WWL>Topics>>10-31-13 11:10am Garland: on privacy's looming extinction

10-31-13 11:10am Garland: on privacy's looming extinction

Oct 31, 2013|

Garland takes calls on whether privacy is a thing of the past.

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Talk only -- before we get into what we're gonna talk about -- don't know. A signature comment when you've been do what do you think about. You know polo match I had never. -- -- -- here and tell me it's something below hole on. There appealed to me who looks like it's a couple of football -- longer not longer a couple of football pupil a huge field. And these horses move I think like 20/20 five miles per hour. I mean they slam into the news each -- and kind of violent sport is too dangerous sport. And its. Their group of tremendous athletes from old world. And it it's it's something the city you become the colors when it comes through. Other people that are there comes -- -- seasonal equipment back to addicts. So all of this Sunday. At least important to -- and horrible Clancy -- at sixteen. When they won its highway forty and pulled some. -- dirty they're gonna open parking lot and hold -- in short round 1135. There. What they're doing they're they're trying to raise money but it isn't really into Monday. They're trying to build this -- limited children's music entrant collect money for that same time there. Donating proceeds to multiple purity and you rises and habitat for humanity's -- harbor. And then review opens in June and -- to them doing this. India the heartland cup polo classic is gonna help tone and -- dot. 25 books. That tickets to get into tenth. That's gonna have this six game being played in. Gonna have all cut and never come booed intrigue you can possibly think of -- -- Michael's -- -- what they called their people raffle. And it's so limited amount tickets twenty bucks each and winners can win a 2500 dollar gift card to be used to leave Michael Owen drew. And down. Mark the moment our own more roaming the boards of it is saints in the superdome was gonna. The auctioneer going to be thirty local restaurants serving food entry going to be a tremendous time. And what I'm doing out their -- -- taken programs and sketches. And I ended up doing your area a couple of -- pain and -- my short and short of a number of some really good partners are going to be auctioned off there's so it's all four good good time and a great wondrous. If you annual polo classic kind of reporting faults and Sunday 113530. Hope you can draw on -- -- -- I keep. A stack -- off. On things I can't get too. On shows we do -- just don't have time we couldn't get yeah. And also I read about -- multiplicity of different subjects. On him to have every day. Pulling up something new. Or arts week. All -- Being tried. Doing two bit being watched. I don't want to the ones that door and say number 12 -- own protection. And goes on the other side so what -- be protected at march. The slow -- -- pre 9/11. Out of you to bring -- money and Richard Franken moved cam but don't you track we don't compute. So in my in my courts and to use to secure wanted to. Troll for immigrant country tour execs and -- access. Or are you comfortable. Would what's going wrong. When it comes to attracting what you do I think most people I've talked and said you know has long and I'm not doing anything wrong. I have no problem. I think a lot of people feel that. So if that's the case. Should do on that side we back off and say government. You're you're good guys we trust you. Would -- a big government. And you're -- -- -- mean you're gonna. Protect -- against attacked by terrorists. Should go. But then you say you think it's fourteen presidents from around the world we tapped their cell phones. Angela Merkel with the Germany. And in so long -- of the reasoning that a replica. So well you know she used to be in the east Germany. And she had some pretty radical views. So would occur. To make sure that you really isn't well. OK. And then. The whole thing Ginn tribute to the public. All of those foreign presidents protests. And President Obama says. I think I may still happen. -- nothing that reverence reports said that he will stop. And then we -- reviewed cal oracle -- so what do. Germany's bonds -- notes. Israel's fire zones. Lot of rallies allies spot on the solution we knew we should be doing. So in a lot of ways we're hearing. This should be done and because it's for our benefit. And here's the other side or people like me who I think in the mind our. Or concerns. It's it's distorting did you like that orwellian nineteen. Watching this from every corner where every I have available in fracking and walking. And ignoring the history of everything about where we've been who we've talked to what we've done what we might be -- I think that problem that at that and -- right. And everything like a -- this won't. This have from the tell. In London. The US spies and on future pro -- During the Vatican conflict. Well. -- into anything wrong. You shouldn't be important. Richard got a boot should. Bother -- That we'll war. A gentleman who had become Pope it. This fired on them. During in the port Vatican killed. Monitored telephone call made to a -- in the -- -- in Rome. Where the archbishop did the time and we're spoke Wednesday during the current and wanted to Dover and ultimately bishops and cardinals. At the Vatican. In the lead up to the country. Or those who viewed the believe. What's being -- and is okay. There's this okay -- you I mean what threat do we see from the Pope. It is linked to terror organizations are patents or anything like. And Americans protesting but why should they be if they have -- thing world. What do you think usage 01 Yates public governor right begala and Robert have with a group called the -- We had to play -- up to produce lower but we have so little whom wrote to listen to Islam that. The -- just -- 260. When it's. About surveillance. Around the world in particular in this country and what convinced me to do business. Is. Our -- do it in the telegraph via London pilgrim one of their major newspapers. That all war spy agency in the NC National Security Agency. Spied. On the future corporate. Before enduring about it concurrent. They -- to telephone call made to a pro residents. Were the future Pope was staying during. The current. Monitored telephone calls -- -- bishops and cardinals in about a -- in the lead up. To the conflict. And that's archbishop of became Pope would have been interest US diplomats and intelligence agencies. As far back in 2000. When it was first mentioned as possible candidate. For the paparazzi opted on colts. Now perhaps -- efficient. And can you think of a reason. For all -- secure it. That -- -- spy agency the most lucrative a ball. Would tap the telephone lines and -- -- as soon information. On the new -- I don't remember him leaving a terrorist organization. Remember in strapping bombs and do so. No remembered -- gonna go play with a gun. Maybe I'm missing something but that's to -- -- Used is where we're heading. When we say. Well -- -- did anything wrong. Would choose totally uneducated because we -- and -- before why I've given the example. Of people from all over the country. That were. Barely connected with some of their target of the in this. And they got pulled into -- because they did business with them on him only coal. Or they -- the car wouldn't. And it cost them tons of money it -- some legal print news. Couple of them ended up almost convicted had a good front. So I look at this and before we -- to Columbia. Governor bill approved drug more opinion. We we already. Know like what we. The computers I've. I've -- The quarter the texts and emails. We want we -- we use. So both alive and -- touched off for a very brief instances mig lite. Different in federal way. Here's the question on the double BO protein drug opinion. Have we given up our privacy don't -- Or are we use of technology not only 4% of you say yeah it's just a day and then imparted their Pritchard trolling and what are your thoughts. Argument -- Well it's security it's not a -- You know their children under the side just looking out for the welfare of the people. -- -- Remember after Natalie and Alice I was involved in -- -- and try to get paper just. Well just do that job went to court trial retrieve documents. And -- right opt out there dollars purity dark and you know that they're right out there out. Straight hour extension -- negated the court trials. Well as I would in New York City and there -- you know probably thousands and hundreds of thousands of people out on the subway. And they were not ING at least an inside. So it makes you like it should really put a common man bench really or maybe something else. What -- what are you thinking yeah it's sounds like your little bit in my court. What do you say when there that Dick Cheney used the head of the -- clapper. When they say to laws. Doing anything wrong or try and protect you from another 9/11. We're trying to make sure your. Your court in New Orleans that may have blown up by terrorists. And we can't -- the other way then to vacuum up all this information using your technology. -- the terrorist in the -- that. What's your response when they tell us that. Well. -- and and on history. And and if you. You know it's got a plane and in of course -- -- you're going to change. If you. Eating out. Late hours the one or forty hours that -- ability. It was so dark. -- young -- that will -- and you know just like. It looked like. Just. I'll just -- -- -- And -- -- called very much it's. You know -- in your true Indian companies say that one thing comes -- mama. And I have no problem with calling concerning -- To -- -- -- one -- -- those. -- -- That think this was going week to report. That thinks we have the potential. To become a police state and some former fashion. Some like me that are beginning to lose faith. In our legal system. No law enforcement capability. The bering next. Terrorist attack. Renders everything I've just said -- Because they will say to the and those views that believe like I do so far I could have my mind change. Or from all the guests of on everything coverage. I think -- problem I think it's gonna. Be a problem grows and grows and grows. But even when that terrorist attack happens they would say to me and -- -- or in my camp. Just some. -- so this would have never occur. People like -- Had -- alone. -- this country. And it's. Dick Cheney. Clapper. Head of the CIA. And let us protect -- And -- that important to and to me it is 1984. Of my argument would be Nolan boy I'd have to say. You're sure right. But in order. To. Eliminate that possibility which I also do not think it is possible. We've got to have to give away a lot. Of our freedom do we know. It it it just seems to me. -- were worth sitting back and acquiescing. To our lives. Being given to somebody else some. How much of an exaggeration is go to that room and broke it and appreciate. Well thank you so much well it -- take on the back in power who say we should -- -- property in exchange interest security. Com bella source saying that they go about their privacy. Look at -- Obama has -- -- -- is at school record. It but it's. You've gotten up and highlight. It he wants to see what you and you -- -- something I'd get it into applied expanded to themselves so you agree. With that concept. Com I'd say that's it and -- in addition to our not to -- Child it because they're not willing to applied it -- and do it themselves. That that's evidence enough right there that there. That that it that it it's just entirely. -- some really interesting point couldn't stay with me a couple more minutes. All right look deliberate with the news crews are awarded hero and where you have to Syria on. And until you cope with and discovered in from the south Barbara. We're coming right backward thinking about have when he. As a society already done over. Giving up our privacy. Because of our law of and our connection. Seemed like an unbreakable connection -- acknowledged. 95% of you say yes. That disturb anybody else. 2601872036. Dictated 970. News -- Here and think about so -- -- well actually nothing like that group would assume some added it's in their room to. -- the troops. Over the last couple years. Along what seems to me. Is the constant. Retreat. From our free. Constantly. Giving up more war and more privacy. And one hand we do it because we love technology. It's very difficult to cut the umbilical cord about it poems and iPad soon. Email and text and Twitter and then to grant immunity and got hooked off. But the question I begin boards have we given up our privacy I mean like dawn gone over. Because. A rollover technology. And that's the question that are double the bureau approach to drug our opinion poll in 96%. Of civilians. The reason I was so I'd take that this subject again. Is landslide in mind of my reading. And -- go a number of newspapers in England this from the telegraph. And it says the US the National Security Agency. Spied on Pope for -- Before and during the Vatican conflict. The monitor called made to a pro and resident in Rome. Where he was staying during the Concord. And then Ramallah after the telephone call to many bishops and cardinals. At -- in the lead up to Africa and Clinton can pull this. Google the pilgrim purists -- future -- -- Accenture in about a con Conklin. An entry there there's a whole lot more information and there. But in the -- set up well -- -- and call from him and bill and integrates very interesting point that I wanted to him to be able to tell. We're was loosening of -- more more time and think about what you're and to get -- human repeat -- -- -- new trial but it is important child but that. You got out and -- -- each year we look into your private matters. The and he's not disclosed that product and it -- -- -- greatly. -- like in that recent example would be Obama doing his school record okay so -- apply that good back to them. Well then what would you attribute it to be rendered that. Something's I think your -- So they're operating on. Two standard. Something it -- you know -- if -- to agree with the concept that would be gotten out -- -- what does -- matter -- and it stopped. And development by for example their behavior. And the reaction after I that. An update documents or is that apple. I think you've got a very good point there are made of regional and verbatim what are revealed tonight and what you're talking about. Have been leaning towards believing on the line with -- The national security agencies snooped on the cell cell phone conversation. Of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and 35. World leaders. Perhaps for as long as a decade. In president Obama's set to direct quote. -- don't think about. Now. If you -- That means. We have -- windows. Very powerful. Spy agency. That deals impervious to the power of the present. If you be if Pete it is line. That means. He knew about that soon was in concert with the let me go back to get. He really didn't know then perhaps we see him find out the information about him that we want or about congressman or senators. But arabians exit to question of having -- golf watched. I consider to be more likely scenario. But I don't think Obama. Is that I think that he would actually am. -- powerless here and there is there are elements on the scene. Bet more powerful and then am I always thought the notion that the president most powerful man in the world kind of -- I -- back to speech that you -- -- Kennedy gave shortly before his assassination and he described. -- I'm quoting him directly. Mono ethnic and ruthless conspiracy. That had already at that time taking control of things like immediate. And education and scientific community in the United States. And and you figure you're right. We've got a president and the as it is admitting out in the open. That he did not know. Or ten years. We tapped the cellphones of 35. World leaders. And remote wake -- -- later. Confirmed that -- Parts buying. On the archbishop of that became Pope in inspired on him when it became well. So everything they say is we're doing this to protect you. Snowden is a traitor. He's killing this with all this information. That that he's giving out it's enabling laws by war. Lesser amounts to be able to protect Q so you people are just talking about this in stopping -- it's. In -- collect the information. -- -- -- But the standard right there it is not willing to think people could not into applied the standard to your -- Then you're taking. It's position. Making its position. Which. If they did not think -- ended. -- The royal wanted to keep Joseph Malone. Got to take a break for Tom let me ask you one last question. Let's. Let's just records the imagination and say. A lot of people out there Conner leading towards where you and I are leaning towards -- is it too late. To do anything about. Well. I don't know that. I can't. That question be answered until we have come to understand what we're dealing -- think we have -- understanding what we deal. The reason -- -- that -- I don't think you're from how many people that read more than. And I'm tied to the iPad and the iPhone and the computers and Twitter and email and FaceBook and etc. And I know they're watching me. And I got to use that. So that's when I asked the question of okay. -- and seemed to be leaving in the same direction. We'll get to what he gonna do about it. Room. Announcing -- the weekend where I'm wrong and I don't really have that one thing he year. Where I'm wrong about -- Tuesday 01 point seven told free. 86 fixated on 170. Abdel biggest 70 in the morning 53. Thank you -- governor of the -- pretty important -- -- of privacy because we love -- technology so much from it would only the love. We -- and we candor with the about it you're losing body produce its herself on the upward and onward my opponent. Actually didn't call him with the goods -- -- -- I -- up on -- on. Well 97%. That is a ups repels down. We can get privacy what did you rated all this mean -- -- stumbling over an article list I've from the telegraph and major newspapers in London. That as the US allies. On -- perhaps. During. After and after the conflict. Where he was elected monitored its phone calls. In the residents were -- Monitored telephone called submitting bishops and cardinals. In the Vatican in the lead up to the gauntlet. And promote Google to receive their whole lot more to it. And one of the callers we've we've had a conversation weren't mentioned. Along -- semblance. National Security Agency. -- on the on the cellphone conversations of 35. World leaders for about ten years and President Obama should quote. North and about that now a lot of people in particular -- museum which I don't trust Obama. But if he is well. Could not the most powerful clandestine spy agencies in the world. Have access to documents. Email. -- Whatever it would reports. That shows the president did not. Name maybe they have let that go I haven't seen that in the so let's just suppose and one difficulties and you know that Obama telling true. That being supposedly the most powerful man in the world. Did not note. What his own spy agency was doing -- or five world leaders. And again and it may be up there I just haven't seen him. When you go looking for President Obama is coming on saying well this abroad in the group and more user. He has said. We'd win may produce up -- that. So is -- -- -- -- Does he not have the power -- agent. Hit it working answers all of these are just questions. Not a thing where it out as we continue to assess. Them. I don't have anything Ariba. And and going wow. They can monitor to -- all the time. And some of the things that that we didn't happen. When you believe. This is pro important policy America's. -- broke relations. National Security Agency. Is in April trading. So the world's biggest technology companies making off with the private communications. Of millions. I'll war communications and of course not to worry. Not listening it and they're not reading them they're just. Putting him in the big bank and they've got these supercomputers. That -- running through them looking for terror. Not to worry. Now will be stored in the cloud forever. And whatever else we do will be. Doctor and but don't worry. Frosts me. But the problem it's not until Ross the company your -- Cabrera -- bad news for -- technology companies. Who have been complained for months that the government's secretive intelligence operations. Are threatening their business and driving customers. Towards foreign. Competitors. Here's who have congressman's senior member of the intelligence committee. So I think today the new technology companies -- an impossible situation. They're obligated to cooperate with an -- because of security. And recent leak -- revelation threatened and they did -- to negatively. Impact the company's bottom line is gonna hurt their votes. So it's good of the past. If I'm not doing anything wrong and then there's no problem. And assemble a crow also slips by perhaps you knew about there's a and important this. It's called so far -- AR. Suspicious. Activity. Reporting. In this -- isn't even in -- This isn't looking for the group. That under this plan and what is the Bush Administration says the soft stars. Suburban -- -- after 9/11. One of those was and national lines -- Francis. To help law enforcement report people engaged in suspicious activity. People might be terrorist. So. We've got this city government run program. That is asking our our law enforcement people. To report -- people with suspicious. Activity. I know there's probably nothing concerned yeah that would breathe a little history. And see what happens to countries where it becomes -- -- You know my cards. Is doing something and I'm not sure relief trucks. As a liberal and conservative. My brother was doing something. Good news of -- I don't want to be called him Monday in its. Or the Justice Department -- -- -- report. Here's another article. Why -- reporters nationwide. Peter. Team Obama. Imports from elements or not just Ireland with the in this story this -- -- and a New York Post. So the reports have we have -- more. Problem we use cellphones. When we use in the human. -- we need to meet sources. In person. And the article goes on to list. All of the media. That are under suspicion. And have been holding court at have been threatened. By information gathered -- The government. All things to think about it I think in the pink coral rubble of with the governor bill -- seventy numeral 53.