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WWL>Topics>>10-31 5:10am WWL First New Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

10-31 5:10am WWL First New Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Oct 31, 2013|

Dave talks about Halloween: sexy, scary, or fun? Cheating coaches, and Saints injuries

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this 31 of October 2000 and the third saying there's a month biting the dire straits there. And it's -- day before I hate it is we'll start to celebrate -- dated it of course we'll celebrate. Halloween or how well yeah it's nice that you came to this disease newscaster today yes I did yes I mean might talk show host outfit. Yeah you are to look at yes I nailed the custom yep your right right where you need to be a worked very hard on that. It was pumpkin carving time at the count Cohen household we did ours like a week ago I know it was a little early and rotten -- -- we -- us. They kind of just melted in the much yet -- it's -- human -- -- there's no way he carved pumpkins that put him outside and that they still look decent probably buried to repeat working completed twelve year old side. As you want to make a -- Robertson. -- -- -- -- And advertising. Good luck with that boy then I am not a terribly artistic individual. I -- -- -- -- the -- while but my son on his own. Got a picture. -- Robertson and actually is pumpkin looks very cool special in the camp of those and it. -- he made the beard with little pieces he cut that in the eyes of the note that I already got a camouflaged hats and glasses he put on it and though. Those who might vote snapping pictures yeah. Now you know I -- do -- them to FaceBook. The debate over what is who is Halloween really for. Guys an interesting and you heard some people did generous talking to -- tan. Saying that it should only be about fun for the kids and others sang nothing wrong with the whole sex the -- inside of we -- -- in the French Quarter and of course the scary part does with that is well and that's always been part of it. A -- day it is what it is to everybody yeah and everybody can enjoy the only thing I don't like is when. The -- different Halloween to overlap. I don't care for -- when I'm going trick or treating with my younger children. And I see these. Ups teenagers year junior high schoolers and girls wearing these. -- they're happy he had very short skirts and fish Nat yeah -- that -- That I you don't you don't want that over one I I agree I don't wanna see a twelve year old sexy nurse asked him -- -- down. -- even thirteen 141516. That note. Mean it's for the adults don't wanna see the kids where in the the sexy to level costing them out trick or treating. I don't know how long ago would ones that that changed words the adults started coming into the the partied more and more and more it's been along -- yeah I and I don't know -- -- trust me -- -- -- the sexiness and a -- And look now and if you were going to a an adult ending party exactly as long as it's in a party in a party for adults are in the French Quarter somewhere like that. I'm fine with that even the scary stuff I love this stuff. And I don't mind people scare my kids you know they set up their -- haunted houses that -- in their yards and and I in the neighborhood or they -- have someone playing in the yard looks like there. Mannequin or dummy and they sit up and scare the heck out of the kids I -- great. But I don't -- -- you know -- some of those rings or real trick or treating and someone you know runs up to with a chainsaw from behind. And then somebody else tackles on the united -- I don't -- -- I don't wanted to be like on real adult on house -- -- amount trick or treating so I guess it's all about levels. Moderation. I love all the aspects of following and I love those on now. That was a -- scare that followed egregious that they go crazy it's on those that I those are great for people who want that are following. So he gets dirty easily maybe that's not your thing but. You wanna go to the extremes trial and I think the trick retreating to be extremely fun for kids on NASA should be extremely scary. And the adult party should be extremely sexy. A prominent. I just don't like on the line -- over and over on maximum. Thank you can mix it up with you again about fifteen minutes meat packing your first news WWL am them back to what will the -- here. Let's check in with -- meteorologist Laura bust out trying to comfort a treating them again before the downpours weak yen and Steve -- is in with your morning sports. Pelicans. And didn't go exactly how they wanted to go and that's a lot of sentiment injured or we get all your sports and the winner of the World Series. Sports now to weather for now what -- sports and -- other sports now. And then here at WWL Lyons Matt Salmon dot com not so good for the college and that's the way they wanted things again I'll. The saints they're pretty banged up and we don't win the World Series but all that -- -- good -- to see Dallas to have. Morning everyone in the new look pelicans had the same old problems closing out games and lost the pacers 95 to nine -- in their home opener. Coach money Williams says his young squad needs to learn patience. Just didn't think we had lead to an understanding of the moment in the fourth quarter some of our possessions. We're just Vanilla possessions you know we're -- -- -- couple shots that we probably the guys who took this just probably thought of and so America got something better. Right before game time the team announced that forward Ryan Anderson has he chipped fracture in his toe on his right foot. As expected to miss the next one to three weeks. The pelicans saved a team doctors could discover the injury after Anderson experienced some discomfort during recent practices. The jets defense was torched by the Bengals and quarterback Andy Dalton for 325. Yards and five touchdowns last week. -- coach Rex Ryan was asked if these thoughts his thoughts now on facing one of the best signal callers in the game in the saints' Drew Brees. Yeah eighteen with. Bring my kids. Play you know -- -- do but any insurgent man is he is makeshift parts. Five saints players sat out practice on Wednesday Kenny the -- Malcolm Jenkins Marcus Colston Jahri Evans and -- walker all did not take part. And the Boston Red Sox are World Series champions for the third time in ten seasons after beating the St. Louis Cardinals six to warning game six. Big poppy David Ortiz was named MVP after hitting 688. At. Against a caller it's their -- sports talk Lance -- is this week's special guest on the saints players show live from looters on bet. Plus the teaching kid named Bobby Hebert goes QB to QB with Drew Brees that's early morning look at sports and I'm Steve Geller when he. One minutes after Friday and the early edition WW golfers they've gone and Steve with the radio if I -- the cardinals think it's someone I would decided not to pitch to Ortiz. Well that that that became the whole debate is do you walk him no matter even if there are runners on base -- bases loaded -- law. I mean because you risk and one run vs a Grand Slam right he hit almost 700 for the series why would you -- of that guy. -- this column now he can't keep hitting that well at some point it's gonna at the drop off right. Men well and what's funny in the ALCS he had a horrible series in this -- when he just broke out in the World Series. Came alive when it counted congratulations to the red. As a yankees -- The pelicans. Yeah they played three good quarters really I mean they were hang in with the pacers that. -- was -- -- always comes down to that last few minutes of the game and they just couldn't hang in the last year. Yet even after halftime it seemed like the hole in the energy level -- a bit and but they were still leading after the third the fourth quarter though a complete collapse and you just saw a veteran playoff experience ballclub in the Indian pacers really take over David West. Former hornet -- is. Former ballclub now the pelicans. He was phenomenal last night to both Paul George dropped 32 points -- -- intelligence yes. Well and it went -- about and play again. Play tomorrow night in Orlando Aaron magic at less of a challenge I think in the papers yeah I'm good scariest thing last night was the unveiling of the mask. -- what's his name it is the year of the Pelletier we'll get some reaction that commendable talk to you about my -- the -- focus in on this. Lengthy saints' injury report he told us the five guys who sat out but as much as to only practiced a little bit yesterday. So how banged up by the Santa how concerned is Steve Geller will find that point I'm and it. All lanes of reopen now on the highrise Shiites and inbound from the east of the dvd. Now those specs and slowing still through that area will get the latest on that coming up and your forecast where it will rain rallying we get ms. meteorologist -- about down right after the I've -- size lets -- -- forecasts on this Halloween happy Halloween. After an intense near 83 today and the breeze picking up ahead of that cold for -- say at 30% chance for some spotty showers during the day and into the early evening to -- -- trader should get a headstart. On that rainfall because by about eight or 9 PM rain chance is up to 70% as a line of showers and storms Newsday and that will pass through the area are early Friday morning clearing out during the day Friday. Look for Temps around 78. And then Sunday were back to the cooler weather with sunshine and highs of 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I meteorologist Clark knocked out. -- so looks like it will be touch and go you could have a passing shower here -- there is my advice is get your trick or treating done. As early as possible on the -- our -- in door trick or treating events around the region in my wanna take a closer look at some of those just to see if maybe just maybe you wanna consider that instead bit. I'm going forward and get out there intricate -- Steve we -- guys -- showers and get it done before the real rain -- 75 degrees mostly cloudy at the airport in -- right now mostly cloudy and 74 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell. Southeast wind and -- blown right off the golf at twelve miles an hour to 85% -- it is. A lot of -- -- -- enough on this discussion started having earlier of that who was following for you is it for the kids is it for the adults can't it be for both. And my thoughts -- yes absolutely can be forever and I just don't like it when the two overlap when I see. You know thirteen and fourteen year old kids walking around in crazy sexy castings that trick or treating one person -- mediate 77 degrees that keep the sexy and drinking a -- from the kid's dad -- and I agree with that. And the president just next to them on whether it feel muggy summer morning yuck to six 1870 -- Thanks for calling -- on WWL what's on your mind. And on tour and it that hammering -- -- -- already now on WA. And it will really matter where you want -- -- -- afternoon. Leon it there is why I'm here everybody has not. And we ridiculous and given us a call that Aaron -- anyhow -- It. The on and off rain artist's earnings to make itself now and on this Halloween -- -- keep that all of mine that you make your Halloween plan. Coming up the latest and CBS -- David like -- WWL first news continues about who was following really for -- traffic and weather together again all lanes there. Now open on the high rise and inbound from the east to the CB DC can stick with the interstate but expect some delays to purses -- it. Also a real what's wrong with people come and 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this 31 of October 2013. Five days before our Friday is happy Friday eat happy Halloween happy. Last day of October -- no sure tomorrow no bail her home man and and you believe I it is time to flip the calendar the other day out of September of what happened that week is blinked at all month -- -- Love love love love the Bryan Brothers. Fraternal twins Rob Ryan -- -- Ryan. You know -- not identical clearly especially -- -- after Rex had the the surgery lose weight I'm glad that they are their paternal twins. Two separate bags at the same time ago that says there's scientific. Brief scientific explanation about network that get into detail. We're gonna trying to. Bash each other's brains yeah they have a they have no problem beating the press headlines -- you know it's like that that's exactly what you want how you gonna. Apple and argued two Brothers where. Baxter exam there a pilots of that the in New Orleans to win. It's the upper and you know -- five times they've played each other in the NFL and Rex has won every single one and I'd go to the of that that finally changes are speaking of sports. That was fun now this is crazy this is a real what is wrong with people's story. How in the world not one not two. Five -- Strahan assistant football coaches all thought and apparently one of their wives too because she's been disciplined by the Ellington. Have been suspended. For hacking a web site. To make it watching video. Of south of who -- is practice. They -- they essentially had the playbook they they saw the plays its outlook -- preparing to run against. And is -- a game and as the game was going along last Friday it was starting to become very obvious -- so first you gotta wonder. What got them. My ride mechanism must be running around inside your skull that make you think it's okayed it -- website of your opponent watch their practice. Then I think you're gonna get caught. When your team doesn't magically knew exactly what was gonna happen. It's it's a what is wrong with people and I'm really has had a concert involved now and that's going to be me some of the most interesting. I'd revolutions account from the how many of these people are gonna face criminal charges and how serious of the charges going to be. For accessing this web site that they had no access and and you know it would be one thing if somebody was. If somebody was playing a prank or you know -- some -- behind the scenes. High school football is were you all know is serious business in this state. You don't mess with that plan I guess maybe that's the problem maybe he's going to pertain to mysteriously the sad part is. Now the kids after forfeit -- game. They lose that game what a great example for the players and the kids didn't do anything wrong as far as we now. But now they have to losing game that they want because their coaches cheated way to go but it is way to show kids how it should be done. In life where it witnessed at the example. Now because now suspended for the regular season we'll see if that the L I just days as they can coach in the post season because they don't control that. We'll see of the school and the school board let that happen if they indeed make the season now after losing by assistant coaches. But I c'mon really. Really -- it's you guys cheat. To get the and never really good team -- that that while that's in the era. Yeah if I was an -- and upper Echelon and -- Boy this speech definitely goes in the very serious what is wrong. -- the series while Chris Miller compass take a look at the possible criminal charges in -- could grow from this coming up. In about twenty minutes due to back in corporate executives had yelling. Rain in Covington. Rating on the causeway raid on the West Bank. Rain in the 7000 line. -- Claiborne tonight then this meteorologist -- -- -- these -- the text messages we're getting right now correct estimate salad without having the and a lot of people it's accidents and it's already drizzle. That's an up but all that's great net maybe the maybe it's element Halloween and -- -- yeah. No but I mean if it appears the showers we got it looking may dry rate are so. The presence and connection and policies and -- -- ST. That's what you never really some people think heavy rainy and it's like trickle of people. At the thunderstorms early you know exactly what it means but it may be. Showers keep that 30% range and upper portion today that could exit that it will be light and it has beaten path means it's -- areas -- -- -- The morning yet let's have a party last night host or mutt I guess. It would have been. Some thoughts I had a chance to look on TV that he went past it yet or not no no costumes. Bomber. No improvement we can't just a lot of looked like professional stop day. I'm sure you look fantastic -- network and cast our. I'm wearing my night talk show host asked him -- what is that costing jeans and and a shirt and khakis and a hat and answered an ad -- at the perfect -- on the -- he's got that went down pat I nailed an animated dated -- just right yet to take a word for it. So that 30% chance stays with this really retreating to. All the way through trick or treating time and it's gonna be like it is right at your happiness scenes that mr. showers or whatever baby yet just kind of passing on to -- And that's going to be all the way through the afternoon into the early evening what we're waiting on the line of storms a squall line -- who beat and -- looks like maybe even as early as eight or 9 PM and a few spots through about -- night. -- it's that's the least amount as texted. Says -- dress looks great okay so. A yeah its second best thing and Wear cotton like ethnic. And coming up those light rain on the CCC -- the sun belt JR I there we go with that. Now we have that serious rain late tonight and then the cold front comes and how we'll be -- when do we feel now. You'll start to notice its mark for -- the cold front will be arriving -- -- morning hours and so during the day tomorrow beginning to dry out. Temperatures will be falling so it -- it really cold tomorrow but it will start to cool off tomorrow would be breezy. And then that's nice clean up by Friday after unit -- Friday night Saturday and Sunday. Cool and breezy highs mid seventies Saturday and seventy on Sunday to Bo hi of them. Sunday high of seventy -- -- -- -- I love it now wants a more evident and that's the silver lining to this in and kind nasty Halloween that's going to be enough to make some people complain that it who call low yeah Kelly. I just yeah. You can't make everybody happy I can well and I note Suton for some too warm for others what can I -- we will be just hold it I don't act you're just an a tonight. -- -- it -- I guess it depends on the rainfall we can't do something Kyle last minute or something kind of fun -- in a lot of kids. In my neighborhood but. Then you don't know what it's going to be. -- -- last minute decision which means it's usually really really good right it's like maybe maybe just do the goldilocks and I you know additional details in the blue and white checkered dress that's a good idea yesterday I -- last -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- farm -- -- checkered -- -- It details -- -- -- should have that's I was -- to make the complete costing him I don't -- -- little ground if you don't have an article it and party just -- one advantage that it did have been -- I'll just you don't grass or something you hey now -- thing that -- I was not that kind of pitchfork and a not -- around. Them. It well I'll -- ample zombie -- on our. I think my son's going to be zombie. -- -- -- -- Celtics are retreating in our laps to go. Early days earlier you get a better sunset is at 615 that's around it's bad it got dark -- -- so earlier you can get just tell declared you know if you want the candy you gotta go or it's been a how many people gonna be home and ready to hand out candy it's expecting me to my house I'll be home I I'm like ready with a candy at 3 PM that's how that's how insane I am I where. Everybody has an appeal like it that it's not dark yet I'd like oh yeah. Nice little hat trick or treat -- went on our way home from high school we -- that leads up to implement our parents now betraying your piece of candy. Candy candy very little Alan -- most people weren't home in the that is why aren't you will be able to just landed our president. Yeah you're just walking home from school you're not in -- new tool that is the requirement for -- you have to be -- constant cotton picking up -- -- -- you have to in some sort of effort. It would cost him my president and not get it 3 o'clock to see it and then Laura etiquette happy -- Happy Halloween to you and yours I'm -- on sports with Steve galleries and by fifty games on your accurate yet again text messages from all over the region north or south or east bank west bank of drizzle anyway that is started to develop. Says that it is it is a sign of things to come folks at 30% chance of on and off showers all day with a heavy rain common. In May be as early as 8 o'clock tonight it will keep you posted on that just keep that in mind for your Halloween plans. -- -- -- -- -- I guess apparently I've just have a dream to -- he sure the whole match. Yet again really the -- is -- Castro Valley -- exactly I would I would. What to do something now yeah I was gonna be highs -- -- from breaking bad but the vote my three year old kind of mix that when he was that. You decide to be -- -- -- that you're going to be ultimately. It's going to be open. Spontaneity in the DC in marble you know I know we were mixing the -- -- -- -- -- when that meet the ever actually realized that not even real -- my top okay. And out of that silliness it's time for sports that he got a lot to talk about it more. Good morning in the pelicans entered halftime against the pacers with a fourteen point lead. They couldn't hold on losing 95 to ninety in the team's home opener coach money Williams says that is young team needs to learn how to close out opponents. We give up 36 points in the fourth quarter of -- children. 142223. Defensively we -- a great defensive game we devote 36. In the fourth us again. Pelicans announced before game time that forward Ryan Anderson has a chip fracture in his toe on his right foot and is expected to miss the next one to three weeks. Team doctors discovered the injury after Anderson experienced discomfort during recent practices. Well much is being made of the showdown between jets head coach Rex Ryan and his brother rob who was the saints defensive coordinator. Rex says that it's just another game but he admits winning is vital for bragging rights -- and we gatherings. You know we're gonna try to be chilly -- then and you know you -- you wanna have your hand. Raised in victory -- game that's the most important thing. For the saints five players could not practiced some Wednesday safeties Kenny to -- Malcolm Jenkins sat out along with receiver Marcus -- offensive tackle Jahri Evans. And defense event tyrant walker. And the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals six to one to win the World Series in game six. David Ortiz was named MVP after finishing with a batting average of 688. Today -- four on sports talk Lance Moore is this week's special guest on the saints players show live from looters on bets. Plus the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert goes QB to QB with Drew Brees. I'm Steve Geller and that your early Halloween morning look at. Courtside 53 -- on Steve -- hand out on your radio quickly on this district and thing. So sad that the kids before absolutely because five. Coaches decide to do something clearly they shouldn't have done. People wanna argue semantics and getting text messages -- -- -- and it didn't -- the web site. They got the password from someone who used to be with the team -- whatever it is they knew they should have been on that website. They knew when they were doing it. They shouldn't have been watching. The of their opponents outlook which practicing and -- Hollis that they are going to call. Yet in this day and time you've got to figure everything with technology is traced back to you with the you do it on your phone your laptop computer at home computer work. Everything you do online is traceable. Your computer you're phone tablet IP addresses exactly and all that can be tracked no matter where you -- no matter what you do. It can be. Recovered now that the cops are involved in this investigation and criminal charges. All that stuff. Will be accessed and all of that stuff will probably. Be brought to light there's more developments -- -- on this yeah what are some of those student athletes to decide to transfer to a different high school now because of the shame that's been brought over there and you really can't that the problem is in the -- play in this district where you live you can move. But he had sit out a year so it's it's really kind of messy when it comes -- that also a message the saints in your report. Five players did not practice for card Jenkins Colston and Evans before they grab my attention right away absolutely but all of it from our. Now we're limited am I guess it's good that. Roman Harper practiced a little bit and Jimmy Graham practiced a little bit Kenny stills limited with a knee after his great game last week how concerned should we be about the injured report. Will definitely it's -- -- -- with Kenny the car and Malcolm Jenkins Al but at least Roman Harper did partake in some. Form or fashion so it goes with Malcolm and -- the -- can't go because it seems that that the car had a concussion. He seemed a little woozy after that big hit in so might end up being Roman Harper and then -- -- bush at the safety position for the saints on Sunday. That's something to watch out for. Thank you locked -- for more sports with you coming up in fifteen minutes and I'll play this summit is tech and it's 7870. There's apparently marvel and DC did cross over one time and Paul and bat man did cross paths. You can feel a little better now about going out and yet you're all good now. All right nerd alert thank you Steve targeted evangelist what you're going to be. I'd -- telling Tommy Tucker. They Colleen as you get your talk show host -- Monday exactly. At three there is literally -- -- -- the joint an amber found a way to do it yet master control overflow with costumed characters to address this day. Eric -- from an obscure. Cartoons you know. Thank god that it's here you have an active along and had done that this -- -- -- any outside it's too. Enamored dressed -- giant in. Now she's a ghost you just -- a white sheets if you agree one. You know maybe. He did not begin she says and I'm dead give them it means -- and that's what side it's and it went up to -- About trends and funerals to incident ticket itself fees and posted them on line if you. Zero able -- huddling now with the -- line. I'll read between Edwards and. As scary movie awards time is up next emigrate. -- only news talk and sports leader.

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