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10-30-13 10:10am Garland with Sen. Mary Landrieu

Oct 30, 2013|

Garland talks with Senator Mary Landrieu about the bipartisan plan to postpone the new flood insurance hikes for five years.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This -- were probably gonna have our most important discussions. Most of you about this Sunday for about the bigger waters act July 2012. It's effort from everything a renewed its threat to balance -- 24 billion dollar deficit. And then flew insurance program out of that came about Katrina and read -- you couldn't -- And everything hundreds at the -- and is designed to make property owners pay for the crew reps. And we don't know multiple listed you chose -- talking about the people that. Potentially sue rates going up 500% in 2000%. Depending -- -- here and now in I think we have pretty good news year -- house and senate members. -- some bipartisan agreement to delay by at least glory years. All of this flood insurance rate increase if it goes from -- to Maryland drew with the center to welcomes show appreciated to. Good morning Garland and thank you for keeping focused on really important matters that people can try to. At -- Sarajevo. Is done and I really appreciate calling him. Well appreciated to. That would tell me what what's happened what does this mean. Well you're correct in -- -- in bigger waters was a poorly designed built its intentions are good but -- result -- disaster. I said you know many times that was built backwards and upside down it was a build it. It has sought to cure our problem which was a twenty billion dollar deficit. But you know it would war and the disease securely -- the disease so group of -- have gotten together. To basically six major portions of it it's taken longer than we have hope because it was happening. About a year ago or even longer well actually it was evident when bill passed them that is said. But anyway it's taken longer than we thought but the good news yesterday we drop date very comprehensive. And to this -- piece of legislation that will fix the war. Difficult and and and parts that are causing hardship and the great news -- Garland is Republicans Democrats working together. And as senator Menendez from New Jersey is the lead Democrat. Representative. -- said there. Isaacson -- Republican from Georgia ferry -- well respected. Individuals. Are leading this effort. And the subcommittee chair which will have to prove this is on the deal that sent a powerful signal to the members that we're serious. We want this -- changed. My political full -- and there. Catholic miracle. Happened to him. Leave -- France that the Atkins who -- because this doesn't always happens we're very happy that you know in this terrible divisive. Congress we can find out. And not only Garland is they're great coalition in the senate but in the house this morning outlook but the great news that. In the villages yesterday we have eighty. Co sponsors. In the house. And Maxine Waters is the name of the build bigger waters -- Maxine Waters of California who passed the original bill she came to the press conference yesterday -- that looked. It was not her intentions she wants to fix that she wants to get it right inflation is co sponsoring legislation and the other great thing about it is. It is hard to believe but we designed the -- in a way that doesn't. Cold War you know you'd get a Cold War against a bill that means you've got to go find the money. To pay for it and a lot of times that the huge barrier because it's hard to find the money even in our budget where you'd think it would be easy to beef and everybody's got. A reason they can't give up that idea. So the good news is that contrary to common sense that this might be days those corner bill because we're just the -- and we're not repealing it. -- within the ten year window they'll give us your school or give it's time to -- that so with that I think we have a great chance of getting it through. We've got to take a break at this point can you can -- -- -- are up or overcome them right back with soon to Maryland talking about something extremely. Important -- -- -- act. Effort to balance about point four billion dollar deficit in the plug insurance program. And energy initially. With the intended but we started. Implement. It's a balance in the likable and people living near water. -- Coming right back governor of obligated 70 -- 53. Well I think that's good news for those of -- who. Every word we don't. New -- issues in this. Viewpoint churn rates and that thought that there doubled tripled even more and some careers in the near future. Since would be put to rest for awhile. There's a delay in yourself and soon reach -- -- partisan agreement to have them lazy. Bradley for years the insurance rate hikes that would have been. Definitely impacted a large parts of four -- and bottom of the Gupta in relation to Maryland. Senator. One and the thing that I wondered about it. I didn't fully understand it through this got into the news. At a number of homeowners and at least one on mortgage entities that Europe. They're there were no installations. In the insurance rates in place. But mortgage company is calling them saying we're going to have to. Look at the calls. Value of your home again. We're gonna re appraised. Because without this hanging over your head. It's doubtful you can sell these current appraised. Have you -- ability of that unit so. -- supported delay helped them. Well -- first of -- let me clarify something. We introduce the yesterday it has not yet been agreed to by congress we've agreed to introduce it and help on the way that this bill. Have a lot of work we've got to put a lot of work and to get this past were hoping sometime in the next few months I would love to have this done before Christmas which would be. Hugely aggressive. As congress you know that is sales pace. We're hoping -- few months and discoloration. There is strong which gives me hope. We have all the homebuilders in America the president of the builders association and -- president in real terms was was yesterday in real terms with. Home -- without that well the community bankers of America with we will build up huge support. Broadly the second point one make is -- right -- communities are affected. Contrary to what a lot of people think this an issue well in fact some state that you wouldn't even realized like Pennsylvania. Like California California's -- but it's in part -- -- effected. By this flood insurance because it's not just people on the coast that have flood insurance look what happened yet. In cholera. That's a perfect example visual. Being washed away by agree on the notion. Cholera. So the the good and bad news is that this is a national issue fighting and that's why have been careful to build a broad coalition. That's one of the leaders are from New Jersey from Georgia and we have England's leaders as well. Definitely. That issue that you brought up -- currently about the mortgage company you're correct -- will provisions in the bill that would mandate mortgage company is bigger waters to do it just didn't make any sense. That schooling to. Would be delayed as well for the bottom line 400. 86000. Policyholders -- we took the call will be affected by the very bad you know they -- Good intentions to kind of the disaster. Aren't going against some relief. From what we're doing. And faster we can get it done the -- and I'm just happy we're moving full. Maybe something went when I first heard about this I was interviewing Michael act. And he explained all this from the units or what concede how that would be a problem and reasonably integral to your attitude problem. And as -- bullets the entire -- coached the Florida. Everything their Reid says 40% of America's population have moved to. The the blue water area where that they would be rivers where -- -- be called within the very notion. So we'll get -- its -- population we've got the most powerful political and economic. Geography of the country on the East Coast this is no brainer. There's something politicians can get together -- and so very quickly well why is this so difficult it would seem like. No brainer everybody. Along the coast could be affected right. Well -- on the reason that the problem is because the program for taxpayers and it's a real problem I don't discount at the program if you look at it today. The estimate on that it's about two 24 billion dollars in -- -- now one class I want. Underscored something about the -- doesn't mean it is the 24. Billion dollar -- debt against the program today it's like a projected debt based on very complicated actually functions but the problem and that the flood insurance program which -- authorized every five years appear fairly routinely that's been. Been happening since nineteen that money every five years -- -- little squabbles but we get it done. Because the private market lacked the flood insurance market in nineteen company and industry uses went -- -- Others have a lot to do with helping set this up bipartisan setting up anti government. Sort of a government private partnerships it worked beautifully for many decades and Katrina hit and it looked to. Both -- offer this program there was so much rain. On the flood insurance program that the conservatives angry. And said that program that is self sustaining it it's not understand that. I don't like spending money we don't have either. But they watched to fix -- putting that entire twenty billion dollar debt on the backs of people in Louisiana and that was wrong. As bad as well which kind of sticks so we're trying to gradually. Eliminate the debt of the program but an affordable way to go. I know it sounds simple but some people but it's complicated because of this debt and hangs over the program. And I say yes we do have a debt but left exit in a reasonable way because the way people think that is basically putting. Communities that business and we just cannot tolerate that and we will not. Jefferson Parish has the most policy of our state over. A 100000 things in Africa Herschel. And I think they 120 that -- saint -- and a huge. But it's not confirm -- -- its businesses that he would get insurance and then of course the banks start pulling and then the real truth can't sell property. And it shifted downward spiral. We can't tolerate this and we will not so that's what we have to definitely think Michael -- had been phenomenal. Phenomenal. -- -- parish president basically created. Because we could feel her you know we knew this was that first before. So we got our information we dot FEMA down in in. We made a look at it and then we built this great national collection and I can't say enough about her parish presidents Michael Pakistan business people. Our bankers and realtors that started screaming and yelling to their national organization making them look at it and we have agreed collection. Michael only works about two hours today I now I don't know how -- -- to. Little dual -- more we can -- to. I'm gonna get travel whatever their pay that money is not enough anyway we all I have to go but I'm gonna come on and he'll tell you some of the details of it that there watch and it's really closely and the great news is I think we're gonna make progress -- the next couple weeks. Senator appreciate what you do appreciate the call. You back.