WWL>Topics>>10-30-13 5:10pm Bobby and Deke on Destrahan cheating scandal

10-30-13 5:10pm Bobby and Deke on Destrahan cheating scandal

Oct 30, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk to Ryan Friedlander- Prep reporter- about the Destrahan football coaches suspension over hacking opposing team website.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening eroded our number 20 sports talk at 7 o'clock tonight it's a lesser amounts to a sixty and Tulane football coach courtesy -- Johnson. Of the bowl eligible Tulane green wave they -- bowl ring. Would Jonas if he does each and every week. Well big news as you heard any news and also in the sportsmanship mark Menard coming from the LA Tennessee eight and saint Charles pairs. Earlier today and assistant coaches have received disciplinary action against him high school and also Dempster and had to forfeit their forty man 24 victory. -- -- that they beat the topic last Friday night because of some -- Ryan -- and has been with me on a prep football round up. But several years now you can follow around or to an end on FaceBook a great -- reporter and he cub was also on the -- -- that -- Ryan take us through how this happened. The -- -- solid food restaurant game last Friday as they were good control there in Beijing others miserable -- some of the coaches that that's openly have taken police. Spoke a couple of offensive players were so close after the game in the one thing that would -- where. What's on the district and the principle -- overreacting to us some shifting formations -- so who should never sure before their game. They actually put this in a prepared for this game a few weeks ago. -- special formation in network not on eight. And obviously -- -- scenes -- using total. It took a little bit applicable salute video tapes of gain that that's -- this year. -- would their fellow coaches for the upcoming week but -- -- in addition. Put their practice date on there but it it coach a look at. So they've -- -- -- -- open and all taught so to investigations that police would that -- -- certainly he Brian Connelly principle you share mean. And that determination mean by talking in Tuesday huddle now. -- you would be Peter is that we used been further investigation -- -- so far out that the mark pewter report so physical -- in the ruling. Actually being news to access but web site and -- model for guys that are used by -- That that is amazing -- this to me because for someone who doesn't know anything about prep football may be in this that is -- it from a standpoint just goes like. Why would you need to do that from a standpoint in the and it's almost like. A bit -- wrongdoing here from what I understand run riot aid is the violation of the look at the big game for him. In the NB the violation of how they got these past was that -- -- have to know some of those of password protected to obtain -- footage. -- at that point when when you look at it someone tried to give that information that I think. But so said that -- we talked about publicly for the short term that as -- -- Is that criminal investigation net maybe taking place as Howell is that information yet. Presented to some coaches for history and so when we eventually and that information industry and so. I think that's where who perished or -- of the government in. And -- we have a couple of reporters and they area GC just correlate the truck -- -- And of separate thing -- mean the daily comet in the except on by -- most of local knowledge of the best resources toward all -- for a further development. Indeed he -- you know them the most unfortunate situation -- -- on both sides of the equation so from that. Now Ryan. You know you say. You know being -- I guess have proven everything bit. It looks like possibly maybe you can correct me because it may -- not a one time event. That you talking about passwords and all that Murton -- -- insider trading and just talk in use in those terms but. Is it something maybe that they could have attract Craig it may be that this also car not only in this I'll opposed game and on the game's main. Bobby -- -- open a lot of people -- and I think that's something that will be further research. Well because it did happen in school and in a couple of hours and USC pretty article coach support Corey. David trees that come -- and on that level are and so it coached. Scott Burnett that it said that maybe it's definitely difficult call -- school coaches not only in the state of Louisiana but in the country. -- -- who has the password and you know the ball on the scene or -- along with the team for whatever reason. Maybe look at our the outward. In the username shared this information so I think you can see some lightning. And he that -- -- a popular question in this area. More schools. Tightening up quickly how -- market. Is this -- they've scored. Or do the the process he could be your visit anywhere mr. you were being respect that school had this information. And I think he is that you know you work your body of work in your life is that is -- you know make a name for yourself or at least have a good name in in now. These guys these coaches that faced some discipline the five coaches in this thing could be very good guys and I'm sure they are good fan I mean by now. It will ever be thought moving forward that. How long was as being going on and in note do they still trying to it is today because I know I know we go. To different media outlets trying to think something that I had to be done. Is they usually change the coat for an Internet access like every week you know to flipped it so maybe now that's with somebody schools would do. You know changed the the coat on it's a shame it had to do that but I mean that's what they -- probably had the wind -- doing now because like I was -- Bobby. I know of the pro level and on the college level. They say in all a play at home with -- hands and they got all -- bad you know and and that's how you cut down on on somebody look at it from that stand on with schools can't afford it. This is a great tool for and I and I hope school and not discouraged because everybody -- have a hot pad. But they can all -- on May be only a phone and computer and they can have access to the same side -- just a shame because now from a culture and are just a person and those are shall Friday night. I'm thinking now I who else is looking at my game film beside somebody besides -- he did -- -- you get paranoid yeah surrogate parent are and it's a shame because this this truly is to designate -- not to. -- IndyCar but I think -- that's something that they executive director -- what was -- clearly have a cup probably because there's never been a case like this before. And obviously -- Tennessee does not require people use total with -- do encourage it it's a spot certainly at saint. And I distinctive if anything could be learned from their sit it would be -- You know tighten up in the actual have a system -- police. Get people access to you a little collar any account for that matter as equals big careful what you give this to -- this is very sensitive information. And obviously a school should be restricted only. Well put their their actual game film on Saturday they should give you hope that the put the playbook and it could go practiced well. Iguodala he would -- only going to be a school where they're going to be prevalent that need to get back in. And prep public seem so I think it's a great tool -- just thinking -- senior administrators -- the coach -- -- been more discreet with who has access that information. And finally Iran about a man we gotta go what does this do now -- now Mahfouz in the district and and both of these teams movement fall with since. -- I had to forfeit its victory. Well you look at it now because -- history and the there's probably. A true on the last week of the season we can be seen on. And I thought would be for the district thought over that stretch and in. This for I think it's a chill in the next Friday -- -- -- Right champion itself who went up against Thibodeau and it's unreal any saint John's would be district and you have a currently thought the first. I think that would that would be as those two it puts so who should promote their position to make the political. And although they are seeing so very unfortunate incidents our school's football or Little League some well those -- -- it take place from the yes. You of the learning experience a little more -- coaching that they'll for having him get the guys are ready for tomorrow night game will be on fox sports and -- So certainly I'm glad -- -- daily Tennessee you know the decision today to make it up for tomorrow night's game. Ryan -- -- Keeler would all you print coverage on FaceBook. But -- it gets me -- sports report. Or FaceBook in which again as many score and the by injury. Ryan free land -- great reporter Nicholas on the full stop and sauce on Friday night on the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football around that Ryan thank you so much we'll -- played him a man. Alright era Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW.