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10-30-13 1:10pm Angela: on healthy lifestyles

Oct 30, 2013|

Angela talks with author Chris Sembera about his book "Natural Health" and what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we welcome you to another perfect day in paradise as I say it is another great -- little warmer than yesterday. But were gearing up for the special Halloween. Wanna remind everybody tomorrow we're going to do two hours of ghost stories starting at 1 o'clock. And we're gonna depend on new if you know of anybody or you yourself -- had an experience. With ghost this is wonderful town for that -- have fun with it. All right. So you started to diet and workout program only to trail off within a few weeks. Or you were successful ones with the major campaign to lose weight and get healthy. But work and stress and life combined. Got you off track. Why can't we just do it right once and stay the course. Well our guest today is Crist so bear. A natural health consultant who has spent the last seventeen years educating people on how to enhance the quality of their life. But Chris I have to say due to have been frustrated with those who tried to stay the course but for whatever reason don't. If you've come up with a program and this is very important cult characteristics. Of health filters. How to develop a healing -- sent. I welcome you and my first word is what do you mean by -- -- -- to meet the mindset are the way of thinking that is so important to the entire health building process. And what I mean by that is certain people to come and and who we find improve have a very positive and willing attitude and their interested in doing virtually anything that they can do to improve their health. And so they will overcome any obstacle that they face. If it means that they've got to improve their diet and their lifestyle they'll do it. And they're very willing about doing it. If it means that they've got to come up with money to buy a certain supplement that may be more expensive than they will make adjustments in their budget in order to do that. So people who have -- a certain mindset. They're much more empowered and they're ready to do whatever it's gonna take them improve their health and even listening to my own mind. -- like that -- There are moments when I feel very strongly about something done in a very disciplined but their other times that it's like. I am just. Are dragging correct. Correct and I think though the entire process is just have to want it and I broke it down to twelve different characteristics of these individuals have and the very first one is that you start that OK but if I wanted to talk a little bit about. Because I think it's important. Help builders correct term had not really on. -- it's building your own health that's correct and it's as a said that the mind the they have the health bill does have a certain approach. In which they see this situation and they're just willing to do whatever it's wanna take them to get better. And people who don't have that attitude virtually quit before they get started becoming an Italian. While I'm not gonna do this and I'm not I'm not an improvement diet I'm not you know I do the exercises it takes me to get better and I'm not gonna do this tonight to do that. And they they virtually stopped themselves before they had even a chance to get better. -- we recently had on this wonderful couple who have written up a book. And together they have lost over 300 pounds but they were getting into some some serious health things. The husband was the one who had happened to go to the doctor and there was not a scale large enough. Two -- him when that was his sort of aha moment he went home told his wife. I am changing. Now she also was morbidly obese. And she was saying what are you gonna do. It was a very interesting contrast she now is this you know stunning tiny healthy athletic moment right but she didn't see it in herself. Correct so how do you say to someone. Who sang on an exercise you're not gonna -- selling so. You know you need to. Right right glad I think it comes down to you have to have that reason what is it that you want to achieve. If you don't come up with a reason for wanting to do these things I don't think you will and it's really the first hurdle that we see people sort of overcome that has to be up. Passion that you have to want to achieve something and has to be a goal that would teach you to overcome. All of those obstacles on this these individuals personally basically scared of Indy duped into warning to get help. And so that's was the was the motive of the motivation for them to do the things that they needed to do to get better. But it it is just recognizing that in yourself first correctly are in denial. And we look in the -- and we're not seeing what's there right. That takes my mind changed right it does it does and it's also really building their self esteem and a self confidence. And many times they're telling themselves what you know internally. But they don't believe that they're good enough that they don't think they can do it and you have to change that mindset and that's one of the characteristics that we will discuss OK so you have twelve characters let's take the first correct the first one is developing a compelling reason for one indicate -- And so that meaning that you have to have a few fifth day help that you see that someone who's diabetic. And there on medication and even then it's still not control. Well they're going to have to want to for their for their diabetes to become under control in order for them to do that. They're going to have to make improvements in their diet may -- also to get some certain supplements that may help with the -- sort of normalization as well. So it's a matter of really having that issue and then. Having the desire to overcome whatever obstacles that are there many times the the example I just gave. You may start off good but you go to a party and a serving cake or something it's just. Very tempting to you and if you aren't really motivated to breakthrough that obstacle. You'll sort of give men and quit and so this gives you having that bad reasons -- breakthrough that barrier. We're gonna we're gonna stop for second we're gonna move on. To the other eleven moon but when we come back I would like -- to talk about how you were actually very sick okay and at some point. And reversed that right stay with this this is Angela on W if you. Our guest is Christian barrel and natural health consultant who spent seventeen years educating people on. How to have a better quality of life and what you're really talking about his. How to build your own health that's correct and that comes from your own experience of actually suffering a lot. Many unfortunately we usually have to suffer before we're willing to change and that just is -- that as part of human nature. We have so many things at our disposal different foods that it's an attempt to us. And it usually takes some beat. Challenge in -- line that gets us to do those things it will point to do them. I think it's just I guess that things such as human nature and it happened to you it did yes. Actually -- after read about the time I was graduate from college went -- our -- holocaust college. And Dow was hit with a really really bad pelvic pain and joint pain and I we went to numerous doctors couldn't figure out what to do. Eventually they found that I had a prostate infection and so we did a lot of antibiotics and then because of all the joint pain that was having we took. Had me take a lot of and a any inflammatory medications but none of that really seem to make it better in fact I gradually just started to get worse and worse over the years. And so then we started looking at you know. As I went to the process it became very clear that just medicine alone wasn't going to be enough -- to address my issues. And so I went to a whole bunch of different things of learning about nutrition I did some home study programs or help me do that. And dad also eventually had to have some surgeries on my jaw because I had infections in my jaw. And that was a big part of the process of getting all it dead bone infection out and after we did that all the the nutritional things that was doing -- really started to work. But it was a longhorn process. Of -- Aaron it's at twelve years. That was like that him and from that you've had built this philosophy correct yeah I mean it's it's a very easy to see what I saw up. And in making this this particular book is that the people who come and and get better they really approach things totally different from a middle respective. And the people who don't really have an attitude of they're defeated before they even began and that they just aren't going to do the things it takes to get better. And so what I wanted to do was put something together to help those individuals who don't have this frame of mind this mental. Approach of of understanding what it takes. To become healthier. Well it's so many times -- -- either people are depressed because they don't feel well that's very true at or two we live in an instance -- and we want the pill we want the snap my fingers in just over. And it doesn't work that's correct and that's why. I called -- the health with characteristic of health builders because they know it's not going to they're not gonna get well overnight and there's going to be process that they have to go through of eating healthy getting sufficient sleep. But you wanna -- stressed the areas of your life that you can and then -- Cheney didn't. Achieving some level of spiritual balance in life. Now you haven't audio -- -- to -- that's correct and tell me that you had some people telling their stories. Tell us one or two with share mom I have six people that I interview for and I tell little bit of my story in as well. But from one of the people and and indices Brian landing and who's actually from new war and as a wonderful guys retired teacher. And he actually is probably the most optimistic. Positive thinking individuals that I've ever met. And before I left I was still consulting here. And was working with him and he -- man. Was having all these gastrointestinal issues and one of the things that you know we suggest is wanted to try gluten free diet to see if that really helps you. And he didn't fight me was were not optimistic about the entire process everything -- suggest the he started coming up with. Creative ways and how he was going to implement it and his lifestyle. And sometimes when you find someone like that you get -- because you think all they're really Cochran to do everything and and they don't. But he was one of these guys who whatever you suggested read this book do this he did it. Any of the very first day he got better because in his case the night before -- was so sick he couldn't eat. Breakfast that day I saw him I think around noon or so. He -- healthier lunch avoiding whatever was spotted him and then dinner he didn't eat eat gluten for. And by that night he said he was already dramatically feeling better it was a well Laurie thank but he was so much better just by not getting something in it was aggravating his system. But he said he was already better than it had been in years you know 34 years ago who would ever heard of gluten right now it's on every shelf well. If for me I heard about it the early 1990s because that's when -- the sick and I and I've been gluten free since like 91 point two. But on the right and the most part most people haven't heard that until recently. And the reality is that issue's gonna get bigger and bigger not because the issue -- the more people are having problems but more so because there's going to be greater awareness. A bit and as people avoided to have that. Issue they're gonna get better and it's usually people who have a gastrointestinal. Link. To their issue Pete what autoimmune diseases who had they usually have a gluten in town it's. Are you were talking about a twelve characters yes and -- on number one let's go number two OK number two is that they have a greater level of determination. And what I mean by that is that that they're willing to go. The extra mile in order to get better. And if they have saying earlier if they need to get to a doctor that's maybe 300 miles away they'll they'll do whatever how to do to get that doctor. If they've got to get a supplement that they find more expensive then -- at the -- Budget there money and come up with ways to do it. In me who I interviewed Amy Maine who I interviewed in the audio book she cooks every single thing these sheets from scratch because she's so allergic to soy. And so is an additive in so many different foods. Even eggs if they're not organic. And she has like one -- two brands that shall eat and if they're not organic they feed them soy and she even gets sick from the nose. So you'll find different people who have all these different ailments and and that they walk they will learn -- issue very very thoroughly and have become very very knowledgeable and but. But that's a lot every single meal every single meal from scratch everything so that's a great example of somebody says. I have to do this I'm going to do this because it makes me feel correct now -- -- I will admit she's an extreme example. -- did that you know every time she does differently she swears that she gets really sick and I'm I'm a full believer. I'm Chris who would wanna go to pitch a couple of if they had to know that's what I wanna remind everybody he'd like to talk to -- You can call 2601878. Or 8668890870. Sure he would love to talk to about. About what -- your ailment is but also on your thoughts on on being a better helped built right. And number three learning to create a more positive way of thinking. And obviously that's very at the pretty much an obvious statement I actually you'll see a kind of repeat that -- the other chapters. And then on implementing it showing how important it is and then and then really using it. But help others go to like and it actually. Believe that they can achieve what ever it is that they want to achieve when they run into an obstacle they just find ways to do it. And at this hour of positive thinking it so wrong. It's so crucial it's so crews can sometimes in our world today where we are bombarded with. So much especially with all the media that we have a talk about yourself. It's just. As we were talking earlier today was Garland he was saying in -- world were getting tweeted we're gonna -- -- so much negativity some very very easy. To get locked into that. It is it is and we've we've got to stay positive because if you don't you're gonna miss out. On what ever blessings are gonna come your way you can block your success I think in a lot of ways I'm one thing I found that I stayed positive. People coming into my life sharing ideas some of them good and some of them not so good but you still wanna be able to be open. And positive so that you can look at different things that -- comment. Because if they can enhance or improve your quality of life here I'm interest yes so absolutely. All right yep and the next one is refusing to it except the negative label and this is wanted to see very very quickly. And it's it's one that I kind uses an indicator as to whether I think this person is going to improve or not and what I mean by that is. If you go to the doctor and they dying and to use -- diagnosed with cancer and at six months to live if you believe you've only got six months to live -- probably going to live about six months. But if you believe and hope builders don't denied that there are sick is that health issue. But they still believe that they of their one improve their situation they absolutely believe that and they always have hope that they're going to fully get well. But they always believe that they want to improve and so they don't. Look at the label in the sense that they're doomed they look at okay that's what I am right now have to help them now wants what can I do to improve my health and -- that I can move ball. Power of positive thinking stay with us were talking with Chris missing it one more time. So it send -- some -- Chris embarrassed. Born and raised in New Orleans now in Atlanta and we're talking about building your health still saints -- now. Thank you that's -- that's very always -- that'll keep it real healthy here that's right and stay with this we're going to be back but now let's go to Chris Miller in the newsroom. Well our guest today is Christian barrel he is -- natural health consultant -- is talking today really about how we can become helpers. Getting our mindset correctly. Let's first go to the phone and Lillian. Yeah it's good afternoon I enjoy it can't wait to here at all. I'm talking to -- scheme that -- a lot. Can't count on their account now that. Account that I believe taking care. I'm not by the end to have mine do but added that to be. Nice incentive as well in that -- activate but it and I needed to be healthy intelligent being particularly good job raising them. I think we need to provide an incentive to keep that going to come on just one uncle aunt and and it becomes -- wonderful wonderful habits. And put them. -- -- -- And what you did go to vote in an ability to -- -- -- and and kept them. What did the doctors and medical prescriptions without the cost you money you have a choice what you want and it. -- you you sound like perfect person for Christmas. -- -- an example. And she's totally right in times the cost the reality is that in the long term you're -- save far more being healthy and doing the things to stay healthy. Then it's going to cost you negated disease and then manages with all the different things that you don't have this and sent to do that. Now I don't think there's any dip any. Denying that I think the cost is obviously much greater if you have a problem but there's just. Denial -- just such denial that or were not prioritizing. Ourselves. Well I. And you know I have to body clinging to something for a while and bill anymore. You know argued that it -- and it went something like it because that it is happening -- that that night. Thank god that it. -- -- -- description I. Asked. That that can you know Matt two you know by doing it. I love but now. I am so appreciative of your call thank so very much and that actually you know thank you thank you. Finally I think that brings up your sort of your next point. It doesn't mean it's obvious she was apartment -- perfect time -- The next -- the next characteristic is that they use a proper balance of traditional medicine and natural healing approaches they don't. I find this humorous that you decide you know medicine tends to wanna use medications for a lot of things -- not everything. And that some people in the national health field never wanna use Madison and that either one of those positions crazy enemy. We need to use a combination of these two. To me. On natural traditional medicine is so effective for all the acute diseases or acute ailments that we might have a few of a heart attack. A few of a broken bone if you have a cut I mean there's so many good. Surgery that you need for your eyes to be done I had surgeries on that were necessary for meeting -- well my jaw. I hadn't done that have gotten well. So but when I combine that with nutrition and diet and in good quality supplements it made all the difference in the world. So it's really a matter of using -- do you get like the common -- Yeah I still get it occasionally because I still now now that I am healthy I -- -- and I like things like margaritas and things have time to time. So yes I do but I rare I don't get it very often it's like every every 23 years. OK stay with -- we're gonna continue our talk with Chris while we build our health. Right after this I'm Angela under the WL. And we're talking with Chris. Some -- who is talking about the twelve characteristics of health. Correct and then the next one number six is how. How to acquire the essential health building knowledge that we all need. And the another thing that we did they do the health bill does is they. Become committed to become very effective borders and learn really about their health condition. From all angles on what the medical approaches would be. They lie in the natural health approaches what they would be and then they blend the two of them together of course. And they're wonderful in the sense that they do all this on their own initiative you can just. Mentioned to them a book or something that they might want to look at and they -- may go at it and after you start mentioning things they're likely to just take off. And it's in -- more and more although it's kind of what Lillian was sent. She respects her -- -- she wants to take care for Bob -- And it may or whatever they've got to -- okay the next well number seven how to be willing to enhance your diet and utilized optimum nutrition. That involves a few areas and that personally learn what diet is the best for their particular body some people do better with one that's a little bit more protein based. And some do better -- the one it's a little bit more sent around -- complex carbohydrates. And and they figure that out somehow. They also look at if what. What nutritional supplements are best for their body and they use better quality ones they may use few more. But they use the better quality ones you know one of the things that's kind of scared me the other day guesses about two months ago they came out about official supplements. And it was that some of some of one of the studies was that they were actually increasing the number of people who game prostate cancer by taking officials supplements. And at first thought that's kind of like a crazy statement out and that B. But you know some of the cheaper quality officials supplements if you don't bind them if they don't remove the ball. Quickly oil goes -- and so when you buy certain officials supplements and analysts say any drugstores but if you buy it from a drugstore. You might find that they haven't owed it to them. And if they haven't owed it to them they're not any good in the rants. And so don't take those if that's the case look at the better quality ones that you Canada health food store and and select those would be my advice. And then the last thing is that if there's a food edit their bodies of reactive to mention gluten mentioned Sawyer earlier. You help builders avoid it like the play. They don't keep trying to shove it down their body even though they think they may be reacting to it if find out what it is through the use of the health team which is them. A doctor. As well as the health and natural health practitioner. And then they avoid that particular office I really wish I had a bad reaction to -- to set at a it would make life so much easier it it may but you know the good thing is that your body is healthy and it can tolerate those things it's more just a matter. Then of learning how to use that moderation. In that case okay number eight plan health builders Sean quick fix approaches. Alluded Goodrich was the help of the that I interviewed for that chapter. And she really stated you know from that rebuilding health as the process and that quick fix approaches don't fix anything. And what she meant by that was that if you have a help them mounts and if you do something to just. Suppress the sentiment covered up. You want necessarily getting to the cause of the problem and you can actually. By doing that by suppressing the sent them you may actually be causing new problems to develop so that's really you know concerned that you have in that case. So just remember rebuilding health is a process. And before on the Nexus One to save a lot of this information is on my website at NEC's videos that common people wanna know read. And that some videos on they can watch and a little bit more. -- the next one number nine is knowing that each state offers a new opportunity to improve. And that's I think that's one of the greatest things. You know it is one of the greatest things -- when I read that I said to myself you know what I had guilt because I think some things I shouldn't -- eaten yesterday. Today's and you do it exactly quit beating yourself up it doesn't help and and by the way if you take that approach with it which is part of the positive attitude and as I mentioned earlier if you take that approach which -- going to find. Is that each day you get an endless number of chances to start over again. So for example let's say you've had the caretaker for their mother who's been in now. And you haven't been able to eat healthy or rather than you know you coming up of all these waste and abuse itself middle. Just understand that that's what you had to do for that period of time hopefully you've done the best that you can and during that time but once that is over now and you know -- you can find a better way to to nourish yourself absolutely. The next one is how spiritual development is crucial to the health building process. And the reason that it's so important. Is because I believe that the two greatest gifts that god gives us a love and forgiveness. And by forgiving it allows us to release all kind of negative energy and grudges. And resentment that we may hold on to that can block us from getting better. And so that's I think. Crucial to the hope spiritual development and love is the way that we strengthen and build a spirit -- so bad using up balance of those two. Were able to sort of let go of the negativity. And rebuild our spirit back to where it needs to be. And if our spirit is healthy I believe that that's what gives us the ability to -- -- of the body I think -- You have the place to say we're gonna be right back stay with this as we continue to talk about building or help. The issue is it's never too late to build your own health and that's really what we're talking about today with -- some Barack and we have a caller Nancy from Slidell Nancy. An answer. -- high. I got a question about. Well. For me -- it's such -- two years ago. I suddenly but in -- violent. And nausea vomiting and support and call. I finally got myself to look at doctor and -- -- that covers or old -- and took. Matter since prescribes. And then later I realized that are lactose intolerant. I I -- right now. And I stop. My wonderful. Breakfast cereal and milk in print. And I got better. But on film well. I. You are asking could you be gluten. To -- Tonya why -- why are. OK let me answer that for you real quickly. If you have one food sensitivity there is a great chance that you have more than one. So and gluten is one of the most common ones and it tends to aggravate the gastrointestinal tract more than all the others combined. So it's a possibility for sure in your case and having salute to what foods what's any thing that comes from wheat. Ryan. Barley and and they have anything it's made from -- -- of those particular foods. Com so it's in a lot of different things as a thickening agent sauces. Com so you almost have to read labels and find if there's any type of wheat. Or flour or ride and now in grocery stores patents like everything is. Is labeled you know it gluten for you might try. Substituting for they have a lot of things that are labeled gluten free I also have a gluten free web site and additional and you can go to that and it's called. Gluten free grist dot com Nancy thank you so much we aren't fortunately running out of time but I wanted to tell everybody where you're going to be tonight and tomorrow. And the next day yes tonight I am going to be at body stuff but T spot and we're gonna talk more a little bit more in depth about what would it will be covered here today. Just didn't have enough time to -- -- deficit would've like to. But we're also going to be selling copies of my audio book that we discussed a little bit about today. And we're going to be selling out tickets to the seven on -- hating this coming Saturday November 2. At the quality in on the West Bank expressway. And you can also go to my website NEC videos dot com and purchase tickets to the event the tickets -- just thirty dollars. And you get a copy of the audio book for that price. You get a workbook to do the activities that we're going -- went over somewhat today but on the written exercises that shall do to help give you these tools. As well as you'll have me there to help you. Finished the -- sizes this is the way to do it if you if you stay on need structure on the organization. And help. This guy can do but I thank you so very much for joining us Chris. And the very best of luck to you thank you Angeles a big honor and now we rejoin Chris Miller the newsroom.