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Oct 30, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk about the Saints practice and the cheating scandal that has rocked Destrahan high.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports -- he's engaging game by BA bad I'm -- -- coming up. Later at this hour today's Saints practice report the black and go get back to work in Sunday's game what they are five and a half point favorite old a four and four. New York Jets. Thank coach courtesy. And the New Orleans pelicans to the tip off at 7 PM because they donate 70 AM and take out the last mile show. It's like a big sports network a big network all you could check out this season opening game. But that elegant tonight at 7 PM at 1053 -- they take on the Indiana Pacers are somebody coming up very interesting story. The top the next now our report on. Of the prep football around Ryan Freel and your humble nor Ryan -- and his father mr. -- -- a bizarre story now in the big -- technology. High school teams have several web sites they can use what they can for instance on college level. All the kids of Moses some starters in too deep. Will go home -- and I pay -- -- and have all of practice footage opening game footage they can do now certainly look at it certainly a different level they can't afford that. But there are web sites created -- you can store. Our game footage you can still or practice footage anything like that in -- can access from a a mobile device at something like that. And there's certain different -- this was called total eight -- the -- -- make a long story short. The LA TSA just sent down a penalty last Friday night some of -- Played gestured him -- district teams in the river district five Bay Area. And -- and want -- top team in the state. Yesterday and won a game forty -- 24. Not so fast my friends -- worth at least course so because of cheating. Now the LA to say -- has come down and they have suspended some coaches along with saint Charles pairs. And suburb of truth is awarded the victory a day game because -- hand must forfeit now. According to the LH SK eight. Rulings. -- noticed several violation in assessment of unity schooled -- hand high school principals the -- Coach his name's Ryan for saying. Lance the de Daniel -- I'm in my aquarium maybe announcer Wayne -- -- and Greg born. The rules that were violating. Filming -- videotape. It through six point 276. Point. 27 point 165. On the page of the 2013. Fourteen and it is a battle this was self reported. And also reported by -- LH is a member. This -- -- -- on probation now from one year to October 29 2013. To October 29 2014. School may also be fine. Up to a thousand dollar not to -- -- and a total fine want to -- Thousand dollars and the fourth -- about it is the game the other night and at the forfeit that game to sell the food. The five coaches should be penalized. -- and shall be required to place the five coaches in question on probation one count the year. In the course saint -- and it has suspended a five coaches also this is by saint Charles they did their own investigation. Like they should the school did an investigation and the LA to say eight. But the opinion polls and the awe and I'm not not in south. We'll talk more about it but some of -- To the was a big underdog in this game of the game where at forty had a 24 degrees is -- little -- -- -- out my opponent and on the flip side of the gazette. I don't know why this hand felt like he needed them to cheat. That they're looking at practice in Denver. That Maclin why did the Patriots feel like -- -- -- -- wait no we weren't about where it just gives him the oddest -- -- him out. Those capable playing two out and assume Bobo. Yeah okay they were both good. -- and is highly ranked undefeated in the state rights on the -- or not that's why I'm understanding on that you know and I'm saying why why risk. Losing a game. Pitchers supposed to win -- which again but now you. Yeah I mean it is like the highest movers in a spy gate. You know -- in this Internet -- and and you know the saying is -- -- is trying to get an edge and all that but what's writes Wright was wrong wrong and and -- the point where. You know. Now certain sports and I know some people and only classified as a sport but I do a thing yet to be. You know have a lot of ability to be a race car driver in the NASCAR you noticing it ain't cheating you ain't trying right. You know solo but that's never been accepted it in football -- you've had. You know maybe a reigning apartment buildings in trying to watch practice sooner is goes back to Bear Bryant and all year and different -- have to hang -- -- you just me it's about that actually have mechanic and Cameron Crowe in the ninety's. And there was some good care across Kampman badly you know watching trying to get engine that's why a lot of times you know the media once more access to practice. Yeah because -- incidents that's while I've that was closed practice closed practice and look how we have to do is trust with the coaches say about LSU. When you watch him stretch. Right and -- a couple individual drills OK I gotta leave. Over the course of season -- -- -- in the in the ninety's about it insanely and had never beaten Amy insanely and it was Limbaugh formal warrior great all the -- who is now the coach it. It's mainly well they beating me like eight to six well one and -- assistance and they must sign a wall eons -- they felt like it. Saying -- it was in a set and some of the calls and hits it right and it was it was malvo. To me like a poor loser situation in anything owning meets and I'm alright in them but other than -- I feel. Because when we got -- LA just a -- Somalis they in the -- -- Tommy handers and the first thing they say is that. There will be no penalties today handed down the -- and it's simply ask some -- -- and what have we here for. You know and Antonio -- and -- -- studies it's things like that have happened before but what is date -- time -- -- -- defer to my knowledge about. Being able to get because see it's almost like. When you check your bank in the count. Is a password and as a logging and what each child. On each student athlete or coach that goes into a web site has to have that code word. And that password and blog and it password so that's that's what makes this even more strange is that. Aid they looked at the -- they were the better team or maybe they didn't like it with a bad team. And they had to get access to a to a pats were in -- -- word to -- outlook Hutus. Thing. Though I'll practice -- now. Now I could see our -- you could in theory should say you can see now solid -- -- trying to get a pedestrian. But yet I don't want I don't wanna -- I don't blame him but right yes yes because they -- of the debate -- -- as -- that I try to get knew immediately and maybe just you deal with their dad and have a chance yeah I'm with you but we do jet -- Dave -- they have the entire story. Up online at WW dot com and Ryan Freel and who club was also Mahfouz. I athletic events falls on a prep football roundup. Gives us the late ending you know is graze it and I'll look back now offenses those sophisticated. When I played itself foods when the state champs at 1970s them and we had five pass plays and twelve -- -- -- they're coached very it was like listed in the -- -- and hope we doing. If we can't get three now have yards like a run because ball a good -- -- at -- game we saw what you are a bit mean apparently they knew we go right you're in good didn't matter. Those -- all about execution -- I don't care if you know we do and I gotta stop you know. But it'll be interesting because now how does that affect the Astros and Palestinian move forward in the 5 April season and last year. Walkway highs to right now Bobby is the -- -- number one -- in the on the two ranked. Not so make schooled him Friday. They have a tremendous player a quarterback like yesterday and but because of a penalty they got into last year got in trouble. They canceled the playoff game Neifi had a chance coming in -- severe. But when I'm sane is in May what would -- deafening can't get a playoff game or change the -- somewhere down the line -- you don't know how does affect things so well with C when the things a a point now operated jaguar opinion -- In 2000 not always with -- in my ear you don't know I'm not intelligent and that he'd talk on them but not a market there. In 2009 the Saints played a regular season game at the side of the Super Bowl which was my game. This year they will as well. Sunday at New York it is a good omen do you think that the good over -- All it just the coincidental indicating -- has taken just as well this is sports talk your lives in the WW. And welcome back nobody hit the 1000 dollar holiday pass contest listen I'd get a WWO weekdays. But the topping out news at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM will give a code word technical word. Generated WW dot com slash cancel click on the consciously -- WW dot com and it's so easy to win. -- -- You can -- on you Smartphone or -- -- -- computer or -- at home and you can win anywhere every week before look at this -- nationwide 1000 dollars each. Good luck in the consummate ripe for the top of the pounding -- AM noon. 3 -- and 6 PM on WW ago operated -- whopping opponent known on the Saints played a regular season game in Miami decided to blow. And 2013. At their regular season game in the off the side of the issues Super Bowl was a good omen autistic coincidence cancer vote online at WW dot com and Bobby. The Boston Red Sox or at home night in game six of the fall classic the World Series. When someone has purchased two tickets right above the Boston Red Sox dugout but 24. Thousand dollars he should be main -- you were telling me that -- is the first time -- can win the World Series in Boston since 1918. That yet. Yeah they never or when they wanted to -- they have not. Been able to celebrate in Boston it was Saint Louis and Houston nine -- Houston and whoever they get -- well look at even when they swept the Colorado Rockies cholera and and a 2004 series and Ledee got to about come up big time about big -- -- And if you look when he's batting in the that nobody nobody -- hit Saint Louis all postseason long I think he's bad 800. Almost. I mean if you look at it -- -- -- if -- exactly. If you look at it right now you know there one way a win 121 win away or should -- when their third championship been ten years. And you look at David Ortiz of batting seventh 33 in the World Series. Heading into gains and the nineteenth game six tonight. Only Billy Hatcher did better in a single series of back in 1990 for the Cincinnati Reds. Wendy swept Oakland Athletics now. You know it if you look at he's only player and he still laugh. From the team. You know that one you know looking at the world -- you know things change and everything but. If you look at it is unbelievable. The he's eleven hits -- fifteen at bats his two homers two doubles six RBIs five runs and four walks. And that -- if you take him out of the lineup now this shows you how meaningful and how much of a leader he is. Has 13 of the Boston hits and the rest -- a Red Sox are batting 151. So if they win the World Series and obviously -- not be the MVP Sibley. What what he's accomplished. And it if you would be go you know to celebrated in Boston I think that's what -- Looking for I think even the cheapest seat just again in this stadium. Wanna see is like. In 2000 miles. Even like the one thing that would like. Thai -- like I guess on a regular game you can -- -- for 2030 books and those like that 2000 NBA had just again -- -- heated words see where everything's the worst seat in the house and I take years 2000 you know puts his hit that homer on you know when you plan was assassinated big big red machine. Day it's about like 30405060. Years now summarizing -- was there yet I think that's why that nobody wanna be there you know and that numbers honestly that's understandable in BA tonight Bobby and of course last night the battle of LA surprisingly went to the Lakers that he took care of the Bulls. And tonight a team I mean if you can get to the finals is in town. The Indiana Pacers taken on on New Orleans and the consent will Pete day in Chicago but at the big -- yeah that the Pacers obviously a blue collar. I kind of look at them. As far as you know who's truly a Pacers and -- have a relative youth from Indianapolis Indiana. A -- like San Antonio. You know I don't think his format squad thing is winning basketball but the pace is gonna be right there you look at it to the heat down that far. This outing they gonna be in the thick of things again now rules tonight with the Bulls it. If you look big like you said adding the east might be batted in the west is for other top teams -- you know you look at the heat you look at the Bulls. You look at the nets like hey Manny is like the mid to late ninety's when it was in New York it was. Chicago -- into the into the it Pistons into the Boston Celtics in the in the you know in the course Miami started rats in the the Indiana was when Reggie Miller you you knew OK who was kidnapped and -- have -- a -- and that's kind of feel that right get that east has gone when Britain and. And if not the Spurs in the west's. Then who you Clippers I mean to have to do refers right. But I look at big spirit and a tradition a clip I mean the Spurs I know Beagle gets them and in the guy just like I think Dwight -- turnaround with the Rockets and I think hardened is that -- of -- player. -- to -- -- -- Tennessee who -- -- the -- I still think the -- -- gonna -- -- -- not going to be -- -- It'd be a -- tennis for thirty some person who's who go to Sandra. You can imagine that. Very comparable outward up on the court and try to -- trade. Yes there's -- became run as -- innings where you look at football basketball and you know sending the only thing I told her you know it's it's open look at became run at the Mark -- his big -- it's a jacked up though it affects. It became run UK play in and it would argue that he Barry Zito would win that line. Right -- can't even play -- you know shoot the basketball either. Right right yet you always favorite and again Hornets sharpshooter Ryan is now one to three weeks according to our opponents in size unit pelicans inside the evening -- Stephen thank you so much we appreciate. I'll write pelicans and exit 7 o'clock nine right here on WW against the Indian places well black and -- get back to work. Six and one on the season five and a half point favorite on the road to New York Jets Sunday today's practice triple go to Kristian garic Kristian -- one. On Twitter Qaeda Al you've got to. Colston listed at. On the injury report as I did not practice with a knee injury guard Jahri Evans also missing practice with a hip. And safety Malcolm Jenkins also sitting out with a sore knee safety Roman Harper back on limited. Role working his way back from a knee injury touted Jimmy Graham still dealing with -- planter fascia -- has -- linebacker David Hawthorne along with. Wide receiver Kenny stills also limited in today's -- Saints coach Sean Payton started out talking about Jets rookie quarterback geno Smith. Well the one impressive statistic is. His his finishes you know he said through four of these. Come from behind or or game winning drives I think for young quarterback that's. A big thing to build -- got a strong arm. And you can you can see that in in the confidence of his teammates. I think you can see on film when. When their late in games and it's close then he's been able to deliver their I think that's. Pretty good -- And here's more from -- announcement I think like any young quarterback there's a growth spurt that you go through highs and lows I think that there's there's been a lot of things that are. That I've seen -- that you get excited about and in that the poise when the games are on the line. Certainly you're constantly working with the reps in and get the reps and in the consistency all those things. To develop this quickly as you can but I think those. Those drives where he's been able to finish and deliver things that you can build on and I'm sure they have. -- for the Jets on defense. Really solid against the run 77 yards a game allowed it to their opponents to very good -- they've they're right at the top the league in rush defense at the top the league in in pressures and sacks. They're athletic they're big. So they present a handful of challenges especially. When you deal with crowd noise and you're playing a front like that all the road beside the Rob Ryan Rex Ryan story -- of this week it's Chris Ivory is. Chance to face his former coach in his former team -- in the first shot in the NFL now that he's healthy and he's been able play the last few weeks. I don't. And I don't see the other thing is a big motivating factor -- good conversation throughout the process and even the day we we're able to make a trade so I think I think a lot of Christian and I think it's. An opportunity that worked out well for both sides and Payton was asked about the similarities between the two twin brother Rex and rob philosophically I would say that there there are some things that. They believe in you know and then it yet I think they're both very good. At recognizing what they have to work with -- -- trying to build planned. Around. Their personnel. And have that flexibility and I think. Both coach with confidence that coach the players with confidence that that's something that I think you would see on tape and and that that's something that. I'm sure very early age they'll learn from their father you know and it and just grown up in that football houseful. Rex Ryan media Jets and coach sat down with the new worlds media today on a conference calls -- likes. Taken some shots of his former are -- as a twin brother. They shut down because nobody wants video game and hope it will come down but we will give it jab or two in an agent there's no question about it now it's all about you know it is business and he obviously. You know we need -- win they need a win and and you know that's really what it's about more about our teams. There it is so I think that's where. You know we want to focus should be now with the audience. I'm sure the opening. You know it is a political jab here and there -- any children. And I mentioned Chris Ivory earlier in that we spoke to him as well. Getting his first chance at his former team. Non noah's motivation and I'm not sure you -- any okay. Yeah I just play you know Honolulu loaded there but. But he got treated like any other again I don't think it should be you know it anymore and in this in this country and I knew they gave. And ivory trade is of course the New York Jets back on draft day for a fourth round pick -- use that fourth round pick trade back up into the third round. To get Georgia nose tackle John Jenkins and Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton ready. For Chris Ivory to try to. Romo for his -- -- To run me over and I looked and he's on track to end you know come for his true artists there will mean the whole -- Toms and he made just some but how much did address them. That should be fun wanna watch saint back on the practice tomorrow afternoon here on -- line drive Christian Aaron back two more sports talk about the now blog Christian. Early -- the beginning you mentioned can even -- believes that dealing with back cages and a concussion again now capitalist enough concussion during the game below what -- -- in elaborate what -- was he's -- relentless that. -- he handed him back injury on the report states in doubt they revised report. That later and later treated to a concussion that's all. Well you know giving grades -- value you know -- -- day to day with that that can have an impact. On the even give it a game plan if he's not available Sunday considering the knee and. -- Roman harbor yeah I mean you know we have also Malcolm Dickinson out today with a sore knee so weren't where does that impact them in terms of the safety position. Obviously we know it can either -- meant to his defense playing all over really had a Joker position. For the saint -- playing at linebacker playing. Safety corner in the nickel what have you so yeah I mean you know. We'll see -- and a port of call on the NFL's obviously changed with the emphasis on. The head injuries and -- -- take caution test and pass those and -- can be symptom free for I think it's 48 hours. On all. Now we'll see what fun and a little more tomorrow. Chris you look at the last time we played the Jets it in it was so meaningful and I'll let my emotions get the best them in the press box is the the Jets went three and all that that the Saints with Korean though. While I could remember who you face and a rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez like that you be faced in a rookie geno Smith. And that in a member in thrown a pick six to Darren Sharper and in a club record a Saints record 99 yard interception return pigs at that house. And the same -- you look at it they want to one reported ten. But the offense didn't score a touchdown until six minutes left but the seal it. And had to -- -- of scores or that the rules of play out like crazy was when. Will submit you know all of a sudden you sack the quarterback you force a fumble rim yet though recovers it. And now the special a year where you look seven -- that touchdown. As I -- waiting right now because I think he can happen would be very opportunistic. To get that the bits of touchdowns. And and did not and this would be nothing more to do that against. Geno Smith because he's prone to turn over the ball and a boy that would that be sweet. As it might take that you know that is tough to win on the road minute -- And that -- that. Jets defense vastly different at least in the secondary. January 2009 that's been there right. There's that vulnerability to so wanted to really really good. Getting pressure with their front four guys there but -- the second period and had just look at last week. Against Cincinnati -- in on all the Saints defense can. You know get turnover and turned into a touchdown haven't done and they forced a turnover. In every game this season but they have a -- score on defense than you know -- -- -- Looked really good at times and then looked like a rookie at times as well so -- they'll have opportunities but it can make couple responsible balls are. You know get a sack fumble that resulted in -- touchdown maybe for the safety -- but all in all. Again going up against a rookie quarterback if you just don't make mistakes note on the ball over you know you're on road you favored by five and a half -- likelihood. Yeah the Saints go there in -- state stay with what's got up there in terms of protect the football pretty good this year and -- walk out there with a victory. Saints out at a point Christie Garrett and Kristian -- 1 at the morning drab double coverage 69 AM on three W a thirteen feet -- -- out thank you so much of the guys are right this is sports talk on WW.