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Oct 30, 2013|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: A prominent doctor now says condoms should be more available for teenagers. Is that really the problem? Is it the lack of condoms or the lack of teaching personal responsibility when it comes to sex?

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Honestly why would anybody eat when I'm about to describe. Our restaurant in Philadelphia has created a new menu item. It opens up on the menu today at PYTs. In Philadelphia. It's a deep fried. Twinkie -- -- deep fried twinkie bonds. Up pork belly. Beef patty. American cheese. And bake it. Have you seen the commercials for. Stuff that restaurants. -- Now I realize that everything in moderation is okay but I can't even bring myself to eat some of -- stuff. It's just it's it's it's amazing. -- Anybody can put all that stuff on something and make it taste good. Tell me how to make something taste good it's not really. Unhealthy for that's the key. I mean anybody can stuff a waffle. And then put ice cream and topping on top of the breakfast waffle and then put drizzle on it and of course that's gonna taste good. Show me how to make something or certainly something that taste good but it's also kinda good for. Deep fried twinkie -- now people like he's in Philadelphia is also home of the lasagna burger. So let's take two -- and -- was on in the middle of that actually kind of sounds good or what about our bacon taco shell. Who there's something actually good for yeah bacon and taco shell. Harris from the bad things out duty you don't have to eat them but I mean I deep fried twinkie -- book what's next what can we do with -- -- -- If you beat by -- A QB -- Bacon lettuce tomato. The QB pies fried shrimp. Fried oyster -- -- Again what next yeah I don't want to discredit our our last caller who said that Tenet Ronald Reagan and tip on the did not compromise it certainly there were times when they did not compromise I don't have all the information upon me. A Chris Matthews who -- on MSNBC and you might discredit him totally. Because you don't like his opinion. But he can't totally make up fabricate everything is he was very much on the inside of the workings of government he said recently written a book titled tip and the gipper. The political compromise and and and how they made how they made government work you know there were times when there was compromise. On it it's. This is a distinguishing time we live in because there is so little compromise and there must be compromise. Tie it in almost everything that we do that doesn't mean that you don't stand up for your principles. Because you have to. But there's a lot of behind the scenes compromise. There there are senators in and congressmen and women who. Who are are working on compromising with other. Cohorts on Capitol Hill to get their bill through because it benefits. There -- state their district. So there is a lot of compromise there's less compromise on some of the big issues. That we would like to see and I I I I don't make up the damage that. Big government shut down has had on the image of the Republican Party in amassing a Republican Party doesn't have time to it to change doesn't have time to. On heal this this this negative image. This is not my opinion. And you can totally discredit the opinion polls but I will tell you that the the highest ranking members in the Republican strategist and all of this country they are not discounting all the polls that show that the Republican Party took a hit. During this this latest strategy to defund obamacare. So the Republican Party does have some repair work to do. I and they have time to do it but if they don't do it they're not going to see the games that they wanna see in the mid term elections next year. And they're gonna have a difficult time winning the White House as I've said many times I think if Hillary runs. And it it looks as if she's positioning herself for Brian. Hillary has a lot of baggage. And the baggage is an empty. Hillary is also linked to the political establishment. People are so disgusted. With the political establishment. You know it could be like I think one of the reasons Jimmy Carter was elected president. And he beat Gerald Ford was that after Watergate. After what appeared to be. An administration the Nixon administration. There was power hungry. That was so. In control that did bully eat they eat you got the impression that the Nixon administration bully people. America just seem to be -- fed up. -- if the political establishment the power of the political establishment. They voted for a a country guy from Georgia peanut farmer. Jimmy Carter. And looking back Jimmy Carter he may have been a very intelligent man. But he's not perceived as being one of our stronger presence. But I always felt like one of the attractive things about Jimmy Carter was he was so non Washington. And I have a feeling that we're working our way in that direction. And so the Republican Party is in a perfect position if they find the right person. To win the presidency in 2016. Conservative author Ann Coulter says there it's all the Republicans who criticize members of their own party over the recent government shut down should become Democrats. Including Marco Rubio. Mike Huckabee. Lindsey Graham. And Senator John McCain. And I guess she would even suggest that Rush Limbaugh. Become a Democrat because Rush Limbaugh was critical of the Republican Party and some aspects of the the strategy to defund obamacare that led to the government shutdown. Is -- -- right I think she's wrong and that's the title of the -- blog tonight and Coulter is wrong. All Republicans don't have to agree. And you could read that and share -- two it's on our website at WWL dot com here's a quick update on tonight's Soviet -- -- -- opinion -- Is she giving free condoms to teens encouraging them to have sex. 51% say yes and 49% say no give -- opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. And just bears just briefly will talk more about this on future shows. But the rollout of obamacare has been an absolute disaster. And now we're learning that. Million couple million people. Are getting kicked off of their health insurance plans and America was told that this was a really gonna happen. The president is facing a really tough time and maybe it was. Over promising and under delivering. You know sometimes you lower expectations. By not making something seem so perfect and so wonderful we still don't know how obamacare is ultimately gonna work or not work we don't know yet. We do know that the rollout has been an embarrassment. To the Obama administration. And when they had so long to plan this. It shouldn't it shouldn't be this way. I can't imagine that a business. A major business. Would have. Allow this to happen I can't imagine that a major business. Would not have created a website to take the load that they were anticipating it's not like any of this was a surprise. Now. How much has President Obama misled the public when it comes to on. Increasing expectations over obamacare. We don't know yet. And as we've said if the Republicans. If the Republicans that they went along with the Ted cruises. If that -- Tea Party Republicans. Had not. Had not. Going to try had not gone on too with their plan to try to defund obamacare which led to the government shutdown if they had not done net. The focus would not have been on the Republicans. The focus would have been on the failure of the rollout of obamacare. Which is just now starting to get attention. And I I read an article today about the White House being really upset with NBC news. There are upset with NBC news for NBC news reporting what it's reporting about the failure of the role of obamacare. So I remind you that the media is not as liberal as you might think. The media is more interested. In. A story. Then they're interested in. Protecting ideology. The media disinterested in the biggest story above and beyond. Being liberal or being conservative. They want the story. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 86688907. Tech's number is 87870. Here is attacks got a text a moment ago for somebody who said that screwed now that I'm on a reservation. My heart bleeds. For these forgotten people. Referring to native Americans. I got a text last week effort for somebody from the New Orleans area. Who said that she is going to work on -- on a reservation. As -- he sends me this text tonight that she's on the reservation and her heart bleeds for these forgotten people and we're talking about the -- the Redskins and the owner of the Redskins stand Snyder met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in New York today. The NFL wanted to know how the Redskins were going to deal with the controversy. Over the demand changed their name because it's offensive. So the the text -- comes back to me scoot I -- -- -- fort defiance Arizona. And they really do not care about the Redskins mascot they all have saints hats now by the way we're listening to you in the ER. Well I hope you're listening to me in the ER because I hope it's a quiet night and we always hope that it. Every ER is going up from Slidell Randolph here -- BW a good evening. Eight scoot right there aren't very good. This I'll look to to -- Obama care. Situation. All our kids see. One -- parts of the -- and you. I liked the idea that women don't have to pay more like the idea that women are not that being a woman is in a pre existing condition. I'll I like the idea that you. You have to be accepted today in no matter what your condition is there are those things that are good about it. For those people and again it's not gonna benefit everybody but for those people who. -- have not been able to afford health care coverage because of a preexisting condition is gonna benefit those people sell their. See Brenda I think this is I think this is one of the things that was missing in Washington. That there should have been Republicans who talked about. Some of the good aspects of obamacare. And they should have been the president and the Democrats talking about how it's not perfect and there are some things that are not that are not going to be perfect about it. But instead we just heard rhetoric from from both sides either totally condemning it or -- praising it. When in reality there's good and bad and almost every play. So did -- preexisting. Conditions. That's like over and people. Chips and now. While it's okay for example. If if if if I have. And I need -- An. I've had problems with my -- before. I might be be denied. -- insurance or I might have to pay more for insurance because of that that can -- it. That's old the people at all though. What do the young people. -- Really. Don't wanna go to Korea at pretty. And at this people in the Robert. Bennett -- and if it's. If the system is if the system is burdened because people don't have insurance and you know I guess we kind of learned is the use -- car insurance. If if some people don't have insurance cost those of us who have insurance more. So theoretically. I'm not gonna announcing it's gonna work out this -- But theoretically. If more people have health care it puts less of a burden on. The system in in theory that's the way it should work those people who were young who don't have health insurance. They're going to. They're gonna go to emergency rooms their gonna go to places if they have a coal. They're gonna go to emergency room as if it's a primary care doctors. And that puts a burden on the system overall -- the -- I don't think so I think I'm gonna keep what I have although you know again I don't know. Oh there's a lot that we don't know my insurance is is gone out without obamacare. And and I remember over the years have been there was that there would there have been times when I haven't had health insurance in my life but most of my life -- -- And I've never known the rates to go down. Long before Obama became president won before there was talk about this. Health insurance rates if they've gone out. Why should we also did it in Washington. -- Paulus who's been. Exempt from. I don't think they shouldn't get a -- discrimination. When. It's a form of preferential treatment to some degree I don't think they should you know that that the problem is congress gets to vote. On introduce and vote on laws that affect them. And they're they're not that they're not gonna vote on anything it's bad for them if if there's a government shut down they shouldn't get paid. Even though it might not be a lot of money to many of them in theory they shouldn't get paid they should if obamacare such a great thing. They should be on obamacare and again I don't know -- and some of them may be I don't really know exactly how all of this is gonna play out none of us do. -- were trying to right now. Well it does and I hope things work out for you Reynolds yeah insurance. I can't believe all these guys been sentenced. Plural slumped and to hurt the American public are equally well I mean it -- Look at it -- that cited job -- they can only our camp people they -- forward it. Under the Clinton. But Randolph long before long before this there were corporations that maintained. Part time employees so they wouldn't have to pay for their health care coverage long before obamacare came up. This was part of the the the capitalist society there were there were many many companies. Well that's going. Up until Obama and the European companies that. There have been companies that don't hire as many full time employees. They they keep a certain number of people part tiny police so they don't have to give them benefits so this -- something that's gone on for a obamacare. Pretty patient that the American people forward on action instead -- -- -- -- so let people. You know thought well people do but watch and then and today and merry merry -- changed -- The ball well. Read a state they they do change and they go there with high age lofty goal and very very own -- and you know. I go higher ground. Patriot I'm a look this current candidate -- their kids. Discuss partnerships on down through there on the people's throat. And and people. Like the Mexicans and audit committee and the people that state and around a corner preacher Libya. Smoke a cigarette you say that they get Obama game. So. Sort of rich people there that. And apparently there are a lot of people who don't make enough money and they're not gonna be enforced again it and they're not going to be penalized for for not idiots -- there -- -- exemption and I'm I'm I'm. The one. It does increase over overtime it's not that expensive in the beginning that it doesn't increase or trying to get -- abouts -- -- Well the penalty is not nearly as expensive as as the health care -- this a lot. There's a lot that is still. It still needs to be explained about all this rain off -- political show. You -- I wouldn't I wouldn't doubt it these things take a long time to. Not to manifest themselves in our our society. However we can say this the roll out has been a failure. I'm Lance your -- WL. It cute. You're her. You minutes earlier than you think that the media is not at. Have here. I have. Contention I don't agree with that I think I I think that the -- media sure at the end dated. You're that the media vote or -- and I think to a point it may be correct perspective. That they should be it should be looking at the issue both sides without bias but all the information out there and let the people side. What is happening and where Utley in the administration although it is will they back in the Clinton administration made it. Try to hold him accountable certain thing mostly. In behavior. Outside the top. India indicates. Doing it time and all that under -- -- -- -- for a rally were really not at all I'm about every little thing. Early that would appear to be at the media and went oh. Like the minute you know on it matter what. What is it. It was at all. Well it depends on it depends on who you watch I mean there are options is not a case that's the case with Fox News. At that you know whether watch are. Eight. Are always noted that the always count more. Or -- into an -- It's a record -- -- you attribute was that the object sure any kind of I get to date with you in her view and nowadays I mean you know I'm glad that -- -- now to open. The yep. You know and actually but the fact. But I'm it's always been appeared to be champion you know all and -- and the president you know it -- Immediate but the perception of the liberal media has been around for a long time and and even in the context. -- world where there is no liberal media. Republicans have won. So -- -- I don't think the media is this controller you think. All you hoped it wouldn't be liberal media are going to be you know -- -- Republican I can understand -- but I went to the situation of you'd be -- -- nothing -- becoming. A particular candidate they -- politics. And -- -- another candidate for him you know different there might end it like nothing they do. I know that but but but President Obama was President Obama was and was immediate -- partly because he was. Because he was of a black president that was a huge story in this country. And all. -- Over the years over the years. Have loved studying mass media and its relationship with society we we quite often talk about things on this show that. Never seem to be discussed in in the mainstream media. And that is that the media is it is center news is entertain and and Obama was the perfect. Media. Story. And so the beat the media in general did. Support him however. Now -- it but if that but if if there's a story about. About corruption if there's a story about robot. Which we're gonna see the immediate change because they're more interested in the story than protecting the president the president sell -- -- To regroup. And that's true and active but there's still like been out. You'd ever get any more you know it edit 48 that that the two hours everybody at -- -- talk about. And then our newest Fox News tried to push it. Fox News tried to push it and then Fox News laid off of it. Well you know that that they don't -- that news cycle and away the active. You know that it whatever happens all the you know all of -- -- the meeting meeting the commission or whatever. You know asking the court at the big question -- people State Department people. Do you still hold a -- -- to -- -- at their meeting. They after 24 hours. But didn't change. Well there's still many unanswered questions I think that the most transparent thing about the Obama administration is that it's not transparent. And you know we should all be honest about the mean you can love Obama but this is not been an open transparent administration. Whereas some have to get a bright man and political showed thanks for listing. Here's a text and cultures comments. Are perfect example of what is wrong with the GOP. The my way or the highway attitude. And Colter conservative author. And commentator. Says that any Republican who. Criticize. Republicans for their strategy to defund obamacare which led to this sixteen day government shut down. Should become a Democrat. You have to agree with everything that your party says and stands fortieth agreement everyone in the party. And it's ridiculous and she's wrong. And that's the scoop on tonight's trending on our website at WW dot com. And we'll be right back a prominent doctors group says that condoms need to be more available for teenagers. I find this this amazing because it it seems to disguise the real problem which I think is is teaching a personal accountability. -- you can give a teenager. A condom which can't make him or use it. And think about. The teenage females out there who were in the position of having to tell. The guy that he needs to use this. It that it shouldn't be guy should be responsible but unfortunately they're not. The American academy of pediatrics committee on adolescence. -- has issued a new policy statement and the committee says that for teams to use condoms they need to be available more available than they are now. Because kids are not undergoing an anti -- kids teens are not gonna go in and ask for. If if somebody does that have the courage to go in and ask for a condom article you know you don't even have to ask for many more of a timely comments were behind the counter. Now condoms are available. Just I mean you could just go buy condoms. I can't imagine that today in 2013. That is difficult to buy condoms. Or that it's difficult or are so embarrassing divided it's in my second go by him. Now there are people who simply don't wanna use some. Because they preferred. Not easing them. But if we focus so much on making condoms available are -- not. Disguising. The the idea that that young people and adults as well should be taught to be responsible for their behavior. I don't care how much you want to. I don't care how right it feels at the moment. You can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex. And if you're a guy you're part of that pregnancy. You can get sexually transmitted diseases that you can't necessarily get rid up. And some can actually. Kills you. Is it really worth that chance. Here's an update on our -- W a project opinion poll tonight is giving free condoms to teens encouraging them to have sex. 54%. Say yes and 46% say no. And this is another one of their the controversies if we give them condoms it's going to encourage them to have sex. And I find that on any kind of large scale basis to be. To be absurd. There are so many things that did go into. Being intimate with somebody. Even did teenagers that did that the presence of a condom I can't imagine that that's the one thing that would encourage somebody to to have sex. And if you're a parent with teenagers. I know you might not wanna get into this with them. But isn't it your responsibility. To if you think there's even a possibility. You might not want them to be sexually active. But you can't be naive to the possibility that they might be. And you know if you're into with your kids you kind of have a sense of how social they are -- have a sense of what they might you don't know for sure but you. Have a sense of what they might or might not be up to. And if you think it's a possibility than. If you teach your kids across the street if you teach your kids not to play with matches not to touch a hot stove. Why wouldn't you also teach them that. When they get to be a little older enter into a position to maybe have sex I I know -- and comfortable but why would you why would you teach and it. Somebody called earlier gave -- a really interesting analogy said that. You can eat you you could teach your kids to to cross the street safely it doesn't mean you want to play in the street. But you teach them across the street safely if they need to cross the street. And also -- in talking about the availability of condoms somebody gave us another interesting analogy. I'm. If if teens didn't have condoms. They wouldn't have sex. That's like saying if you take toilet paper away from teens are not gonna go to the bathroom which of course is ridiculous. Doctor Rebecca O'Brien who has the lead author in the an American academy of pediatrics committee on adolescence. I issues -- -- that this policy statement said -- condoms should be available everywhere not just in health care settings in malls and everywhere. Again to me this is another one of those things that it places. Emphasis on eight tangible object. Is like blaming the gun. When it's the person. Blaming the lack of of condom availability. For teen pregnancy or -- sexually transmitted diseases. The real focus should be on personal responsibility. Whether you're a teenager or an adult. And if you're not personally responsible will then just except. The consequences. For your behavior. And I would I would just make sure that I had a conversation with my eight teens about. About the consequences of of sex. Sexist not without without consequences whether you're an adult. Or your teenager. Here's a text about a and Coulter Ann Coulter is now and has always been wrong -- blog tonight is set titled. And -- is wrong. Republicans don't all have to agree. And again you can read that and share with fear politically minded friends they may agree or disagree it's -- excited to have behavioral dot com front page. Under our opinions here's a text the media. Is only as liberal as the conservative corporations that own them allow it to. I don't think corporations. Corporations are. Sensitive. But I don't think corporations. Dictate. And I've been in this business a long time and it worked. For different. Big radio companies around the country. And I've worked in TV and TV newsroom doing. Feature reports in the news. I don't get the impression. That corporations. Dictates. Opinions. Now they might have a certain line up. When it comes to Fox News for example or MSNBC. They might wanna hire eight a certain person with. We have with a certain ideology. Because that's. The that's what that that's the entertainment that their present that's that's their ideology that's their point of view. But if you look at all of them there. There are always opposing voices on MSNBC and CNN. There are conservative forces. On fox there are liberal voices not as many. They they they dominate one ideology and and that's just part of the biased nature of the media. But I have never. I have never. Heard of or seen any conclusive evidence contrary to what people wonderfully. That. There are corporations that literally. Have puppet strings. On people on the year. Now bias. Comes out. Even those who try to be objective. Can't help but take facts and present them in a way it subtly reveals their own bias. That's human nature. But I'm not sure. The media affects. Individuals. As much as you might think because people with certain ideology. And certain philosophies. Tend to. Select those. Media sources that reflect their views and they're not swayed by what somebody -- cents. This is dispute showed will be right back on -- WL it's a very comfortable Tuesday night in New Orleans and throughout this part of the country got a cold front coming through here at the good news is it. It looks like -- advocates may get through their trick or treating hours early in the evening it's gonna still be it a chance of rain 30% chance of rain Halloween day Thursday. But after 9 o'clock that increases to a 50% chance of rain so. Those of us who were going to be trick or treating later in the evening and out having fun and may run into some rain. Keep that in mind if you decide to we are to be with your Halloween costume the good news is it that this may be part of for -- Friday morning commute as well. But it looks like it's gonna move body here for the weekend and we are expecting a spectacular weekend. And it's the weekend of voodoo fest Friday Saturday and Sunday. And just incredible plants Pearl Jam. Kid Rock Nine Inch Nails. On Barrymore. Kid Rock. The cheer I mean my god what a lineup and the weather is going to be almost perfect cool nights mild during the day. Budapest is this weekend here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Is giving free condoms to teens encouraging than to have sex 53% say yes and 47% say no. It is your opinion by going to Debian developer come here's a Texan re screwed and -- 48 year old woman and even feel embarrassed buying stuff like that. Well I understand it because when you when you buy condoms you're sexually saying. Hey guess what I'm I'm planning on having sex. And it should be overly private matter and it's not something that you wanna announce to the world. But what's the alternative. Dealing with a sexually transmitted disease. Or some cases dealing with the possible pregnancy. To me. That consequence. Is minor compared to the embarrassment somebody would have going to buy condoms. From South Bend, Indiana richer on -- WL. Into the evening out and I just turned 63 weeks ago. Now back went out with teenagers how important and that remind you have 45 years ago. Odd and it was a rarity that girls got pregnant but let people -- week so coach ours their -- There are many ways. Having -- went out any danger of anybody getting -- and so that's the idea that all reached double. Every pretend condoms double. I don't exist gives will be taking coach it's -- what planet these people that -- -- Yeah that's not that's not realistic there are going to be kids who are going to be sexually active and if if these teens are going to have sex. They should be encouraged to use condoms and and I just I don't know that did that did availability of condoms is the problem I think it's. At the responsible behavior and and if you give a -- economists like you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink you can give a teenager condom but you can't make a music. Well I met always meant to say is -- -- we didn't take a chance of somebody getting pregnant. But it does that mean we impact for. That's true. Now you -- you do it if your if your going to be careful in terms of your timing. And I in relation. Number I if you can't opt you know I'm not sure I'd say their target -- you into trouble with the FCC but. Are there are many other ways of adding to expand. I understand you know I -- I do understand and you know how when I -- And the bad bad bad are the girl -- -- I'll handle it its seventh grade 99 and -- under it what what he locked on the I don't. Again and we did not say -- shoppers. Well rich I think that's a legitimate point them I'm going to call the show again it's nigh eve to believe that teenagers are gonna have sex and that's not a new thing. And that's not because of Miley Cyrus that's not because of working itself because of videos is that because of rap music. It's because of human nature. Because we had sex too. However. We were taught to be more responsible than I think many young people are. It's taught today. And that's something that has been missing from our society. Here is a text -- what else you do with condoms make pollutants. And I mean if you if you buy content sluggish you're sort of making an announcement about what year your plans are. But it's embarrassing is that might be. Compared to the ultimate consequence of not using a condom. We should be able to deal with that embarrassment. This is the -- show live from New Orleans on -- Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on -- WL I got a text earlier tonight's. It was a picture of the Dallas Cowboys star logo. And it's and why the Dallas Cowboys America's team. Because we shut down when things get tough. You know I thought the saints were gonna come out what they're all black uniforms in the game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills can either black jerseys it and -- -- I think they're saving the black uniforms obviously for. The game against the cowboys in two weeks. Here's a final update on tonight's WWL pretty general opinion poll is giving free condoms to teens encouraging them to have sex 53% say yes and 47%. Say no conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter says that any Republicans who criticize their own party. Should become Democrats. The suggestion that everybody has to agree with everything their party says sounds to me like. The party is actually more of a cult. And I'd like to think that everybody can be an individual thinker and honestly express opposition to some things that their party stands for. From Illinois Paula you're on the Scotia on VW well. Arguments -- good. -- and told her. You know aren't speaking as a -- -- -- bill but so were you right where you're wrong. One which it. Our via mainstream. Moderate Republican Party being -- and I was parlance but she was Ottawa. Or do tend to agree with there is which you were first through as the girl's. -- But. Like are not. And that had to say at TP Parker. Let. John McCain Lindsey Graham. Mike Huckabee and all the rest of -- could be reckoned with -- and so. In all of this may well get used to. Paul a -- I'm gonna run out of time here soil I would go look for you to call back the show. When we have more time to to talk but very briefly LSD do you think the you think the Tea Party is Saturday is going to obscure the direction of the Republican Party. I think. Is typical Pete Merkel oh going. Aren't common ground and in that -- that we had to. I'm Paul I'm glad you called show and again call us a call us earlier in the show one night from from Illinois so we have more time to a talk. -- blog tonight is titled Ann Coulter is wrong. Of course that's my opinion and all Republicans don't have to agree. Read shirts and I would say that revealed that -- with the actors studio producer John -- and -- aerosols in the in the studio. It's a lovely evening have a great evening we're back tomorrow night's -- New Orleans.