and after vehicles were were more readily available as well as cut other contraceptives you know like. But it'll. And treatment for sexually transmitted diseases if that was more available to -- people spiritually. I think we would have less of a problem maybe not a total in the but it don't you think it would. Well it might help those who are predispose to wanna have a baby for the wrong reasons. Illinois College -- like sourcing in Tuscaloosa. Here's a Texan -- my son wants to get into broadcasting he's listening now he -- show he wants to know how you got started. Best thing to do would be to US and -- emailed my email address is scoot SC OT. And WWL dot com and now telling what I did and also. And tell him the good and the bad and how much you -- delivered to do I Joey you're on WW -- good evening. I -- to do that. Well and a danger. You know -- bureau our reasoning on the Condit issue that. I think it might have been the guy's point and then there it is you're trying to it to Kiki Kiki -- big Albert seeded. Television. Movies on popular. And -- in video -- -- -- -- at the point is trying to make it I think you missed. While -- this isn't a caller we hand earlier yet but there are there are a lot of references to sex that they don't go as far as that moment in the -- would come into use. And I don't you know that would be rather explicit moment that got down to -- at that point in. -- -- Dick I guess -- used to suddenly client with chronically stuck with the there was the situation and even if it's like. On American pie type movie Europe -- some movie that deals with with sexuality if they were condoms somehow in this scene. Obviously you're not gonna show some body getting ready to actually use one bit if condoms were present there. Well. And yes proposal wouldn't be enough. It still doesn't now -- Philippines the question. Children keep their coverage starting at 65 the U and. I don't think kids are encouraged and -- -- with Condit because it takes a -- Takes a lot more than content to put in a situation where you have sex if you if you get some. Shy kid who doesn't have social skills in his relief. On an introverted YouTube that cute content that it's critical sex you know there are other factors that have to come into play. No but it still card did you know cars and nobody feels like he's -- a role would be up. Dole is now. Well Joseph. I was a very late starter. And and they were people in my school who were having sex and I guess some ways I looked up to them. I didn't feel I guess in some ways I felt left out but I I didn't feel left out of the corner where I could do anything about it but -- -- -- always going to be people who. Are gonna make you feel left out to some degree and that's that's nothing -- I'm going to the time to a caller show if you wanna join us with a comic tonight's about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. Late seventy. In a text number as a 7870. Is -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll is giving condoms free to teens. Is that encouraging them to have sex. -- before you answer that think about it really is condom availability. Encouraging teen sex. Give us your opinion I go to our website WWL dot com. And tonight as always we welcome those of you listening on your phones computers and tablets wherever you are. Going to witness on the -- show live from New Orleans tonight. Under the WL. This weekend is voodoo fest and among the groups performing will be secure -- I'm so good or for his defense that. There have been some big Budapest in the past but this year seems to be the biggest ever. Pearl Jam Nine Inch Nails. The cure. There are more. Kid Rock. And the list goes on and on and the weather is supposed to be spectacular this weekend and looks as -- this cool part is gonna move through here. On Thursday night's Halloween night. It looks like the kids -- get their trick or treating out of the way but for those of us who were older perpetrators if you're going to be out for him later early in the morning you might have learned some rain -- some. Rain on Friday morning during drive time. And then it looks like it's gonna move out of here and be really nice party night and Saturday and Sunday. Sunny with mild temperatures during the day Coolidge died very much like this past weekend so. It will be perfect for voodoo -- anything you wanna do outside are glad to with a strike we're talking about. Is. Is that the availability of free condoms is this encouraging teens to have sex in their lot of people believe that that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll. And here's an update and the the majority continues to be on the yes side. Is giving condoms free to teensy courage -- and have sex. 63%. Say yes. And 37% say no. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com that's one of the things we're talking about tonight if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. Tech's number 678 -- I hear is attacks that reads the Democrats have Michael Moore and we have Ann Coulter at least our village idiot is better looking. I'm I'm really enlightened that that so many people understand what have. What do bogus. Commentator. Ann Coulter is and we're talking about this because Ann Coulter has said that. Any Republicans. Even Marco Rubio John McCain senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina Mike Huckabee any Republicans who disagreed with. Be -- Republican Party strategy are part of the Republican strategy. To defund obamacare that led to the sixteen day government shut down should become Democrats. But now she's promoting her book. And I guess. When your Ann Coulter or somebody like that. There is. There is a reward in saying things that are extreme. Even if they're stupid. The very idea that everybody within the party whether Republican or Democrat must agree with every aspect of the party. Is nonsensical. But Ann Coulter is hard core right wing. And yet. Extremist voices like in -- voice. Get attention. And they sell books. Which is just another reminder that. Those of us who were part of the silent majority need to become vocal. So we do a better job of denouncing the extremist voices on the right and the left. They seem to get most of the attention. -- like tonight is very honest about it it's titled Ann Coulter is wrong all Republicans don't have to agree. Read it share it it's on our website at WWL dot com from New Orleans George welcome to description or night. -- I think you nailed it earlier. I think the -- the another Republican party's conservative ideal general currently using a lot of people it is -- -- like or four years old and I would consider myself very fiscally conservative but -- -- and on social issues specifically gay marriage just a proper. Certainly consider myself a Republican. And we have these. Saw part one Republican in the extreme that betray well all part of why. And every single aspect I think you lose a lot of people my age naturally share. Well George you're actually right about that and it's interesting that the Republican Party reassessed themselves after that the loss last November in the presidential election they realize that they had lost young voters. They had lost women voters they had lost on Hispanic voters -- lost at some minority voters that they had had had. And it was because the Republican Party collectively didn't do a good enough job denouncing the idiotic voices like data senatorial candidate Todd Aiken from Missouri. Who said that. I you don't have to worry about abortion. When it comes to rape. Because a woman's body shuts down and she won't get pregnant during rape which is biologically bogus. And did the voices were not loud enough to denounce them the right. That the far right and that's why I found it interesting that. Ted Cruz and do the Tea Party got so much attention because it has led to. On tremendous image damage with the Republican Party and as long -- mean that tea parties the best thing that has ever happened to Obama and the Democrats. I agree I think that if there had been such a far right around. -- just a lot of issues that you party has brought up other people might start to see that. On his on the administration's own merit there's a lot -- -- Doggie. Just a whole lot of issues and -- -- had a little -- and CA. And right now Obama care in the beginning has been a disaster we don't exactly know if it's gonna work but there were a lot of things they were told to us is the American people that aren't true. People are losing. There their health insurance. Is how was all this gonna play that we don't know. But right now this is starting to catch up with the administration and it. Right now it doesn't look good but if the Republicans have not launch that strategy to defund obamacare which led to the shut down. Then all of this would have been the focal point of the media as opposed to that now it's coming out but not until after the damage was done to the image of the Republican Party. I agree 100%. And that real quick call jumpers here people -- -- condoms cause kids. Or people think they can't complete. It desire abstract such kid great kid want perhaps that genetic or order cute one it's. I think it's silly to think Honda -- that. Georgia glad to -- show thanks a listing here -- you wanna join us with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And a text number is 877. From camp would show on your on the -- show good evening. Do the -- -- Eleven years old but it totally it was DA is. About Florida and that are -- Follow -- up side. What did that element they gave Republicans. He and there are standing in the political. Funny. A little political. The -- -- my son who rule this way in rule book accord in society sold at dollar. So much so aren't we bill. It knows that option -- Can be very polite and it only went in the and -- the eleventh -- And to stolen -- what people aren't you'll. Like hypocritical baloney what did -- -- Republican. And -- does not believe think he. Think marriage should be between man and woman period but he believes it also it should also be. -- union where he should and the right. A partner. It teaches you Sean. Is wearing his friend died -- in 1992. Marked by excellent I can go to my parents were in here and there is what -- Died at nineteen neatly -- I -- week. -- -- -- and children to aids ward when that person is suspect. Fourteen years old I except when it. He took it there hospitals and it it turned out to aid -- It should be would be people like -- They're scared me. -- -- May be afraid is that you know it's just put me in the Specter of a great man. Where there right now I don't believe condoms are if you vote in the our sport. I normally I don't want his allotment Arctic is apparently. -- pretty you know. My. The brought me to the charity ward fox though it felt he would sign an eight I think. Sounded like it did that change your mind about using condoms every time you're gonna tax. Actually book the book is going with it certainly -- he. Grab a hold with a -- that reason in the world. And there aren't limited treatment -- you know of pride that we weren't there is toward parity are. Show on an. So you you grew up with you that you're so he obviously you're not -- -- this this idea it has this. So this like this idea that people are concerned. About children growing up in gay households. And gay parent doesn't make you -- No by its outlook is it. I didn't go out of the nature you know I gave her soon future. I don't you know this -- the Monday it only goes forward. I was eleven years old and its -- -- the vote went to on the market it uncork the article and I didn't know it was our option. In the state of -- no. I thought he -- you know as a way. I had in our -- -- it was funny but way back up order but quote very commonly thought we can. It hit him in -- Under the hole. Pretty words and I don't believe that he is -- -- -- -- -- And -- it's been an advocate in here. And a little and his partner with the -- and I think it was the greatest but it was -- John Bogle agriculture and thanks for sure and the target they're there like there are conservative Republicans who are -- And I and and I'm sure -- -- -- data don't support gay marriage there's it and there's an organization known as the Log Cabin Republicans and it's it's it's a group of debris it's it's a national group of gay Republicans. And they believe that the government should not meeting believing everything the Republicans believe in. -- -- -- -- Are gay. They can't help that they -- gay and they don't want the government involved in their lives and Antony. That such as that -- the foundation of conservative ideology which is power to the individual and less government involvement. In the lives of individuals. Both audio in -- it was part of the world but he gave dale and it was you know. And now and and he's right here. You know. We set it apart they've been able went -- It was a great first are known him. That's the most important thing the fact that you can love beyond everything else -- political. Underdog I'm going to go to shows on and thanks socialistic. Our rob you're on WW LA good evening. Yeah rob go ahead and OK -- or try to recover. There -- the war -- -- physiology of the -- your -- by the -- right. Arlen I don't go into too much detail but we're not really much in order not in -- -- pervert. Okay. Where you know me you know -- don't want it 1213. Speaker and that -- one way it happened. OK I yacht and -- instincts and and and horrible and when I noticed that. But probably not gonna take you still that you know that it has brought up when you're going to -- about. Our problem partner make you do or not do anything that -- -- not gonna do well. But if you're if you're. Going to do it you should be taught to do it with a condom. If you're in effect what you're going to do it I don't win when I was growing up I was scared. To get a sexually transmitted disease -- get a what the -- get rid out today there's a president disease you can't get enough. After a lot of notes due -- -- go to. That didn't have to work -- aid. But -- I didn't wanna get something you can get -- also. If I was afraid that I might get somebody pregnant not look. I was a very very late bloomer in life so this was not a problem for me when I was young teenager or middle -- I don't need to go -- any details about that that moment by. This was not a this was not a problem for me but if I would be in that situation I would have been scared of -- and today -- aren't scared. And more teenagers should be afraid of the consequences if they have unprotected sex. Well it should be but you're right. About that site. I -- I'm -- to go show meant pessimistic. If you wanna join us where -- the year comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. Text numbers they 77. I'm getting some text about condom use that I just can't even read on the show. I hear is -- -- -- not wanting to have sex translates to. I didn't have any volunteers which means. You weren't selling hard enough. The harder you work the -- -- you know I I don't know I was sick kind of nerdy guy and did this this was not an option for me but it. I if five had been in that situation a young age I'd like to think that I've I would've been aware of condoms and and the the question is should parents be involved in talking to their kids. About kind of giving -- to your kids. And does the presence of condoms to the availability of condoms encourage teens to have sex as a W if -- pretty general opinion -- would give you an update on nets. And we'll come right back into the WL. Deer in the bayou Bengals would allowing alcoholic Tiger Stadium be a good idea do you think people would drink more responsibly if they don't have to drink so much before they went into the stadium or is it a recipe for disaster. And Death Valley. Also -- on Martin's mom testifies on Capitol Hill saying stand your ground laws need to be clarified those are two -- thinks -- talk -- talk about tomorrow morning. Wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning weekdays from six to ten. -- WL first news the owners of the Washington owner of the Washington Redskins -- Snyder met with the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today. In New York the NFL wanted a better understanding of how the Redskins plan to handle the controversy with the team's name. And insider said today at that meeting in New York. That he will not change the name of the team however he's willing to listen to those who are critical of the name those who are. Offended by the name and you know this can only go so far that their cannot be a law. That's. Bans the name the Redskins. Are our society doesn't work that way. You can disapprove of something you can not like it you can show your disapproval but you can't. He can't legislate. And a name change that would defy the constitution that would never be upheld by the US Supreme Court. Aside and and how would there be a protest of of the Redskins. If if enough Americans. Felt as if the Redskins. Was a derogatory term at right now most Americans don't seem to think it is derogatory or -- offensive. They don't perceive it that way that doesn't mean that some they'll perceive it that way but it's not. Accepted by enough Americans for it to be perceived as. Something that is so significant that there's no way they can go on without changing the name. And I wondered if maybe if we get to the point of -- -- the stands. But Dan Snyder has told the season ticket holders and he told Roger Goodell today that he has no plans to change the name. -- the NFL wanted to get a better idea of how they were gonna handle this or or approach this criticism. I'm controversy because tomorrow they meet with. The native American group that is mostly behind the criticism of of the name no word on whether or not but Kostis is going to be here we don't know how he feels about it. But really the -- can't. You can't you could ask for -- you can say is inappropriate but it. We can't do anything legally to change the name and and and what would be the repercussions. How would there be some kind of an economic protest at the Washington Redskins if they didn't change their name that we somehow. Lead to changing the name I can't I can't imagine a scenario I mentioned earlier that. If if if it came up and and whose disable it won't but you know we've. Thought that things would never happen and they ended up happening in become controversies. What if there was criticism of the name the -- And it would not come from the food and nation it would come from saints and it might come from an -- What what does that got to the point where. There was -- Demand to change the name because the name was offensive because it related to catholicism. And another Christian religious as well. Saints fans. Would just blow it off -- that well you know. We don't care. Sorry but we don't care and they would still go to the games I just don't think anything that would change. If you and enjoy pressure I would comment about any of the -- we're talking about our number is 2601872. All 3866889070. And a -- -- 7870 also tonight or talk about the will be bad Graham -- I haven't seen it is number one at the box office it's not -- gravity Al from its three week run at number one. -- grandpa which produced by the people who gave us a jackass the TV shows in the movies. And joining Neitzel stars as grandpa and I see a lot of skates that Johnny Knoxville was opinion. -- replace this senior citizen. They're funny I I laugh at them. Is it OK to laugh at senior citizens. Did did you see the movie did did you laugh and did you feel guilty that you were laughing at an 86 year old grandpa. This -- is apparently a road trip with his eight year old grandson. Showing him all kinds of things like male strippers. Disgruntled parents and young beauty contestants a child beauty contestants who who didn't win. On a funeral home mortars and biker bar patrons. Is this inappropriate content it is it is it OK to laugh it's really not making fun of seniors but were kind of just. Laughing at some things that seniors do. And and can't every demographic group be made fun of to some degree -- -- You know let's beyond this -- can look back on our grandparents. And grandparents did some. Some things that we might -- today is there anything wrong with that. And also I I I can't help but think of movies that I've seen where there was a senior moment where we laugh that. At -- at those moments I think about the that the Graham Paul on that movie road trip of the -- -- got stoned. And also was watching that exercise video in -- stood up. You know I think about. I think at the movie ten. Remember the old woman who worked in the rectory. At the church where a Bo -- got married. And Dudley Moore's character was trying to find out more about -- -- what's the rectory and it was an old woman it. Which was struggling to get -- a tray of T across the room to the table. She breaks wind. That was that was funny is is it okay to. Make fun of seniors. If you at a joint our show tonight our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Texas they 78 -- also tonight we're talking about Ann Coulter. They Republican author who says that all Republicans who didn't agree with. The effort to defund obamacare that led to the sixteen day government shut down all those Republicans should become Democrats. Really you agree with her as Cisco blog tonight and Coulter is wrong all Republicans don't have to agree. Read it share it it's on our website at WWL dot com I kind of in the news that at 10 o'clock I'm gonna tweet -- My view of the -- showed tonight I wanna tell you how I see the show tonight exactly literally. With the show looks like to me. To you what it's via Twitter itself -- -- Devin have -- well I here's a text about today condoms and teens. Kind of forgive my son a kind of supply. -- twelve. But he came with numerous talks about morality and personal responsibility disease education and talks about. The responsibility in creating a child. So. If it was the condoms. For the talks all I don't know if it was the condoms or the talks the personal responsibility preventing pregnancies. And disease that I'd like to think that it was probably combination of both and here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is giving free condoms to teens encouraging. Teens to have sex. 61%. Say yes it is. 39% say no. So just making condoms available. Is making teens say encouraging -- hasn't really. I think about it. What do condom. Have. Encourage you to have sex. Or if you were gonna have sex should you be encouraged to use a condom. I think I just I can't imagine that somebody gets a condom. And it's like. Oh my god OK now I can have sex I was gonna have sex but now an account to have six -- -- -- thanks for the condom. -- -- -- Talking about availability of condoms. It's totally distracts from the bigger conversation of teaching personal responsibility. We're talking about an update on the meeting with the Redskins owner Dan Snyder and the NFL will get to -- more of your calls coming up right after that is so if you're on hold just relax were coming right back with more of astute show on WWL.