WWL>Topics>>10-31-13 12:10pm Garland: on NOLA entrepreneurs

10-31-13 12:10pm Garland: on NOLA entrepreneurs

Oct 31, 2013|

Garland talks with Tim Williamson of Idea Village about the burgeoning group of entrepreneurs making New Orleans their home.

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I know what did the emails I get the tax target Facebook's gloom and -- over the negative things wrong. Usually just don't listen. I would. Would submit it. That we probably do more shows on all -- nor. Come into this Serbia for Katrina. I think in the whole lot bigger numbers in the rest of the country Michael -- -- Of the -- would you know he communities that it just everywhere they look they're seeing new people new businesses new opportunity. And Jim Williams who whose true width of sincere news more corporate owners of -- do you village. Where they. Innovation and creativity and invention is the song -- the -- -- better every -- And he pointed out that initially it was chose the young entrepreneurs overcome and now we're getting season. Entrepreneur and which which mean can be and still young but did experience. And what we've got here Tuesday. I had -- just coming you know -- on technical challenge. When -- first for a bit. From challenging New Orleans that mean we can in the -- the world knows that. But this is a combination of partnership would run the company from routes and markets only to tell you about that. And it brought a couple of -- with them lethal toys patent license. Being over -- products. Been known doctor killed the big idea of those in the press chart that I come it will talk about. We have Anthony who did I'm -- I go wedges. I go by JOK. Chip and about. Yes media's. Wrong if you've been working with startups. Essentially companies. Headed up strategy at one point proposed venture capital groups. And their relative that is what they bring to this food challenge very impressive and we combine this with something a little bit different to. G capital this is one that Michael. Talked about all the time when the review duties have been polluted city. There -- can review and -- -- -- to help college students and their birds technology draw. What's in technology and creativity. It's all right -- today. So on the -- where this will soon have Michaels of our chief information officer. G capital New York Michael welcome thanks for having me everybody welcome true. Let's -- opportunity usual -- challenge exploit. Well we'll -- you said it right that. Foods we are the best in the world and we also have an opportunity to be -- -- silicon valley of food as well why are we not the best starting up. And create new startups to this year we launched the arch partners season which started July and will culminate in March -- and was not a week. To really focus on the best ideas in the war -- in 2014. But we have a tremendous group of technology companies that were working on. They're going through our accelerator program we've seen some great ideas in education. We have an education challenge to focus on education steps. Water is another industry we focus on we've come here in the past. But this year we were surprised that we saw a group of food entrepreneur scandalous. And -- small cluster of food not present these unique products. And we looked around his wise or not say he's focused effort on simply focusing. Stunning new food optional ventures. But more importantly the networks and the expertise here is the best in the world as you mentioned we're partnering with -- foods. We're part of -- uses tee Martin for commander's palace and they want to lie and commerce Tabasco on and on all we -- so -- incredible. Leaders and experts in launching new food products what we're doing is connecting those networks to local entrepreneurs. As starting in in this month we were for the five entrepreneurs refer him to. Was -- and at least talk about the specific programs were regulate. -- demo day in December. It's a combination of of a partner pitch with top -- Each of the arch partners prepare food. Peace and -- it's their business. And in the room will have about twenty to thirty of the leading food experts in the world's and in north doctrine or equal have a whole food day to talk about. Did the new ideas coming out food in the world as well as network so this is a natural competitive advantage industry that we have. And that's are progressing fourteen years in -- pollution. It just seems right now focus on where we could be great we've always been great and and really connect in the arch partners in the food industry to this. Global network of BC's partners and corporation. Our lips like her first record run back and talk to these experts on this Sunday and veterans them what is the hoop challenge mean where's it going. What's the in game all of this stubborn -- the -- every -- immoral 53 via. -- I got to admit I get excited William we have shows like this have been here for forty plus years cultural from -- the bugs that probably. Reasons won't. And it made it to New Orleans and it was the blue guy that says the city I don't care -- Is just being cut -- Katrina happened I thought we were done and I think we're better off today than we ever work. -- what that is with -- guest we heaven studio at this point Tim Williamson presidency you'll idea village we've got. Mike Bauer -- -- -- officer -- GE capital New Orleans. We also have Judy. And that I'm calling -- Tony. Here to help with something that -- put the other also. Lisa -- and -- out into the licensed movie room projects. Been in an -- from spotlight. And are all here for something called boot challenge but before. American food challenge to show you. All of -- of meshing together we heard about the broad challenge. And we heard about these separate thing. Where G capital and you know are teaming up to help college students land that burst technology jobs. Usually though would have been two separate -- but now it's all beginning. To mesh so the bottom line is my. What happened was it happened where you for a while you're here. Well I I grew up in Idaho and I moved here with chief from Paris because. New Orleans with such a fantastic opportunity for us as a company. Now we have done -- five New Orleans as an opportunity to grown technology talent. And we moved here in 2012 and it's been a fantastic outcome ever since we have about a 125 people on board now. And were serving a company now serves a hundred countries worldwide. And they you know partners his. Well we're one of the largest financial institutions in the world so if you were to look at us like a bank you would probably see in Europe that we. Retail banking institutions you know ATMs those kind of things people put their checks their their paychecks in deposits. In the United States were predominantly. And merchant retail cards and we serve the middle markets that we provide operational funding. And foreign funding for companies in the market. And we're about a 46 billion dollar company and revenue. And we the employment outlook of 2000 people -- six beat 46 with a B. Welcome. That and a sort of through that it. Well we're great to be here because what it's truly. A unique opportunity what's happening New Orleans what do you do with human. Well with you know where we're creating a partnership that allows kids to get into the IT industry faster. And wiles than to gain real enterprise in -- experience before they graduates when they go into the marketplace that no longer looking for the first two years of experience they actually gonna have -- and I should accelerate their ability to to grow their rights he career in software development team infrastructure etc. The great thing that we get out of it is -- we're gonna get early access to some great talent and the two years that there in pre graduation programs that are going to be working on T systems in the earnings are tools and our technology so. By the time they're ready to graduate they're going to be just like every other employee and know lot about our internal systems. And so the we're gonna put him through two more years of certification -- so after four years. I'm in the apprenticeship program they're going to be highly trained engineer ready to either stay with two years to more. It. Lisa you're obviously have been failures you've always been an electric bill -- they're short tonight to -- patent and then license. Seven doron product will lecture on the show anyway. We've done a broken like Marc I think. -- determine what -- -- talked to jeopardy. And to -- which -- so to this much -- you're from Chicago you're headed up strategy for Zurich. -- Zurich's Scudder. Thought it would be scooters venture venture capital group during the well we're going to everything that concept development competitive assessment business model development. -- what does all that mean what you can do essentially having the Swiss army -- her early states to coach for the last decade and a half. Whether they needed an important media capital side work side by side in startups. -- advised to stay in any of them -- Probably -- mostly financial services oriented so a lot of ones that would be sold in the large institutions. I'm supposed to out individuals and consumers. So I do boot -- child via. Who in my blood what. Come view and what would get -- -- so win when Tim first approached me about the food challenge I was actually very excited about it I've. In addition to the work -- some -- -- early -- there's -- a lot of time in and around restaurants my first job when I was fifteen years old. I'm never seem to get down that industry out of my out of my blood. But so does the food challenge offers -- great opportunity for me to bring my experience working with -- early stage companies. And and apply to a new industry an industry that maybe hasn't seen the level of innovation. And with entrepreneurship having such a boom going on in this country right now we've learned a lot about how to build. Great ventures and and how to build better entrepreneurs and so. The opportunity to work with idea village in this great city which is Tim says I think is the silicon valley of food. On this on this challenge is that it's is a great chance or do. Let me better understand this while veco win -- to have this great idea. Recruiters so hard -- If market abuse and sort of world that story and bring -- to do you -- well. So what would we look at everything from the concept of the product to how you're gonna acquire customers what you're differentiation in the market's going to be. The ways that you can cost effectively grow -- scale that business what type operations you need. And how to really think about your product in your business in a fundamentally different way. One of the things that our program is really seeking to do is not just build better businesses but to build better business people and so we're working a lot on the foundations. For -- partnership. That whether it's this venture or whether it's an X venture. You know when you're an entrepreneur it's it's not something that that stops with that first idea. You get those ideas again and again and so our goal is to help you not just during this. -- -- program to move. Yourself forward faster but also prepare you so you've got a set of skills you can apply to a variety. See you shaking your head yes. Does this essentially what you do to him and so on what thing. Well it's it's difficult to disagree with what he's saying it's it's an amazing program and tactically it put it together. We we've worked together logistically -- worked together to create the program but I'm more passionate about seeing entrepreneurs realize their passion. And to do it intelligently you know immediate Smart leaning committee gave their risk because there's such a high rate of failure. I IC programs like this. Interceding and making that kind of the difference. And I didn't give me an example I viewed on an open. Talks how do you mitigate rich what what do you look at that when you. Approved -- category. You know -- phrase what you don't know -- -- so. It's all about educating them not just on the tactical process that we actually. Delve into some of the more psychological barriers as well to success. So we drilled down on line we use -- business Candace modeling for. Identifying where they're and the broad mapping where they -- where the need to go to get to what ultimately their vision is. But we also teach them in a more organic way how to address things on the -- and realize that it's it has to be nimble process because it's. It's. Evolving and forming as -- Or is it -- the victim like in the Jeanne. Capitals and there partnership that you know. I could explain to him freshman sophomore junior or whatever I hear about the program. What do I even do do is and where -- go what talked whom would have -- get out of it. And does it cost me. Well first of all doesn't cost you anything but it -- Obama -- he can't so. The the I think for this freshman sophomore. They should be talking to the career guidance people you are now. Because there's a lot of self paced learning that they have to do to get into the program so there's kind of like. AA when I called the passion factor so you really have to demonstrate that. Technology is just not something you wanna do it's something that you wanna live around he wanted to be a part of and then once your junior you can apply for the program and tenure in the program for two years at that point. And then once you graduate you apply to work duties and then you're in another program for two years so it's for your total program and its. It's it's a high -- have what would be called a traditional coop where you go to work for a little while you give up a semester you go some place you go work. This -- you don't have to give up year timeline on your graduation so you go to you go to school during the day and you -- work at night and it's all around technology when you're learning. Produce huge huge. Offices all over the World League -- in trouble right absolutely the G model is very much about it's you know the global experience and not only do they get ability to see other parts of the world through their career. Mean I'm a good example of that I've lived in seven different countries over the last twenty years and it's -- been given to -- fine by G. The the other thing I think that they get that's a little more. Applicable to New Orleans as you get to live in New Orleans you get to you all the great -- New Orleans and you get to work globally with teams all around. The world so people and our facility are working with teams in China India. All across Europe and across the United States South America so we have a lot of global cooperation. Going on -- products we deliver. Are trying to -- and up we've got a lot of young people that lose in the sure and talk to -- ago. FaceBook and Twitter is an email from them and stop and talk to me and street. If you're out there you're listening to the future you're listening to future I don't think New Orleans could ever contemplate and it's exciting. And we got people appear that they can give you tips on starting companies sustain the company. Going into something that you know they can pick human later I Gibbs called -- 601. That beat somebody told three. Anywhere in the country it's six fixated 9087. Are welcome back. A pretty good to. One of our callers but I emphasized. And I don't know how to really emphasizes. But. Were we were pre could trigger yet and we were different yup we have one of the best in what we did but what we did -- always felt. Was very small is very provincial. And wouldn't care if we were dropping by under the categories. Katrina hit a lot of us think we're done people like Tim Williams and come back home sort you don't you Love Boat people to. So we've got these entrepreneurs coming from all over the world not just come and help but to live here. Got a number of -- as soon you -- today and I think for the person that -- on the show. We're starting to see there that the cross hatching. Well what was. Joseph us young entrepreneur roots. Coming to a place they could -- coming to a place where they had written without going broke. Come into play for -- -- a start up with a lot of overhead. Two seasoned. Business people. That are coming here to lend their expertise and benefit from what's going on so I think it's incredibly exciting times before -- go to -- let's bring in -- -- appreciate the call thanks for calling him. All of them and I appreciate the little plan -- and all. I am 25. Got Bewkes. And I'm looking distort -- preservation order. Although I know the real estate market isn't that great -- But that's kind of where. I come in because. Foreclosures are are still high from what I understand. And go home. I'm just trying to see gives them advice on and on how Portugal about it. Look into it a little bit but I'm still -- in the grade -- oh about how should work my investment would. I'd like to get into the flipping out well and actually. Okay Lisa Jim I -- Anybody. I guess I know I won the coin toss them out. So I think with with any business one of the first things -- unidentified. Ours is the difference between towns and unknowns. And so you know in your question you said he you know he he he think the real estate business. He is is a certain thing you think foreclosures are really high. So a lot of data out there that's available and one of them the first things that you can do. To test your idea before you invest a dime or obviously make the big -- Is to really go out there and pursue those. Those sources of information so you can confirm. That in fact that opportunity is there. We we do a lot of our work with -- our entrepreneurs. To try to figure out. Does the tricks and -- if you will. Before you set up your hot dog stand on that corner how do you prove that people on that -- -- -- -- -- -- so yeah. You know what are the what are the things this the data sources that you can reach out to the people you can talk to. That can that can help you get. To turn some of those assumptions. In the facts and data. I'm one of the things that aren't I we'll share which has evolved beyond partners and I and I know that the food cool -- -- is a great this program is a great example of it. People are very generous of spirit and time. Win your passionate about what it is that you're trying to do and so you know there's there's probably now a lot of real estate agents. Or die other folks at banks or others that you need to talk to. That wouldn't invest five to ten minutes that pat answer a couple of key questions for you. As a way of sort of helping you along your journey so -- never never be scared to go out there and -- Resident Manuel idea I really appreciated and look forward to actually making that -- one day. And I appreciate -- government. Can -- like yeah well I I I I think this sort of two -- some things we talk about today. You defected GE is in town and is opening up their global networks to local talent and able to get not only direct. Work. And and skills but an opening up to a global networks. And the fact that you have GA and Lisa in in the city willing to work with -- lot of -- over their networks. And for the food challenge we have tee Martin and David their -- -- from commanders and David their rally foods and -- Rouse from arouses and -- return from naked pizza. If any entrepreneurs out there was great about the world's as the networks from place to help you as chase said. You're one question away from you guys build networks to find those answers and the great thing is we -- or some place that's why it's work. And there's and it's scaling globe would -- there's anyone out there who has an idea find that person that can help you if you don't know the person where one person away from somebody. And that's as excited about what he he's doing what's exciting about this -- challenge. And it really is an exciting time to be in not current world. -- in you know rubbing -- trying to prove that they compete to won't work. But Apocalypse Now he doesn't go to somebody -- was -- they have -- I don't know but right I would never -- they get because. -- or anybody. Else to take somebody who's coming in town that I think is and he great story local boys come into town next week. John currents who is a award James Beard award winning shelf the an incredible entrepreneur who lives in Jack. In Mississippi Oxford Mississippi believes that to a keynote speech here at this CAC. On Wednesday. It's open to the public but. You know here's an incredible nationally acclaimed food entrepreneur who's from the -- -- lives away. But he's coming home knowledge to share his story but opened up his networks. But that's another opportunity to bring home our ex pats. Who would. Would you ever have Angelina is truly working on French Fries and bring her position. A wouldn't mind that I would love that if we Angelina -- out there we levity involved with the way I'm sure she's lifting -- choose -- -- come right back -- -- Morneau make this quick group got up and you were here and all we're talking about I think it was launching -- challenge. And we've got experts appeared that to light since her own -- products. About. One and on behalf of clients that are over thirty million dollars in sales. No one headed up startups for a very long time venture capital groups. -- also have a representative broker -- GE capital chief information officer. A Mike Bauer who's working with you and all -- but from program. Forgot to ask him like why did you -- not view but Barton G because. But. And we started opening technology senators in 2009. A there's 2009 and eleven. And in 2012. We did nationwide search of where we wanna open and other technologies tenor man that's when we picked New Orleans and we pick New Orleans because of the business climate that's growing here and the opportunity around technical talent and and the ability to. To be a member of the larger community that's really our missions. Sure glad to have him there -- -- some. For these young people listening and ends you you don't -- 24/7. That we were talking about it. And for the young people would -- -- -- sort of wanting it and but what some of the primary things don't be focusing on even to get into what you're talking. Right so. One of the biggest challenges I face personally with the amount businesses and then seeing consistently come up with the entrepreneurs and had the privilege of working classes. Building a solid foundation. We get this very idea I would think it's a great idea without really validating editing any real research to Jay's comment earlier. Talking to other folks or. You know maybe those are metrics are what are we need to do to. Develop. Some sort of quantify to research that tells us this isn't a valid idea we're spending more time and money and I would say it's building that early stage. Foundation certainly connecting with other experts in the field that would be willing to perhaps consult your mentoring you through the process. And being prepared being prepared. -- give you specific. A good -- -- billion dollars for the auction coaches and target time. -- -- that we're not open Tuesday and use you ought to be looking to find out of people and battery or the global. -- You know we. Seen entrepreneurs and and startups use a wide variety of math that says sometimes it's a matter of taking a box of Korea talks -- the corner. And standing there and really using -- to talk to people about what they like about the hot dogs what would how often -- down -- street corner. How often -- hot dogs connecting with the customers but we found consistently I think if you look across entrepreneurial successes. Is that the more you know about your customer. The better and higher percentage you mathematically that -- -- do you stand out there proceed from. I think I think if you know your if you know your customers deepest well I know for example that not only do you like to -- your thoughts on how you. -- -- -- You build a relationship with the customer that's different than somebody that's just walking by mr. They're hungry at that moment though via we all go back to the same coffee shops and generally agrees to buy and the -- knows exactly how we like it that's one of the things that connects us. Not just to a coffee can access to a coffee shop into that business. And so when you see entrepreneurs that are out there. Looking for these kinds of places where they can -- I think traditionally you -- a much higher percentage of success. -- enough time to them appropriately just -- a student here. I due diligence of food challenge we're what does that mean what's good and don't what's the in game. Was specifically we've identified five local entrepreneurs that would -- put to an eight week intensive accelerator program. The first culminating event will be in December will be showcasing those five launch partners. Who received strategic consulting from. And the -- positioned them to basically launch by December will introduce in just from the key. Leaders in the food industry. We'll get an opportunity to either secure funding or more partly distribution deals opportunity. We then we'll have during the was not in a week which is march 22 and 28. Of next year 2014. A showcase event around the food industry and entrepreneurship. So will bring in food arch partners as well as local and national. Leaders from the food industry. I'm really just to Shia a spotlight on on the ones as as -- said. As potentially a a national for food -- pressure so that's what the food challenges of that's really the beginning but we really wanna do it is to spark the community to. Engage any by within the food and issue whether you're not there are more police on with in the industry. You know the local grocers like grosses or rally foods or restaurant terrorist. To get involved because that we can connect those networks around. Engaging their expertise opens the door for more of partners of this is the that a beta test we just started out and we hope this will be an annual challenge. Our annual opportunity during a march in -- season will grow grow grow. To be so beyond just pulling -- -- here. A lot of bars seafood industry -- best stuff in the world but like. Well the United States buys. For more foreign trip and then they do here is this the kind of thing that -- thinking about changing and selling to the world. Sharp and aunts and differences in thinking. I have an -- idea where anyway ago so they know there's now place to go that you and I both know we have so many people in the food industry with -- -- think what does that do idea. And rather than just think about not doing about it is now a network in place and program in place a process to take scale. You never know we have -- -- out there right now -- I've got the greatest idea but most of -- don't go -- witnessing -- still. -- cup and injured in -- citizens in our zone Chicago Paris coming your success. Commute. And help society in. Its. That didn't know how we did I did know how we do it and of course is that that could be good music on your. Right. Had really go wrong. Ladies and gentlemen thank you some four components to view more importantly thank you for coming to trust him monetary. Where what were the real. Have a good. It. We'll get him to me to have people who classics on -- meal on highway forty and -- -- 113530. Gonna have some of my horse there that they're gonna auction off to raise money for charity groups in the break and we'll see you there.