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10-30 6:15am Tommy, alcohol in Tiger Stadium?

Oct 30, 2013|

Tommy talks to Jim Engster, the President of the Louisiana Radio Network and columnist for Tiger Rag

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker WW well talking about. -- sales and Tiger Stadium and and alcohol in general -- Jim Inkster Jim Inkster road apiece in tiger read about. You know before we raise the price tickets not -- look at generating some income by selling to people what they're pretty much. Brand and sneak in and are doing anyway morning Jim I don't. I'm good -- -- banks have taken time with -- -- I got to tell ya I try to be honest with everybody. So I am. I have never make game in Tiger Stadium it's on the bucket list but for whatever and I spend most my time working as a younger person and and even then child comes and you keep working and all that stuff but. I never have been I wanna go one day and I will hope 1 day am embarrassed to admit that. So paint the scene for me if you will about tailgating about what people do what they gave you what -- sneak in the reality of it as opposed to what. Maybe I think. Well there's not a spectacle quite like its next year. Social capacity will be over 100000. So. Tiger stadium's biggest Arenas in the state. It's still capacity forever gain or at least -- -- it's old but. The reality is that. There's a lot of consumption of alcohol that's going on before the game after game entering. And LSU benefits to some degree from us because alcohol is left out to be so. In the luxury suites. People who are big contributors. The privileged to drink. Beer or liquor line anything that Russia. In Georgia and there are. There's not crown consumed on Saturday night in the suites to thriller river so. It would seem that -- easy way. To raise money and elections as it needs more money. That feed the beast that has become network program in the -- in over 100 million dollars a year. -- easy way would be to be -- sales and I would suspect. -- -- would be part. Yet in terms of -- historically has -- ever been so hustled tiger's. Not in the not only -- in the sleep -- sweet. Been opened for. Fourteen seasons now so people lose. Great to sit in the post Wednesday. That -- consume alcohol limit consumer right at the end of managing director again. I'd in terms of you know chug a load and -- you load on before you go in our I need to stay at that wave that. Everybody understands and lives and is and a common thing that happens there. Yeah. Went to relish you as a freshman in 1977. And so that's what 37 football seasons and -- news. Every game and Tiger Stadium course of those 37 years and probably know before. There have been people consuming alcohol so even though officially alcohol ban. Believe me -- consumption of alcohol and other state. And take a break Gifford Traficant if you have a couple more minutes like eternity about this because. You know you asking about at least there as an increase ticket prices you're talking about. Every ticket is sold but not everybody shows up which makes me think that could be an incentive to to get people actually go to the games if they have tickets and the other thing is that. Because they don't show up. They don't buy the other concessions which means it's like it. Double jeopardy kind of deal and I'm not saying that there's empirical data that is say it's because they don't sell beer but I know this have been out there. That uses did not Solomon. 18780386. Exit 89087. And I don't understand the opposition to this buddy athletic director Tom O'Toole talked about rules in the SEC is there anything prohibiting that. And is he saying in his own way I see -- there is this about him injures as. Now people can't they're not responsible enough to drink but they're drinking anyway out in the parking -- six when he won. More with Jim angster present at Louisiana radio network and columnist for tiger -- when we come back. Right now let's not forget that. Traffic that would go to -- Robinson I Tommy Tucker data WL continuing a conversation about beer sales and Tiger Stadium and offsetting. A ticket increase in. Oh why why is the athletic directors so opposes first off any I guess I guess he should tell you that is -- and Inkster. President Louisiana radio network and columnist for tiger -- who wrote an op Ed piece I guess wasn't -- in. Right yeah about the beer sales. -- the united some things out there now on the Internet that an appliance where dominance against SEC rules you can't do that is it an SEC rule. The FCC does policies. Against us -- Noted and others yeah. The Beers consumed and soul -- the budget they packers' stadium already. Are already do it for the sweet. And -- BO hard liquor. Correct as you said earlier -- joining his Jameson is enough crown and consumed in the suites of -- river although I think appropriately because -- river would keep on it but you know better than me. Maybe maybe they end up around the key that the logo on. Is this about image or is it a -- com. Think in that people won't ideology games won't be responsible enough because lord knows they're not fill in the stadium 101000. Is going to be the new capacity. With students are people that are eighteen and 212125. Wood whatever demographic you wanna use to say well people -- drink responsibly. Yeah that there's a concern that it could be a problem but. There's -- people consume and there really aren't many. Particular. Incidents that Tiger Stadium around the stadium. I don't know. In the incidents in which people go bankrupt and thought out and hurt so other people. If if it's just something that is part of our society as part of our society and allowed in the and one part of the stadium. Then it is a matter class I don't think that the common full should be denied the same privileges that those reports that sweeps. I don't think gum. There there's any doubt that people drink and before they go in I guess you can make an argument that. They have time to sober up but that brings me to my next question which is how prevalent is it for people a sneak their own boozing him. Well it happened. Think there's any doubt that is. Boosting consumer and even though bags are now being observed. Scrutinized and people grow and that it still happens. And it isn't a policy at eight lose at this time and it does it -- their areas. I think in some cases. People may not look as partners you think. Equipment and other looking for weapons but the outlook for alcohol average. About the big money impact did you think this -- and they did sell beer and everybody about it once. It was really of -- to get. Yeah and by the way two -- there's so bearden and superdome of the games a year or so that some statements and start another. -- and ultimately it's not helping argument that notion you know -- -- -- -- ridiculously terribly. Well no disrespect is saying. It is a 100000 people in the stadium in -- old games next year that's 700000 patrons by America that is correct and he conservatively one beer per person were so. Put price on five dollars a screeners at Michigan seven dollars that's four point nine million. It would be and I'm sure that there would be India and he. -- detractors -- -- would like to be the official. Bigger Tiger Stadium as well. There are other venues winners each and -- does -- needs to. This would be new territory in question when I was a student had -- actually have a problem camp so it was cold they serve beer in the union but there was an eighteen year old drinking age. And so what the mid eighties and so. That changed and several years ago we talked about twenty -- Geraldine was athletic director at the time floated the idea. -- selling beer. Our our statement -- baseball stadium. But. He got some -- push back and it didn't happen but I can also remember when I was sort -- a young person that. There was smoking in Tiger Stadium. -- and matter there is no longer. Any smoking it's totally banned so times change and this would be a way to. That seems to be used -- about making new year at the patrons to at least not ticket prices which are already. There are already. Pretty. At seven dollars ticket for something. -- let out a time anything you land before we will let you go. I think there's a great time and it's worth the discussion. And I think that discussion has begun and Woodward goes and that is that people want and ultimately it will happen. But I hope it won't happen overnight. But the LSU athletic budget is more than doubles in ten years. And fans are paying more for tickets are thankful parking. And -- at Hamlet or whatever gains about a 3000 dollar year. Propositions. A lot of money. And -- and did one more quick one before I let you go is that money for the LSU football program because they. As I understood it one of the few programs may be seven and a country that turn a profit. So it is that money for footballers as money being used for tennis in maybe some title nine sports in this kind of. Yes it's being used for every. Every athletic program on campus but LSU results efficient there's not taxpayer money used to. Sustain the the athletic program and they'll listen to its creditors. When it's -- a surplus hasn't many years. They've given money back to the universe is so. It's it's been good simply doses but. I think it's so important. And another sure of course the quality of opposition that put a lot of we changed and out of conference over the last several years. The importance of the art. To keep raising ticket prices until 100000. Streets. Without having some attrition. Jim I appreciate -- time I really DJ and -- present Louisiana radio network. Columnist for tiger recognized I hope you come back on one -- -- -- --