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10-30 10:10pm Scoot: Halloween myths

Oct 30, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about Halloween myths.

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Good evening about Kinect joy show on this Wednesday night nice breeze out there and you've just heard from -- -- our newscast that. This cold front moving through here tomorrow you know at first it looked like it was gonna interrupt a lot of the little hooligans who are going to be out -- trick or treating tomorrow but now it looks like the rain. Ellen is definite. Line of -- thunderstorms with this cold front. Is gonna come later tomorrow night so those of us who are going to be doing -- retreating later in the evening we may be affected. My -- and then I into Friday morning the good news is it looks like it's gonna move out of here Friday afternoon voodoo fest begins for the weekend. And this year voodoo fest is just incredible Pearl Jam. The cure a pair -- more. Kid Rock. -- Nine Inch Nails I mean that the list goes on it's it's a great event and there are our local bands a performance well. I've always enjoyed voodoo -- looking forward to it again. On this year. -- blog tonight is titled poison in Halloween candy. It's just a myth. And there are lot of people who bought into this widespread panic and hysteria. That they were people out there -- Just trying to -- little kids. Pour out innocently trick or treating they were trying to poison them with their Halloween trick or treat him or trying to hurt them by putting. Things like a sharp objects and at razor blades in apples and things like that. It absolutely got to the point. Where. Hospitals. Were offering. Free X rays of kids candy. So you know don't vote to open the candy home don't don't let your kids eat candy until you bring it to the hospital had an X -- And really it was it was just a hoax. This is Halloween myth that we can definitely. That dismissed but what I find interesting is that the the media easily perpetuated this hysteria. And people were very eager to actually believe it. If -- -- to blog you can create and share with others there may be people you know who were. It's still. Still buying into this idea that there are people out there. Who are. Trying to poisoned kids by putting poisoned candy -- bloggers on the front page or website WW dot com. And we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes also there's a group of Catholic bishops last year. Urging Catholics to not have anything to do with Halloween and we'll tell you about that also. Michelle Bachman the distinguished congresswoman from Minnesota. I she says that Halloween should be banned because it is a holiday based in satanism. Here is a congresswoman. Saying this she adds in some politics she has in. That the liberal elite in America and they added socialism. To the evil aspects. Of Halloween. Really. Halloween satanic and in public trust me I'm not saying this because Michelle Bachmann is a Republican. I'm saying this because. Michelle Bachman sent. If President Obama or if Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid said -- I would have been just as much fun with this kind of ignorance ridiculous comment. Does anybody still believe that Halloween is satanic. If you enjoy our show comic tonight our numbers 26018782038668890. Point seven. And a tech's number is 87070. A market are -- joins us right now he was at the pelicans game tonight mark. The pelicans didn't win but it was a close game. But that eagle that certain Belkin on eight and stay out of fourteen point lead at halftime. And just let it let. And the pacers ships -- Backs -- quarter fight back -- corps pilot took the lead. And it was it was pretty obvious that the pelicans still young team. While the pacers were in the Eastern Conference finals here -- a very evident by the -- the Internet. Well they made their crowd seeing the debut of the New Orleans pelicans at home at the beginning of this season they must've been an exuberant at halftime with that -- delicately. Very into a better. Pretty close to sell out there who are seeking to build and good to -- -- -- -- -- called help tickets in time the -- that the re branding and the excitement over the over the deep view in the you know all of -- all the pomp and circumstance and go on and I looked like it was I can't help but think an ex -- the that the crowd was very very into the game. And -- mark -- I've gotten a couple of comments. In text messages abouts are mascots. Appear pelican. And are apparently he's he's frightening. That he could be my ability creepy and -- from from. But what posted you know -- pictures that I post apartheid but -- heard the words of Portland or Aurora and. -- So use -- you've got pictures on our FaceBook page. I'm pictured on the on these bucket but to a good bit blurry but I'm pretty sure that we got up. On the web site Leo dot com and they're being tweeted all night long so get out there it's out there somewhere. I would -- -- the -- to propose to the guys fighting to the best shots. Mark did you get the feeling though that the pelicans have a team to to work with it and -- they're still trying to put all the pieces together and build it around Anthony Davis. Absolutely epic game and error Gordon looked looked very good tonight and actually the -- By the game probably true that the -- sport that we trade report from Philadelphia. If you look fantastic and I. Gordon got overtook in -- right at the end of the court but it should look Holliday had a fantastic game and -- -- well. What -- offensive and moderately that he -- on defense. And they -- he does very well tonight until the end when the -- -- turned it on it and all of a little bit. But. Eight gave that was sure a lot -- he took some not. Outside jump shot but I will fifteen ordered that helped pull the defense Alderman an account clear lane or what you want the gauntlet how to recognize -- And again in the dirt style. In the -- you know where a close game. That's the biggest thing. In it and I'm not a leader that's one and just. Couldn't close the deal and hopefully at at the in the book of law in this game one each do. -- it that they've got upon the work on it but I know that you know promote -- for the game money wouldn't be would go away. The key -- pretty clear you know your team or not it does seem that you like this year and they should -- open later. And so. Certain it's gonna work on the practice and and they don't know real quick -- All those other get on the plane and then and Orlando you know. In. India in the game there are pretty much about the. Are the Smart -- -- WWL there's department and sports department thanks for the update on the other pelicans game losing 95 to ninety in this season opener and -- -- the pelicans in the new -- arena mark thanks for giving us. Here's our W a party jaguar opinion poll tonight did you believe that poison in Halloween candy was a real fear. And be honest with that mean if you really did believe it let us know where am I turned it bearish year. Big field silly for believing it but did you actually believe that that was something that really did happen. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll check in a poll throughout our show we're giving -- -- coming up here in just a few minutes and for those of you who are just joining us tonight. The pelicans say game was on 1053 WWL FM as it will always be -- right after the game. We will always join the WL 1053 FM audience along with REM audience this is the -- show. When DaVita -- well tomorrow night's. Halloween night. We are talking about some of the myths. Surrounding Halloween. And and also some of the safety tips concerning following. We'll be right back with more on -- WL. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk with -- call 5042601870. -- told -- at 8668890. Late seventy. You know that whole thing about their poison in candy Halloween night they're when kids are trick or treating you know let -- just a -- The best I can figure out is that it came from an incident in 1974. When a Waco Texas man named Ronald Clark O'Brien. Did purposely put cyanide in the candy. That he gave its -- eight year old son Timothy. Timothy died as a result of eating the candy it was later discovered that the father Ronald had a large insurance policy and Jung sun and the the tainted candy was an attempt to collect the insurance money while the father Ronald O'Brien was convicted of murdering his side and -- -- by lethal injection in 1984. But it seems as if it was that tragedy. In 1974 that spore on this this popular myth that they are evil people working in neighborhoods across America. With this malicious intent of poisoning and harming innocent children. As they go trick or treating on Halloween night. And over the years the media perpetrated. The Smith's. And the more the media talked about it and the more people talked about it the more it was generally believed. Here's an update on tonight's -- of dual party -- opinion -- and when you respond to this -- be honest -- not try to make you feel ridiculous. But it's just 00 wait to see how many people really did believe that. Did you believe that poison in Halloween candy was a real fear. 52% say no 40% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And if you were at the season opener for the new worlds pelicans or fewer listening to the two worlds pelicans game on 1053 to VW LF and we welcome you to the schoolchildren like. If you're gonna join us with a comet are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is 87870. A group of Catholic bishops in Poland. Last year. Urged believers. In the Catholic faith not to observe Halloween. One bishops said in a letter to parishioners. That using the fun of Halloween as a guys. Is actually destroying the spiritual life of Catholics. He wrote the tricks. Hide the ball Michael diabolical attitudes. By encouraging the willingness. To harm others. Another bishop wrote. That the message of Halloween defies the teaching of the Catholic Church. By performing and promoting. The occult. And magic. It seems -- sitting in more recent years this talk -- somewhat subsided. It's not as prominent as it was a few years back. Does anybody really believe that Halloween has the ability. To. -- young people into the occult. There's no evidence of that. And yet that's something that a lot of people believe it's because they wanna believe. And whether it's politics or things about Halloween. Is seem to it's it's quite obvious that that people are susceptible to believing. What they want a belief. Not what's true not what's fact but what they actually wanna believe. If you at a joint -- right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- Amber's late 787 here's a text of racecar Halloween was born from a pagan ritual. Back in medieval times but what. What it's now but now it's nothing like that quit putting so much crap on the shoulders of kids people. I totally agree with that. It was adults. In particular. It was. Extreme Christian fundamentalist. Who suddenly. Gave a new evil meaning to Halloween. It doesn't matter if it started as a pagan celebration. Halloween was something that kids had fun doing. And now we've learned that it's quite the adult holiday -- a lot of adults go out and have fun on Halloween. But but shame on the adults who who ruined it for kids. Shame on the adults who ruined Halloween parties at schools. And it was adults that did this. Adult -- at this meet your kids and it was something innocent in front (%expletive) were not being introduced to Satan or the cult. Now that doesn't mean. That they're aren't evil people who use Halloween as a backdrop for their celebration. If you're. A warship or Satan. Halloween is -- gonna probably be your holiday. I mean you're certainly not gonna have a big holiday around Valentine's Day or Groundhog Day or Christmas or Easter so -- select -- but that doesn't mean that Halloween is. Innately evil. Just because some people might use it as the backdrop for -- Evil intent -- or voodoo or or or whatever. I just like it it's and it's a shame how adults sometimes -- meaning to things. That really have no evil meaning to kids whatsoever. From Covington Stephen your -- scooter -- -- -- -- the game and there is -- watching the potent about thirteen. That -- -- -- how can I mean laboratories. Conflict chill momentum of the king. And they're different than ever. Pacers. And that is officials. Referees are out of control -- arguing. Gentlemen I'm talking about as well again and indicators. Are beaten. Jake Schmidt they're trying to -- -- big game after hurting. -- ever what party you're in trouble but it turned around. There were efficient in game I've ever came. And it it children game. And it's some patent law and yet. Well you must have no greater halftime with the pelicans having what fourteen point lead in the season opener there introduction -- in New Orleans to the world's home crowd as the new worlds pelicans up most of so great at halftime. It -- you -- but when you get you straight out of a win because so. Where worries that try to control the game. I mean. That is a shame license I wasn't there like I can't address that but I appreciate you they're saying and I'm sure there are a lot of people who were there who would agree with you. I mean it it struck you know eurocard figure beat and you never read potential to watch the game -- chill -- and I got called in all of them. And watching it -- -- knowing. And anecdotes. Or never read the content -- Call often. Nowhere awful part of what routine screening. I only used that can't and opera port -- that if you're -- the game and our panel electorate once started on once. And it wasn't necessary if there. Statement since you were there and you saw the that the debut of the new mascots -- pelican how would you describe -- pelican. -- It was great you know and I looked potent on it -- vote in. China prudent or just to -- but -- speak and now I regret it or shoot. Put Jere bring it straight now -- I look you go entertainment. It's a great but you know pelicans game I went to -- -- well and it last year they were there though the hornets it's a great NBA experience in New Orleans in -- if if somebody is ever experience an NBA game. It's it's it's it's a very special experience in the same way that. NFL football with special the world of football the NBA is it's a special. Real top class. Event. Absolute. That ten years -- that would be on an important change in him. And I've been so gamespot -- A maverick games those numbers are changing. I vote and who. Oh expo. The Walgreens -- more threatening other game as. All it is duplication how much in the and -- mean they figured although most. And -- areas. And -- -- never guess a really great food there -- I noticed. The Mac the Mac and he used to raising. Off prize is great. They one it was pretty far this year come. I appreciate. I'd seen and I'm glad to call the show and even though we lost and I'm glad you did enjoy the experience and as you know. In basketball it's a long season. The pelicans if you just joining us lost their. Home opener of their debut as the world's pelicans in the arena 95 to 92 the Indiana Pacers front timid all -- you're on the skirt showing WWL. Hey what's that they like. I. Outlook Ali. Yeah. Well I wondered did he did at Portland and could. I'm a particular -- and go. Back in the early in the doll made sixty. When Al Gore -- treatment. They actually -- reasonably. In inside out out here and all of I never got one must sell -- it defeat it. You used you saw you saw that yeah. We saw on -- -- who did it. No we don't know because there are so there in the -- -- and there are some cases where. Some people have done that to make it seem as if this was passed out by strangers. During trick or treating. And that was not the case then there are some cases where these things were staged. But there are there are not cases of of of people handing out. Things with sharp objects a razor blades in them or poisoned candy 222 strangers as the country retreat. Well auto. Obliterated market. Double that were particularly. Always -- Their candidate or. A little -- -- circuitry. Would you let him go today. -- I I -- I'm a political show and I'll be a bit of a good Halloween tomorrow. On Kyle your on this crucial and every WL. Take I'll. America. We call -- but you know but -- basketball. Count for the economy action -- -- with the darker. Well we do that initial -- -- sorry. I mean well yeah I mean immediate they're the most important subject of the -- Seat basketball. -- -- being out of people -- great. And -- what you're saying. It's not happy -- eighteen point lead because like. No more would 12 o'clock points -- -- in Indiana. And we didn't screw you. So you're you're agree that the officiating was terrible the game and and very slanted against the the pelicans. There is important for you this year. New Orleans have well down out of the field. They get there to be on the same quarter are up and the actual. Ganguly continually continually definitely England. -- third quarter the officials could. Put him in the game and the that go out there to get them back again. It's a basketball. Game and that could be very -- being at all. And that Kyle says son -- it's I'm not since. Extremely disgusting. And externally there supporting. And frustrating could be. And and a couple of hundred. Config. And top -- Look at -- and obviously they mean the goat mr. and our Q&A. Basketball -- -- deserved win and scoop up. All right -- I don't believe that that's what happened at all. I'm not saying that officiating sometimes doesn't decide games and sometimes that there is sick collectively. Terrible officiating and games we see it all the time regardless of the sport. Officiating should never determine the outcome of the game unfortunately sometimes it does. The elegance made their debut tonight as the world's pelicans in the two worlds arena the opening of the NBA season. They lost to the Indiana Pacers 95 to ninety but it was a sellout crowd a from Harvey -- here on the -- showing every WL. Racecar. And also. Long currency ticket holder -- had to go to period the other callers. -- official called it both ways. Or not on the elegance and -- is what I saw all last season they just all the sleep around middle of -- fourth quarter. Their effort level goes way down and we lose close games artistic point. Well unfortunately that's a consistent story. Order you know it's it's always what it seems like that was the story quite often last season you know pelicans in games and until the end and so. What do you think Houston is the cause of that is that the players as a coaching has its strategy. I don't know me that it appears that the players. Lose energy or it appears the other team gains and agree. We're just gliding into home plate as that Iran is true -- try to -- the the Euro that's that's sought entry I mean. That's the way it looks cement. So there was no children -- No absolutely not and definitely not. Late and I hate -- its site -- Your -- will look beautiful and the crowd was great. The new America is great we need to -- and may include cheerleaders. I think going to be the pelican chicks but I don't know mark doesn't think that's a good -- so you know I'll. I lucked out and you know that's what you would call like a baby bird of sorts America. -- but you don't like -- they're going to be a lot of women who would be offended by them but you know if if you think about it teed it makes cents. Every we had a honey -- and edited by current that. Him but it didn't do it anyway generals what good does it surely does look good. Aria yeah it looked like certain you know homegrown the world girls it's a little mobile oh billion and it was. A. I have idling eclectic coalition of anti soliciting. I hear is that sex that -- it's cheerleaders -- dance team were great. I wasn't there you know I won't I'll get two inches I do they show at night there -- a lot of games and I'm not going to be able to get to but. I went to a decent games last year -- to as many as I can this year it really is -- agreed to a great experience. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text numbers they 7870. In the World Series the Red Sox. -- the cardinals. They win the World Series. At home last time they won the World Series was 1908. So congratulations to the Boston Red Sox. From -- Jessica a year on WWL. Go to Turkey talk and earlier. And it album itself to let you know that there in the winter so which is at times I'm expecting here around. Halloween -- as the time -- widgets. All over the world sent up their Copeland. And they pray against just church and -- people. And on Halloween night a lot of animal and sacrifices. Maybe. It's. That I can't attachment from outlook. By Rebecca brown best titles she came to that tapestry. Which is involved in deliverance ministry and she assistant high priest it's. -- that we -- And -- weakest testimony in this book talked about the murder. That didn't -- making a blood in the recruitment. Currently Jessica though those people who use Halloween but that doesn't make Halloween evil and until people brought up this evil aspect of Halloween kids were just have a good time at Halloween. I mean I understand everything you're saying and and we'll talk more about the origin of Halloween on the show tomorrow night Halloween night it. I do understand that we just because somebody uses Halloween as an excuse to do something horrific and they're not nearly the sacrifices that. Seemed to be happening according to what people believe. Just because somebody uses that doesn't mean that Halloween is inherently evil it was an innocent holiday in this country regardless of its origin. So. -- a Christmas -- We're at it but until until you tell kids this is bad this is -- kids were just having fun at Halloween. They weren't there was there were no kids that were introduced to the -- to Halloween they were just trick or treating. And they were having parties at school until. Extreme Christian fundamentalist found this new evil meaning and following. It was a fun time. -- -- -- -- I. I guess he didn't have an answer. If you're -- stay with us were coming right back with more of your comments. There and you know there have been some incidents one involving Louisiana based ship off the coast of Africa. There have been some incidents. Of pirates attacking ships the movie captain Phillips which I've missed a couple weeks ago is about pirates boarding a ship. Well. Debt they have a weapon. To try to deter pirates from boarding ships. They are boy this is true. They're blaring the music of Brittany spears. Navy merchant officer Rachel Owens. Says that Britney Spears was selected. Because the pirates hate western culture and western music. And her music perfectly represents exactly what they hate. So thankful -- that Larry Brittany spears music. Is keeping pirates. -- -- coast of Africa. This is the Scotia we're coming right back on WWL. We're continuing to talk about Halloween miss that really aren't true for example there is no research that shows that sex offenders. Are are very active Halloween night and that sex offenders are out they're looking to molest. And abuse sexually. Children. During Halloween there's there's no evidence to support that and yet that is a widely believed -- it's also -- that. There was poison in Halloween candy just -- and that's the title of the -- blog tonight you can read -- share with others it's on our -- cited heavy WL. Dot com. From Slidell -- you're under the WL. -- is good. All of the Monica drop on the computer you can talk about Polytechnic -- awkward yet on I mean if we don't associate with being or it. -- You know associated. Coming up almost but he does believe it -- and the -- where -- in India. Yeah it was it was adults who ruined Halloween for -- -- -- this deadly accurate. And then coming back to beyond the -- in the shell out like the outlook for -- conduct McCain as a little. And now on I mean that don't have your autograph for you not do agree there were terrible. Well I have the tablet coach in the early that I mean tablet they'd they'd they'd bring and they all be acquired Tyreke Evans holidays. Great human at -- while we look at new coach you admit it. I'm -- I -- what -- shoot up lightly you know moderately in order of it felt team coming out I'm a mortar it's like they got the war earlier it seems like that every it would seem that the -- the second half -- all all. Yeah that happened a lot last year. I was surprised that money Williams. It remains the coach. And I'm not saying that he's on it a really good coach but I'm surprised that they have. It kept the coach. Yeah I completely -- it I think it would spend all the money on the you know that you created -- it looked at somebody in my day. You know -- -- you -- spent -- ridiculous budget. You know -- that they are better options out there -- -- -- outlook player's career. Korean political show and thanks for listening -- we're also talking about the pelicans they had their home opener tonight they debuted as the New Orleans pelicans in the New Orleans Arena tonight they lost to the pacers 95 to ninety. A couple of people have commented that the officiating was horrible here's a text that reads the pelicans were sacrificed. By the ref -- tonight. When there was officiating or maybe the pelicans just fell apart late in the game and it seems like that happened a lot last year right but it wasn't at a lot of the games. But it seems as if the pelicans were in it to the end and then. Just couldn't couldn't finish it. In the very end and that's something has to change if you want a championship team it doesn't matter what the sporting news you've got to have a killer instinct. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- people tonight's did you believe that the poison in Halloween candy was a real fear. It's close poll tonight 54% say no they never believe that 46% say yes they do believe it. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we'll give you another update on that coming up here in just a few minutes. We'll continue to talk about a few now more Halloween miss that relieved really aren't true. And also if you haven't heard -- congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has set about Halloween. Yeah you gotta hear this don't have the audio but I've I've got the quote former. Will talk about that when we come back also more of your calls are coming up we got a cold front moving through here it's gonna come through here. Late tomorrow night early Friday morning should be out here voodoo -- starts Friday afternoon and runs over the weekend. And right now we are anticipating an incredible. Weekend in New Orleans will be right back aboard -- show on WWL. The Boston Red Sox beat the cardinals tonight to win the World Series and I believe that's the first time they have won the World Series since a 1918. That game was in Boston tonight. I Janice you're on WW out good evening. -- New Zealand has good. I think found that he had to adapt. No different groups. Michelle Bachmann and this content out in the country and -- he can they use them. But it's different. I don't know you know -- community. And definitely. Not true that the president the fall so I don't know. Well I'll I'll I'll look look that I that I got a got a quote here that Michelle Bachmann said it was a holiday based in satanism and -- these liberal elite has added socialism to the evil aspects. The -- about probably I can keep that it has changed but this is my stand on. I -- believe with the kind of confessed yes I did believe about the basically in the apple from the stuff. -- the poet and a lot of people did you shouldn't feel foolish about it. It doesn't seem intractable. Enemies depict people. People didn't do it does not mean it could happen. This emphasis. And -- I participated I think he. I look that definitely puts. It. Ten. Know where you -- is an important. If you don't if not that you would want to get out of it is -- and I think that's too good tentative and kind and I began to go to. We future that we can not let them I don't get that fourteenth fifteenth and eighteenth hit at twelve. Looked down and I met. With me and I'm a good time that we had little. Bottom and it's good advice Janice I'm gonna have to get their news break I'm I'm I'm glad you called if your -- stay with us. -- -- -- let's talk about one of the dangerous things about Halloween for kids it is on Halloween candy it's something else. We'll talk about that when we come back it's Disco show live from New Orleans on this Wednesday night today before Halloween and will be back.