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10-30-13 5:35pm Bobby & Deke on the World Series

Oct 30, 2013|

Bobby & Deke talk with Rob Bradford who covers the Red Sox for WEEI.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The place to be without question. Is. Fenway Park however you may not have enough to get in tonight's game game six of the World Series. The Red Sox can close out the St. Louis Cardinals. Rob Bradford jaundiced over the Boston Red Sox for the big one WEEI. Dot com and rob I would imagine. Anyway I am Boston tonight when they -- was found if the Red Sox have one more run in Saint Louis you will be the place to be at CD is going to rook. You like a lot why -- -- -- over a couple of years Joba obviously didn't. Apart -- all become sort of pay you. Like it. Early in the water and IQ he could he would blast Hartley act immortal world period all. And people know -- it played -- like I repeat along on our perpetual better look at Joseph are. You have -- -- a little while Egypt and you'll want to borrow him. Yeah now rob as a business say yeah are the fans and will never is that you look at Michael Rocca. -- what he's done considering you know the rookie what he's done this post season four and -- what one point oh ERA in four starts. Including that win against Lackey in game two. So I they'll -- nervous about this match of our our what do you think. Well I think the players are partner were the real. The players are the ones who actually sometimes reality about what happened and it can take. I can call out a win and I think that he is is. Quietly over. I hated that people only like -- you do because ultimately it is. NB. Still the prospect of being able to celebrate it just treat everybody. Could triple or -- before or a little bit. But what -- starts. That way and it. -- it -- -- Shows what can be and should be all right what can be on the PG cup marijuana because you are the people are. Like -- -- ago. How are audited just to get a seat in the ballroom and within a five mile area at a -- that. I would imagine you got a tape Rams look this is not see double BRI -- what they've been -- -- his right around lunch time over there. I don't want to view but it obviously you are outside or are on the part -- to get into our our way our history we're -- 34 hours for the game chat about our speed getting in the park -- saint. And try to Dolan or spotted it last year and chocolate. That if you do these -- street for the Red Sox. -- They were they. Total -- to a game -- our sport that is where this might be the most stripped of their only balk and PP. Sports history I don't know that clearly articulate your. Now rob but what more can you say about David Ortiz Big Papi. I mean one win from his third championship been ten years batting 733. I didn't realize this but. If you Lanka Woody's done he has 13 of the Boston hits and the rest that are Red Sox only batting of 151. I mean if they win the World Series again and and he's outstanding seats they were hockey not be the MVP may -- could he run that may here. I realize he's probably a run for mayor. That area where does this. And -- deal out on. Earlier in the year each student on a lot and it wouldn't. Be. They've been. Hit hard it is to popular people right now charts. Law is right there right now what on. We think about it terrible our league and you considered you can't back you -- -- -- the line and I. Please feel like cardinal might be pitching around a little more they put -- Utley -- -- on Ortiz. So there were -- a little. Bit deep I do or. Rob Bradford rob. What does seem and we saw what happened I mean it was just like I'm sit and watch in the that the Stanley Cup and it was like the Bruins this -- it's on the I paint a different pitcher when -- by rain to celebrate or let's say just go at game seven now it's it's it that's a quick emotional turnaround time and focus on that last game for Boston isn't. Okay a lot of differences. Yeah I don't -- -- and I think the team has been very good about. Great focus on years and now with the team that walks more than forty. People in a row at any point here though it didn't going to do that. Any of you -- at -- tonight. Cheer or -- haven't -- taking -- Panama and and really all and what they call. -- situation a lot bigger people but it can't root for -- -- in 86. All our replay that was -- Two big games and oh you know a -- on order right now it up -- -- Rob how can folks followed you on Twitter. Always got. Brad PR AP up well and and appreciated player but it could be did you. Tonight you'll that the one -- good that the winner has become a new phenomenon and I -- the Red Sox won the world period 2007. Where everybody anything and everything goes on and it took -- The players are -- in relation to -- it truly like a cool moment on how it got in the world are you couldn't -- that we are now and experienced. Because -- look around extra. -- rob this is about you we all got to sack baseball news the back about credentials -- here working and working capacity and remain and that Europe offense though. But when you walk and it's in the night he you don't absorb it all has to have you had report on. On the kimono deep down inside -- in them even the most out the most Hawks Mota who's got caught objective. This is hard not to get emotionally involved in this. -- you all the time around here you know you're part of a group are quick J. D. Drew portrait storyline. I pick I don't -- -- here today and I looked at that it has potential federal and do all goalie opted -- split -- blue would you rather. And you'd like Joseph -- lit up when the lights and -- it. And in the that you do you don't view -- -- so I think that that's what I'd take away commitment. -- and WR -- -- and we don't treat. Maybe our are certainly are a long time then -- they -- cut back you -- to enjoy it -- but -- in the wrong. Did you -- yeah I got on covering the Boston Red Sox historic game six -- in the World Series is right. Actor rob thank you so much -- -- of the rat. -- Are all right. Ball above you talk about in the event that that's historic right now and shouted out to be in this Damon 30000 people. I mean that's that's is just to be one day to say what they -- out there today stadium I was there. It Tebow just in anticipation that. And they are world champs and they don't have to go to game seven just to be close to the stadium. To celebrate that's why I guess. After hired extra help if you own a bar. Around family and Barnard the big if in the neighborhood when you went bar and -- it. The biggest challenge for people and those is -- -- where do they put. Oliver I was supposed to say and how quickly can they get Beers Cole. Right now -- biggest challenge in that I have pulled the wall or iced the shock of being given called him because again so -- so much. Unbelievable voice can be great tonight to follow that what special Boston wins following on TV and seen out of fans react this is sports talk on WW.