WWL>Topics>>10-31 6:10am Tommy, Edwin Edwards running again?

10-31 6:10am Tommy, Edwin Edwards running again?

Oct 31, 2013|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether they would vote for Edwin Edwards if he ran again

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We. We. -- think he's home. I didn't get the I get the bag and lighter fluid ready in Winston and in my light his porch but. It you would do that now I wouldn't but from. Some some have -- a days some was leading the flaming bag of you know Latin dipping and the idea is not ours in the ideas that they come onto the porch and see the -- on fire and start stamping on it. Well it's full of you know why yeah. So everybody gets a chuckle I decide right -- I'd start with the with the trick or treat or bills. And are but tell -- search for extraordinarily exciting people Shia right now is that the doorbell. At the -- -- mansion in any case he -- we're -- used to it sounds like a mansion kind of Dorgan. We have a we have a little different angle an issue we're gonna do is instead of handing out candy and and as people for donations to help me pay for half of my house again. Ago. The happy Halloween everybody has some fun today to talk about some serious stuff and we'll also talk about. Halloween and orders -- with Ed -- Edwards who says you know. Coming out. I could make a run now it would involve a couple of different things if you want to be a senator if he wanted to be the governor -- a presidential pardon -- the democratic president. Sometimes these things run along party lines though are ready jaguar opinion polls. Edwin Edwards considering another run for office if he were to win would it be a trick or retreat and basically that's asking you would you trust him. -- betray the public trust. Or would it be. I'd treat where he would wind up actually ending -- a good governor Mario good Saturdays so that's not been offered a public office arm and I think there are a lot of people out there like it when Edwards that's why are. There's no question there's no question about it -- I know people who would go to the polls tomorrow. And put him in office. The newest trend in Letterman tell Dave Cohen is in you know itself -- right where people take. Pictures of themselves with a cellphone. And it's just all over the place he people when it in church and I don't know if it's. The electronic version of look at it yourself and me error or a big. Window big glass window when you walked by but now -- where they are they take self -- of themselves and they posted on. It's a -- I think it is ceremony can share -- NC. While now people are doing this at funerals. Teens and young adults takes -- -- post -- lines some of the comments out of fuel gas if you if you like dark humor some of these are. So offense of their incredibly funny to think that this could be going on and. Now let him you're not talking about going up and and snap from the deceased I'd -- And he had no all right I think I did see one with the ladies standing next to them. Bottom of the casket -- -- -- that I would be merit not in good today still talk about political correctness is that now -- part scariest part of Halloween schools and communities banning celebration. So nobody gets their feelings or is there any part of Halloween and offend viewers as the one holiday we can all celebrate together. Is this there are some stories that is the Michelle Bachmann says Halloween was socialist. And that it was a way for kids suck on statements candy and that's dialogue that was started at one of these satirical web sites like. The onions so it's not true -- -- -- -- if you couldn't be true because Halloween is not socialism it's extortion. So it's what it is -- in recent video mess up your house asked the world extortion. The American way and don't talk about the second annual ski areas Americans are movies you love them or hate him and what's your favorite at least scary movie and character. I'm -- know before Katrina I hated these scary movies and after him. Ordering again notice I love ya the other day and -- parked on the zombie thing and I and I Jason in my Mike Myers confuse the other day but I sorted it out pocket of them wearing a blue jumpsuits both of them. Murderers both know where in the light each man. But someone on the ghosts touched that so I chased -- -- Maybe -- -- will be back in a flash happy Halloween -- you. 618 tummy -- the Halloween forecast 83 for a high today right now Halloween morning. Coming up on 619. -- 74 degrees. That's too hot for the high on Halloween. On 83 today you know 30% chance for showers increasing to 60%. That's why -- but tell says having an indicate he's outdated do and some triggered straightened. Try to start in his early she can but I think we'll talk about that I think. Dark is the official beginning of trick or treating -- some people bring your kids -- alluded earlier. It wants that cut off for trick or treat you know people ring the doorbell wait 39 o'clock to get everything shut down and you're settled in. When it comes at age. What's the cut off. I don't think there's anything to young songs -- parents or their kids -- were real young but when it comes as the old. When when you sit there and ended the doorbell rings. Aren't. Unions are doing these kids that they're 151617. Everything connect -- This really is close to extortion and and a little old for this say though here's a Snickers get off my porch. And there's one other thing about this whole Halloween thing -- want to talk about as well and that is if you could address is anything you wanted this year. And they beat and have time to get it -- gathered too expensive what would you costume beat. Mine would have been Walter White from breaking band -- -- hairs on what -- Gotten a black cat fake goatee IRA Wear glasses and and maybe announce some aren't -- green shirt khaki pants Eminem dust boots if you find him ordered desert boots I think be used to call. Now we're supposed to have Peterson cross. Well on to talk about -- Edwards and apparently. Easy. Years. So -- these busy with -- traders -- let's try my time. -- -- -- -- there. A cat that he's on May be dressed up as a and it went trick or treating. In terms of -- a dishonest about Edwin Edwards. He says that he's not out of ruling out another run for political office. And obstacles stand in his way did to run for governor he'd have to get a presidential pardon which -- think is beyond. The question. Without that he'd have to wait fifteen years from his original sentence which means he'd be a 101 years old when he signed the qualifying papers and I try not to be. Prejudice when it comes stage but I think a 101 is a little old to elect somebody to public office you know we talk about cut so that is well. But anyway. Com. Would you vote for Edwin Edwards again. For public office do you think. A majority of the people here would. And a separate jaguar opinion poll is asking you do you think you'd be a trick. Well as in senses Halloween we phrased it this way he would betray the public trust in various state. Or do you think he would be an effective governor. I would love to hear from me at 260187. Needle free 86 -- 8908 -- any and there's absolutely no right or wrong here this is strictly. Your opinion somebody text in and what I Edwards hell yeah I'd vote for him. So will take a break and come back and I get the answer is that talk about Edwin Edwards and also about Halloween six when he to Tommy Tucker right. Traffic that we're gonna -- Robinson. Six nearly six Tommy Hunter. On Halloween morning and a couple of minutes Gooden busy in the car I was talking about -- Hear the story about Michelle Bachmann. Irian she says Halloween was socialists series not. True but I do -- use that to say that's not socialism it's extortion. And I'm getting a text that says it's making me laugh. Extortion. Get real please would you rather have fifteen and sixteen year old girls at a party experimenting with alcohol or drugs. Your way out of touch and I don't even celebrate Halloween. Wow. Thanks buzzing and buzz kill it was a joke. See it was a joke about Halloween being extortion and that's such a wow. Please whoever -- in this in -- lighten up a little bit you know they did shares life and were on gonna wind up hatched -- grave so. Is trying to -- but -- please not once does not -- whenever adds value and I usually vote Republican. Nolan says Edwards as governor heck yeah I am coming home to Nike -- and grow. -- Once says hell yes on a bipartisan level he's the type a crook that lets the money flow down to the little man so we all benefit my life was good when he was. The man with the plan. Edwards running for office again must -- April fool day not Halloween double heck no embarrassing. Edwards is all were already embarrassed this state and himself as a convicted felon no way when I vote for him. Well. You tell me at 2601870. Toll free 86 exceed 8908 Stephanie Jones from -- would like -- -- say John how you -- on. -- Absolutely. I'd both parties because that's likely always had a lot of politicians. Art is an award crux. Com and at least he knew where -- -- -- you know anything but he didn't -- A lot of prosperity. A lot of business. Like. On the -- should get. The only -- down everybody he would take it out district and thank you had a very good out there and I think it did well when our administration and I absolutely -- apartment. And campaign for anybody. You know. But the -- electable. Like it. Political conversation going with anybody on the sign that I don't do anything like that. But -- someone -- to me like you're asking a question of ethnic group and. We hear about it you -- I am now the lead in this is no. Com integration of anybody that I've never. Believed -- candidate enough to put assign him. Is that. That I put my name on it and I'm saying. Is that. Everything is to be great trust in completely never haven't felt that strongly enough to assign. And if I don't I don't believe any of -- it. The Lily white as they try to eat our campaign. And there are reasons you know it is not a lot of -- -- selfish and so. And as the lesser of evils you're at in the vote for. Shortly Joan let me ask you dressed for a Halloween today. But I'm going to be like tonight and I am acting out and I'm directing -- acquire. Total will get its -- Another questions I was wondering if Halloween costumes -- be scary. Or could it be more along the lines of money grow up but I think you accomplish both because some people are terrified of clowns. -- that aren't it's completely terrified when ought to cut. Contracting with cute like a lot of Elliot continued to come bench you know and didn't think that she'd. -- -- -- She ended and one count it a little picture -- -- should take it down but get a punch yet. Now considered you've lost weight did you not consider these sexy nurse or the sex kitty. These are really not really -- -- -- might exceed was not a big deal with appropriate tactics like something cute way. A lot a lot of weight -- and -- can't they let the debate. Counting it out but I mean without -- wrong I'm giving it to be a long. Which you can -- -- to quit getting. -- CI RS -- a sexy house made right now I've got no complaints at all -- -- -- -- and you know apparently you know line they say you have a great Halloween NBC. And I rolled it real quick we get that text off on Eminem's -- races. -- thank you appreciated via a text that's at 878 cent any what is your preferred Halloween candy. I guess Reese's people that we're talking about peanut butter cups trying a case of reason resort and an ams. You tell me. With Eminem's causes -- only one and after the second one not so much equipment you Eminem miseries are Reese's and -- -- can't have enough -- office up and run and 87870. Right now time for -- WL first news. Davis likes -- Let me clarify a couple of things we changed our poll we don't be too cute with Edwin Edwards stricker -- where people didn't understand what that meant so it's pretty similar right now would you vote for Edwin Edwards as it stands now 100% are saying no no. But I think it's gonna change from the attacks and yet. We also have -- text off going. He had -- 8787 need to let us know which. Candy do you prefer Reese's or Eminem's now it'll computer problem here where. The computer won't recognize and hampers sand. You know that is now a person around that's a little out squiggly thing that happens -- So you can see text in MM if you like and m.'s if you like no punctuation at all or. PBC if you like did text that in instead of freezes if it's easier for you for peanut butter cup yeah so like I put some of that in my yard once piece did you out of our. I'm pretty go out and it BP -- call arms high polyvinyl. Listen this you were gonna move on to and talk about time battle this'll mourning city -- with whatever you want it's Halloween. The newly stranded funerals and you know a lot of people take these -- -- pictures of themselves and then. Palestinians to grammar and mentioned at the theater on Saturday night my -- -- somebody walk in Niger says unknown to me enormous armaments agree images now and sure enough it was them. And Rodham opponents that you must be a celebrity because we recognize you walk in -- but that's -- audience. With electronic media today so I'm looking at this -- to Graham on Amber's phone. And one of them says. My sweet baby hash tag today hash tag no school has take funeral and then get a picture of the boyfriend and it's as ashtanga Levin. Has take Q then they do have some pictures on here. Where people are posing. In front of the open cast Nadal or yeah us now yes. -- takes Serbia funeral. Planners hash -- Halloween 2013. There's another one that says what he -- You -- -- candidates -- good for -- Did vote aren't so it was Greece's a -- -- CI get him already have him now I get. Another one of people standing in front of the open casket. With that veil over the casket like they do we love you we miss you dad. -- -- Euro has today beloved father. So do you think this self he's there again on hand do you think it's appropriate to do this at a funeral. I'm very uncomfortable as this thing I never did get the pictures at a funeral when it's Halloween so I guess we can talk about is because. Nine and wanna remember somebody. After the world. EI it's not like you're hooked up a Margarita party or something you know -- and a big big bird shot and everybody with a funny have gone on the Hudson funeral -- -- -- remember people as they were having fun and and lying there on this. Labor Day that your call 26 so money 72038668890878. You know people would take -- -- Have you ever seen any of these that are inappropriate and the thing. These SE it's all about ego and it's it's all about a complete lack of humility and everybody thinks that others went to see pictures of them everywhere they go and everything they do this'll. Seoul -- -- concept just amazes me now. I think it's does everybody gets to be their own broadcaster and it's almost like they've put themselves on TV where. Look it's a picture of me holding the phone -- and the po boys in the post didn't. Maybe it does make him a celebrity because I saw those people at the theater we'll take you calls when we come back to 60187. 866889087. Edwin Edwards gets a pardon any -- a run for governor or he can run for senator without the part. Would you vote for him for public office as it stands now that quickly the numbers of swung around. And 14 of you are saying yes and I would like to know why or why not your calls when we come back on WW. Amber O'Leary planet spooky music force on Halloween and an Angel today experts say new loans one of the world's most haunted cities -- you believe that here. -- -- today show she'll tell you stories about those winds and paranoia goes -- She loves you and -- 3 o'clock today Archie Manning. And beyond with Angela we loved him for years thinks. Quarterback who wouldn't quit. We went to used in Minnesota but really listened saints color analyst Archie Manning right here on WW well father of Cooper. Is getting Payton and Eli has been a Libya and business and community leader. Now the world's getting in now our RT even better to an amazing film the book of Manning's an -- open book with BellSouth legend Archie Manning and mentally ill. Today one of four on WWL. Now is some people are asking about hash tags in south fees. And likely it was up first office healthy is where they just hold the phone out and take a picture of themselves hence the term. South he's now hash tag. That's the pound symbol that you put on your tweets are on your postings. Or on your. FaceBook. And what that is is -- it. It's a file or marker out how every once they have fled to let people know that that's what you're looking for for example. When amber O'Leary went to look at the funeral pictures she put hash tag funeral inning gave -- the funeral pictures. Twitter defines it as. Hey. Let's go. Hear people use and -- take symbol. Pound before traveler relevant keyword or phrase and -- tweet to characterizes tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter search -- if you tweet. With a -- stand on a public account. Anyone who does a search for that hash tag confined. You're tweet and says don't cash -- hash tag spam had stayed with at stake cash tanks. Because then I guess to put into many. Categories. Edwin Edwards also a topic of discussion here this morning he said he would not be opposed to a run for public office and I've not seen that Edwards reality show with his wife every. Being that I've heard is not good. But that I think about -- dynasty in Howell. An endorsement and I congressional race may have been the difference regatta is running an endorsement from one of the -- dynasty people. So I don't know do you think the reality series it would help or hurt him. And I are ready jaguar opinion poll would you vote for Edwin Edwards. Into green and as it stands now 21% of you. Saying yes. One did text that comes in that ties all of them together no hash tag old cash -- crook. Not -- one Edwards for president. Vote for Edwards and other tech says I would not but he fits in with the rest of the politicians right now hash tag crooks. At some tech savvy people here sell these attacks as are the equivalent of I was here no big deal. The T think they are a big deal though is is that because people are so self absorbed with themselves. They think everybody cares where they were and what they're doing and I think sometimes he gets so involved taken pictures. They don't even enjoy where they are I think it's more about the the that document in -- they are and actually enjoy any event. Teachers says I've. Can't tell you how mates phones have taken from kids trying to take self season class I've lost count it's a daily thing. That trick or treat story says it's true might be one others. Urban myths they go around my friend's father had two bowls of candy one label tree in the other tree. I asked -- -- it and understands answer was. It's a treat to see young kids dressed up and asking for candy the trick is for the teenagers or young adults where no cast cost him. Carry a Wal-Mart bag. And a long pause and -- and has faced only the philosophy of the two separate bulls candy the treat kids get the -- is candy that was made triples for the candy left over from. Previous years. Might be some from chicken soup from the soul might be a true story out of 6528. Before seven time to look at traffic. We got terror problems apparently game they are riding around his name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of southeast. Next hour -- and these are people -- these so totally self absorbed they think that. Somebody actually cares what they're doing every moment of the day. But he had a Texan says you know what my family and friends like. Like self please don't care about each other. On attacks about inward Edward Ed Edwin Edwards any person would vote for Edwards is. In election does not deserve the right to vote. Does a person realize -- laughing -- in this country the state would revert to after all of the recent gains state his -- attracting new businesses and interest. The only strength Edwards ever hand was getting deals done to bring business here so what benefit would he bring by being elected. The reality show about Edwin Edwards is a travesty it makes us as a state look dumb what a joke. Nolan says no for Griese Eddie and his child bride. And this text about SE how self absorbed the you have to be to general genuinely think that everyone wants to know what you're doing. Every minute of the day well are ready jaguar opinion poll not scientific but. The former governor -- and Bill Polian is only 22% are saying they would vote for Edwin Edwards. So we come back we'll talk about. What's going on with self these self he's at funerals. And ask you what would still be site -- taken out a self. Which again primarily features themselves in front of -- casket or otherwise at a funeral. And be a problem with you here there's somebody else that drives you nuts constantly taking pictures of themselves.

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