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10-30 8:10pm Scoot: Halloween myths

Oct 30, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about myths surrounding Halloween.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All there is a light breeze outside it's a very comfortable Wednesday evening I'd just left the the final concerts in the harvest the music concert series benefiting. Via second harvest food bank and a great crowd out there Roy oyster cult. A wrapped everything up a super group put together by Dave Malone and a lot of great people -- -- so that was one final -- Johnny sketch of the dirty notes so opened things up. There's just one of those pleasant things that we do in New Orleans in the springtime. It's Wednesday at the square. And in Lafayette square downtown this time of the year. It's harvest the music benefiting the second harvest food bank and tonight was the final on concert to that whole eight week series. And it is very very plus tonight the pelicans are opening their home season against the Indiana -- tonight in the New Orleans Arena. And we'll find out. How they do it will be talking about it -- ultimately the -- It's time for tonight's topic today to hear the topic thinks we'd like you -- -- -- we begin harsher light on WWL number eight. Britney Spears music. Britney Spears music is now being later. From some of the ships off the African coast to deter pirates from boarding the ships. The security group got together and merchant navy officer Rachel Owen says hit songs by Britney Spears were selected. Because the pirates hate western culture and western music and her music perfectly represents. Everything they hate. So you know I I guess you have to think if you were -- pirates what music would keep you away from machine diffusing. Brittany spears music. To try to keep pirates away from the -- A number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Southern California high school is Manning. Fourteen. And all future dances. They claim. The dance is too sexually. Suggestive. This is an Orange County Orange County is a very very conservative. A part of a Southern California. It's I bleed Orange County is around Newport Beach. Double island area and and it's a very very conservative part of California so I guess it doesn't surprise me that this area would. Would band torque game. Working now joins. Freaking and grinding. As dances that are prohibited. In Orange County school dances. Anybody who breaks the rules will be in eligible to go to any future dance for the remaining of the school here and parents will be notified if they catch your kid. Working. -- for those of you who don't know it's a best described I -- as. -- Rapid. Pulsating of the hips. Sometimes. Against another person. On the hips at the at the hip area that the dairy. And Miley Cyrus did this on the MTV video awards and it has gotten a lot of attention since then. But you know I can't help but wonder if that the people who band working. The establishment. -- who were part of the baby boomer generation. Those who grew up with a dance called. The bump. I wonder if those are the people who were critical. Of working because it's too sexually suggestive. Let me be the one to remind you how sexually suggestive. The bump once. The bump was a dance. Where you would. Bump and it did the two people dancing would bump up -- for those of you too young to have experienced this. You would bump your butt and your hips your pelvic area. Against. The reciprocal area. Of the person you were dancing. You can go -- -- David bullies fame which was a really great pop song to I'd get down tonight. I Casey the center -- -- almost anything but this is why I continue to describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Because here in my generation is the establishment. My generation is banning working because it's sexually suggestive. And yet my generation to generation that must have forgotten. That they were doing the bump and other dances that might have been very sexually suggestive and by the way. There was nothing sexier. As a teenager. Then doing the bump with a girl. In hot pants. And yes when the bump was popular. So were hot pants. So who are we to complain that much about forking. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Telling parents to limit the time their kids can text tweet and spent time on line. Now we've all seen as we've we've all seen. At a dinner table maturities out we've all seen at a dinner table with a couple of parents and maybe computer too and what do the kids doing. The parents are talking the adults at the table talking to each other and the kids are focused on their phone or wherever it is that they have. And at their texting and they're tweeting and their on line. So I guess the question is what's more important keeping your kid quiet and entertained or actually. Interacting with your child and that by the way is not a trick question. These doctors who have followed through with this study telling parents to limit what their kids do with tweeting texting and all itself. There there telling him that that this is leading to. Behavior that's not considered to be socially acceptable behavior and there's a new policy and I've suggested that only two hours. On for using the Internet for entertainment only two hours. And then. The rest of it is off but how many adults would really actually be of the take their their phones and their computers away from their kids. Because the kids run everything right down. Mean the kids get -- charge. Mean -- can't tell their kids to do anything right. Parents can't say it would no you can't because the kids are in charge of the cellphones advocates are really pretty much in charge of of everything I think. Generally is that these doctors are recommending it if Europe apparent it's it it's something that you might wanna consider but it really Centrino and I've talked about this on the show before. I'm going out to dinner. And seeing a table of 456 people. And sometimes the adults are doing it as well. And the adults are talking and the kids are talking -- talking to each other what were you -- out. We cannot lose our ability to communicate. And and there are so many great things about texting and tweeting at this so many great things about that we can't lose our ability. To communicate one on one especially parents and kids. And here's another thing that -- I notice. -- parents to. They're constantly on the phone. And ignoring their kids. Now maybe their kids -- with friends. Their kids are trying to get their attention. And the parent. Is on the phone telling the kid to be quiet while the parent is on the phone. Stop for a moment and think about how that makes the kids feel. Now there are times when a phone call these important. But they're also times it to absolutely socializing on the phone. Think about your kids who are desperately trying to get your attention and you push them off because you're busy with a phone call. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. All it was a rough day today forward. And human services. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She accepted the blame for the problems with the rollout of obamacare. And she testified today before the house energy and commerce committee she said the problems will be fixed President Obama also accepted the blame. All of that's fine. It just needs to be fixed. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Tomorrow night is Halloween night. North Dakota woman is planning to give letters to children. That she thinks. Are overweight. The children will be handed some candy -- -- tonight of candy. The kids will be given some candy but they will also be given a sealed letter. With instructions to give the letter to their parents. The letters criticized the parents for allowing. Their overweight children. To trick or treat for candy. On Halloween. Is that may be taking it just. A little bit too far. It's really nice that this woman cares. But I would hope none of these kids. Would read this letter while there are trying to have a good time I don't know if that's the time to talk to them about this. Halloween fun time kids get candy. There's nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with doing anything in in moderation. And it's not necessarily. The candy Halloween night it is creating problems it some of the other stuff and it might be some of the things that the parents are consistently cooking. And a lot of it has to do with just the way people are many. You know everybody said it made the -- And and some people just have a more -- even young kids have a more difficult time keeping weight off. Or not just not gaining weight. So as a society let's not be so quick to judge people that we think should look at different way. It doesn't mean if they're not happy. But the point is. Everybody is different. And if you are blessed with a slim build if you are blast. With the metabolism. The genes what ever. That helps you. Look the way you want to look. I don't be so quick to judge somebody who a might not be able to do it as easily as you I think it's going a little far -- I'm a woman -- to take it upon herself to give kids that she thinks. Or overweight a letter to take home to their parents criticizing the Paris for allowing their kids who she thinks way too much to trick or treat. On Halloween night. Number three -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There are there are numerous sources for Halloween safety tips. An -- tonight to the show we'll talk about of some of the tips. The other things about the costumes. -- put reflective tape on the costumes. Make sure there are holes are big enough for romanced make sure the masks are not restrictive. And if kids are gonna Wear sheets hopefully they're going to be ghost and nothing else if you know what I mean. But if kids are gonna Wear sheets from the go -- make sure that don't idols are big enough and taken to see out of him. I'm just be very a cautious. Also on where flame retardant costumes. Be very careful about selecting castings for your kids. A wake -- to trick or treating trick or treating familiar neighborhoods carry a flashlight. I go and a group always be accompanied by a parent. Here's what suggestion Wear an identification advantage. It's easy to read. Never accept anything from strangers don't accept -- from strangers. That built the list go on and we'll talk about following safety tonight since tomorrow is Halloween night. I can sum up all the tips in one very simple way. Use common sense. These long lists. Come down to one thing using common sense. I don't remember us having decent list when we were young I don't remember so much concern. For kids stricker treating. When we were young how did we survive. How do we make it to this point how did we even live. It's it's amazing to think that we even survived. Because we didn't have all that the safety measures in place. We didn't think about putting reflective items on our dark costume -- you know the key is don't one out in the street. With the millions of kids they will be trick or treating tomorrow night. Nationally. Five point five kids. Are killed. By being hit by cars every Halloween. On an average -- it's two point six kids. So it is up but when you think about the number of kids that are out I -- I I don't want to downplay this. But when you think about the number of kids that are out Halloween night. That's not bad. It. It's usually not the driver's fault that usually the fault of kids because they get excited and it. Baby just dash out trying to cross the street maybe they see friends maybe they see how they wanna go to the Daschle across the street. Just in the same way it was who we were young. Watch your kids. And just make sure that they know not to simply -- out in the street but went with all the Halloween safety tips if you can find anywhere. The simplest way to put it is use common sense. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Zeroing seventy at a text number is 87870. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- Michelle. And she adds that the liberal elite in this country have added socialism to the evil aspects. A Halloween. And you know I guess if you think about it Halloween might be considered. Socialist. Because you give candy you don't do anything to earn the candy. When you go to White House you dress in costume you feel like you're entitled to candy. And everybody gets candy. And usually people get about the same amount of candy so I guess -- somewhat of a distribution of the wealth. Michelle Bachmann. I'm gonna miss -- you know she's retiring. I'm gonna so miss or I hope she just continues to be in the public spotlight because we've had so much fun talking about her on the show. I don't know how this woman got to where she is. She wants to ban Halloween because it's a holiday based in satanism. And the liberal elite in America have -- social listen to the evil aspects of Halloween. You know and a few years ago it seems like there was a lot more talk about it. Halloween being something that leads children into the occult. In fact last year this time of year on the show we talked about a group of Catholic bishops in Poland. That were urging believers. Of the Catholic church and Christians to not observe Halloween. One bishops said in a letter to parishioners. It using the form of Halloween as a guys. This state can be destroying the spiritual life he adds that hide diabolical. Attitudes. -- encouraging the willingness to harm others. Another bishop in Poland wrote that the message of Halloween defies the teaching of the Catholic Church -- performing. The occult. And magic. Now. Honestly. Is the Catholic Church. Any group to talk about. Not performing magic. Because to some degree. There's something. Pretty incredible. About the spirit of god coming down. At the time when their blessing their bread and -- And and it suddenly becomes the body and blood of Christ like love that part of this purpose -- I don't understand why it usually gets it usually it's Christian fundamentalist. And not Catholics but -- I found it interesting that last year. And there was some bishops in in Poland who were very upset with. The the satanic the the anti. Christian anti Catholic aspect of Apollo -- we just does anybody still believe that Halloween is something that. It produces young people to be a cult. And and this was something that really seem to be a bigger conversation a few years ago than it is now but you know leave it to somebody like Michelle Bachmann to resurrect that today. And finally tonight's number one night on tonight's list. Of the top eight innings. Halloween. Mets. Why are we so quick to believe. Halloween minutes. Poison in candy. You're real -- that that the poisoning candy the idea razor blades and sharp object being placed in apples and candy things given out on Halloween. Do you realize that that got to the point where I heard of it still happens today. But but a few years back there or hospitals they were offering. Complimentary. X raying of kids candy so the kids come home with the candy. Nobody eats the candy until late take it to the hospital. To have X rate. To make sure there's nothing it. That was a moment when America was hysterical. And they panicked. Over this idea. That they were evil people working in neighborhoods all across this country. And they were just waiting for an opportunity to poison young children. And I I I guess that whole idea just fit the ambulance. Of Halloween. The whole idea that there were evil people out here waiting to poison children to kill little children. I guess that really kind of fit the the mystery. The darkness. Of Halloween. And yet. That was just a -- The -- blog tonight is on our website at WW dot com for patron or opinions it's titled poison in Halloween candy. Just a myth. Did you actually believe that have you have you gone -- Through. Recent years honestly believing that people put poison in candy. And of people reporting razor blades and sharp objects. In Apple's. Andean. Treats for kids to try to harm them is that something that you really bought into. Well we're gonna explain that that was a total myth. The question is why did it why did it become so promoted. In the media. It was a myth and I'll explain where the -- started when we come back also will be talking about some other Halloween miss tonight. As we get ready for Halloween night tomorrow night. This is this go chill if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. In -- text number -- a 77 will be right back with more live from New Orleans on this Wednesday nights on WWL it's. The news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. Hart told free at 8668890. Late seventy. Tomorrow night following night's live on the -- show we're gonna talk about that top eight most haunted places in New Orleans -- terrible start the top eight at eight. The top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. And also we'll talk about with -- on you've ever experienced the presence of real ghost or have you heard a really good story believable story about. Someone who did feel a ghost. Experience a ghost. Ghost stories and Halloween activities like tomorrow night's Halloween night from description of your into the WL. Did you believe. That poison in Halloween candy was a real fear. That's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna try that poll throughout our show giving -- they come and appear. In just a few minutes we're talking about a congresswoman Michelle Bachmann says that Halloween should be banned because it is a holiday based in satanism. And she adds that the liberal elite. Have -- socialism to the evil aspects of Halloween. I can think of other ways on -- other than I guess somewhat of a distribution of wealth every kid gets about the same about me some kids get a little more but. Can you you don't see that disparity. On that you see in in the world when it comes to money. It's a great disparity between those who have more and those who have less but when it comes to Halloween candy. She am only speaking there's more to distribution of the well can you think of any other ways that Michelle Bachmann is right it but the of the liberal elite. Have added socialism. To the evil aspects of Halloween. Also I love talking about this this idea that says they are evil people working in our society. And they're they're putting poison in Halloween candy. Now where did all of this story. The best I can figure out in 1974. A Waco Texas man named Ronald Clark -- Did purposely put cyanide in candy. That he gave to his eight year old son Timothy O'Brien. Timothy died as a result of eating candy. It was later discovered that Ronald had a large insurance policy when he -- sign. And the portion of the candy was. His way of trying to collect on the insurance money. Robert Clark O'Brien was convicted of murder and X acute -- lethal injection ten years later in 1984. So was that tragedy in 1974 that seems to have spore on this popular myth. That there are evil people in neighborhoods all across America with a malicious intent of poisoning and harming innocent children. As the trick or treat Halloween night. Now you know we're all guilty to some degree of -- leaving incredible stories. And and many of them have proven to be. -- -- I guess it's it's part of human nature to want and share an exciting story with somebody else to get credit for informing somebody about some. Some amazing story. Now there are certainly a credible stories but we do love to buy into certain think that it did it it seems as CF. This story but the -- I find interesting about this story from 1974 is. Why did the media continue to buy to perpetuate the story. Because it really wasn't true. And when it got to the point where hospitals. Were offering to X ray complimentary. X ray -- kids candy. Before it was it was consumed. -- they got to the point where oh my god this must be real. You know we quite often analyze the relationship between the media and the audience in society you're on the school children to -- WL. And I I think it's fair to place blame on both the media and the audience for this false fear. That was conjured up. About the dangers of Halloween treats. I it appears that the story did it get really legitimate representation. In the media it was a widespread. Tom phenomenon. And I I guess it got to the point where people were believing that they -- for the media started defeat on what people were believing. And it apparently as best I can tell it all started off. With a story from 1974. Where a guy did twice in his eight year old son. But not a stranger his eight year old son to get insurance money and he was convicted of murder and executed. A for the crime in 1984. Whatever W a party general opinion poll tonight is. Did you believe that poison in Halloween candy was a real fear and don't be embarrassed to answer that if you really did believe I'm just interested to. To see how many people did buy into that that fear because it was definitely. A widespread fear in this country. Give a sure opinion by going to WWL dot com if you -- -- show with comic tonight's our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven detects numbers 870 -- every but right now we break into our show with Richard who has a traffic a -- -- Richard where are you. I just past works but I might tend around there are eastbound. Round of veteran exit also went. There's all kinds of emergency vehicles and -- that work -- review the traffic. Looks pretty much stop. Of course is this as you were heading -- at this is westbound. On the high road and around. Around the veteran exit forced -- -- there's a lot of vehicles by the rescue vehicle traffic is backed up for. -- -- and only get worse nobody -- 1520 minutes ago. All right rich drive by appreciate that update. -- I an alternative route to have might be airline -- Maryland highway runs parallel to the interstate for the most argument undertaken an airline highway. And and by the way -- Richard reminds me to remind you that. You know this is life radio so if you're ever in traffic and you ever. Wonder reports a traffic accident or something something going on weather traffic or whether you call shall immediately and get John right away. From -- Jeremy -- on to -- chill into the WL. -- -- -- -- On -- while I was old tried to cool this but scope of the are you which say an apparent so you know. In his sixties in the current and early to mid seventies. There was a rational it's -- maybe it's great what are the -- which -- like. Like what you are saying you're hurt you're right people should be panicky was like it was ever oh yeah that was you know hundred restoring normal but school. -- -- at least six. And I'll work out trying to Google. Where you're let -- let me know and and done and sent me an email. And I -- because I haven't found that evidence. -- -- -- I will George it would sort of paper award right along OK because it was in the paper that unfortunately that doesn't mean it's true. Well aware of well in this group in particular the paper and there was evidence it was the papers the -- -- went to our stores open. That's true but this is this whole this whole myth about poisoning candy ways which perpetrated in part by the media. On May be started in the media and then people believe it and then I guess the media actually believed I. -- the best I can do is Trace it back to this incident in in 1974 where a guy tried to where the guy actually did -- but actually poisoned his own -- so was not a case of of strangers putting poisoning candy now the fear might have been oh well I guess they could do that if they wanted to. And I and and so that caused a lot of people to panic are active as far as I know journal and there there were not known cases of that. How will try to look at the dispute which is saying what can you find information and I don't find out of that. OK I remember I remember a blade in an apple story here in the law does not that it choppy but it cut and -- well. There. There are some cases where kids were trying to get attention and there were trying to get back at their parents so they put stuff. In -- apples and candy to make it seem as if -- with their parents fault. But that was between the parents and kids as far as I know there have not been cases like has been widely believed. Are strangers. Trying to poison and injure on stranger. It an innocent kids trick or treating on Halloween night. -- I appreciate that my email addresses -- WWL dot com you can also join me on Twitter sent me a tweet a while we're on the air -- scoot WWL. And the -- blog tonight is about poison -- Halloween candy it's just a myth. We've also got that on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio you can comment on that -- into our show we'll get some of those comments. And that you actually believe that poison in Halloween candy what's the real fear and the honest when you answer that. A sort of a dual project what people give you an update on that. When we come back to join Sharon -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. It's early seventy. Texas states have the it's happening. We'll be right back into the -- -- well it's the news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. Or toll free at 8668890. Late seventy. I just few minutes ago we got sent word of an accident -- this is westbound on I ten heading out of the city at the veterans exit major accident a lot of emergency vehicles there. And it was a backed up to clear if you just a few minutes ago if you give us an update on that if you're in the traffic. I give this call here and a few having designated texture in the current human a semi attacks attacks number is 87870. We have a tendency to believe missed I believe things that I've I've told stories that I thought were absolutely true. Hi -- turned out to be urban legends. Like the story of the yen but the person who -- -- -- struck in a bar I don't remember the exact story but some its -- at a bar. And the downtown hotel here in New Orleans. And if they wake up in a bathtub full of ice and one of their kidneys is missing. There's there's somebody took their kid needed to sell their kidneys were harvest kidneys and honestly but I first heard that story I believe it. And then there's another bizarre story that turned out to be in an urban legend. About somebody I'm breaks into your hotel room. And they. I don't know they do something with your toothbrushes. And then they haven't -- they later they single picture of what they did with the with a toothbrush. And it's pretty disgusting and you can imaginary one mention it on the air but that was in and urban legend I passed that on is if it was true. -- there are there are Halloween this we'll talk about it a few more tonight is read as we go through the show. And it's human nature I guess to wanna believe certain things and and -- to feel like you're the one to pass that information onto somebody else. But that the biggest -- that I know what is poison in Halloween candy just admit that's the title of the -- blog tonight you can read it share with others. -- it's. WW dot com under our opinions. Here's our WW up pretty -- opinion poll tonight did you believe that poison in Halloween candy was a real fear. 58%. Say no they didn't believe it 42% say yes they did. Now you know don't be embarrassed about answering is we're just curious how many people did buy into that. And isn't it nice to know that it's a myth. Now I I guess since it it did happen it was in the news may be one of the reasons that there was so much hysteria. And panic about it. Once because some people believed well maybe people will start doing that. But as far as I know there have certainly not been widespread cases and I don't know of cases that have involved strangers actually. Poisoning children if you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text numbers 877. Our cash contest is back we wanna give you some money and put in your pockets just in time for the holidays. We dates during WW well. You have four chances to win a thousand dollars every weekday. In the 1000 dollar holiday cash contest. Listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news. 8 AM. Noon 3 PM and 6 PM for the code word. They enter the code word and WWL dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest link at WW dot com and it's just to see seed entering your Smartphone you're tablet. -- office computer or surfing at home you can win anywhere. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each good luck and remember the times to listen right before the top of the hour news. 8 AM noon to 3 PM and 6 PM -- every WL. This is the Scopes show on Wednesday nights and we'll be right back. Edwin Edwards says he might run for political office one more time. Becoming eligible would take some effort but do you think he'd get enough votes to actually get elected. If he did would it be a trick or treat. And what is it about -- -- that you love or hate talk about it with Tommy Tucker sixty at 10 AM on WWL. Welcome back to this your show on this Wednesday night it's -- Halloween many if you are still working on your customs. I was ever really a big costume guy they were a few years over the years that I've done a few things in. There's a possibility they'll do something it tomorrow I'm on the year to midnight tomorrow night but after that I'm I'm going to by the way -- want to remind you something. A Thursday night is usually eighties night when I Jackson the quarter they're moving that to Saturday nights this week because there's some kind of -- celebration and -- bandit when I Jack for the management here's an update on our WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Did you believe that poison in Halloween candy was a real fear 50% yes and 42% no give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. The New -- pelicans are making their debut as. The pelicans first home game regular season as the new New Orleans pelicans in the -- arena tonight. -- the final score for you after the game also -- brighter America on two wheels largest their new fall season this coming Sunday you know this is the gulf cells. On motorcycle travel TV series and -- reaches a twelve states and 2.2 million subscribers. And this is this is gonna take place. This week this sudden this this weekend it will will have a location for you but this is just just kicking off this week and want to mention that. And also there's always something new and our website WW dot com saints players the Carla Jenkins karlson and Evans. Missed practice. Graham steals and others had limited practice get the latest on the black and gold as they prepare to go to New Jersey. And take on the New York Jets this Sunday at noon. That's the stadium where the Super Bowl the end of the season. Will be played. Could this be a place where the saints are back playing Super Bowl in New Jersey. In January. Yet in New Jersey. In January. Also was some district and high school coaches. And I just for him -- coaches were suspended because they hacked into a web site to access and other schools playbook. I guess sticking out play out of the playbook of Bill Belichick got. The New England Patriots. We've got the story on our website also should -- always police officers get a 30% raise. And eliminate -- details. That was a discussion today and budget hearings we've got that information for you also I've been turning up right now on a website angelenos exclusive. I've conversation -- -- and Angola warden. Burl Cain very interesting and discuss blog tonight is poison in Halloween candy is just a -- All of that and more on our website at WWL dot com. A doctor's telling parents to limit the tar and their kids can text tweet and spend on line. Is that something that parents are gonna actually be able to do. Do parents have any control over their kids anymore when it comes to the phone -- I realize that this is a difficult time. Because kids are so attached and -- sick kids I say that affectionately as the teams as well. There's so attached to their phones but are all bothered. When we see. A table of adults and kids. At dinner there are in a public place. And the -- are talking the adults are talking sometimes are not -- there on the phone to. But sometimes apparently talking and the kids are focused on their phones or their tablets or whatever it is that they have. So I guess the question is which is more important keeping your kid quiet and entertained or actually interacting with your kids. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight about an -- we're talking about our numbers 2601872. All framed 8668890. Point 78. -- -- receipts have VH seventy I'm scoots -- Wednesday nights will be right back on WWL.