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WWL>Topics>>10-31 8:15am Tommy, Halloween costumes

10-31 8:15am Tommy, Halloween costumes

Oct 31, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Wendy James, a psychologist and owner of Life Consultants, about what your Halloween costume says about you

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Couldn't have done that my dear. It is -- It's kept his body under the wax. I'm Buick. From Vincent price's house of wax in 1953 I love the old can't be our movies that. You tell me -- 26018720386. Exit -- -- early seventy which are your favorites. And which ones don't you like which ones -- maybe a little too scary like. A -- guns and -- nothing compares nothing is scarier than the excesses. -- -- I'm 47 I still can't watch it by myself that from dean -- -- I'll do it any of that sought when I was younger. And it was on TV the other today and I can't -- one -- that movie is skiers you know what economy as well. Doctor Wendy James joins us right now psychologist and owner of life consultants talk about Halloween and costumes and is it still one of the holidays that we can all get together and have fun on or are we as a society slowly picking them apart as well good morning doctor Wendy. Morning. And the same TU and we're also asking the audience if you love Halloween and it. And I just happen to be some -- loves. Halloween. It goes in and year one time Golan and have -- And you can do something. It's like to Asia -- and -- fine for one night. And they -- -- -- and happy and hopefully can be mentally definitely and healthy for people. Because you get to press for why do you need you to take lecture. Get a hall pass through lecture Alter ego come in. In. They'd 'cause it's really fall here in the Crescent City generally we have cool weather which is happening this year. But then you know -- adults and tomorrow's November 1 needle from. Goblins to gobble it Thanksgiving. Coin phrase by. Mark and that -- on that from epic. It gobbles and in and the holidays are here before you know -- is allotted Tommy went down. What -- found out about people in constant. -- that though they become. Sometimes -- call personalities. So. You're probably -- them is. Equator opportunity to have your creative flow without bow to settle for decades are sometimes -- -- have a typical multiple parties. And America doesn't have to have put the power influence there daily life and they can -- Ski or real or make a -- about their -- And I think that we enjoyed as adults as much as that killed. And that -- if you're even stand now and oracle went out with the children -- to help -- kids -- -- -- Little bit about that here of course of money grow but yeah you did your analysis. He's he's dressed like a celebrity's -- rose. -- went -- that tells about it. Why can't. A lot of people. For example a collaborative courthouse right now everybody wants to look like controller predictor of like a library we usually think of that is the girls when -- But the police are -- during. Have plastic surgery which at least. To look like a leopard. Police guarantees you're gonna get out. Because everybody's paying attention to -- Entertainment but -- leopard to -- that aren't real popular one. Let me let me get to take on this before relate to go now to analyze me McCain. Or. If I could dress up as anybody this year we get the black cat. I'm already coupled with glasses and I would get a fake goatee and I would go as Walter White from breaking bad what does that say about me. Breaking benefit a great popular one has a lot of people are doing TV show you. Can bet this really helpful. -- it means. Like you are. The ones that like to hear -- and -- You're not okay picture kind of -- and that you're being funny and creative so I think it's a -- creative. One that's a -- a lot we did TV shows right now and it's scary. The problem is great and -- -- about a 110 bucks thank you are you got to free time so we appreciate -- ever have but at night thank you but all have yet. With some kind of -- filled version of that but apparently not.

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