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10-30-13 6:10pm Bobby and Deke with Curtis Johnson

Oct 30, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Tulane Head Coach Curtis Johnson

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And good evening -- the final out of sports -- -- Kasey Kahne and Bobby a bad I'm Deke Bellavia coming up later in the hour. We will -- to a Michael MacNamara. Evident of Bourbon Street shot back com to talk about tonight's match up at the arena as the New Orleans pelicans opener this season. Against the Indians paces. Operated jaguar opinion poll in 2009 the same for the regular season in Miami made a return trip did go to the Super -- to beat the Colts play in New York. On Sunday against the Jets at the side of the issues who blow. Is it a good omen or coincidence can civil online at WW Rio. Dot com they became bowl eligible and they still have a pond to play for six in two photo opportunity say. Taken -- Florida Atlantic this week in Florida Atlantic. Has that gone through the -- this week is coach call I mean he's stepping down. I miss are some different allegations of wrong dorms away from football away from the football program and an event among other things all 28. On that too good of -- thought this season to a six and one in four confidently but the big story here is what the wave can continue to do and we welcome in our weekly visit with coach Curtis. CJ dancing coach CJ. I'm man take us through that victory on Saturday and go to do it seemed to be like we keep saying the same stuff. Each week over and over a -- back to -- taxes. East Carolina until they won't look at him but now the defense a struggle all the points are scored their game in Austin -- 34 overtimes. And in this past week that the reason why we keep saying the same stuff the go to defense is playing so well. It's in the group of guys that can be that probably diamond to John and. You but it. Was. -- Kept -- in Oakland. And that. You. Didn't. -- -- -- -- Now -- coach Johnson. Now obviously Abdullah look at injuries there is you know going forward and who's available. Is really where you now -- it. All you can utilize two quarterbacks it just break that down overreact with that. And I don't know who just. -- -- that. Changed when he was. I've. Got so that we can. Do. Oh. Implement. Them. -- -- -- -- You know. Just to. Now CJ. If you look biz -- agent and I don't know maybe you've been all of as a coach being your background. To be that is so impressive a look at Tulane into the saint scoring defense. And you know it's always what -- Delcarmen lately. And now you look at other games in my princes of the Oregon Ducks don't score fifty points their fans are saying what's up with that I mean I never thought I'd see what. Sometimes you see didn't in the matter like a look at one double one double A football. Like the saudis to -- of the world or whatever day getting fifty points and but a rule why is it that. It's things like also an old school football is it just being opportunistic and because I mean you don't you can have a great chance. Whenever you have an outstanding scoring defense. You kind of try to compete with it when when. That doesn't do it because that is. Opposite. Of wood and an intangible and. We as we shall we -- -- would -- and people can post. Yeah -- So you have that program and -- a -- Do. You didn't do. Chill a little bit short of being potentially put them. I think it changed the world and but don't get them to. -- them. Yeah it was score and we just -- but Egyptian opposition to -- division game -- got -- -- that. Didn't prove. That. -- we just screwed up the victory. Six into wave on the road at Florida and banks and a fondness to a 614. In CU SA the way before -- -- -- conference USA equate -- a four game win streak in coach -- in the last four weeks you've made at least one player. He conference -- in this past week same Schofield mainly come to Tennessee defensive player of the week. Eighteenth Stubbs the result dolls lead the nation in percentage a third team and assessed in the country. Third and force turnovers and and I would imagine when you're recruiting coach you when you say in the nation but it doesn't need to say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I am. And being. But in the coaches that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Florida Atlantic. Difficult week for Bamba but what what are some -- -- histories and I was looking at damn. -- schedule outside the U. Their remaining opponents that remaining for a -- Have a combine a one win so they probably feel like if if they can do well against you they have a chance to maybe get -- bowl contention would tell us about this team you face -- -- -- And you know I went back to it. It. And it. It gives Miami. We just got a little bit and put the game and pitched. -- the and the group. That. And the blue and become a glimpse touched symptom it couldn't be -- would -- -- In England we wouldn't do it in the. Coach you've got a 24 hour rule we know that you used it says that same maintained all along but. That's wonderful hour rule this past week whatever celebration was from the time the game ended. To get to know you doubt we'll bowl eligible it's such as soon. I would think some people would say well -- you know they -- they got everything. You know how does he keep them maintain focus but when you think the what you haven't had a -- it. And a chance to continue to win ball games and play fall conference championship I would think you'll feel a team is clearly folk. Between them. And the potential. To do which about it. Yeah the QB and -- the week even. You would come to to wage should be and people. Should do. Graham and cut some great community great vision. Chip -- Should do it could be. I'm not going to be there because. Coach Curtis Johnson and the Tulane green wave this week they are on the road. As they take on Florida Atlantic coast -- thank you so much it's congratulations. And good luck this week F fraud and that. -- -- table by being you talk velocity postseason and they face a ballclub now he's got to worry about his team but on the opposite sat. Those people just don't know -- -- Call Carolina resigned. Abruptly put supposedly smoke marijuana. That it may we catch it at the right time. Now that you tell people it was sun yeah I can attend in Florida general thoughts EE legal drug use in his resignation. -- move the -- on the -- RE EK -- -- skates I don't know how to pronounces Todd can deal with that. And but he and he he also inactive so you lose your defense Corning and you hate coat for illegal drug -- Well they got on a lighter note well -- telling you that a day game against me we are in the middle of the week. I did it go to my team where -- -- I -- this end and his and it is hot week I -- and Aurilia I had a big juicy. -- Big key win it would all be doing -- Vietnam and the Tulane green is six and two. In first place in the top -- that keep an -- On a college game tomorrow -- now. If you put Tulane you wanna pull off and knocked Texas knocked Texas ladies and rice it's a key game it -- USA. Mr. nice who has to -- rice rice does not have a conference loss but they only five point underdog. And not Texas tomorrow night so so -- rising right place at -- -- -- -- to it got to go to right yeah well okay got to go to Houston. Yeah that unity career where I guess it could be could be the conference office on the cup championship game. Welcome back to continue breaking it down is a good -- a coincidence that the Saints played. And won a Super Bowl in a regular season side in Miami in the mourners who oboe. The same could hold true this year right coincidence or go home you to Dallas at New York Sunday. And New York February and this is sports talk on WW.