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10-30 9:10pm Scoot: Halloween myths

Oct 30, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about Halloween myths.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It looks as if this cold front is gonna move through here at the perfect time there there -- lot of concern that it was gonna interrupt the little kids a little goblins in the little hooligans. I'm going on and and trick or treating tomorrow night but it looks as if the weather's going to be okay that might be a chance of some rain but the biggest chance of rain could come overnight. Now for those of us who are gonna start our trick or treating until very late for example Allison ransom our studio producer and myself. We're going to be on the year Halloween night tomorrow night until midnight so we start our trick or treating rather late. And somehow will try to figure out how to. Two costumes her make up or something while we're doing the show so it it could could be interesting. And by the way tomorrow night on on Halloween night we'll start -- share with the topic today eat the topic to date tomorrow night will be the top eight most haunted places. In New Orleans. And we'll talk about -- whether or not you've ever experienced a ghost ever been a place where you felt the presence of of the spear we call on ghost but a spirit. -- was -- a comfortable thing or was -- in a negative thing or have you been told the story from a family member or somebody that you really believe. -- is a credible story we'll talk about that tonight tomorrow night. That it was there was one time in my life Brandon I felt the presence of of the spear. And it was very distinct. It was my mom. And so was a very comforting thing I'll belt to share that with you tomorrow night. There are Halloween myths. And we're talking about a few of those tonight at the biggest Halloween myth is that. Poison in candy you've got to be careful about poison in candy. That really was a myth but I even though it was. Respected as a legitimate story across the country. There was a case in 1974 Waco Texas man Ronald O'Brien. Did purposely put cyanide in the candy that he gave his eight year old son Timothy. His son died. It was discovered that Ronald had a large insurance policy and the young sign and the tainted candy was intent to collect on the insurance money Ronald O'Brien was convicted of murdering a sign. -- exit Q -- lethal injection in Texas. In 198014 years later but as far as I know that's where this really did start and did the rest of the stories that have been out there or are really more myths. And they are reality and yet there was there was hysteria to some degree in this country I'm in recent years about people out there working. Just waiting to give kids candy to kill him. And again they're a few other -- we miss -- to talk about it on the show tonight. Mr. blog tonight is titled poison in Halloween candy it's just a myth we set the record straight on this it's on our website at WWL dot com. Read it and share to its under our opinions on the front page from Tuscaloosa billiard on the -- show good evening. Good evening again -- you know. Halloween. For a lot of people -- -- it is is all fine and and that's and but. I -- what was cross and I'm glad it is are you sure anybody in New Orleans is gonna answer the door. When you go out trick or treating. Most of them -- While I use the term trick or treating rather loosely -- and hopefully trick or treat -- I'm gonna go out and do my form of trick or treating -- -- get off the year. -- While I wouldn't you -- because when you say that deal that conjures up a certain image and I'm not going to be involved in that. But I'm I'm. Gonna go out -- have a I'm gonna go -- meet friends and have a good time. OK okay that's not on anybody's mortgage midnight. Okay. And that might not be -- in the law and no and he. I would think so not an exit but let's not want to achieve something that you talked about the code which is an old English word for spirit. Okay it feel anger toward I understand that the patent. The so that they can believe that -- all hallows see the Huskers came out and yet the placate some. And he dressed up -- equal spears to confuse them with -- guys. -- I think the the the origin of that was -- you you dressed up like scary creatures to scare the spirits away from you to protect yourself. As they came out. In they came out that's when nobody mean according to debatable he. But I just wondered in your research. Hey you found any connection between man in the and the beliefs. It and in christendom about All Saints stand all souls day where at least those of special plans. Where you can contact the or benefit them or something like they did those -- that is ever come over into the church. And and they take that form today and an All Saints they have also been asking you because you know you're Catholic and you probably know more about that and the rest of -- And there are some there are some aspects that can be traced back too bad but you know I'm I'm I'm not. I'm not an expert or catholicism I'm I'm a Catholic. -- that we as a churches in many religions did. I'm continue things that were may be originally pagan or a pagan aspects of of holidays became part of a religion although the -- war or definitely separate. Now at the Catholic Church it has a lot of respect for All Saints Day and time. November 1 the day after Halloween all souls day. And there are people who won't go visit graves and -- pay their respects to the dead on on that day so there's definitely connection there and says -- Wallace has such a large Catholic population. And of varying. Unique an interest staying. And tight cemetery here that is in it's it's had it's it's definitely have a big day here. The -- you know when we go back to. Halloween. Being labeled a satanic holiday and Michelle Bachman the congresswoman is most recent one that I know of who is now says that Halloween is based and satanism. The holiday became. An innocent holiday for kids. And wind Christian fundamentalists. I think this really started in name in the seventies and eighties when Christian fundamentalist began to sign this. Evil meaning the Halloween. Kids -- ever thinking about their kids were not susceptible to the cult -- to say anything like that Halloween that was just. Not an innocent celebration of of of whatever. But it was that it was that the the Christian fundamentalist. Not all Christian fundamentalists but some Christian fundamentalist. I added that that new meaning to it -- and really destroy Halloween for. A lot of kids in a lot of places can't have Halloween parties because of that. I understand a lot of churches look at what they call -- this is even include some Catholic church's. Look at what they -- -- sensible. And they'll have they'll have some paper you know parties in gains and and bobbing for apples and stuff like that but the key is that they don't associated. You know -- that would that would be off. It just seems to me that that it as adults we ruined Halloween and maybe not you or me but it is a generation we ruined Halloween we put meaning into something that. That there was really no meaning they -- until we put the meaning until. And this isn't just an example of how we can sometimes over think things are. You know kids are kids are innocent and and while we do need to pay attention to what kids are exposed to. Kids -- go through Halloween and just have a fun time until we say oh my god this is. Satan holidays this is a time when our kids are going to be lowered into the occult. I don't know one person who has ever ever been lured into the cult. Because a Halloween. Well isn't is that not a a holy days of the week and so -- the wiccan pagan investment. They -- it -- special. You know writes this stuff like that it. But they're not and they're certainly not sacrificing virgins or anything like that but yes it is a special day but. You know if you if you know about if you know about wickedness they're not bad people. Weakens. With its belief in. I guess to some degree you can say karma we can believe in. In. Protecting the earth in and giving to the earth and giving to each other you know there are many many aspects. Of being a -- that are Charlie can draw with christianity. And and any relation. Why didn't you give me an example. Largest I just did about about. -- celebrating the earth celebrating. The planet. Being kind to each other believing in in. In doing good. And in believing that good will come back to you which is essentially do unto others as you would have them do -- you. So there they're there are definitely aspects of a -- dead have been given up a bad image because I guess technically you could say. There which is but. But there are there are many many. Good -- who have really. Good intent and they're not they're not evil people at all. Now you might not like the fact that they don't recognize Christ the way you might recognize Christ but they're not they're not inherently evil people. They don't care bills and and and I know you repeat that -- is do people have. Which -- may be related to that was done there is what the cult like magic and black magic. You don't feel that a lot of them to the black magic expensing and and Saddam. Well of course there's some people are doing don't you know you can go into a convenience store anywhere in downtown New Orleans at the French Quarter by your own little voodoo doll so you know Lotta -- -- -- -- is -- some people take -- seriously I don't necessarily -- -- believe that. Bites. You know whats the difference between. Believing that and and believing in -- the priest. It's it's sprinkles holy water on the congregation that's I guess to some degree it's it's not casting a spell it's casting -- it's casting a blessing. And I'm not comparing catholicism to to being a wiccan but you know there there are some similarities and and how we we celebrate. Oh my goodness you have that you got some people upset when he says there. Well I mean it but it but -- challenged me on it that's okay. But if you think about it dear it. There are aspects of catholicism. Like voodoo grew from catholicism I did this this came from. This came from a Catholic culture and some argue there's a fine line it looked catholicism is good. On Vudu -- not. Good Vudu is intended to do evil things and I since I'm not of voodoo. A priest or anything like that out I don't understand that much about it but having grown up in New Orleans I understand though a little bit about what voodoo. Is intended to do I don't know if I believe it. I don't think if anybody cast a spell on me any innings and happened. I don't think if anybody has a -- all out there and sticks opinion journalists and -- it happened to me I don't I don't believe that. Well you know don't don't have been done people in New Orleans. Practice spirit possession. Where they -- -- -- is that their bodies and the. Can't I -- I can't speak for them since I'm not in that that culture. But that would be mentioned today that that seems to be very closely related to the -- Wayne's spirit possession of the. Well I'm sure look there there are definitely people who use Halloween. On to celebrate they're evil intent or there. Negative. Religion there there are people who use Halloween for that purpose but Halloween doesn't make them that way Halloween doesn't have the power to. Make you wanna do that if you do that. Certainly Halloween is going to be your holiday over Christmas or Groundhog Day. But not I don't see you know it it kind of celebrates. And things like they had and the completion personal their minds and -- but I don't see how that's good. The Catholic Church celebrates death. 00. We see it but about the while bill -- stand but our our our whole point of living a good life is to die and and be with god that's the belief and in many Christian -- -- -- I'm gonna have to get to break but I did enjoy our conversation thanks soliciting in Tuscaloosa tonight. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Insanity. Or text numbers 87870. Tomorrow night is Halloween. Where dispelling on a few Halloween is here tonight and we'll be right back more to -- show on WWL. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. -- -- free at 8668890. Late seventy. -- we just -- to a conversation about to -- paganism men and Halloween in witches in -- and and Halloween. But it's it's obvious that did that people who are into the occult. Would select Halloween as. The backdrop for there. Their mood for their. Celebration. You know Halloween certainly fits they're they're celebration more than as I say. Christmas is over Groundhog Day your Valentine's Day York's or something like that. But that doesn't mean that Halloween is. Intrinsically evil and I I just don't know of any cases where people have actually. -- introduced to the cult and become cult members. Or followed Satan because of Halloween. Again that's not to say that there aren't gonna be some people who are gonna use Halloween as their big day but that doesn't mean that Halloween is is evil. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight do you believe that poison in Halloween candy was a real -- 58% say no and 42% say yes give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com were -- -- at Poulter on our show would give another update coming up here. In just a few minutes -- this this whole idea that. Halloween candy woods was was being used to poison kids to kill kids is something that really did. I receive. Widespread. Acceptance. And that's what that scoop like it's about ten tonight on our website it it really is is just admit. The media bought into it but -- so -- the public and the more the public born into with the more than media. Born into it and I think this if we don't once again provides a microcosm to explain the relationship between. Mass media. And society. And it may have started in them in the media and then got a little exaggerated but when he got to the point. Where it got to the point where. Hospitals. Meet this made it seems sole legitimate and real when hospitals. Were offering. The opportunity to have the kids candy X Rayed three. Before the eight to look for. Razor blades and hands and little things like sharp objects that could hurt the children when he got to that point. That's a point of almost panic almost hysteria and and again this was something that was widely. Believed by many people so give -- your opinion on that by going to our web site WWL. Dot com also congresswoman Michelle Bachmann says that Halloween should be banned because it is a holiday based in satanism. She also -- that the liberal elites. Have added socialism to the evil aspects. Of Halloween. Michelle Bachmann went on to say. That we -- in the end disease. And we must purify our nation. If we are to be welcomed into the kingdom of god. What a downer. I mean tomorrow -- Halloween and she's got to remind us or tell us that to try to convince is different and times. I mean that really kind of bums me out. I again I have no idea how this woman got to where she is says she isn't retiring. And I'm I'm gonna mr. because we've had a lot of fun talking about Michelle. Michelle Bachmann. Went to live to be in the position. A congresswoman. And to. Denounced Halloween as a holiday based in satanism and to -- into -- politics the liberal elite have ended socialism. To be evil aspects of Halloween. Is absolutely absurd. And you know I'm I'm not picking on her because she's a Republican I'm picking on her because she's Michelle Bachmann I'm picking on her because of of of what she says. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight about anybody we talk about our numbers 26018720386688. -- is nearly seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here's a Texan -- so I'd be more scared of bill and Michelle Bachmann. And the lightning going on in their mother who hunts that are voodoo curse. On NAFTA agreement that. Halloween is so great in New Orleans and -- tomorrow night's Halloween so we're talking about Russia will talk about again tomorrow night talk about some of the most haunted places in New Orleans and talk about. Real ghost stories on the showed -- nine if you have a good real ghost story of you to share that -- Tomorrow night. Any counters that you've had or did you feel like you've had with a spirit Courtney places that you know they are haunted that we don't mention we'll get into all of that. Tomorrow night but it's on it's it's fun to talk about this because so many people are thinking about Halloween and New Orleans is such a great place to celebrate Halloween. There's something about the mystique in the mystery of New Orleans that just fits perfectly. Into the whole theme of a Halloween. And there are there are places ago if you if you're looking for replaced it to go and really have a great time to celebrate Halloween. You don't have to go to with specific party. And just go to Bergen street. Just go to -- Frenchman. Go to Decatur go toward that that'd be the end of -- affects a lot of this festivities stuff is gonna started Molly's at the market. -- Halloween parade they start to -- gathered this is free it's open to the public there are few floats in it but it's really mainly just. Regular people walking around having fun. And it it it starts gathering around dusk and I think it's sunset is windy -- they take off Molly's that the market. Is very close to. Did the French that that is the French market area. Now on Decatur so that's a place to go but I mean -- street will be a trip. The Mary. Will be fun now. You know if you go to Burma street if you go to the mayor Ernie I you know I want to remind you to be cautious I don't want you and I I'm not saying this because Halloween I don't want you to be scared. But I do what you to be cautious. And don't wander alone or in a very small group maybe with just another person. It down streets off the beaten path in the -- -- -- And also in the French Quarter try to stay in you know in a large crowd and and to be honest with you. There's something that happens generally on the streets. Between. 2 AM. And 5 AM in the morning. You know this is a party town. And there's no last call. Nobody actually. Tells you when to go home. Mean sailors -- well so there always people walking around but -- there is there's a distinctively different. Group of people that can be out between about 2 AM. And 5 AM. And there have been a few times when I've been on the quarterback it's my neighborhood and a few times and have been on the quarter after after 2 o'clock in -- I just -- I wanna get out of there by 3 o'clock. I -- a -- that's a place that I -- really hang up now to our Halloween that might be a bit of an exception. But be very careful just go out have a good time don't be afraid I mean Buford costumes and try to scare people. And and have a great time but don't. Don't don't be afraid just -- cautious if you if you're gonna go downtown because unfortunately there are people who are looking for. Innocent people. To. To rob they they feel like their -- if if they can take their people that have the mentality. That if they can take something from you. They're entitled to. And of course that defies everything that we are supposed to believe -- -- civilized society but there are a lot of people among us who were simply. Are not civilized. It if you had any other suggestions about Halloween safety -- -- a lot of it comes down to two common sense not just Halloween night but but any night. And if you have any suggestions about Halloween safety tips for kids. Or for adults but we're going to be going out I'd -- show it to 60. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A text numbers 877 but there will be a lot of activities and more remind you again then it's Thursday night is a traditionally eighties night. And one -- -- a quarter they moving that to Saturday night this week which is going to be really fun. And they've got to I forget who's performing but they've got to -- band that is fitting for Halloween. Two on sites sellers -- which you know that was it was going to be changing. To join our -- the -- numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point 78. Protection of receipts have decent and it looks as if we're gonna have really nice weather tomorrow night however if you're going to be out really late. And and I'll be on the air till midnight so America it and get in my trick or treating until after midnight. There's a possibility of some rain overnight and into Friday morning 7% chance of rain Friday morning the good news is this is. A -- a well defined front should sweep through this area. Bring some rain overnight Thursday hopefully after all the little kids have -- other trick or treating. And their -- here on Friday morning but they'd be out of here by Friday afternoon. Because Friday voodoo -- starts for the weekend. Pearl Jam. Nine Inch Nails. The cure. -- Kid Rock. I mean I can't even list on it it goes on and on -- the list goes on and on. Voodoo fest is a blast it's it's one of my favorite concert series in New -- and if you're listening somewhere around the country. It if you have not been to new worlds around Halloween. -- make this -- make Fisher destination for Halloween it's it's it's so much fun and there is just something. Very special about Halloween. In the city of new worlds because again the French Quarter and the news that the stories and history the quarter just really seem to embellish. The mood for Halloween. In general. This is this -- show on WWL we're coming right back with more of your comments also remind you that there's always something new on our website at WWL dot com we've got blogs on there. Angela -- got an exclusive interview with with and Angola Wharton. Burl -- Interest interesting guy. And also the sky report tonight is poison in Halloween candy just a myth and you know this may come as a shock to a lot of people who honestly believe this. But as far as I know from the research that I've done it's just a myth. It started with a real case of a dad who poisoned his own kid in 1974 he was convicted executed in 1984. But it seems like that's where all this started. Did you ever believe that poisoned Halloween candy was a real fear that's her WW -- pretty general opinion poll. It was your opinion -- going to be appealed to -- we're coming right back with more live and -- Wednesday nights on WWL. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. Hart told free at 8668890. Late seventy. We're talking about some Halloween -- and they are indeed Halloween miss there's something that really hit a FaceBook and Twitter there's a September or think about that in just a moment. Here's an update on tonight's seven WL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Did you honestly believed that poison in Halloween candy was a real fear. And if you did don't don't be embarrassed to to answer we guess wanted to Vance asked this question to get engagement and how many people really bought into that hysteria. That there were people out there who actually across this country in. Nice neighborhoods. Who had the intent of poisoning young children on Halloween night. And it really is just a myth but did you really buy into that. 56% saying no 44% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site. WWL dot com giving -- of the coming up here. In just a few minutes if you enjoy pressure with a comment about anything we're talking about to our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 87870. -- percent it was a widespread message that hit FaceBook and Twitter I'm in September. Warning dog owners. To lock their doors October 31. Halloween day. Because Halloween day was declared a national kill a pit bull today. Baseball bats. Knives bricks. On hot dogs soaked in radiator fluid. Were all going to be used as ways to kill. It pulls. This was aimed at and it and a guy who was. Was a council member. In Slater Missouri. Is Dana says Teri Jordan and -- was was actually uncovered as a hoax but it was designed to attack him because. He played a big part in this animal ordinance for the city and it was an early version of an ordinance that singled out pit bulls. As being vicious. But you -- to worry about that because that was just a hoax. Another Halloween myth is that Halloween is nearly as pricey and good for the economy. As Christmas. And that's just not the case you have people spend a lot on Halloween costumes and decorations and a lot of Halloween candy. But it's not second to Christmas and there are people who brought that that is a myth. The National Retail Federation. Says that. About eight billion dollars was spent on Halloween. Compare that to Christmas. 500 in 86000000008. Billion compared to 586. Billion. Father's Day. Twelve point seven billion even more than Halloween. Mother's Day fourteen point one billion Valentine's Day even -- Halloween at seventeen point six billion dollars. In 2012. So the national federation. Retail federation does confirm that Halloween is not second to Christmas. In terms of it being pricey also their. There is -- business this idea that sex offenders. Use Halloween. To target children. Is that true or is that a myth of talk about that coming up here. In just a few minutes the -- like tonight is about the poison in Halloween candy it really was a -- even though a lot of people believed it and I didn't really I really believe it but I can't tell you that I haven't believed in on some things that turned out to be near us some things that turned out to be. Urban legends. We as human beings and which we have this instinct to and I enjoy telling people something they don't know especially if it's something bizarre. Remember the story that was going around about it and it was always localized and if you're -- across country and it might have been localized for your city. But here in New Orleans and there was a downtown hotel that was the scene of on somebody on somebody met somebody in a bar. And the next thing they remember. Is they woke up in a bath tub full of ice. With a kidney -- And they were they were given something something was slipped in their drink. At the bar. They were taken to a room. And they were they were put in ice to my guess numb the body or something but ebersol who knocked out that they actually. Harvest it's already harvested. A kidney so they could sell -- kidney. Actually. I believe that story because I remember telling her paper telling that story. And so will we do tend to buying into stories that we think are. Are bizarre gonna be so it into somebody else that we almost buying into it because we get to tell somebody else the story. But that didn't really happen. The that was -- that was another story about. And I I've heard this I've heard this with different performers I heard it with Lionel Richie. A woman was in him. An elevator in Las Vegas. She got an elevator there was a guy there with dark glasses and hat and a doberman pitcher. And he said. Why don't. The woman. Lie down. In the elevator. Thinking that the -- I was talking to her. And she thought he was going to. Robber. He was talking to his dog. And so it was a very embarrassing thing. The woman goes to check out the next day. And there's a note saying I paid for your room thanks for the laugh Lional Richie now I I've heard it with other. Other stars as well and apparently that was just a -- are getting a final score some of you might be getting in your cars right now we welcome you to the -- show here tonight on WW well. The pelicans loss to the Indiana Pacers in their season opener and their debut. As the world's pelicans they lost 95 to ninety. Now the pelicans I think only lost one pre season games so the pelicans have been hot and it looks like we've got a good team but they do lose the season opener but you know basketball is such a long season like baseball. That this one loss they shouldn't get to pelican fans down at all. And I was one of the big. I was one of the big skeptics of the name pelicans. And until somebody sent me an email and told me what -- vicious creature pelicans are they are very very mean. And I love the new logo it did the pelican and in the -- of the new worlds pelicans hasn't really. A very. Rough mean sinister look on his face. But until I learned about that -- you know I was not a fan of the name pelicans but it's working and I love the new logo and it's if you've never been to a pelicans game. I'd go it's a true NBA experience. In -- -- once and the NBA experience is. Is is quite thrilling so get -- -- if you can if you candidate I know they've got some some special ticket deals and we carry all of the games on our. Or FM station 1053 WWL FM. And as soon as the games are over then the -- shows on AM. And FM if you're gonna join -- -- are right our numbers 2601872. All 386688. Ninths early seventy and -- text amber is 87870. I hear is attacks that reads if you go to voodoo fest on Friday afternoon check out -- easy ward. I would be -- pursue what you think. I will because of high school football I don't have a show on Friday night. And because of Monday Night Football we won't be on Monday night. A -- will be on -- Halloween night and then back on on Tuesday night so we're not here because of a sporting event always know. We'll be right back the next day with the -- show on WWL. Here's a Texas screwed if the liberal democratic senator. Said the same thing is Michelle Bachmann. Would you believe it. The please don't insult my intelligence. Of course not. This is this is cute show I don't care whether you're Republican or Democrat if you say something stupid we're gonna call you on it this is Disco show on W of you well political. Correctness now the scariest part of Halloween schools and communities are banning celebrations soon nobody gets offended. This Halloween offend you or is this the one holiday we can all celebrate together talk about it with Tommy Tucker sixty at 10 AM on WWL. The delegates loss tonight to the pacers it was their home opener of their home debut as the New Orleans pelicans they lost to the pacers 95 to ninety but -- you know it's a long long season. And if you largest leaving the world's arena getting back in your car we welcome you to the school shooting night it's the night before Halloween tomorrow night Halloween night we're gonna start off our show with the top rated eight. It will be the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans and tomorrow night we'll also I've been talk about. What they're not to 88 you've had an experience. If you had an experience which you share this with this if you had an experience with a ghost or. A spirited some kind. I did once I think some people are more susceptible to that than others I've heard some very very credible stories that I believe. And it hasn't happened to you have you heard a credible story that you believe we'll talk about that tomorrow night's live on Halloween night here. On this -- show on WWL a time we're talking about a some Halloween myths the scoop blog is titled the poisoned Halloween candy just a myth. Lot of people were concerned about poison in Halloween candy your razor blades in apples but I -- research indicates that. Those things are just a myth and they really didn't happen but did you believe that answered every WL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Did you believe that poison in Halloween candy was a real fear that not trying to embarrass you if you believe that just wanted to get a gauge on how many people really bought into that. Also last year we were talking on the show about a group of Catholic bishops. That said that Catholics should not recognize Halloween we'll tell you more about that coming up in the next hour. And also -- one of the wanna miss that we wanted to set the record straight on tonight is. The idea that sex offenders. Are on the hunt. For victims. On Halloween night. Is that true. Like the poisoned candy. And like the apples with razor blades sex offenders. Don't target trick -- traders. That apparently is an urban legend. It was a study published in 2010 in the journal of which is titled a sex abuse by journal of research and treatment. And there was no increase in child sex crimes on Halloween. Of the over 67009. Family sex offenses reported none. Were reported. On hollow and none were more common on Halloween. Then and any -- time. 85% of the sexually abuse children in this country are abused by someone they know and as many as 47%. Of the abusers. Our child's own family member. So that is a myth. And yet a lot of people you know I think one of the things it's obvious here. And it's so typical with politics as well. People believe what they wanna believe. As opposed to what's the truth. And according to research. There was no poisoning candy that we -- There were no apples with razor blades are sharp objects to her kids. And there are no sex offenders out on the hunt specifically. For young children on Halloween. This is -- -- show it will be right back with more live on this Wednesday nights on WWL.