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10-30-13 Bobby and Deke on Pelicans season opener

Oct 30, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Michael McNamara editor of Bourbonstreetshots.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

7 in the Eastern Conference finals a year ago. He is. Down in town the night the Indiana Pacers taking on our New Orleans pelicans and Michael MacNamara Burma street shots. Dot com -- now Michael we got the news earlier from one at three weeks. We can expect Ryan Anderson to be out what type -- blow is that to the team. I think it hurt them because I think a lot of the guards that are played well they do a lot of the same vein the mean you'd might -- argue holiday here or Gordon are better players in the vacuum but it would be able to replace each other they got injured. There's really nobody else could do it right handers could do six or ten guys. Who draw -- opposing big man out of the lane and spread the floor but shoot the -- I would say. You know he's the second part of it to replace guys on this team after. And didn't Davis that the team still has -- -- more talent than they have each of the last two years and -- another were bad they were scrappy last year and the year before so I mean they still have enough talent -- indeed but. Particular. Now Michael I'll break down the center position. Propelling him and -- -- -- Robin Lopez and not Brooke Lopez that you know this is serve was definitely a serviceable senator. Oh where at the cat now as -- kind of done by committee are just breakdown that position. Yeah I think it's going to be done by committee this year in the long term plan and mean obviously that in the league that getting smaller. And quicker more athletic every year you look at the finals. And you don't really see any any trees and there and it last year in crunch minutes -- city either so I think long term in the plan and put a little bit of weight on him but they've been cheap quick and keep that. Mobility but it you know they'll get a lot of tournaments -- three years from now right now they gotta do it by committee when maker of small. Anthony Davis who played center you know they're going to the big bruising runner. Greg -- monitor and they are a -- to. To give him a couple minutes. And then starting gains and and public starting the second half just giving them. A part of the energy will be taken net so it's going to be. 34 guys and then probably later in the year with he'll develop enough to step in and give them a couple minutes well. Now Michael oh what is your take when Anthony Davis and what he's -- the pre season. Is all about him staying healthy. To be truly that's who the starter we expect. -- I am healthy and just. You know have in the game float around for him to the point where. You know beat Egypt recognizes things that are probably -- quicker last year. You know I think you'd think and it's a little bit too much because. You know he does what he used to the whip -- BA game was played on the deep and -- -- -- a lot on brakes on the up and demand. He'd go a little bit too early you get called moving picks for -- Really it's it's going to be the mental part of game physically the -- has all the -- and the world. And you know skill wise is developers jumps could handle the ball and really just skill set wise and -- school he's. One of the top five -- certainly it's already executed it's really just -- the mental part of the game. Took him to progress this year. Now Michael not even looking at I guess you have to look at the west -- covers the look at it where Adam pelicans are in the southwest division. I mean did they can be over 500 and and still come up fifth place. Yeah I -- Mean really it is it is almost without question the best division in the NBA. Yeah. You have former champions. In there in recent former champions in doubt San Antonio. He's been the most. The best off Nazis in the summer. And -- -- justice stable team that. Britain grinds people. So yeah I mean it is very possible that you could be looking at or even five teams made the -- -- from that division. I I personally think it's good that -- get sixteen games against really good teams that you know when you get into the policies and wouldn't get into contention. It's good to have that experience rather than just coasting through the Eastern Conference and you know get cupcakes every other night. Mean that's what really build. Character for the team that'll that'll allow them to overcome. A lot of optical I like the fact that there are division because. Now and earn my way into the playoffs and they make the oil it's leader that's out there. Michael let everybody know what's available opponent site. Yep urban streets and camaraderie they have entries -- game -- but we break the game down on every level from advanced statistical pieces -- You know feature pieces on the players than you might not know we have podcast. Towards the week to any. Any and all kinds Republicans information you could possibly -- come on -- these and be part of the community looked. Many potent and possible. Now of my glove look at at the personnel. Now we all know the scoring threat that Ryan Anderson is when he's available. And talk to fans love that about another three point threat Anthony Morrow and what he brings to the table. Yeah I mean that's as one of the better if not that's. Three point shooters about three years ago and Golden State -- mean percentage wise than buying wise to kind just filled the peca. Fairly decent contract to go to majors you know was -- major -- Was going through that whole transition in the Russian owner came and got impatient -- -- -- win now started making huge trade so moral kind of got lost in the shuffle and the Republicans are able to get comfort you know minimum deal this year. -- -- Just proven to be the player that he always was. Now just being given the minutes he's a guy -- Excellent. From the wing three also very good from the corner people who watched last year. Just imagine a younger even better shooting Roger Mason -- -- Brian Anderson gone he's gonna have to be the guy. That provide the perimeter threat for the puck -- and I don't think you could do that. Michael -- may have been a mystery shots dot com Michael -- as folks found you on Twitter. Yeah -- -- America report -- and an outbreak could follow our site Twitter at urban street shot Michael thank you so much in dog games seed. Aren't that great week. -- are right it is the pelicans coming up in about twenty minutes your choice. The last mouse show on 870 AM on the pelicans and the paces on 1053. FEM an MRI it's a course like crown -- Saints players so common on Jonas are special games. Will be Saints receiver Lance Moore he's the cage again and Bobby -- -- going to be at this is WW.