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WWL>Topics>>10-30 8:15am Tommy, NOPD officer shot

10-30 8:15am Tommy, NOPD officer shot

Oct 30, 2013|

Tommy talks to Raymond Burkhart III, an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police, about an officer who was allegedly shot by a man with a long rap sheet

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker continuing our conversation about. Seeing new ground in and going outside to confront somebody that stealing your stuff and again and -- -- the legal and political realities of this would you do it. Creighton and if nobody else saying on what it's in a second but we want to talk to rein in Burkhardt the third the eternal effort attorney rather with the fraternal order of police. About this police officer that was shot yesterday in house somebody with a rap sheet that long. Could be on -- street Qaeda arraignment. Thanks taking the time tell me your thoughts. As a former police officer as the attorney with the fraternal order of police on the rap sheet that this guy had. And the fact that he was able to. I guess she police officer in -- Officers are both disgusted saddened by the situation but -- by the fact that someone that a little history. The -- -- -- on the streets no walls surrounding our shores as well. Act that he shot one officer. Just part completes what or my urgent reform. Of the dedication of all they go out every day and every right -- -- To protect you and -- girl. Previously arrested again that allegedly Michael Anthony 35 allegedly shot the -- Detroit -- on 34. Hum illegal caring as this -- the rest the end first degree murder illegal caring of a firearm during her crime. Resisting a police officer battering a police officer flight from police officers. Felon with a firearm several simple and armed robberies possession of a weapon. Several batteries and aggravated battery several domestic violence. Damage to property violation of a protective -- possession of stolen property theft contraband in jail trespassing. Disturbing the peace traffic and warrants plus. He was out on parole for second degree battery and heroin and cocaine possession. At the time that he allegedly shot this officer but. You know that we had -- ceiling on earlier and he said that these were arrests not convictions but. I think he also said that the arrests can be taken into consideration. When it comes of these guys in on history. That's correct when you're looking at other you can probation parole parole. And marketer and things you do look at their past history there and more probable than not stand of course some reasonable doubt standard. And that should have that element insert pool so that got him out of one -- -- our. It it's outrageous that someone sold. In the lounge on the street that's our convictions -- And our district are the stories that habitual law. A lot more liberally Walsh. -- ensure that the -- criminals and child. Off the street. You know what judge or judges were involve things I do not. So we we always talk -- about the morale of the police department -- something like this do. To the morale in terms of what we're trying to get the bad guys but this guy's been arrested so much seems like it doesn't do a lot of good -- arresting. Well what it does Vermont also as a bell at each other and I'll have to make sure that they protect each other on the streets and baggage shall rock. It does burn more down because it was -- -- last people to back each other rock. Do they feel that their jobs fruitless because he's got a lot of back straight down not at all. But also -- to conduct an investigation and they issued for conviction. That conviction only com sports star belts -- but it calms. After the district attorney's office does its job and prove our case and works with the officers in battery case to get that conviction. Appreciate time Raymond -- day that I'll watch it here.

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