WWL>Topics>>10-31-13 1:10pm Angela: on ghost stories

10-31-13 1:10pm Angela: on ghost stories

Oct 31, 2013|

Angela talks with Renee Dodge of Haunted History Tours and Arthur Smith of the Louisiana State Museum and takes your calls on your own personal ghost stories.

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Happy trick or treating and I hope you're having a terrific Halloween it's always a special thing in the world -- I'm beginning to think however that Halloween is more for adults and children. But as I see people so so many of us. With costumes on today okay. New Orleans was just named them number one destination in America. For celebrating Halloween. Are we surprised not for a moment. We are probably the country's most haunted city. Not everyone is a believer but there are enough to give us a reputation. As a place to check out. Today we are going to talk about. Ghost stories for two full hours now if you had an experience or knows someone who has we would love to hear from me. Just Collison 2601870. Or 866889087. Police tell us restore I talk over the years to people with an incredible experiences. So don't think old they'll think I'm crazy you're not. You have experienced something. All you need to do is tell us about it will someone. Who does know all about ghost and sightings of those ghost is Renee dodge. A local tour guide who gives -- with a haunted history tours and has worked with that the builders ghostly gala event. And soon on the phone and on the phone however we had -- were so grateful to Arthur Smith who's the director of marketing. At the Louisiana State museum and I welcome both of you. This is going to be a very exciting hour. I wanna start with -- Renee. Because you have done so many of these historical tours what is it about our city makes sense the most talented. Well and so I think. First of all you have to consider what it turbulent history New Orleans this hat from the very beginning is violent death. Very strong emotions attached to -- these are all things very very. Conducive to the paranormal. And to the ghostly experience is saying behind think about this with such harsh living conditions. When we were starting and in some cases still today. It was a place full of alligators and snakes and mosquitoes. Hurricanes. War is floods fires disease. We've got the perfect storm for -- here. By very strong emotions are involved and haunting it's too. And we have all these different cultures that we're here together and people going through all of this very harsh conditions that is not conducive to indifference. That is absolutely correct. -- -- sort of laid the environment for -- so we are rich in many of these aspects that could. Lead to great on things and Angela I think -- one more reason we have so many analysts here I believe because there's one more thing that. Keeps spirits here is that unwillingness to crossover. And I'll tell you right now it's going to take a lot more than death to pry me out of New Orleans stuck. Editor isn't that wonderful statement Arthur Smith I I truly appreciate you joining thank you are doing and you know our our incredible states buildings are wonderful buildings are not immune to days. Haunting and you have have you personally had an experience. Well not me personally it Angela but certainly we've we've over the years you know we've we've. And custodians of these ancient wonderful buildings since -- you know six. And in that time I mean so many stories have just been collected and about. -- today otherworldly cup experiences here. At the man to become build out of -- legacy. Which are all of -- at Louisiana State museum. Properties here. That it that so well. Well Warren collection of lore. About the buildings there and they come from guests -- from people on and people who you know who work at different functions here at the museum. So this squad that's quite a collection of stories of. Our normal. There there is that was the wonderful article in the paper the other day about the terrific guy whose work there and has actually seeing things it's very open about it and with no apology. Yeah that Jimmy Jackson boulevard securities. And you know the story is that he was telling war war. Share -- a lot of people who who you know who work demands that they work after hours. We had ghost hunters here about two years ago. And the originally gonna do an hour half an hour show. About the men -- that one of the whole hour and doing it on Halloween he's so it was. They found -- funded think particularly conclusive but the place. In those wee hours is spooky enough that it made quite a show. I bet it did now. Tell me about some of the ones that that -- was talking well it. There's -- that it -- a course in history I'm glad and he brought. The fact you know visas some of these sorts of things in history wanted to get the -- that's most famously associated with they don't do it meant as a a guy named William Mumford. Who has. A confederate sympathizer and apparently bit of -- -- as well. And when the union army occupied -- -- in April 1962. Mumford was rather upset and he went down -- the men. And -- them. The American flag and the union flag from. From the meant which has just been raised on the it the union army. And ripped then stuck -- in his pocket and went on a spree in and showed him about it and these fragments of the -- start the strides and churn up a couple of days later. Was arrested. And brought down to the general Butler. And face trial and within a day or two with the executed at the minute. It was a huge. -- in the confederacy at that point because it sort of became a smaller for the confederacy. Com. -- From the it could tank apparently. From what we understand from saint black hole. So it pretty gruesome. And he is said to -- the meant and then there are other stories that perhaps. The presence -- -- some times down there and sometimes the very coal presents. You know you you get a sentence you alone -- or envelope. You know unexpectedly -- -- go on and off. That it might actually be either Mumford -- war monstrous mother who's -- searching for her lost son and so. That's one story you know. There's one thing if if people think they see something they're hearing the history of it. And they see somebody dangling. -- we we UC doors opening by themselves are. And I know some of the catering people you know classes have jumped to be now. What is. Well that we call of the party crashes at the via. That can build I mean. You know we do a lot of events here weddings and receptions and you know all kinds of things after hours and a lot of catering to what -- the law but. There are times when catering people would report that they -- carrying a tray of drinks. Or there you know can't you know campaigns or whatever analysts said the will be uplifted. Now maybe this is just. Maybe it's just an excuse for. You know spelling them thanks but it'll be uplifted and everything goes on the floor and is count. And you know that's that that happens often enough that we think that. There there might be some sort of the mischievous. Presence there at the -- them out Corsica build it was old old old. And who knows what went without presents this. I wanna move over but I'll just stay with the -- will Renee. Other areas of the quarter. Others in the corner want it. OK I think the whole quarter slotted to tie the -- Angela. Everywhere around the two buildings certainly is I'm one of our first. Fires are first fired 1788. Has created a haunting that's called residual -- Which means rather than just an active ghost who is standing guy. Unable to crossover this event created such an impression. That there are remnants of that left behind but it's really usual. And Good Friday of 1788. The military treasured gone home from his office which by the way would have been in the building where the builder stance today. He went home it was Good Friday he was worried about he knelt down to pray. So very windy night however so the wind displaying the curtain into his room -- billowed over some candles. His homeless engulfed in flames he ran out it's the middle of the night only he can think to do is to -- to the church entering the bat well. This didn't happen. Because of it being Good Friday the talent and covered with burlap and blankets. So could not possibly rain by the time they got the bell uncovered to do any good. Four fifths of the city had burned down -- -- 12100 souls lost their line it's. And I don't know about two that I cannot imagine a more horrific way to die -- by fire yet self talk about strong emotions violent death on the hand of those who died in the strong emotions. Of those who are left behind to survive and rebuild. And they finally getting back on their feet and 1794. Attention of the second fire. And here's how this ties in with the compelled. They have fire. I think you know this Arthur is back in 1988. Yes. That destroyed most of the third floor and part of the roof they had to close the building down. Even though the lower two -- -- that damaged by fire all the water from putting out of the fired and substantial damaged. They had to move everything out of the can build low and set up shop over at -- John's legacy. But you don't they were able to move back into the could build a building. In 1994. So that's almost 200 years after the second fire and the fired happened almost 200 here's exactly after the Paris Paris. Really inconsistent year in there -- little coincidence I was in 1981 vividly. We're going to continue our real life ghost stories we're gonna believe today because we -- an open mind. Stay with this I'm Angela on that everywhere. You look at about a serious time. How you -- casino game but tomorrow. But those stories and made this happen. And it happens in our great state buildings they have an individual homes. And they have happened outside of the city as well let's go to Craig Daniels and amended bill. I you do mentally I'm doing great. I have. That I was in high school let that happen. -- rhetoric. He drove Clinton and drown this settlement treatment course and -- on its -- electoral. We're gonna do. We could have -- After an eight iron and released him. And I was really complete denial about it and everybody judges didn't believe it. Actually -- -- -- Mad mad and mad. That we -- to carry. -- Back and who's been running for and I just got my license. It and I was looking at and I had -- that need to go. I need to be -- flying. Because that. You know we're certain -- through. You know got -- and Lisa are you -- We wish to that's what I do and that's what I do it. In not a monster that you need to go and right now now I need it. And then I would. The public and that if that was written there's a tradition here. Majority would simply -- -- -- because nobody wanted to. Try to dig in his jeans myself. -- As you become cabinet so -- -- right. The -- -- -- that we -- room. Together. Dad -- despite. The it and would push -- other way too long relationship. Am -- you do after he. Joined him in court that he was starting -- that commands interest rates have felt that was reduced supply. This restaurant where many. You refused would be good because it. And -- To determine. I'm gonna try -- -- mr. sessions we'll get him off the ground. Rules and the actually. Did you physically see him. You know I actually actually undergo. Usually it usually can't help but man that's -- I'd get -- and I don't know I need. Because I don't send it was -- -- you know because you don't strap an -- at twister around did you see his name. You're. Saying. I'd be viewed as. He refused. To add to that point. And death sentence that would do it right. And pitched about two hours. Has gone out that there. And try to do it right behind me. To do and should -- that -- was me out and they couldn't find things should be left and went back and it. Bruce. I was. I'm. -- -- a good flight. And now. Were you scared at all. And you know I mean that. -- I -- I think it was in -- kind of turned into. Okay. You and me and I believe that left him good. So we're you know -- -- -- -- -- actually kind -- try to get behind. It and think because I couldn't do it and -- couldn't do it. Because. It. I would really appreciate you Craig calling in the story it's really a beautiful story. It's a very sad thing that happened to your family but a great moment for you and your brother. Thank you very much credit for calling him. Stay with this we're going to have many more ghost story we first have to go to our super ghosts that is that Don James. You bet against those stories and -- I really appreciate it just calling and talking about the story -- his deceased brother finally taking a flight with them that was very meaningful. All right we're back with -- dodge and Arthur Smith and we're talking about. -- that have been sensed are seen in public buildings but when you have one that's the bulwark Ortiz. Yes this is the -- -- house and I really love this story because I love the French Quarter. And I -- its architecture. And the story really brings together two times. When it was almost all lost forever the first of course would have been the civil war. We escaped destruction simply by virtue of being occupied remain out of likes the occupation but. It's saved our buildings. We did not turn into say Atlanta. Yes. The other time that of course everything was in danger was in the twentieth century when everyone's -- -- a modernized get rid of the old south who needs it. And those two times come together in this story. General. Peter good stuff to tumbled -- of course was the general for the confederacy who ordered the first shots fired in the civil war. After the civil war he lived in that building for a Tripoli just under a year. He also led one of the bloodiest battles of that war -- that was the battle of Shiloh. -- imagine during the time that he is living in this home. That he's working through a lot of emotions. A lot of -- a lot of feeling because when we think of sending young boys -- worded data at 1819. Years we're talking since twelve and thirteen in this war. And they -- the casualties. What numbers and look at today and were appalled. Shiloh. The loss of slap on both sides I don't remember the exact number two -- well over 20000. Of these young boys who and that's what he's working through. And Francis Parkinson ties. This of course and author who wrote numerous books a lot of them actually sat in the French Quarter and she mentioned that home. In the mid twentieth century the -- had fallen into disrepair says she worked very hard at its restoration. And she would have parties she lived in the back buildings behind the court yardage would have parties. But everyone knew that the house in -- was off limits because it was under -- restoration. One night at one of these parties -- young lady who has not accounted for at the end of the night. And they looked everywhere in the courtyards and students the skies cottage -- looked in the bush is. Only one other place this young lady could be and that was in the house proper so they went inside an issue was in the front parlor passed out cold. They carried back to the court yard. Even smelling salts and she was so shaken by what she had seen. That it was couple hours before she could even tell them what she experienced. When she walked into that parlor. She felt very light headed. Acrid smells. Built her nostrils something like gunpowder in the walls of the room started to receive -- -- her. And she was no longer in the front room in that building of the middle class field. The young man reaching young boys in tatters with wounds reaching -- Home. Home. Home. And then she -- figuring me walking through that room stuck with each one of these boys. -- in whispering something to them. Has he reached the one who was close to her she -- insane. She. -- they showed her. A picture of general -- she passed out cold. When they finally able to revive -- she identified that as the person she had seen doing this. And Angela Shiloh is not just the name of that bloody battle. It's an ancient word meaning place of peace. That goes to this channel was clearly trying to seek comfort in those for whom he counts -- responsible. And that Nolan ever experienced what she experienced. Not that I know while while while. But I do the story that I Howell has totaled he is the tour guide -- the record -- house is self self proclaimed skeptic. He's worked there for about twenty years he's never seen anything. But one thing. There was a woman and touring the house with him who had a seeing -- doc. They went back and in this skies cottage. And his dog started growling like crazy no surfaced -- taught to not behave in that -- to -- -- started growling groundless and oh my gosh. She only does that when there's another dog present. Well what dog could their possibly be in a museum. Turns out that this is -- is have a dog named lucky. Who apparently is still haunts the back cottage at the program card companies house. So that seeing eye dogs saw something yes. Animals animals they are so sensitive I mean if you had a dog -- -- talking is something you don't see it doesn't mean they're not there. You glad that we -- a similar experience and our own house. This is kind of funny that these sect cat. Cyrus goes all the time our dog for whatever reason was totally oblivious to it. My boyfriend song I'm on another number of occasions described him as a man in grade you would see walked into the living room. Sometimes the front chair woods look like it depends sat down although it hadn't been in the MP very cold. -- much colder than the rest of the room. And that seats. And then one day I was in the living and working at the computer. And thought a song I play a friend go into the bathroom. And I was sadly you know I'm third cynical get some coffee and walked back to the kitchen was dead asleep in that. So that was not he walking into the bathroom passing that was our coasts and that's the only time that I sign him. But he hasn't been around for some reason he left us after Katrina. He enjoyed your house but looking out -- right hand -- he sure didn't scare anybody other than that can't. The -- and scared she just had hung out of them -- hit -- -- conversations that I think she enjoyed his company and what we're saying is there's room for everyone. We're gonna we're gonna be right back we're gonna continue -- following those stories it's not too late for you to call it if you had that experience. Stay with us. I'm Angela I'm done well. This is no aberration this is the real life wonderful weather guy Garrett -- From the channel four. And unfortunately I think you can tell us and as we don't wanna hear. Yeah it looks like we're probably going to be seeing some showers earlier now rather than later the way that these rains and -- it's really fast you've been tracking ship a 25 miles an hour all morning. It's almost a Baton Rouge which means areas north of the late will probably start to see some of these showers. I would say between about 4:5 PM and it would be areas mainly like western. Shoot on state media around -- made up by about four for thirty years those ones of these showers could be pushing -- and hope -- about that time. South from the lake probably closer to six or sevens still with the latest rain is moving but in July -- think we should plan money went to eat here. To be the bearer of bad news which you know this is like god made and that's right doesn't mean that you can't trick or treat. You just have to be right but one thing we do want to warn people about is there is a tornado watch that is in effect until 7 PM tonight for most of southeast Louisiana does not include the coastal communities but it pretty much includes everybody else. There's a small chance we may see an isolated tornados but the bigger threat is going to be strong straight line -- And those can be very damaging as well so my advice would be this if you wore out. If it starts to rain I think it's probably time to call it at night because the rain will likely get heavier the winds will probably pick up and then the back -- the showers will continue. Well through the evening and over bottom line treat early. -- Hartford earlier you can if you got a Smartphone I would recommend downloading our our weather app you download weather cast street contract the rain on your phone you can see it's just started for me it's gonna continue for me. It's tactical tonight you world wonder -- there can't appreciate the -- always always a pleasure talking to you ever need anything call. Oak island everybody you got thank you -- with channel four great meteorologist. Arthur are you still with him you know there was and another thing that Jimmy had mentioned to now. And older and he attributed to this Peter Akers -- -- -- It was it was committed to meant. He says he smells this thing I've often heard that that sometimes. App permissions or whenever they are. Can -- and have you percent. No never happened at something and I mutual. The reports that we get -- -- -- of the presence count the coldness. That's that people feel it sometimes -- tactic physical. We've had people say they've been tapped on their shoulders. And look around companies there that kind of thing but that's a new ones and you know -- who knows what kind of way that you know people of tension manifest. That's right I was just telling the story to Bernanke then used to work with a woman from a channel four has no longer. At the station is just like 25 years ago when she lived in an apartment on saint Charles avenue and an older building and she was a real health -- And up question small -- and that that she would periodically going to -- apartment. And horrible odor of cigarette since she got aggravated the management. And actually called laments that I told you I don't want any cigarette smoking shoes thinking workmen were coming and -- in the -- and it invasive melanoma and we would never do that. And the bottom line was that the previous occupant had died in that room. And had died and at the same and have been horrible smoked -- -- round yes so one wonders. Just we have anything else that to. What other things -- -- anything if it could build. Well the building you mentioned was it to the story about about the soldiers. Shiloh. One of the you don't have to build that was also -- jail. It was a courthouse and a chair Alan and ultimately replace an execution. But one of them most. Remarked on August presence is that the components is that. Something called -- soldier. Who appears. Hanging from the rafters of the jailhouse in the back and if you go to the bill -- you look in the back. He could see these galleries around there. It's the there -- the bars and the very heavy doors in the very heavy on our blocks is still there so it does. You know it is nothing much has changed since the days and was -- Until. People say they see in the figures of hanging soldiers in the uniform. Around the battle in the war and is that progression reform. And the story goes I don't know whether this has been authenticated. That it was some pressure -- -- it's cross since the American lines was captured. And thought today. Spot. And he was hanging in the corner and people to still says that the NC has presence. Very early in the morning sometimes you know -- -- and programs or very you know late at night especially when it's foggy day. You know what I'm listening to them I'm thinking I'm so interested in this subject. What I say OK for a week in my life on and commit to sitting in the courtyard. And I'm gonna walk and see if I -- anything it's early hours. What if I didn't. I would run and never come back patents and clarify what is the goal. We you know we've got to buy tickets. Coming in there and you know we have roots of music concept oriented. Other Babylon spent analytic just with your college bill Apatow last -- into -- ago. We were interviewing some etiquette -- -- was some of the kids. About what they -- No dominant story. Warn kids -- you know on -- this woman is looking at may just. You know peaking peeking at -- staring at me and and and you know I felt it was tapping me on the shoulder. And so -- -- -- -- -- look at the very receptive to it two the other -- ethic of their closest to. It. 22. The spiritual fuel. You know several kids can -- sort of like. And the collective commitment a lot of noise in because they're all planned. To visit trumpeted success on the spot but -- said that -- -- Enough to scare them. And that's in the debt in the same place that's and that's so like if they do a lot of receptions stacked and that's where. The party's actions also act. But it's it's great that people are open to that this might happen and not just so I'm this could never happen -- just think enough. People have seen something felt -- now sent something you know there is something you know right back please stay with this. And illness I've got to go that you'll he wants to talk may have to pay and the island of Pendleton and I go you can go or OK we'll -- next. After Holloway and everyone. Thank you Arthur Smith and we'll be right back with more of our ghost story stay with us. This is Angela dozens of well. Okay. -- dodge is our super. Friend today are those friends and she has a great story. And I am going to make it very quick because Romans the 2 o'clock hour -- we were French we were Spanish. We've done a lot of things are transition from French to Spanish was not an easy one. We had to be taken over by. Don Alejandro old Riley he became known as bloody O'Reilly bill because. He came -- took over after six Frenchman who had stage revolution against the first Spanish governor. Well he tried the man and they were -- Hank excuse -- they weren't hang they were shot. Their funeral processions still goes to parent on like oh my gosh. -- paired giggled there who since the PA. And it's carried on the raindrops.