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Oct 29, 2013|

Should all Republicans and all Democrats just agree with every member of their party…and everything their party says? Do you always agree with everything said by your political party members?

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It's a very comfortable Tuesday night -- tomorrow is going to be a great afternoon for harvest the music concert series which benefits the -- second make food harvests the those people who do so much to. Try to get food for people right here in our area you know we often see. A commercials on TV. -- people who were starving around the world are people right here. In our state and where you -- of their people in your state to work on -- -- the music concert series. Is -- is wonderful it or raises money for that loss of foods lots of drinks at people and some people bring their dogs and their kids and starts at 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon should be nice weather for that at Lafayette square right in downtown New Orleans. And and for those of you listening or around the country an idea we have concert series. Right in downtown New Orleans. A square park. Right in the downtown area and right afterward people go there just have a great time and it's just part of one of the great aspects of living in New Orleans and it looks -- if the the rain is gonna allow their kids to go trick or treating but if you're out as one of the adults Halloween party -- Then you might or need some rain later Thursday night and into Friday morning and there might be some rain. Now on your drive in the morning commute on Friday morning but the weather's gonna move out of here and it's going to be a perfect weekend for voodoo fest this weekend. Or for anything you wanted to do sunshine mild temperatures during the day. And cool temperatures and night. Tonight we're talking about a prominent doctors group that says that condoms should be more available for teenagers. The group supports having condoms available in malls and everywhere. And I just didn't think that getting condoms woods. Was that difficult to where that's the problem we just need to make condoms more available. And if we focus so much on making condoms more available to teens. Are we failing to teach. Responsible sexual behavior. Here's an update on RW if you will pretty general opinion poll tonight is giving free condoms to teens encouraging teens to have sex. 57%. The majority say yes. And 43% -- now. I just I just I I find it difficult to believe that. That. Kid gets a condom. And then that encourages them to have sex. If they're sexually active they need to be encouraged. To use a condom. If you and join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Our -- numbers at 770. Ann Coulter the conservative author and political commentator. Has condemned Republicans who were critical of members of their own party over the recent attempt to defund obamacare that led to the sixteen -- government shut down. She's promoting a new book never trust a liberal over three especially Republicans. So I guess she has a financial motive to say things that are extreme. And even if their idiotic. The scope blog tonight is -- and Coulter is wrong all Republicans don't have to agree. You can read it sure when your friends. It's on our website front page at WW dot com we'll have more on that coming appear in just few moments there was a meeting today between the owner of the Washington Redskins Redskins Dan Snyder. In that with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in New York the NFL is meeting tomorrow with the native American tribe the need to try and dead is demanding that the Redskins change their name because the name is offensive to them. And -- side of the owner of the Redskins as said he has no plans to change the name. No plans to change the name. Sometimes you have to realize that people in this position talk like politicians. Right now he has no plans to change the name. But if you think about it dead at least the door open for a name change I can't imagine it happening -- I've had seen a lot of things happened that I couldn't imagine happening. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text number -- have -- sent -- -- toward your text here in just a moment from frank Clinton Paula here on the -- show on WWL. Yet there are -- Continental would -- He would be unconstitutional. At all all. Remain accurate and god has. It's anyway I think it would be unconstitutional to demand what. Well I think that -- -- And then unconstitutional. In and the last few years like. The actual plane built it -- he's. Well. -- and majority. Rule the country account that'll. We are living minority rule. Situation where it. 113. People -- -- retreat group. Of people or it is about things and obviously it must be well. There. Yeah and you know -- majority rules in this country and unless it comes to individual rights. The majority of this country can. Not want to extend rights to a group of people -- it. If the constitution grants and that that right and no majority rule majority rule does not supersede individual rights when it comes to things like the bill of rights. Corporate on the Internet -- el -- you look at the main belt and you couldn't you can take. Sports and play. And make something. In a writer's. Writer Reuters writers pillage right. -- what -- what are it would about the Pittsburg pirates when you think about the pirates around acting off the coast of Africa and they've got they've got it to people from a ship it's based in Louisiana. Being held hostage and into a barrel captain Phillips. Incident issues -- into a movie. That that correct that can that mean there was a big could be whatever our school because -- high -- -- -- -- People they'll -- can be faked an injury thing. Our. Hands some people put troop movement chain link we're still the demon. But I'm a Christian and just because being it'll client during an up or. Your. Okay out. It if you -- and they will. And I see -- schools local school. All -- the whole payers and it trees. Admiral Paul did well because there's other than -- year. Who attended a football game and -- ended eager. The proprietor. And in no one could try -- -- games there and -- It's it's at somebody and. Paul I have a problem with that. I have a problem with. With eight and as long as we're not forcing her religion on new I don't see why we can't all co exist. And have different religions and or have no relation in Indian atheist or -- -- I don't understand why we can't have some things. Die and be respectful that. Some things exist in as long as we're not trying to force you to believe something that you don't wanna believe and and don't be offended by if you're an atheist. Let it go and it's if people wanna celebrate Christmas how does that affect she. And -- it if -- that fragile but then. In May be all and yeah maybe you should get some therapy. Right exactly number one becoming a bit. You can take any day and make it make it mean something totally different like he could not play. I relating to could Alter Omar or anything like there. They're anything can take into our -- and they can make it that well. And so legislate they -- it out Beulah link that the name will change. Yet because the Internet they'll your gonna come under public scrutiny and pressure at all lobbies. That the name will be chain -- quite frankly I think it will be changed but it. -- -- -- You know there are a lot of people who have commented on the name the Washington Redskins and because of how disenchanted America is with what goes on in Washington. They think that maybe they should change the name Washington. Yeah exactly exactly what you you know -- now the irony here is there at all. HL politically correct when Orchard Park Indian -- mayor okay. I'll work temporarily for eight -- -- deal with the would be Affordable Care Act obamacare. In the air 01 thing that they deal. One of the exception. He is if you all our -- they -- -- in the manner in. But the actual name of the wall even the them the mayor -- Indian. Health care. A great deal were part to an Indian. But like Ella -- eat your -- or air. I don't know -- I don't. I don't have a problem with native Americans are now only African American and it prob with what I don't have a problem with -- with any of that. I I guess I'm a little. On. Its surprise that suddenly I mean this has been a controversy on and off for many many years and now it's. Once again a controversy. The the problem is Paul is that there are groups. That gain power through victimization they get attention by by claiming to be victims. And that's what I think is happening here and we we we can all be offended by something and whether you're native American. White black Hispanic Asian male female a Christian Jew. Muslim. A Republican Democrat there is no guarantee you're gonna go through life and not be offended by something. Right. And an. -- -- but -- post once you know and being. The right that I consider the fact that they'll have the right to it anymore anymore. Paul I'm going to -- we -- nationalistic. A buddy you're -- your show and every WL good evening. -- -- in the -- Rare and I got married when almost -- -- in -- someone that you're able. And that was okay and our. Four years later. When -- that was totally scared and still play an Xbox and Nintendo. They're girl's fault. Models will -- ticket together ourselves. So -- all the kids involved in the now although Motorola Q all the boards. Oh man or else public okay. Here's a box account from the thank them or -- That anybody can walk that the war eagle -- problems. Ups and here's the boxer commons and my momma was registered nurse she had a ball -- sexually transmitted diseases. Put the book -- a -- -- payable. That this has which you can -- And their mattered a three year old. Which they all -- and that's what it's equal and that's where you can get. You'll do the Smart iron. Fears -- problems you never have bars and you'd never have to be like when we want to go on him. It was like what you gonna use these forward you know you mean really opened better about it part there was a box problem. All the kids grew up know early grandparents. Know diseases. Nobody in the accident. Don't look at it looking looking back on it now buddy. You know. I wish to such an a nerdy type I should've gone to buy condoms -- so people would think I was doing something. -- I remembered that and army are open camera and it was one drug lord in the hole. City the most common though there and when you walked in there the guy knew who or that he was -- When -- -- micro and you know it's like what Margaret. Bookmarks on an almost firms cannot pull them all. But that is no excuse it's. You know. I mean there's nobody that and that's. And and you did the right thing and that's the conversation that parents need to have their kids they shouldn't pressure decades ago -- be sexually active they should discourage it. They should do while they -- two. To teach them personal responsibility and the fact that they don't have to have sex. In our peer pressure but if they're going to this is the way it should be done. Correct and there are Obama prepared Balkan problems scoop there got ten different ways from Sunday. And my mom gave me that book. So that will -- to be 24 though board probably shouldn't be your goal of sexually transmitted disease. Has not been you know. -- -- You know when when when I was young I didn't wanna catch something you can get rid of and now this or you can catch that you can't get rid and that's another reason -- used on -- -- where I'm glad to -- -- -- -- -- listening to WWL ignites and we're coming right back with more of your comments on WWL there is a guy named. In the French Quarter. Who every weekend and paints himself gold. And he sits on like a trash can one of the board of it at the trash cans on on Bourbon Street. -- -- and he is just standing there. As a statue was a gold statue. Shooting. The bird. -- has a sign something like. Go to hell Roger Goodell or something like that. And I can't believe this guy is still getting people to put money in his in his box that means that the argument with Roger Goodell is so over here. Where we're so done with that and then there's another guy who stands up on on a large paint canned. And he's in silver. And he's standing there is a statue. Flipping off the crowd and people are taking pictures of him. What is that what is the big deal with that. Or are people so angry that that's like I know this is all big and this is so cool man this guy shoot department gonna get a pitcher this. It look there are a lot of fun character suburban street those guys. I I don't get. -- Roger Goodell met with the Washington Redskins owner Dan Schneider today in New York today before the NFL is gonna meet with the Unita. On Indian tribe native American tribe that is upset with the name the Redskins it'll be interesting to see if any news comes out of that meeting tomorrow and if there it is is any news will talk about its. On the show tomorrow night. A 26 year old woman in Claussen Michigan. Dressed up as an abusive wife for Halloween pub crawl over the weekend where you go from one point to another. Her toward a five year old boyfriend dressed up as an abused husband. The woman was arrested for getting drunk beating and actually abusing her boyfriend. I guess sometimes Halloween. Imitates life. I tomorrow night on the show since it's going to be the day before Halloween reduced Thursday. We'll talk about Halloween myths and superstitions. And where are all the warnings now. Halloween is a holiday for worshipping Satan. What happened all the talk about Halloween. Introducing young people to the cult. Have we finally gotten past that belief. Or do you still believe that Halloween. Is it -- people. We'll talk about them the show tomorrow night and we'll set the record straight on miss like. You better check your kids candy you're better -- -- your kids candy because there might be stuffy and it. Did people really use candy to poison children at Halloween time. We'll talk about that -- and other myths and superstitions on the show tomorrow night. They hates that he so president in political battles between the right in the left in Washington DC on talk radio and in daily conversation -- -- across this country. Is rooted in the current divisiveness. Of partisanship. Bipartisanship. Has become a lost political art. And instead of recognizing it as the missing link in the evolution. Process of of politics. It's celebrated as a team sport. Partisanship is like this team sport. There is such a wide spectrum of beliefs and opinions among both Democrats and Republicans that it's it's unrealistic to expect. That all of those who align themselves with one party would agree with everything that party professes. And those who claim to agree with everything are easily exposed as political hypocrites. Conservative author and political commentator. And culture. Condemn those Republicans who were critical of members of their own party over the recent attempt to defund obamacare. It led the sixty day government shutdown. Coulter is promoting her new book never trust a liberal over three especially Republican. And she talked to -- Huff post she said look if you're a liberal if your brain is wired that way you know fine. But in the case of people like rubio McCain Lindsey Graham. And Huckabee. I think an awful lot. Of it is so they can get favorable press in the media. She went on to say that Republicans who attacked members of the Republican Party should just become Democrat. -- quote just become a Democrat. Do you agree with her. I think in -- wrong. The individuals of both parties really should be encouraged to speak out against members of their own party if they have honest disagreements. It's the blind loyalty. To a party. That gives the impression that both parties are more interested in advancing their own agenda and ideology. Rather than doing what's in the best interest of the American people. I mean it would be nice if we period. Could all trust what people say and that they honestly believe what they say but what it comes to any scrutiny of the extreme voices like Ann Coulter. Glenn Beck. Rush Limbaugh Rachel madcow Al Sharpton Ed Schultz. Anybody on the far right or far left the pundits -- politicians. If you really look at what they're saying. You can find an opportunistic motive behind their extremism. All of people I just mentioned benefit financially from extreme. Party line positions. Now having said that in fairness there have been a few locations even recently. When Rush Limbaugh disagree with some of the extremists in the Republican Party. And recently said that the government shut down was the biggest political disaster he's ever witnessed so according to Ann Coulter Rush Limbaugh should become a Democrat. Really. Extremists have been rewarded by audiences. That rally around the leaders of their flock. And I think it's fair to question whether Ann Coulter is more interested in selling her new book that she is in speaking rationally. And intelligently about politics. This idea that any Republican who disagrees with the most extreme factions in the Republican Party should switch parties and become a Democrat. Is very similar to the mentality that led to the Republican party's failure. In last year's presidential election. It's -- the reluctance of the party to show solidarity. In denouncing the extreme and absurd views when it comes to issues like. Rape and abortion and birth control from ultra far rightwing conservatives like senatorial candidate tonic it. And presidential candidate Rick Santorum when they they they talked about abortion and rape in birth control this tainted the image of Mitt Romney last year at this time. And that was partly what led to the reelection of Obama. Obama benefited from right wing extremists and Obama and the Democrats right now are benefiting. From the Tea Party. And Coulter would disagree. The image of the Republican Party has been tarnished recently. This is not my opinion this is an absolute. Political fact based on all of the polls. And even the Republican Party is recognizing this. Hillary Clinton has suddenly seized this moment to become visual and vocal. As she apparently is positioning herself to be the candidate to beat in 2016. I don't think the fact that we're suddenly seeing Hillary Clinton. I don't think this was planned in advance I think we're seeing Hillary Clinton on the political scene right now. Because it's an immediate reaction to the public to view of the Republican Party. Following the government shut down they're taking advantage of this moment. It's obvious. That America is not dominated by the extreme right or the extreme left. But think about the attention the extreme voices seem to get and the extreme voices continued to proclaim that they speak for America. -- cruise doesn't speak for America. And Coulter doesn't speak for America. And and those on the far left don't speak for America. You know disagreement. Within the Republican Party or the Democrat party. Might be the only evidence that everyone in this country is not a blind follower of their party and and nobody should be. It's nice to know with some people are still courageous enough to express honesty. You if you if you subscribe to this strict party ideology your party. That make you more of a cult follower. -- an independent thinker. And what's in America built in doesn't America thrive and independent thinkers. I mean ask yourself or you political cult member. Or do you have the courage to disagree. With your own party. And the extreme voices may get attention. And I think it's unfortunate that the extremists. Who say things just to get your attention just to rile you up. They're the ones who have benefited from a society. That seems to be so enamored. With hate. And yet. The majority of this country. Is in far right or far left. -- -- If you wanna join us with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At 78. And anti semitism itself. This is the Scotia we're coming right back -- more like from New Orleans on this Tuesday night heavy WL. You know I still think about Miley Cyrus. That's a good thing can't. You know when you see something you can't see is he just kind of it's this kind of stuff in your brain. Do you ever look at somebody who it is really helping him neatly appear to be really healthy and you wonder why isn't that many. Well you can find out their secrets that there's a book called the characteristics of -- builders. I you'll hear about it from the guy who wrote the book Christmas embarrassed and he's gonna be -- Angela tomorrow also Angeles gonna talk about the front -- from the front porch is one of her one of her shows. -- wanted to say a missile on our show. I she's gonna spotlight the buy water and the big issue his progress for its preservation. You know that was -- waves of French Quarter and the mayor -- now by water that's an area a lot of esoteric artistic young people would appear to people leaders will. Do high rises along along the river in the by water or will they destroy the character of the neighborhood again it's progress vs preservation that's from the front porch. Tomorrow -- as Angela. An open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays from one to four here. On -- -- from Georgia duly welcomed the Scotia. Regular -- Go to all the talk about me and politically correct about your name at all and what people are on how it -- Football kitty leopard in the nation's capital that could call -- the American and they diminish. People trade. Or maybe it could call -- -- the you'll go to church which were a little good -- be via socialize. They wherever they were such good guys that it's a wonder there are you know fourteen was really -- which name would we be forgiving of all the penalties the other team commits. But what right do you wouldn't you take apparently -- we forgive the -- All the little rule will exceed our little -- -- school and it would -- which. You are on the cheek. Sure you know at the stupid to. For a while back and congress our usual to our congress of form and a senator from section was up there war and the moment. About ignited in the -- and actually airport capital. That would be in the -- Oregon national -- Washington national Atlantic ruin. Do him ugly physical showing net thanks listing here is attacks the Republican Party needs a condom to protect it from. Itself. Here's a text what do you think presidents Washington and Jefferson would think of today's government. They also had to deal. With things. -- Steven and Arco. I've I've quite often thought about that as as we all have what went our founding fathers think of the country today. What would they think of Washington today. There's there's so much talk today about. The the partisanship and they hate. The lack of compromise between the two parties. And there's a lot of talk today about how. Reagan and I Tip O'Neill who has sued Democrat. Speaker of the house when Reagan was president. They -- political enemies. But they ultimately sent down and work things out. For the benefit of the American people. Bill Clinton Newt Gingrich they work things out there were times when they had to. Compromise. Shouldn't be a bad word we should refer to compromise as the seaboard. It's part of human relations. It's part of the human existence. You compromise. Every day in your life. You compromise when you're driving. You compromise. In a marriage. If you have a boyfriend girlfriend you compromise. You compromise. With your kids now there are some things that you can't compromise but there needs to be some compromise. If there wasn't some compromise in life. Nothing would ever. Get done. Also tonight we're talking about this says this group of doctors very prestigious group of pediatricians. -- says that we need to make condoms more available for teams. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight is giving free condoms to teens encouraging them to have sex. So we're saying is it if you give teens contents. And think about when you were a team because I. You know it's not like I'm speaking from a lack of experience because I was actually eighteen at one point. I went through those years and I experienced the same things most teens experience as did you. So we have knowledge. Of being teenagers. -- the availability of condoms. Have encourage you to be sexually active. It would have made me sexually active. I can't speak for anybody else but it's hard for me to believe that this item. It's accessible TU. Would make you sexually active when there's so much else that goes along with becoming sexually active not the least of which is a willing partner. Is the opportunity. That time the placed the person. Now if somebody is going to be sexually active. Certainly they should use condoms. And many parents live in denial to go like you know I don't know if they think about it being sexually active. But if you even have any reason to believe your kid is sexually active. Daughter or son. Shouldn't you as a parent. Talked to them about condoms. Not only to prevent pregnancy. But to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. So here's -- W -- -- a pretty -- opinion poll tonight is giving free condoms to teens encouraging them to have sex. 52% say yes. And 48% say no. Very close ball tonight give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And discuss blog tonight which is turning on our web site to a front page under our opinions. And Coulter is wrong all Republicans don't have to agree. You might agree with me you might totally disagree but you can read it and share with year. Right wing and left wing French it's it's a VW overcome. This is the -- -- will be right back on to -- -- well. If you're listening to -- coach coach and. The pelicans open their season tomorrow against the Indian paces you'll hear that game tomorrow night at 7 o'clock on 1053 WW LS them. A discussion will be on WWL. 870 AM. And then will be on AM and FM following the game tomorrow night also tomorrow night -- your LSU fan. I'm and you wanna -- a smile show you can -- switch over to the 50000 -- clear channel's signal blowtorch. The VH seventy to be -- QLAM and 10 and 7 o'clock and then. Will be on right after the last -- show. Again NBA fans can catch the pelican season opener tomorrow night on FM and will be interviewed a purely mental stations certificate from best to hand Lester a year under the WL. It it. Dot net. Solid all your gut check out our -- but the laptop and record it you're talking about compromise. In your society. If you break it -- it. Up an actor got to correct you respect that date it. If you're a member break in no way. At all compromise with -- But apple epic. Battle over the tax rate which it right at the top -- -- 70%. Rating and that it should be 8%. It ended up being 1% to -- capitalists -- argument and a Democrat to vote. In paper it actually got it absolutely no no thought whatsoever back Tip -- -- that was one that was when he had to -- -- but throughout their relationship there was compromise -- with all due respect. I don't have a mall in -- and he but I tell you what if you Google and I can have a four in a few minutes but you can go ahead in Google Ronald Reagan compromise Ronald Reagan was a very compromising president contrary to what many people believe today. Well what I would tell -- -- we booklet here and I'm not that far -- I would argue that. Breaking vilified for not -- And furthermore. When -- Nobody in the history. It bill or source sports what were. Interpreted as a sports there are being urged compromise there. -- Arctic and big ones but so it's not that. Lester you kind of become a break it up on a system out there wasn't. I would -- Lester but I can dig this up I don't have an all in front of me right now but there were times when Reagan. And Tip O'Neill. Compromised there were times when Clinton and Gingrich compromised. It wasn't like it is today yes when when Gingrich. Led the Republican revolution on Capitol Hill. In 1990 for the mid term elections. -- he was very arrogant and very tough to deal with but overall there was compromise today. It's harder to get compromised. I'm -- will be right back on WL.