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Oct 30, 2013|

Dave talks about a two-cent tax on soda? What is Wrong with People? And men ogle women...really?

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Ten minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the thirtieth of October 2013. Is it really. Well I've given this much thought. And consideration yeah. And when I announced that we did issue the death sentence for the Geico camel last week. I was overwhelmed. I don't want to petitions for he is. Reprieve yeah but darn close I was I really was lambasted abide people who -- -- Do not get rid of the -- well. So I have given the camel a one week reprieve our guys from the -- arc -- And guy right next week we are going to not. Lose the camp. But we are going to experience the camel home okay aren't real don't re arrange Jim Maloney Anderson I'm going that having been -- For those of you who attacks they'd emailed FaceBook even called me. People actually call out personal calls do you want to -- the hallway who work here in him please please. Leave the current key -- so for those of you really want him -- enjoyed it. Guess what day it is and everybody. I guess what David's walk and I know you can hear me Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike -- days that might come up my. Back -- guess what today it's. Like about Leslie it's -- Poll and yeah. There is happy hump day to you and yours Mr. -- yes indeed moving right along past halfway do work weeks. And then towards the weekend in this -- even more special -- -- -- yes it is all the ways that either means you're going to use in the front yard or go out to party or take -- -- -- we're gonna turn -- -- like your house and I can remember over the back. And Heidi it's that no one rings a doorbell not that it or make your dog barking uncontrollably. It just bothers you when you've got things you'd rather be doing now. On a Thursday and a -- -- the -- and so cute you know when they come and god I think -- I think it's the best nowadays there -- but I understand people who absolutely despise in Korea. Agassi both sides of the big sign on the door you're not knock. Don't come nobody's here now know today. They mail problem Dan Oppenheim on. The we've got a little bit involved that's tomorrow. -- like. A little better chance of rain tomorrow. You're gonna yeah and I guess when you get lower in here later on -- just out to dinner down antsy if you -- if she'll do that so far he's been saying it looks like. Chance of rain. For trick or treating time and a better chance after it. Just means it's text hash -- keep him. Attached. Our panel supporters are out there I'm glad I made -- happy a lot of people just texted at least a dozen people think -- how much they love the camel's. There you go to gamble lives on for at least one more week in his current four. By the San Francisco -- tax. Now what's that book -- York tried to ban soda over sixteen. It's no big. Plan. That's still tied up because we're all fat right. Now San Francisco at least one loss makers thing okay sort of banning it in attacks two cents per pass. Every extra ounce of soda you want your -- of the Jesus or I can really add up. But Tony thanks again yeah it. Think 32 ounces this time of 64 cents in taxes that cheat. So that dollar soft drink in the fast food places and be 64. Gary fell and followers and with the is that more reasonable folks that make cents. Bush had the food police just forget about it and -- out of. If you get -- hockey yet it meant more for them meet him and that now. Very happy people like the Campbell who excellence that -- to scale back and that's. -- -- last meals. But I think who noted that it -- decent that. Now that's pretty thing about that takes me about that at -- 78. A dumb criminal story what is wrong with people here. Forecast up to Friday and much more here at WW sports Steve -- Nineteen minutes after 5 AM happy home okay you and -- thanks for starting it here on the negate that indeed WW 153 WWL am and the early edition WWL first. Streaming worldwide. WW dot com and it's time for us to find out what the weather's good news for York Halloween eve today Halloween tomorrow and then to get the weekend. You're Wednesday outlook warm again and 83 later today in just an isolated sprinkle or two same for tonight just a little light shower around. With lows near seventy and tomorrow we will keep a 30% rain chance and for the afternoon and for trick or trainers into the evening. But most of the rain should hold off till late Thursday night. And into the day Friday effect Friday's rain -- is up to 70%. Look for highs Friday at 81. The eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark talked tell. It's a cloudy 71 at the airport and tanner northeast wind Imus southeast wind it's seven. Miles an hour that's why it's muggy 90% relative humidity -- mostly cloudy and 62. Degrees. They've got -- logistics and it's seventy it's seventy says I got to sleep -- -- But not up to send them my dogs just in time to hear the Campbell. Say it ain't so keep that camel makes my day. People really emotional about the camps. What K okay I give him a death sentence I announced it was going -- and I was just. Sweat doing swarmed by people adulthood I think I may incorporate the camel and two kind of different. Approach next week's policy analyst where people of a camel to be at a run for office a cable re mix yet. Betsy is now you think in my guy Dan McMahon a camel read next. Coming up next Wednesday but in the meantime while we do sports and WW. Good morning and happy Wednesday world doesn't get attention that the Manning bowl corners but twin Brothers rob and Rex Ryan. Will try to outfox each other Sunday when the saints battle the jets in New York. While the two will likely try and downplay this sibling showdown saints linebacker Curtis Lofton says -- it means a lot his defensive coordinator. Rowe wants to be just broken. Company invests assumed predator Robin. You know not only I don't think he just wants to be he wants to destroy the for a. It's a whole new error for NBA basketball tonight in New Orleans at the new look pelicans franchise opens the season against the Indiana Pacers. Coach Monty Williams knows that their opponent made it to the Eastern Conference finals last year. For good reason. -- news release issued. Who's -- know what they want to play inside out they have a number of guards who can facilitate. The pacers may be a little tired tonight coming into this game as they played the magic. Yesterday and the Indiana Pacers won 97 to 87. LeBron James in the Miami -- collected their NBA championship rings and raise their banner before opening with a 107 and 95 win over the Chicago Bulls. King James scored a team high seventeen points for the heat and the lakers did just -- without injured Kobe Bryant beating the clippers won 162103. Or South Carolina starting quarterback Connor Shaw has missed practice this week due to the same virus that sidelined him at the beginning of Saturday's win at Missouri. Coach Steve Spurrier says that backup Billy Thompson will start against Mississippi State on Saturday if shall cannot play. And the Red Sox can win the World Series this evening with a win over the St. Louis Cardinals in game six of the series' first pitch him Boston is at 705. Today we have four on sports talk in 2009. The saints played the dolphins in Miami the site of the Super Bowl Sunday the black and gold hit the road to take on the jets in this year's venue for the big game. Is that a good omen or just coincidence. At 7 PM you have a choice switch over to WWL 87 the AM to catch let's miles shall show or here though pelicans opened the season against the pacers a 1053 WWL FM. That's early morning look at sports -- I and Steve Geller. 52 or three -- -- Steve Geller hang out with you on your radio so -- pelicans played their first real game. As the pelicans. Tonight in the New Orleans Arena I'm encouraged by the fact that the pacers had to -- last night. So their catch in the -- -- amount -- back to back right exact they were in Indiana last. Yes and -- -- travel here and play today that's got to bode well for the -- but the pacers team and they get they want us there aren't the other one at a good. Oh absolutely went toe to toe with the -- with the heat in the Eastern Conference finals last year. The pelicans team though is fully healthy right now Eric Gordon has looked great Tyreke Evans is just coming back from injury is a full go money -- set tonight. So they'll have there're full arsenal ready and this team can put -- point so it's gonna be exciting to watch him this year the questions going to be can they hang with the pacers in the paint download because they're definitely -- -- is that we are more physical ballclub. We're waiting to find out -- the senate is going to be -- the -- Delicately and -- and a very close to his best to talk about that wanted to back in here with more worth of about point by minute but right now resembling. Are you on to make a prediction all do you think that the pelicans will beat the pacers. In their first official game as the new -- -- yeah expression coming off his back to back I like the pelicans at home to open the franchise. First. First inaugural game as the pelicans with a victory. They Victor close to mr. -- WB close when I think the pelicans pull it out about a 67 point win -- I hope -- right Steve you're nice to start off with the way. Absolutely rivals like Imus must sports that need to -- well I -- them and that -- get back here. That if -- forecast for today tomorrow Halloween and Friday -- gonna talk about what's your favorite drink. Tell you why we're asking that and more on this proposed soda tax two cents a -- Not a ban on large -- like New York is trying to do. But Frisco wants to put a two cent tax on so does is that a nice kind compromise -- to the food police just go away we'll talk more about that after the. I'm 27 let's get your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast that some sunshine to start the day with clouds building into the afternoon and still dwelling on just just a 10% chance for a shower today. And -- like yesterday in the lower eighties lows tonight. At around seven. 30% chance for a few spotty showers during the day and into the evening to hopefully. Trigger traders will be OK with the bulk of the rain holding up till late Thursday night. And it's -- Friday in fact Friday's rain chances up to 70%. Highs Friday at 81. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I -- urologists Clark walked out. -- when it's 771 degrees under mostly cloudy skies in -- at the airport mostly cloudy and 62 in Slidell Gerald has gone from Amy what do you think about this. Proposed soda tax. Over in San Francisco is -- a nice compromise instead of banning large sodas or is it still the food police going too far Gerald. I think you should phone police look at that people are taxes that's different about it lately. -- -- -- cannot tell you fill your a couple of looked at mile high quality and bird -- like soda goes into the cup build. I'm guessing that it's about 40% nice 60% -- A lot of people other people the national. Yeah yep -- still a couple of what side -- common noted here only about 1214. I don't feel that although it's not -- to thank you sort of watered down by ten minute. Every year al-Qaeda how quickly the -- appoint -- thanks for the college summit have to deal list. Keep talking about it here and every WI coming up the latest on CBS news -- like gadget WWL first news we'll talk about more than assess San Francisco proposed two cents. An ounce soda tax us what your favorite thing to -- college talk about fear and LSU and football. Fed meets Thursday lately so it's an out of our FaceBook page with your favorite beer your favorite drink. You consume an adult beverage occasionally and responsibly. What he -- also what probably people on a dumb criminal and a whole lot we don't go away. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WW Alfredsson is on this October 30 when he thirteen it. It is it's. -- how -- is that guess what day it is. Anybody. I guess what David -- and I know you can hear me and Mike Mike Mike Mike Myers might among -- back list guess what today is Muslim. -- -- -- -- -- Eight years as the camel enjoys -- one week reprieve from the death penalty I had previously issued but then was swarmed -- Camel supporters shoes begged me to keep the -- him alive they lined up around the block. -- -- -- -- of -- with us this Wednesday thank and that's just one week reprieve and we'll do something Al Seattle that will give the death penalty now but will. Keep them around another form coming up next week. -- wrong with people -- why you always wonder -- the story comes to us from terrible on pairs where homer police were called to the Wal-Mart on grand you wrote here about a town -- shoplift. And they get there they found that Tyrone book. Of coma and allegedly. Entered the story attempted shoplift items. Well apparently according -- -- mr. -- had a brilliant idea he was gonna avoid getting arrested by telling the caps know you can't take me to jail. You know why he said he could go to jail why because he said he had left his four year old daughter at home alone. If they took him to jail the poor little girl would have -- to come home and take care of our brilliant. Concept yet so okay here's mr. August again. I'm getting arrested for shoplifting I'll tell my left my daughter home alone that way they'll just let me go sure to take care of my daughter and I. Quite how it worked out is made. He was then arrested not only for theft but also for child desertion after cops went to a thousand found indeed. He had left his four year old home alone while he went to. Rob the Wal-Mart. Wow. That's an -- he's facing. Increase charges and -- child welfare was called in and yeah he's brilliant plan went from. Brilliant to one of the dumbest criminals. In along absolutely. Done pretty imagine you know when that day started before he took off on this venture. You know. You've just got to wonder you know. Well done and and well you landed yourself in the wrong with people file here in the early edition of the BW offers you know all this talk about drinking beer. Who's been -- last few days away the nationalities it's albeit. And it's been a lot of the authors. It says so what happened why all the talk about beer and football yeah make you want to have a cold one right now have been asking people what is your favorite drink. And my favorite text message so far. My favorite drink. An ice cold open one. He's a little bit when Brandon is -- -- -- -- -- it is now by his -- called the and it's opened they'll drank it. There are not picky thank you David talking about twenty minutes more prisoners Chris Miller joins us. Is there excitement surrounding the new pelicans -- remember the hornets struggled to sell seats remember the hornets head of the governor the mayor. Everybody coming in big people to buy tickets. Well as the new owner of the new name and everything else around in the pelicans that new team. Is there excitement around this team Christmas taken a look at that hear from -- coming up in twenty minutes as well here on WWL. Odds that -- directly Eyewitness -- forecast that -- get our game. Happy hump day at home. Okay am. I did at the -- for a big holing up -- you do yes I think it's the best holiday ever and I love how year. People go out sites -- on. Driveways hang out with their neighbors but there are still those people who turn off lights and started in the back room share with it you know the line like everybody and get. That high up yeah right -- I I I -- I've always column you stay up late and knowing -- -- my late I mean I could edit late. Relatively speaking yes I look that up you know pass on that. -- -- -- yet we'd like to hand out candy a whole lot of checkered traders that a few and it you know we keep our front door at the witness at launch yourself Rodman. On you know just kind of enjoy -- again you know like you say maybe sip a cool beverage and just enjoy the -- traders right well watch the cost him. Will we need an umbrella over the lawn chairs and handle in the front I really think we're gonna be OK I can hit say it's gonna be completely rain free and there it's going to be a chance that we -- some showers. Kind of passing on through the good uses of C one it's -- light and it -- quickly on out of here are some stuff and keep a 30% chance and -- it's -- afternoon and evening that really the rain should hold off until 10:11 o'clock or -- that you know. But that Mosher traders are a lot better about it and know how to bring reminder about eleven Brian Reich and basically some people healthier -- -- yeah. And I don't watch -- then yeah. Human different kind Ryan wheat gluten thing yes whatever -- may be -- labor ministry Thursday night early Friday morning we have the rain has been and and the first part of Friday looks a little bit wet until the front -- through by lunchtime Friday right and then behind the front to be finally get to -- that Crist falling. -- why it feels great Friday's going to be a bit -- but Friday afternoon clearing out. Friday night temperatures will be falling into the fifties since Saturday and Sunday's highs in the seventy. Barely all right guys in the seventies again I'd like it I love it I want some more of you are an observer of people. I know Agnes as we've talked about you you you've got to watch the world you like to see how things -- I do like to people why well I think you could have probably made a lot of money doing some research because apparently. One institution paid a lot of money do some research tonight put in the file of -- we really studied it for a us listen to this. Tech science confirms what most women already knew in the first thing then check out it's not a woman's face but her body. University of Nebraska researcher stated their subjects with eye tracking technology then ask them to look at images of different shaped women. But the same study also found that women do the same thing looking at other women that theory with straight men it's about mating with straight women about. Breaking the competition to -- barker CBS news. Parent my wife told anybody asked a man first looks at a woman's boobs and her but before he looks interface you'll insist that every man does that no matter what. Testing did we need to pay for a study for -- now you know that's you know and it's all about women's side clean up other men and now you didn't do it. That you look another body to see if. Yeah I mean I think you do I went on Al think we're quite liberal media and guys are out the yeah yeah I don't know if not I your product on checklist crying right I flag too but I think what they're wearing what -- and that they're scary and -- jewelry they have on either here's -- make -- Animal pac ten. You don't really really your doing -- they you -- the deeper look at their eyes were definitely they're old. And equipment equipment looking guys man marked by its -- -- -- don't you could see their soul and get -- Unfortunately you know we are human and that and that's the studies that yes check out -- man descent of the news that it that I yeah I can utility when a woman walking down the street. -- silence that is their body scanners like this isn't like the nation's children rather eat chocolate. Soup for dinner -- your life and -- no. -- -- For that -- though. It. Happy hump day or about to outline a direct eyewitness sports sports as Steve Geller pelicans spurs game ever. As the pelicans and at the preceding games of the personal accounts. Size that up Korea after the it's WW on more of your thoughts on the proposed -- cents soda tax and entrances. So it's a pair of San Francisco lawmakers actually proposing acute sense. Per ounce tax on soda instead of banning it like New York this -- well we get too many obese people so will tax soda like we do other CN items. And see if we can raise some money and reduce obesity one person on our FaceBook page -- freedom of choice should still means something. Do any lawmakers think this is good for America just shut up and other ones as yes they should tax the soft drinks and two cents. Per ounce since nobody smokes cigarettes anymore. -- -- -- I -- whenever. Decided to try to export. Because that would just off I think they're making and you know -- aristocratic as the ticket prices parking concessions that. Pelicans tonight's first game ever as the -- how exciting is that. Can pick up a victory over the pacers you don't talk about that the saints get ready for -- -- in NYC and much more in your home buying sports want to. Good morning and happy hump day the saints defense continues to impress this season. Having racked up 24 sacks along with nine interceptions. And look to add to those totals against the jets in NYC on Sunday. Linebacker Curtis Lofton says that coordinator rob Ryan's style is the reason for the big turnaround from last year. -- -- -- -- Both the players in this locker room. You know does it play out their confident play as fast enough -- -- who knows a whole different team they're football. You're out there thinking you're wrong. Quarterback nick -- practice for the Eagles yesterday after passing a concussion test. With Michael Vick sidelined by hamstring injury falls will likely start for Philadelphia at Oakland on Sunday and -- he has a setback in his recovery. All the pelicans franchise takes flight tonight as they open the season against Indiana coach Monty Williams on to pacers that will challenge this new -- squad. Do you worse doesn't ruin your job been opposed to finding guys Paul George's mother. 69 point guard so we'll try to limit their transition opportunities we've got to do -- and. Coach Williams mentioned Paul George he scored 24 points and Roy Hibbert grabbed sixteen rebounds last night as Indiana topped Orlando 97 to 87. The Miami -- receive their championship rings before LeBron James scored seventeen points. And a 107 to 95 win over Chicago Los Angeles Lakers captured captured sixty bragging white rights. -- they won sixteen to 103 win over the clippers. And the St. Louis Cardinals look to keep their World Series hopes alive tonight in Boston. The Red Sox lead the series three games to 21 pitch for game six in Fenway is at 705. Meanwhile today a four on sports talk in 2009 the saints play the dolphins in Miami the site of the Super Bowl. Sunday the black and gold hit the road to take on the jets in this year's venue for the big game. -- good -- or just a coincidence at 7 PM you have a choice switch over to WWL 87 the AM to catch the lets lets smile show. You can hear the pelicans opened the season against Indiana Pacers are 1053. WW LS spam that's early morning look at sports tonight Steve Geller. 551 -- on Steve -- hang out with you on your -- DO and interest saying that Rob Ryan the saints defensive coordinator has never no matter what team he's been with when he played his brother in the NFL. Never beaten him. Yeah with the Cleveland Browns in the Oakland Raiders he just hasn't had the same kind of -- -- cowboys and it -- -- are the cowboys -- right with the raiders he did not play has grown out with the browns and the cowboys lost to his brother five times right. Now let's hope that changes on -- that little bit of a better team this time around acting and a better defense and better. Offense and better everything bright young -- we're the best quarterbacks in the NFL -- -- great sign yet that the authority and the pelicans tonight you've already predicted. A pelicans victory by six or seven points that's good to hear that your confidence. That the pelicans can win this one -- Is their weakness anyone on the spot and steam and act focus on the senate is because I heard coach Mike Williams. We -- ask them who start at setter and I'll tell you after the game stats yet he's given it kind of a secret. What's funny is that really is. I guess two options to star would be even the rookie. Jeff with the for another guy that's been in this third -- -- where image is Greg -- month. And -- coach decides. To start Anthony Davis that senator and then you have Brian Anderson at power forward. A I'd now like that idea yeah you've got a party to the center position and have another good shooter at the power. Or -- deathly puts more talented guys on the a court right away but coach always stresses that. Whoever's starting is not really important it's just about the minute that you get yet again -- it like crazy rally and almost every basketball game. It comes down the last five minutes of the game anyway no matter what yet I'll expect those to Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis to be on the court at that moment I expect to hear you again in fifteen minutes -- more sports -- WW now. The top hat now laugh all you want to gamble. Here. Here for -- last at least in its current form and excellence that'll introduce a new way of sharing and right now we're sharing your forecast because while we got Halloween tomorrow. Or your Wednesday partly cloudy today will see it 10% chance for justice stray shower warm like yesterday in the low eighties. And tonight lows only dropping to about seven deep and that's on both sides of the -- -- for Halloween still looking pretty -- they mostly cloudy as we get into the afternoon and a bit breezy. 30% chance for showers during trick or treat time Temps falling into the seventies but rain likely late Thursday night and for Friday at 70% chance. And a little cooler highs Friday at 81. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- -- meteorologists are about tell us. County 71 at the reporting scattered around 90% relative humidity at south east and can monopoly golf's ethnic and -- Medea mostly cloudy and 62. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell -- its early -- going to be WL. First as one person writes on our FaceBook page and asked should there be a two cent per ounce. Soft drink tax on soda. The guns kill people just as much as sport that people facts. What happened being held accountable for your own actions well isn't banning suffering like New York is trying to do this just tax it. Like it is cigarettes and alcohol Netherlands and Patrick about a gallon of Coke a day -- would be in trouble acute sense browns. -- -- -- in for the next four hours of fun here at WWL. I animals left. He's not been but I accident and a four dollars -- holdings. Motown rocket role ultimately. What we got and I'm -- a city that was a joke. I think. Beer and -- you vandals as we're gonna talk about alcoholic Tiger Stadium would it when it. Be better if people could have a drink or two in space and -- -- load up before they -- -- -- -- as they do. And they don't ever sneak it and knew this police officers that. They catch yes it -- the rap sheet this guy as. Then allegedly shot him. It's amazing murder attempted murder this guy is bad news on the line that he was out on the streets if there's anybody that belongs in prison it's this guy. And I'll also talk about it obamacare and and something though -- -- -- documents released by NBC news in the White House in three years ago you wouldn't be it would keep your. I tied it until you know economic -- and for the -- funny I keep talking about the two cents cents. Two cent tax on top ranked. We'll continue to have a statement based.