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10-30 11:10pm Scoot: Halloween myths

Oct 31, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about Halloween myths.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow night is Halloween night we will open our show with a top -- today but tomorrow night Halloween night the top later date will be the top eight most haunted places. In New Orleans and we'll also talk about whether or not you've ever experienced. A ghost -- spirit. And the presence of somebody who is. Part of another world. Or have you heard a credible story that you that you honestly believe I've I've heard a few stores I believe I've I've had one experience it was a it was a brief experience once I think some people are more susceptible to -- and others. I had one brief experience and I'll talk about that to torment but also we'll talk about your stories as well and we'll be live on the air tomorrow night Halloween night will be talking about today activities. Which means that have -- Halloween trick or treating doesn't start until midnight tomorrow night a Southern California high school is banning working. And all dances claiming that it is sexually suggestive. This is it Orange County California which is a very conservative even -- -- on the beach it's a very conservative area of Southern California. A so now to working joins freaking and grinding as prohibited dances at all Orange County schools. Those who break the rule will be ineligible to go to future dances. For the remainder of the school year and their parents will be notified that they were part to working. At school. After those of you who don't know working as what to Miley Cyrus made famous during a recent MTV video music awards. I guess it's best described as a rapid. Frosting of the hip pelvic area. In very rapid motion. And sometimes it's done up against. Another person. Here's here's what I find interest. The baby boomer generation is now. The establishment. The baby boomer generation to generation. They did a dance called the ball. The bump. Was a dance where you bumped. The body of the person you were dancing with. You would bump but you would bump hips you would -- whenever you'd bumped down low you'd. You'd bump all over the place and I remember doing an attorney that when I was a teenager there was nothing sexier. They -- -- the ball with somebody wearing hot pants. So what I find interesting is that here's a generation that's now making the rules. That is concerned about young people working. When they did the ball. And they think they turned out okay. And this is yet another reason why I describe myself as a hostile witness. To the baby boomer generation. We're talking about a Halloween -- tonight and it is but it basically been a myth that there are people out there putting. Poisoned candy 22 poisoned kids and I guess that that theory yet heard that idea is. Something that just goes along with that the mystery of Halloween it. You know people believe what they wanna believe and and that's just one of those stories that kind of fits Halloween. Halloween a mysterious time. It's a night to trick or treating their people out -- a trying to poison children -- or give them apples with razor blades. There were cases where people actually put. Razor blades in apples. To make it seem as if that's what they were given but they did -- -- there or not they were not known cases. It's not to say that there haven't been a few here and there but there are no. Widely known incidents of of people trying to poison children. -- by putting poison candy. And and and putting sharp objects and things like apples and yet think about the hospitals at one point they were offering. Free X raying of your kids candy to make sure the candy was safe and yet. It really is basically -- meth I go into detail about this and where I think it actually started -- -- in the -- blog tonight which is titled poison in Halloween candy. Just a -- You could read it and -- it's on our website at WWL dot com and it kind of sets the record straight. On the poisoning candy and that's -- WW -- party general opinion poll tonight. Do you believe that poison in Halloween candy is a real figure give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes another myth. Halloween but another Halloween -- it's something that's just not true. -- there's this myth and disappeared on FaceBook and Twitter. That armed games are gonna hunt pit bulls on the streets. Then it's Halloween day is declared national kill a terrible day. Baseball bats knives bricks. And hot dogs with poison him will be used to kill pit bulls. This is a methods and uncovers a hoax actually. And it was aimed at attacking a guy named Teri Jordan of Slater Missouri. A councilman who was of a big. A player in the animal organs for that city. And it was an early version of an ordinance that singled out pit bulls as being vicious but it's just a -- On another Halloween -- Halloween is nearly as pricey as Christmas people spend almost as much costumes and candy and Halloween decorations. As they do a christmastime. Not true it's a myth Halloween isn't even that well it's -- boost the economy to some degree but not that big of a boost. The National Retail Federation says. That the money spent on Halloween costumes and candy decorations is about eight billion dollars. Compare that to Christmas which is 586. Billion dollars Father's Day Mother's Day Valentine's Day. All mean more of the economy than Halloween so let's admit that Halloween is second to Christmas when it comes to spending if you enjoy pressure with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 87870. A from a plus Roy year on -- show into the W well good evening. -- good evening -- One girl but fame thank you bring back about street actually being. Our progress because white people and just think about that. But a home without. It com. Read it and my Catholic Church actually -- girl. You step on how do all bought apple. Cut costs. All nine. And don't we did that actually has to get at all. -- -- -- place -- ago. Patrick that could have bought. -- -- Fortunately a future years later. People you know talk about it a note is that they. -- Cap church actually decides stop them which of course yo -- on April it was orbiters. A calm out there when your goal and -- I've been dormant while and the way I'm looking -- is okay you know meet. Back in the note -- under -- -- on so they're partners it will. But now that belt and everything change. Right there under your right Halloween is does have a pagan origin. But when it. When he came to this country it turned in to a fine. Celebration for kids in a time -- gonna talk about scary movies tomorrow -- tomorrow morning news show and be WL first news. And we'd like to be scared. Are human nature. -- leads us to two wanna be in. In in scary situations and and Halloween was a scary time because she would try to. Dressed up in skier somebody and you. I guess enjoyed the whole idea of being scared. It was a form holiday until. Some. Really -- a bigger problem right wing Christian fundamentalist. Added meaning to Halloween that had no evil meaning whatsoever until late sign this evil meaning the Halloween and they ruined it for. -- a lot of young generations that can't even have. Halloween parties at school because of that. Exactly and factory now -- a -- -- and wait and I was you know 89 year old. Compact -- declaration -- to say -- salt but now. Honestly guys I am the only out -- -- -- tech -- you know the it and in my opinion pathetic. Actually -- a neighbor of mine because having -- well. And calm today on Halloween night yet into the common knock and door that's been. -- -- It's if it is changed and it's because of these ridiculous mets' first of all it did the ideas it. Kids are going to be drawn into the -- -- Gannett worship Satan the year there are Satan worshippers who will use Halloween. As a backdrop for what the celebrates. That does it mean that Halloween. As a hi all is intrinsically bad in his gonna somehow oh were you win that's that's absurd but between. The idea that there are sex offenders out their -- yeah I quite often talk about the united states of hysteria. In this country does tend to get hysterical about it. About certain things and fear of Halloween was one of those things that this country became hysterical over there they candy the the razor blades in apples both of those things were were obvious the ideas that there are. Sexual predators out there using Halloween as an opportunity to find prey that's not really true research does not bear that out whatsoever. And yet it's scared a lot of people. Exactly I mean and you -- -- is annual home and like actually called earlier about eight you know -- -- you know. I've got 31 years old and groceries to do that and it back on the market first -- to candy groups are no tracks then there's an inning and tight. And also. To be responsible pair unlike most people unfortunately nowadays I will -- acute because marketers -- tigers will look. Already ethnic -- go with your kids you know the other the other thing Roy did it he believed to be well aware of is. One of the big dangers to kids is being hit by cars. Yes and especially you and you know. Especially not happen might not quite yet because they're in dark. How we even survive when we were young because we didn't have all these of these rules and there were all these safety tips about putting. You know I mean there's nothing that ruins good dark costume more than reflective tape. Right is so you know stay with your kids in the cars are not going to veer off the road and hit your children just stay with your kids and make sure they don't -- Out of out of an area where a parking -- -- -- might wanna just if they're excited they might wanna. Across the street they might see friends they might see house that they wanna go trick or treat at. On there's an increase in the number of children -- hit and killed by cars on Halloween. But that would have a lot to do with the fact that there are so many more kids out on Halloween and then right is not really that big. I think on the average Halloween. Five point five kids are killed. Hitting being hit by cars on a normal day normal night it's two point six so it is it's it's an increase but -- -- stay with their kids and don't let her run in the street. Just be response will be an actual parents don't be. I if they like it but don't be -- try to raise ticket. Actually I am political show. Our thanks a listing -- attacks the pagan does not equal. Satanism. But I totally agree with that and there are people who have given. Weakens. A bad name because I guess technically you could say that Mickens are our witches. But if you if you know anything about -- True wickets. You know that there really very kind to nice. On people. And they care about the earth they care about giving. To the earth they care about. Each other the very much believe in karma I'm correct me if I'm wrong I'm I'm not a wicket. But this is what I have understood from what I've read. And if you weakens and I've interviewed and radio over the years. And you might not agree with quickens because they don't believe what you believe but. -- concern not innately evil people here's a text that reads since when. 870 let's liberals on the -- But -- a liberal. And even -- 87 he did have a liberal on the air. I would believe that would be protected by the First Amendment but you know you can correct me -- all from Slidell cart issue on WWL. And. Shall we. Thanks Curtis. But on the court -- back -- the jury heard it. -- -- Yeah again. -- -- -- -- And this is awful. -- Just. Of the. Well I I agree I'm telling you networking is actually less sexually suggestive. And the -- wars and and here's a generation making the rules they did the -- -- continued to label myself a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because my generation must have done so much drugs that they just have absolute amnesia and forgot about many of -- things that they did. -- cars I just got a text here. Please stop threatening to working to Miley Cyrus is. Flat. But -- -- is over 25 years old in the New Orleans -- hip hop music scene that that is true. -- -- the big big big debt clock. Partisan political show meant nationalistic if you're on hold stay witness. In fact I just getting in note here from our studio producer -- ransom who said she worked. In middle school. Shame shame shame. If you wanna join our show a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. -- number is 870 -- having. Did you believe that it's poison in Halloween candy was a real fear -- had to -- WL party general opinion poll go to WWL dot com give us your opinion will give you an update on that. It was widely believed that they were people working in neighborhoods all across America. We're putting poison and candy trying to kill innocent young children who were treating Halloween night. Here's IWW property. Right now 55% say no they never believe it 45% say yes they did believe it. It was your opinion regulatory website WWL dot com. Also there's another Halloween myth about this blue start tattoo and will set the record straight on that coming up here -- few minutes. A from -- Jack you're on WWL good evening. Page screwed -- -- on abbey now Amy do you. Album you know I used -- I was listening -- -- news talk about. How some people mention that it's equal holiday they try to blow it dat flag. In Asia kid ala Iraq. But I'll watch and chose on discovery like an 18100. That's our Halloween was waiting adult put kids to bed worse Slaton. In -- did -- witchcraft that's for Halloween -- What what Halloween was is -- what Halloween became in this country and for so long it was just an innocent. Time to all right. We can't change indeed chitchat but it. You know what caused the large double -- -- But aren't that -- and and until adults assigned that meaning to it in the United States kids didn't know anything about that and they were just having fun and nobody was worshipping Satan or which. Right but some people duties call to -- to I understand I can't call the company you but that doesn't make Halloween innately evil because they use Halloween for the -- -- the way. Well it was it ever really it was it was taken I don't know how in riot it would pay an evil and went towards the couple. That's what to but it everybody heard of the double on Halloween that's not necessarily true. Kind of wondered does some -- did that because. This seemed like this -- -- to have a lot of bad things happen to -- people around me just saying that unexplained. I could even begin Italian how many things happened strangest mark policy at the park my build and and it trot went right by me well on the champ missed me -- three foot and plop my neighbors. Bank here. Ranch straight into. So what do you think is -- is is the cause of that. Yeah I -- makes you wonder then just badge paired kidney east of -- used to bring a model. -- so -- you -- aren't so I don't think you'd think that all of a sudden you all of a sudden 2013. Their of their bad spirits around. That have now been spirits -- the way back. I'll have been yeah it was. Sold out ignoring. -- spared so it just. So what -- people you know good people bad people considered too bad spear. The way it is -- Jack locked doors. I. -- but you know those spirits can probably get right through the door. I'm Michael you're on WW elegant evening. Yeah. -- -- Yeah Michael and I'm sorry it is. Well we're gonna I would imagine doubling Judea and -- experience. Well. You're Julia. Why it's certainly more. Candy and it's it's. That. Law and that. Down. Almost in general Willy radio. About -- it -- On always candy. Experience -- -- almost like a light bulb went -- And a well it's it was good. Usually it was good caddie. And I couldn't shake that there. Then it would big daddy. And daddy. Don't get it to you want to step Bob. And my power away -- wait until a year now I get that they. I've never heads up close knit. Or object model until it off. And let let it went -- -- I want an object. I think it's it's interesting and -- -- I believe you and I do think people get those feelings they get that sense there -- their clairvoyant to some degree. Maybe not everybody all the time some people more than others and and maybe just occasionally happens but it's interesting that you've had that feeling and that feeling was absolutely accurate it was the father. If one has been and out. It -- -- you have that discussion about this you know. But I out very well and had contact with the case it it would just open door. It would but it didn't do it very well -- are we leave it there. But now -- that's plenty -- that it I've I've. -- you are sharing that story would -- thanks so there is this time this this idea that there are drug dealers out there. Who art distributing a blue star tattoo. And you may have heard about this there are letters in fliers that go out claiming that they are drug dealers targeting schoolchildren. With a blue star -- on tattoos that I believe is about the size of a pencil racer. It's wrapped in -- The blue store tattoo is the least. With LSD. And when you brought the tattoo on your body. LSD gets into the body of these little children. It's a hoax. It's not true. And yet there are people who Warren -- there are groups it did warn people about the -- starts at two. Around Halloween another Halloween -- Both the media and the audience. Are probably to blame for the perpetuation of the poisoned Halloween candy -- But I think it should be acknowledged that the media instinctively. Has more interest in the story that causes fear in the minds of Americans then in a story that defuse this year. If it was learned that this was just a myth after all these years that there really are no cases -- and -- -- for this. Over the years from now a lot of different sources said that it did my own research and it all seems to point back to this 1974 incidents. In Waco Texas where a father. I gave. Cyanide candy to his eight year old son his son died. It was discovered that he was trying to get the money from a large insurance policy. He was convicted of murdering his son and -- acute of lethal injection in 1984 that seems to be the source. -- what became a widespread belief that there were evil people working in neighborhoods all across this country. Or putting poison and candy and razor blades in apples when that really didn't happen. It over the years that the stories that dealt with warning people about this poison and dangerous objects and in Halloween candy and Halloween treats. This was high profile stuff in the news. And it was time to set the record straight on that for those who still might have believed it but remember that. That the news media will always treat a story that cautious fear. With a lot more attention than any story that -- his fear. And look obviously -- we love to believe a good ghost story. And society loved embracing this new feared that really fit the ambiance of Halloween night. People around here and there trying to poison our children. Sex offenders around here and they're using this night when little kids are walking around they're using this night to find new pre. When there's no research that indicate there's any increase. In. Strangers. Sexually attacking kids on Halloween. And and as you know the great majority of kids who are sexually abused are abused by people they knew. And and I think over 40% of the cases it's actually relatives. So you know. May be may be the thought that there really is something to fear. In in the midst of the innocence of trick or treating on Halloween maybe that gave adults. A reason to be afraid. And being afraid seems to be part of the human experience. Why else would be so willing to go to a movie. That scares -- Discuss -- tonight -- title poison in Halloween candy it's just a myth we set the record straight on this and you can read it and share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com. Front page in our opinion is also on our FaceBook page up for discussion and you can go to our FaceBook page which is W of -- radio. And give us your comments there. You know there aren't there are numerous sources for Halloween safety tips. You know the masks on the should have you know. Big cut out eyes so vision is not impaired. I usually use nontoxic. Makeup. Nine. Used decorated hats navy. And carry a flashlight with fresh fresh batteries. Kids should be with adults and these are all the the things that we hear every year Halloween safety tips. -- Wear flame retardant costumes. How about just not getting close to. A fire or a candle which -- custom. And the customs to make sure kids don't trip and fall I can't help but wonder why. Did we ever survive how did my generation and how -- other generations survive Halloween. Without all these safety tips. We went out and we had Halloween and we had fun. And our parents were there to protect us. And we had a good time I realized the world has changed but it's amazing that we were able to survive. But -- a long time ago there were something that came into play. That doesn't come into play anymore. You can sum up all these Halloween tips in one simple way. Use common sense. And it's almost as if people have to have. -- checklist. Before they can do anything. Before they can do anything with their kids that that -- Lisa BH -- over a checklist. As opposed to simply. Applying. Common sense. To trick or treating. Common sense to everything. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. In a text Amber's late 77. Here's a text it's -- just like there are a few different ways to celebrate Monique were all there are also a few different ways to celebrate Halloween. Another text reads the baby boomers had everything given to them by the greatest generation. What have they accomplished pastor Terry Obama it'll be topic for another show baby boomers have. Accomplished awful a lot of things it does it mean that there were. Are times that I again I've I want to describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Here's another text the media and once putting fear in the mines. That's why so many people believe the hype about poisoned candy it's all about the ratings and it's. Fear. Causes you to pay more attention to the media. Then diffusing fear. The the element of fear -- not a psychologist but the element of fear. It causes us to pay attention to the media because we need. A source for information we need to find out what to do about that which we fear. And so it really is kind of a a vicious cycle and view of the the media bought into this scare about poisoned Halloween candy and razor blades in apples and sharp objects -- -- the media bought into it. And then the public bought into it. And it was a vicious cycle the media was feeding off the public in the public was. Feeding off the media -- to -- are sure to -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. -- numbers 87878. This is the skirt show live from New Orleans on Wednesday nights and we'll be right back on WWL. As pelicans made their debut tonight in the new -- Serena as the New Orleans pelicans they lost to the Indiana Pacers 95 to ninety what was disappointing to. About 151000 people who they're great crowds on a stellar crowd. Disappointing is the pelicans blew a fourteen point lead at halftime. And like it happens so often last season -- teams seem to fall parts. -- later in the game the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series tonight in Boston. Doctors are telling parents to limit the time their kids can text tweet. And -- line. Tell you more about -- also if you wanna know where your to celebrate Halloween tomorrow night a couple of really good basic suggestion for -- that's also coming up in just humans. From -- Peggy -- WWL. I -- -- -- -- Kind of well I wanted to talk about treating one Halloween and old -- and also quote make up. Double what I grew up in the sixties and legal free range -- -- -- -- -- -- around and and -- trick or treating. We look for separate trip now think back -- -- you want to go to the non -- -- teacher almost everybody cool it and none of the teacher. The teacher. And Christian. And the public and again there was no degradation of well thought it was. Yet on how are you you didn't need your approval and they -- thrilled because I want to show offs are currently. Sell it nobody bark roster. It. It leave it up in pretty created dealer of you remember something that you -- that still stands out in your mind -- Now Indian return and -- just I don't know we just made that it was an Internet based system. Do that but boy it was so much are we get. Popcorn -- make these pot that you boiled crawfish and pop -- on the cabinet Olmert offers job to take my copy months until a little. Hey that's it which is not and should feel about that he'd pick apart and actually get. And -- there was -- about character and you'll get a kick out root beer from our popular beer and -- would the table and chairs on the driveway. See him on top Portman and -- that a couple of Indian appeared to have appeared each topped 1 o'clock very different than everybody can get it bank itself. And compare their costumes and it Jabber for awhile. It's it's a shame that that scene doesn't exist today like it did them. I know -- It was a heck of a lot upon. And you know it did get an event something -- -- -- -- and did not decorations and cute but nobody ever hurt you share. Late may or at school -- -- that we may be due out in groups of kids like -- -- together. And groups -- -- this and let me you know Warner saying -- -- put Greece on its face. Like a white cloud based on Dracula -- -- something take baby proper equity in the -- and actually with debate partner. -- -- Before. -- -- -- You probably aren't effective -- contract from circus and you take it take Greece Spain and Portugal face right in empower you would be. -- at the very hand. He takes how big power and -- -- face. -- debate matter and -- helped paint the face. And you can that's what it will not work on its -- it will stay on the -- the take. -- on how to get it off. And that will take it all off. Great following tips that he. All right and I are great -- thanks. Upper Mississippi and -- skewed showing -- WL. Yes I went to get in the quality backpack apparently not long shot and we did not district created. We had been neighborhoods group and the PTA -- is. I'll festival on the that the communication. Will willingly bloodied each treat the -- and that means. I don't know when picnic ratings started but we did not do it back in. Nobody about -- needed handicap any thing -- it is I have my youngest son born -- oh wait years ago. So. Paid an act sodium went after Katrina -- came on the map pack a it was a pretty effective and that pan -- I -- that is a big baby. And I'm glad to echo the show -- thanks what I -- and that's all right you sound good domain. Thanks to listing it as its next baby boomers created the monsters we seen now. Winner boomers gonna realize. We are their products. So doctors are telling parents that they need to limit the amount of time their kids text -- And the amount of time they spend on line. He can't that's it can't do that that's parents can't be telling their kids what to do. I mean this this particular kind of world do we listen. Doctors are suggesting that parents tell their children what to do. -- parents simply don't understand you know kids get these phones they get the tablet say that they get -- they should be able to do whatever they want. And parents just shouldn't be going around trying to tell her kids. What to do. Actually I think the biggest question is -- what's more important keeping your kid quiet and entertained actually interacting with your child. Really bothers me to see. Some people out to dinner. And the adults are talking and the kids are not interacting at all because they're focused on their phones or tablets or whatever electronic device they have their hands. We can't lose our ability to communicate so which is more important think about it keeping -- -- quite an entertainer actually talking to your kids. All right so where she just celebrate Halloween and Wallace will come back with that as we wrap up -- -- -- -- -- -- WL. There are still people who in current times believe that Halloween is an evil in celebration. Last year a group of Catholic bishops in Poland we talked about this on the show. They were urging the Catholics. Not to observe Halloween. One bishop sent a letter to parishioners saying that using the fun of Halloween is a guys. The day can be destroying the spiritual life. He wrote that the tricks. Hide diabolical attitudes. By encouraging the willingness to harm others. Another bishop in Poland wrote that the message of Halloween defies the teachings of the Catholic Church by promoting the cult. And magic. Tomorrow is Halloween night. There's a North Dakota woman who is planning to give out letters to children. That she thinks are overweight. The children will be told to give the sealed letter to their parents. It will be a letter critical of their parents for allowing. Their children who she believes are overweight. To go trick or treating for Halloween candy. -- -- How cruel and ridiculous is that. I would hope that none of these kids first of all. This is going too far the woman should not use this occasion to a deal to deal with the obesity problem with kids in America. -- is absurd. I would hope the -- that the kids would open up the letter and and see that that's not her point two is that her place to put them in that in that position. And I think it's -- I think it really is -- a -- and who issued a judge Julius is really overweight. So when it comes to Halloween in New Orleans you know there's there's always been this mystique about New Orleans because of our history. There's that the talk of food to win the French Quarter weren't the most haunted places in America. To celebrate Halloween in New Orleans just go to the French Quarter. Bergen street Frenchman street. On the the lower part of Decatur street a close to a esplanade -- are gonna be great places to celebrate Halloween tomorrow. Molly's that the market is wearing a Halloween parade starts tomorrow night a peoples are gathering around dusk. And the -- -- -- begins. After the sun goes down. It's free it's open to the public -- -- a few little floats in and but for the most part it's just it's just people in constant. Having a good time Molly's that the market is on -- step toward the the French market area. Decatur street that should be a fun time. And that just kind of goes to the corner I don't know if it if it has a specific. Path that it takes the quarterly just goes to the course he might run into that. -- tomorrow night. I'll be working till midnight going off the admitted I'd tell you -- trick or treating then here's a final update on tonight's having a dual party general opinion poll. Did you believe that poisoned Halloween candy was a real fear. That a close poll tonight 53% say no they never believed it. And 43 for a 4547%. Say. They did believe it. And the -- blog tonight is about how the Halloween candy the poisoned Halloween candy is really just. Just a myth and you can read -- another sits on our website at WW -- dot com. Are we are just seconds away from the very beginning of Halloween 2013. I -- thank Alison ransom our studio producer Jack Harris also in the other studio. Hi we are just about to get into Halloween 2013. Have a great night. Thanks for being with us tonight as always love -- New Orleans.