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10-31 9:10am Tommy, scary movies

Oct 31, 2013|

Tommy talks to Christopher Orr, a Senior Editor and Principal Film Critic for The Atlantic, about the best...and worst scary/horror movies

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In the second half to defeat the New England Patriots 3117. Bringing home the coveted Lombardi trophy for the first time in franchise history. When we're more about -- you've lost me. While they lost maybe that -- -- -- this thing says is -- more time over Carter's idea with scored a whopping eighteen unanswered points in the second half and defeat the New England Patriots and third one is seventeenth. Now unless we missed. A Super Bowl or maybe this is on Halloween hot oddly prescient god there's a very personal tour and you know you look at says there right I don't know. I'd I'd say and it so maybe it's prescient maybe it's some kind of Halloween. Two modes you know exactly -- They looked in the crystal ball ball we're talking about how our movies and some money -- I don't know that's a horror movie or not but the silence of the -- always thought I was ago. Moon. -- -- -- anonymous did it does this -- members told. -- it rubs the lotion audience didn't or else gets the holistic care. The hole in -- now we -- anything but I will tell you this if I had a dime. For every time I went home and on my -- by doing that dance you'll. And now like dancing dancing he got he had relaxes me what an Italian team Tom. You don't do the non government isn't I guess exactly -- you at all I don't I don't drink now you can. I -- no other vices. You sit through -- -- -- -- -- like it's gone home. And doing the silences the slams this is it out of the privacy of my own home is there anything wrong with that. Probably a lot let's talk about movies with Christopher award now our guest and friend he is the senior editor at principal film critic for the Atlantic good morning Chris site at one. I'm -- -- predicted talking yet you don't need any relaxation tips. -- I think I mean obviously being up for awhile. -- it by a brand of Halloween isn't scaring people via did you think of any any more scary at an image -- that now I really can't actually had a friend who had a -- with a decorated. High school teacher. Who liked to do that talking to -- it helps. It was basically came moment in his soccer. With your secret case. With the world yes let's talk about how our movies what is it that makes some really good how -- film is -- editing is that those. Knives coming from nowhere. You know a good question I mean I think bullets I thought I'd start -- Chris. I don't think there's any single set of rules I mean there there are -- that are. Grizzly Ian and scary and you know all the blood and there are movies that that do it all by implication and sometimes that even scarier sometimes the things you don't see. I'm more frightening than anything that could put on the screen. For you. You know it. -- it was it -- And -- sixties and early seventies are relieved when and the sort of or honor came into it down with not the living dead which. Maybe -- together. The blackened -- from the sixty oh my god that is an incredible. Horror movie and I'm like you that is one of the scarier ones that I've never seen that maybe maybe the single most frightening -- have ever seen and sat on a dime right I mean very low budget in. Extremely low budget. And really one of the most influential movies I think of the last fifty years so. Well -- that doubles -- of horror really didn't exist as such. And that really put on the map I mean it was at the time it was extremely controversial a lot of -- didn't run it. Tom but you know but within a decade you have all of these franchises that none of which I think would've. Probably -- without the living dead months. Someone else could come along in the in the interim but you know Halloween the Friday the thirteenth. Nightmare on elm street you know really there's -- sort of lurching and sort of that. The controversy how Chris for that to -- it was an ignorant or too explicit. You know the actual blood I think the -- In the basement the moral and her mother -- it was just seen as having. Crossed too many have news both visually and also just in terms of -- You're years well known film critic tell me what your favorites aren't -- -- you like him so much. Well lately that is definitely up there does that mean I think it is genuinely. Horrifying and it didn't rely on special -- -- -- it did just. Very understated and it builds very well it starts out with him cemetery. You know I think Halloween visit terrifically. Engineered. Scare machine. That great score that John Carpenter wrote himself. The first people that maybe it's very scary that this -- Secretary Beatty and it differently in that sort of building sense of -- it's another great when Texas chainsaw massacre was completely horrifying. You can't go wrong with chainsaw meta -- and went on yesterday. -- games he was doing America on and somebody was actually fighting. Jason with a chainsaw yeah chainsaw Sunday. I'm a -- such as flight with a chains on you lose a chainsaw played. When he at a guy's got a night which he managed to do what would McNamara sort of revenge viewing public that. What Saddam in terms of horror movies that just try to in Kenya. I'm really a new element that there's some movie that comes up number one a lot of sort of top horror movie list which is accurate system. -- which I like in the movie but I never found frightening I think I am I'm. Ayman -- wire in this. That's what I tons of sciences scary about that is. I guess you don't find it scary because you don't think something like that could actually happen to you. I can't communicate that's part of it. I don't know I you know -- side by side late and I think it it it needed a little bit. But it was just a movie that that I ever felt completely immersed in I was actually found the -- Scarier -- yeah. That -- pretty scary stuff. To -- -- nuts right now -- just wondered about. Some of the other -- -- you didn't necessarily careful. Com yeah I don't care for our first sort of you know most of just gory -- I don't think that the original Halloween was great I didn't really care for. You know the Friday the thirteenth movies and the nightmare on elm street movie I mean they have their moments but by that bank and some of them began well and then went off the tracks. I am Jason confuses my Michael Meyer Zia and it'll become aware and blue jumpsuits right now one of them. Are both of them rather Wear a kind of white males. Yet with that with Mike Myers it's that that bleached out William Shatner mask. And legitimate hockey -- Lately -- just wondered if that was like bewitched in and I -- that he he. It's only that are going on you know -- coming out right. Each -- in you know the number adding that could have. -- put in an island with five movies that you suggest. We did to through it in time movies that would just drive you crazy that they got to be ours John wrote all happy or so finally I want. Watching partly -- -- on exactly thought it you'd drown yourself if you're on I don't. And he's Seattle -- that because I think that five movies. That I would wanna watch are also the five that would make me insane. You know I had five patents that it wouldn't care about it. Are gonna take five I would certainly take meddling -- -- we haven't -- Mentioned Henry portrait of a serial killer which is a different kind of maybe but is medium it disturbing film ever seen. Basically the Omnia serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. I'm 1990 movie that I don't really recommend to anyone. We have the slightest bit -- it is very difficult watch. On evil that definitely Rosemary state yet take that probably take Halloween. Compliment that I love. That is not exactly scary that it can outlet here -- cabin in the woods. The BBC that did not. -- Sweden and drew Goddard it's it's basically an unpacking of -- would be at the sort of horror comedy. Around but he buried -- clever answers all the questions such as. Why when the kids should obviously all data gathered today instead decide to split up and get picked off one -- wanted to really ingenious. Sort of satirical unpacking -- -- are -- on I'd recommend it highly. And what's an imminent cabinet and what -- in the woods okay -- you know I see these ads all the time for the new movies on just wondered if our movies again and better ways of keep doing the same thing over and over. Good question where we're at a moment when I don't think. Think there's there really is a strong -- Trend in the genre you know there was that. That period with -- on movies and hostel movies that what people called torture porn. That was being made really really cheap that was a big part of its appeal. And in many cases would be released by relatively sort of highbrow labeled a bit strange thing where. You know these same distributors would bring in foreign films and so forth but also be releasing these. Truly for some reason -- maybe. The moment you know at that moment seems to have passed and I don't really think we're in another moment right now I think sort of you know their armies come out now and again there's you know that there remake of -- object not seen that which was not particularly well received just came out last week. So I think we'll have to sort of see with the next Andy is we've sort sort of in -- in -- valley between trans ethnic. If I ask you for one. Scene that would be the most shocking in all of these are movies does one come to mind. There are two to come to mind one is -- scene I mentioned before in the basement inaudible in -- We'll girl. And the other would be I mentioned Henry portrait of a serial killer there is that. Home in patients late in that movie that is almost certainly be most difficult watching I've. Aren't really. Brutal while in the name of Elliot Henry portrait of -- serial killer and reports of the Syrian it's a serious Stallman has not it's not a sort of you know light hearted you know let's security kids kind of -- that if this period we have been a very very difficult -- much. And in terms of scaring the kids if somebody -- around a couple of movies -- -- that it kind of scary but not. They don't terrified their children would you recommend. I mean it Beckett so hearted depends on the kid you know at say eight to twelve. Well normally well legit questions. You know I and I'm just about it I have an eight year old and a ten year old and I can never tell what's gonna be too scary about it. Movies and I think we'll hear that all scare them out of there with -- man movie that I think might be. A little too scary for them they want without punching so I'm not that that's so I don't wanna get up and wanna give -- parents angry at me. Mexicans it would about the original hand and the bills RC that's one of those deals might think that it happened. To -- to lose so -- idling down all the yeah. I do like that verified that very that we need to have a beach -- that looked -- enormously like that helped in the Amityville horror and people commented on it all the time. I didn't actually see the movies are yours effort came out but what they did hit it it disturbing as it felt like I was with house. See one to about fifteen years -- isn't a different house and they had this little. Whatever you call this morning -- dancing thing when every college -- levels -- -- girl keeps going around in the -- plays for -- there's an important you know guys college -- ceramic thing you know what -- -- this thing hadn't been touched. The united C a a good five years and all of a sudden middle -- starts plain. Creepy it is not to uploaded outside. And it put it in the garbage in the next day it's like knew you had your chance you'd done. Thank you Christopher happy Halloween I'm glad you join -- happy. -- it do it split I'd agree and create great guests friend my mistress or senior editor and principal film critic. For the Atlantic.

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