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10-30 Dave in for Tommy, New Orleans Pelicans

Oct 30, 2013|

Dave Cohen in for Tommy Tucker. Dave talks to WWL's Pelicans beat reporter Steve Geller about the start of the NBA season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ports are open there yeah regular season tonight as the pelicans for the first time ever and I just. They were the hornets now that the -- pelicans and I end I know they had a great run in the pre season which they'll tell you means absolutely nothing. But I don't know how -- and I think we may see a real spunk out of this of this team you know it's interesting because. After the whole Chris Paul the possible. After he demanded he be traded and after he was treated and we had a few years of rebuilding here in Portland as the -- Now the pelicans they've rebuilt and the question is how much are people going to -- Excited how much of it will there be how much will this team take flight as it -- And it's looking good at least on the surface and I guess we'll find out now that this is that they only had 13 season game at home. So and have a whole lot and accurate on. By the new owner new name. New everything new players through my irons. So we'll see we're gonna get are hornets beat reporters Steve Geller in here next and we'll talk to him and in he's now pelicans just disease that are watching every move around every move but I daddy's. Definitely in it deeper than you and I I can tell you us now from. Thank you David in enjoy Halloween tomorrow night and I'll -- at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning I'll certainly room yeah. That's tomorrow and went -- Halloween morning. Here on WW Steve galleries now on line with those tasty. So the -- for an -- doing their shoot around. And there now the pelicans and I will eventually remember to call them pelicans on every reference. It's hard it's hard to wrapping it around listening you know they've been a hornets as long as they've been here in. And it is I'm waiting to see how many times. Now patrol the franchise will be taking ordered name back -- -- and it'll confusing what that is going -- -- well. At least we have a year before that happens. Because you know they will be the bobcats this season. And there when the bobcats come to play the pelicans they won't be the hornets yet again next year it happens them. Hopefully within a year it all straightened -- member on every reference to call them the pelicans. But we know we're talking about the fact that. It was a tough go -- -- last couple years for the he had an apps and owner you had the NBA than by the team you had the search on for an owner that would keep the team in New Orleans. You had their business community the mayor. Governor coming out -- essentially -- people. To support the team to buy tickets to go to the games. And you had a team that had just been through an ugly situation with its perennial all star Chris Paul. Who'd decided that he didn't wanna be hearing that he didn't think he can win a championship and Portland's and then. He wanted to go elsewhere -- lakers that didn't happen because of the NBA's and prevention but he ends up with the clippers and still hasn't won a championship which it. But he's over there and so we a couple of years of rebuilding and I think that there was. Waning interest people were not is. Excited about the. Expects that some of the pieces that came back in the Chris Paul trade didn't quite live up expectations. Error reporting as being. -- -- at his feet and Adam -- entire year this year he comes into the he's in -- -- -- -- Politico he's got a lot more optimism about him. He can very calm in key and a lot Trimmer it looks really entry he -- to not be able to work out. As mark with his injuries. He was a little both Euro and now -- -- them. They're seeing their legal -- -- came will be a whole new positive way it came over. Really that data on it and bought the team out quite shocked. That's not really did not expect. Him so you know shell out the money to keep the franchise into Portland and -- -- and -- here. Then and it didn't have been a lot of people thought the writing appeared to be on the wall. By the saints owner Tom Benson comes in and says now we're gonna by its name. When -- -- right here in the Crescent City. We're gonna change and am gonna change uniforms and logos we're gonna change the players and change everything essentially. And his goal is to do with pelicans. What he did with the saints when he bought the saints are not a winning -- they'd that I had not had any success at all. And then he came in and it took. But forty years. But he wants to global I don't think he wants its stake forty years to win a match and NBA championship. With the pelicans but at least they're putting the pieces together and moving in that direction we're definitely seeing. A better team taking the court this year as the pelicans and we did over the last couple years as a -- threat. Yet quite surprising move on draft night were being treated fair pick -- the local election. The thought -- that many sectors school choir and all star point Gordon who holiday. Clearly setting and that is that hey we're in it to win this year also treat. With Sacramento and Portland a retreat deal to bring it yet and another key piece -- -- -- hours or you'll experienced players. And they're building this week. Young nucleus like he saw the thing due in 2006. Pack -- collapsed and you can't get the feeling that it is -- wave of momentum going forward he got a great GM in late we've done they'll -- I think coach that all the players respect him up in coach Mark Williams who that could be part of USC basketball team this year defense especially it. And the players in the count on it now. Especially with will yet he neighbors who is your last year or the -- but beyond -- a little bit nicked up. But average around. Eighteen point to gain what I've read them. And look what little -- and -- vote preceded. And we're we're seeing him take place serious -- one of the concerns a lot of us had last season was that Anthony Davis. Was very good last season but. Coach was really careful with how many minutes he kept him in the games and he kind of -- humanity after they take over game but Denny was sitting on the bench -- Coached in wanna use him up like. Well Martin goes -- player then I get from his experience in the NBA he would bury. Are adamant about that -- -- now want to burn its star player out you bet even though AT and that we wanted to play more minutes. It's sort of the -- Marty saw -- with that and decided to -- you know not give him a heavy workload. -- -- -- Additionally saying you him. That much like -- and they were repelled in both Richard acute different -- -- -- just because. We are talking about. Something shy away from. And it kept saying their goal that he's in it and make it back it up this year. All right tip off at 7 o'clock tonight right here on your flagship station for your New Orleans pelicans 1053. WWL. -- -- We'll have every call of the game tonight and you liked the pelicans chances here against the pacers to get -- -- home opener. Franchise name opener first game ever the count as the pelicans like to chance to pick up the victory. Yeah I liked the fact that. And the pacers put it to sleep last night in Indiana -- big win against Orlando. Which -- that they'll -- the travel time recouping from a game last night so we can't play it back to back. It in a meeting in the appellate and keep coming it refreshed. Full of energy excited about the opener I dispute as a gateway for franchise that's -- you know on the up and out and he got out about it in opening night for the first I'd try to recruit dispute -- -- -- there. Of the excitement is definitely there around the team facility that accent is definitely there amongst the players and the coaches -- -- there amongst the organization with a yet to be seen. It's not a fan base responds -- text messages from people at 87870. Somewhere very excited. And some or taking kind of wait and see approach past you know what presence that I didn't even like the name at first. But it must admit the name is growing on me and I love the new logo go -- all ordinary. -- -- What everybody loved it the winner at it in about eight smoke -- like they -- -- -- he's been. The same -- well that would be growing. At a record rate. Fixing everything that's a winning. And doesn't matter what else has gone on the team is winning that's -- they would win support. And it's -- they get the community behind them we still don't know the name of what we're formerly the honeybees. What they're going to be now but we do find out today the -- -- -- You're right with it seeing it just all these -- in PNC. As for the mascot they had a -- out. For experience for me in the new bat out of hell in a -- year. -- -- Key and I predict some of the other names but I I I would look repeat an homage to pistol Pete who played the road Jack would sign -- today and I. Yell at night epic game. Excellent -- Steve enjoy the game thank you very much will be listened for your reports after the game tomorrow morning right here on WWL. Go pelicans. You guys.

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