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10-31-13 2:10pm Angela: on hauntings

Oct 31, 2013|

Angela talks with Chris Melancon of the Paranormal Society of New Orleans, Jereme Leonard and Andrew Lino of Ghost Quest Paranormal, and Hester Eby of the Myrtles Plantation on hauntings.

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And we welcome you back on a beautiful Halloween we're hoping the rain doesn't come to go to watch that. We're talking about ghost. And we talked about it for the first hour and we're gonna continue that with some other people with a different experiences. In -- city that claims to be the most haunted in America and that's not just our city but the whole area. Our next guest guest are true believers. And are now making a living searching out ghost crystal loss on its founder of the paranormal society of New Orleans and as a ghost Tyner. Soon on the phone with us is Jerome Leonard. Who was the founder of the ghost quest paranormal. And in the studio with this is Andrew Leno who was also with ghost quest paranormal. And very shortly will also be joined by Hester EB who is director of tours at the very famous myrtle plantation. Known for -- ghostly experiences. But we're gonna start with Chris and Andrew and talking about -- -- know first of all how you guys got into the business of ghost -- Well go first -- kind of I kind of fell into it. I had a friend from high school who asked for some help on an investigation and I wasn't a believer of the skeptic in never had any experiences. And yes -- come along and I just follow what the technical on the equipment side of it. And that started the -- a little bit and in you know when you know after three or four investigations acts are having experiences on the investigations and capture needy he's in BP's our electronic voice phenomenons they are something they are voices that we pick up argues recorders that we do not hear her own years. OK and there's other voices if you hear -- years -- -- disembodied voices. Since two different things OK on all of your skeptic and then you're in the business. Credible well -- we always approach every investigation with -- open mind as skeptical about the situation you know whichever location we go to. But when we get the evidence is hard to and I you know especially we go to the experiences and we actually have scientific equipment that backs and a. Okay Andrew. I got involved in this through a mutual friend of Jeremy is. Paul Matta is a front man for a local metal band called murder case. And we got invited to go on an investigation and Jeremy and I just kind of -- often. We had some fun with that -- invited me to be -- of the steam. Were you a believer. I've had a few experiences on my own and I was always a believer -- -- more like Chris I liked the skepticism of it. I liked to have actual hard evidence and facts that we can present you know our clients and things like that. We don't build up any thing and the thing that we find is it's legit it's true and like us and we back it up with scientific equipment. Okay but let's take the first case and this is the one. Chris that you said was uptown yet it's uptown who -- off the saint Charles. We have over three hours of editing video or YouTube channel and what it is -- guy I got a email. From someone who says they are having paranormal activity in their home. And so we went and checked it out in. The first investigation there was a basements at three story house but the first story was ruined we believe there Katrina was pretty much -- storage place we call the basement. -- it's really -- like fallible or film used to be like a one bedroom apartment. It's just like you know it's run down there's old store stuff in there. And real less from the get go right when we start off even do an interview you'd still cold spot right -- right or left. And down. -- pick up disembodied voices and we're getting spare -- it's spare box is something that we use it's a radio that sweeps very fast. -- milliseconds. Through each station to be able to pick -- voices -- -- to try to communicate with us and we're getting very distinctive -- through that. And after going over the evidence we picked up EVPs and we get pitchers and we -- the house and Artie was okay but there was a problem we go under the basement there's a very negative feeling there. And over the course of three investigations we have determined that there -- two male spirit there a woman spirit. And a little girl by the name of -- on that was there and you know her name. We've picked up her name on four different audio recordings on went through the spare box which you can see on YouTube channel. And two -- piece. And she was being when we got through we would get things like to despair box like she just won't minutes listen are we got a corner. In immediately after that you were here very loud scream from a little girl. And it's is coming through our spare bucks sold through that we determine that so after we had Jeremy from -- was where the issue cleanse the basement. And we went back to do a follow up and also the negative feelings on you don't feel negative in there. And then. Police -- here this little girl coming up talk to us I mean we got so many VPs of are. I think we have some of those audio recording yeah if if -- can we listened to some of those. Okay that right there we actually forgot the -- recorder in the basement when we took 45 minute break. And during that time. There's because that the spirit conversation because you hear a woman a man in the little girls talk. Can we run that one more time. So we don't know what the woman is saying or the little girl we do -- the mail saying he's saying there alcoholic. So we had accused -- the woman that we have left there's nobody around there there's only one way to get into that basement you know and we're -- top. Talking you have another one that is the little girl yes the little girl yes this is where were all standing around actually together. And the person holding the camera actually kicked over a stuffed animal. That was down there and they sent actually to dock you know in the news here this. The mommy yeah. Cleaners are now clear as a -- yeah clear as and there was no little growth down there at 3 o'clock in the morning we're investigating and a hundred degrees and and you didn't hear that until you -- record exactly we -- -- -- actually burst that's picked up on the camera. We had to do is recorder and other room that picked it up that I initially found that was that the sound is not as good. But the camera picked and a clear as day and that's the first on the camera actually -- the BBP like that but when you talk about Clinton's in a room what are you -- well we use certain things like sage and -- Verizon contract his blood. And we do is like the stage up in the we -- the place for positive energy in remove all the negative energy. And -- we've been taught this by a few different people and it's has worked. We've gone to locations where there haven't paranormal activity people are being scratched and that feeling of being oppressed is there and we come and we've Wednesday it was -- the owners how to cleanse it and there's no more reports paranormal activity after that the do you know the story of who these people weren't the little girl no we don't we do you know there is a fire there about fifty years after it was built in I believe it was built in about 1870. The home there so do -- a major fire around there but that's all the info we can get off -- we did a lot of research really could come up much. So you you. They're gone or the little girls still there she continued a little girl is still there we actually had bloody Mary. Come in and help us out with the case and she went down there and does money man bloody Mary is the beauty queen in New Orleans and she united -- on WB dot bloody marys coast. -- dot com and and she's she's very clairvoyant. She's she's she's dealt with a lot spears and she came in she helped out and she -- -- -- you know put a joke such opera -- for. And you know a -- she'd come out here play. So you know which is actually still working on the case the case is not closed yet people are still living in the home correct yes and they were not terrified. Well they -- win all the negative energy was there so once we got the negative energy out of there. They felt a lot better and they don't mind having the positive little girl there she is not hurting and being she's not hurting anymore and you know and little girl seems happier since we did the clintons prior to you Walt Cunningham that family experience not the the real thing. Some pending experienced things upstairs gathered there is an attic in -- it's three stories in his attic in the first or his course because the basement. There was a lot of do you wanna beat the had a feeling there was paranormal activity in the notice of dazed and actually. Started holding their own parent were investigating. And with that the attic be renovated. That really picked up a lot of activity one of the one one in the women there were scratched. And there was just some very negative negative energy there. OK we are talking to we're talking a whole group of people. About the ghost busting. Stay with this it's Halloween I'm Angela under the W well. It is Halloween. -- telling time. Instead you witnesses. Crystal -- and and drew -- the arena. I'm so sorry if it's there. On two different groups they work together and they're ghost -- and we now have on phone. Jeremy Leonard and who was the founder of ghost quest paranormal and we appreciate you being on the line. We're gonna go first two on Andrew who's gonna talk about. A Springfield Springfield case very famous. That's not the famous one are famous ones Mount Hermon at Springfield was still in the same classification reclassified -- some. We don't go in thinking that it's a demonic case until we get absolute evidence that it is a very very negative spirit. And we've gotten a call that. The lady well it's a family on -- -- wife and I think they had how many kids two kids. And their renovate now house. They bought it from a family who had just up and left sort of like they once at a gas station they never came back that left everything and has it looked like in a panic. So they bought the house not think in anything of it and they were living behind it and a camper while they were renovating my house. And slowly things started picking up like cabinet doors -- open and close on our own. And they would start again voices and things like that and eventually we believe that it got attached to the the lady who is inside the house. And you could tell when you would meet -- she was genuinely scared. Like some then had made itself known to. So through investigating this was actually a two part investigation. The first night that we went there. Not a whole lot had happened until towards the end where. Usually paranormal activity you'll start picking up around there early morning around one at 3 AM. And we have this device called a ram -- It's. It looks like a little canister and and as for a lights on as green yellow blue and red. And it picks up electrical intensity you have to actually physically dread the antenna for all the lights go off. And they can kind of communicate with this where we can ask that question they can line up be the degree in light over -- yellow light for yes and now. And throughout the night we the first time we then get a whole lot. And so we put the Bible on the table to see how would react to it and Ed said that they've rarely seen this before. We have them on a K two meter that those exact same thing as the rim product all the meters went haywire and they would not stop going off. Now that we absolutely verified that there was no electrical interference we've had all the breakers killed outside. Of the house no electricity whatsoever was in there. And non averse to a touching it. Scary. Oh -- knew it was it was very intense to say that because it's one thing when you see it on television and you can't really feel it from sitting in your living room. When you actually there. It's it's a different kind of experience. Did you hear anything. We didn't hear anything that night. We tried to cleanse the house that night doing a minor one because we didn't really think we thought it was a spirit that was just -- with them. It was trying to present itself to be more than a really was. So we try to do a minor cleansing and we had a family -- from the book of songs of belief. And we left that at that. Apparently we had enraged whatever was inside the house because the next day we got a report and the woman was very frantic. Because as soon as we left the house the next day that cabinets were mildly opening and shutting. She -- have any video of them opening ensure no man initial down because -- what happens is written. Its goal is to make the family lose it's mind for the most part and it once it's -- believe that it's not there. So it almost likes to drive people crazy. And the woman had been scratched we knew we were investigating -- actually saw scratch marks out of the blue just appear on her body so it it was. -- -- -- it was pretty intense secede that. What they do just leave. They left. Well the husband was he didn't really experience as much as the woman because it'd attached itself with a woman and it was tormenting her. But would really made them call back in a panic was like -- said they're renovating the house so the husband was pulling up the carpet upstairs and it actually found. -- grams and things drawn on the floorboards. And that really sparked their interest so we actually talked to the neighbors who had been there for a long time. And they said the previous family would just randomly be sitting outside some nights you know looking kind of spooked and terrified. And finally one day it went over there and asked them. He said you know are all yell outside and they set though because the cabinet so open and close in on their own it won't stop. And what we had devised from the whole situation was it was probably kids because it depending grants and everything -- cartoonish. Bullet. It doesn't have to be intricately drawl and it's just the intent behind -- can invite something inside their house and that's always think it was this kids messing around trying to be funny or. There was something that kids always do and. So did that family staying in the house to they continue to renovated. They are still in the house now put. We went back for a second time after an all that was reported back to us and this time we brought Jeremy with this. And it was this person on on the first one and some of his teammates Jeremy you you're on the line and you pick an -- Well. Actually out watching this game on the ball -- that -- -- about relief like yeah. Operator calming worried Illinois while watching the game what do these -- funny by what. I got I think you go right now like okay. The couple figured Geraldo or go for about 30 comeback. And all the cabinet doors were. And bill -- -- an -- or -- used to animate it -- -- here or -- look under look under well. Let a girl on her a filibuster. Rangers settler and a carpet -- -- all the immigrants. So we went that we -- there and I'll don't like -- -- Simple investigation that night Marco the investigation by Marco what you try to shoot. -- choose to close the poll couple -- I -- all going to be close partly because it would restrict more energy within my Yo-Yo gonna evil people with predicted that. So what -- go about football for -- -- -- we're gonna. And that that can sustain it is -- we were able comeback follow week in and do an investigation. And we say how's that what on what. Will we would do it we will we would -- prior though might well try to weaken it by. Throughout. Well we rated it is because ending -- -- They've caught in the ritual we got all the rest and investigators now. We will we have to controlled environment that we're OK we have positive energy. -- only work if we truly believe in what word do that the -- to the whole thing we surely believe what we're doing. So where upstairs. And where we're saying prayers and we have -- -- -- you can drag it and I'm standing next to the -- we -- standing by the door. -- and all of -- sudden. Chris -- down on its own his knee peachy he scratches out a call the sign -- the -- on -- -- the -- and programs for. And as he's done is there was -- -- will rally. It literally operated wells best way to describe the way how your you know I never. A real crossing your vehicle -- you feel about. That's what will life. AA he grabbed me and Chris Bury in two investigator Perry. He's very professional. Or a whole lot this year Bieber army eagerly. And created panic weakened because. Bursting into panic like that. And what we think happened was a lot apparently -- because that song like this in your spelling beer I had a -- last. Lashing out there. You know -- spate of bad weather and the rabbit. Like a -- being brought back GB and so well and they're trying to get where hold whether they can't there. And we think that that's what happened that night. Threats we. Clinton the last time there has been in the kernel like at least I mean to try to do your listeners. An example how dire this was desperately was willing to walk away from the Al that they had just bought their during to -- their families are here. To walk away from. Basically destroyed their. You know -- out here the situation well and -- about says investigators. Is college. To keep that from happening. I'm so glad that we're talking about this not just on Halloween but it's it's fascinating the whole thing is fastening hope everyone will stay with -- Because the third story is really really creeped me. Stay with this now let's join the newsroom and on it. -- we're talking. Chris Andrews and Jeremy and we're talking about those plastic it's -- people understand but in fact I need to be corrected. They're not making 11% they all have other jobs. This is sort of a labor of love and as a college a passion in one day perhaps Chula -- is that right now you're doing it because this is what you want to do. And we're gonna go back to Springfield because we're gonna kind of wrap them up that you do have some on of that so what happened after the you heard Chris screaming. Well this was that this audio actually took place before as one we were all praying and and the circle it up in a room. That depending grams and symbols were drawn and and we were saying the our father and clear as day on the audio there was nothing we -- and I was. You can hear a woman Jonas -- on that audio. We're gonna run the audio of the and what what you're entitled the temptation when the temptation. And forgive us our protests. As we forgive those who trespass against us and it is he's an Asian. But we're also being forgotten the kingdom the power and. He clearly hear the woman come right over us and say this nation. Can you run one more time. And forgiveness and as fast as we forgive those trespass against us and it is not as -- finished yet but we're saluting. Yeah you didn't have the power. It -- you didn't hear bombs happened and I couldn't and we were all downstairs and we were actually just we wanted to see if wade caught -- thing. And as soon as we all heard it come over on the speaker we all looked at each other and -- standing up on the back of -- next I mean like we said it's. It's sort of a double edged sword will we do. Does the spiritual side of it and is a scientific side of the scientific side is all theory. We don't have any real hard evidence this is volume you know -- prosperous -- It's trial and error but the main thing that we know official or is that you have to be. Greater than whatever is trying to press that has you have to stay positive. You have to stay -- -- because like I said this things whole goal is to drive your family Pollard. And not all cases alike that you know their residual on things and and things of that nature but one you deal with a demonic case you have to be bigger than what you go and -- to accomplish. We're going to be right back we have another story you'll want to hear this is the very famous line from Mount Hermon. This is Angela on WW well. Yes -- talking goes but before we don't want Morgan -- weather with parlor Don Dolan channel four hey -- -- -- -- Well we're looking at the line of storms still to our west if we try -- this out right now the latest timing. At about 4 o'clock it could be around parts of northern tangible payers through the Baton Rouge area. And down approaching a terrible -- about 5 o'clock some sections of the more short. Maybe areas west of the lake and down towards a terrible. And they may be about 6 o'clock a across most of them were short. Metro New Orleans and area south lake so anywhere after 4:5 o'clock you can look at the rain chances really start to increase so. Again if you have any plans to get out early too early but also keep an eye on the weather because we're still under way to watch until 7 o'clock for areas north delay. Mississippi and metro -- if that's orleans' -- Jefferson. A saint Charles saint -- saint -- and points to the whistle right now not under the tornado watch Saint Bernard pierce lack of its payers will boost and terrible. Thank you -- so much or more just gonna keep our fingers crossed the district traders can get some stuff and -- as a man -- -- all right Jeremy we are talking very quickly about. One of the scariest of all and that is Mount -- Get them out there might take a booklet written about it caught out of the darkness by George Benson this portrait by 2001. Day. Currently trip to -- plantation -- doubly the end. There map arising caller. That they had visitors came back -- with and started terrorize our daughter. Make goes from anywhere from sessions to -- -- you name it it happened. All we got call and actually some of our full body apparition and how that -- we were euthanasia. Taken meter which measures -- -- -- -- -- area there are treated by a locate him and Al. On a walk past the master bedroom and they're -- -- -- so turn. And peculiar spike -- held there and read more about. Infected -- went back I looked in the mirror it's been and mentally -- them and it was about seven foot doll. Now what was very strange about this man he would call it mistake was really distorted. Edit form -- go past the leak yet. It was very odd look in a stinger were -- the from the normal person anger there were very very well. Any despair ethnic or about -- -- Internet -- -- a step back he disappeared. The -- aspects like -- remember that we weren't even that night it was not cloud and there was one -- directly over how and where was all about it now. And I remember document garbage cans also support. And and what we were leaving at the picnic what it would have power locks it and -- how log ship or not now until we got about 56 mile program. Doubt apart -- investigated there we actually investigated. Members chase. -- have really good evidence EVP stuff that we -- from that how. Videos they'll look that our YouTube channel. And we'll check it out. And that I wanna give that up the YouTube channel is YouTube slash. Paranormal Nolan. Know that crisis mine is not go to class paranormal -- to. Okay ghost quest paranormal punch and throw it. On so the bottom line is still there. Yes well what happened. I actually took Gail spot which is the way don't know medium there one -- you have -- about it well that night. And actually on -- -- error that might development previous. And we did not really know how to get rid of these spring -- is not an. And our sport kind of really get my caller I wanted to be held here. Because her kids will be and possessed an error and she actually has according that it. It should bear market document everything -- people watching with -- giving -- governmental Jewish or law. If you passed psychological care. You know if it was a -- We have I think we have one of they recordings. If we could listen to that. -- -- Yes we're we're actually walking down a hallway and -- -- you hear that my -- scoring. And backed it in the background at the top of love you very angry that we're there. Did you hear when you were walking only on the machine outrage we -- -- -- -- we're -- like caught on audio. To -- it would happen to. The ethanol. Yeah. We have we have a couple of other -- replicates the geographic program radio. And it's true. Monetary how well that's what she preacher contour -- one time he was gonna get rid of this thing for. And what step foot caught on call or electric program. Shopping and grant him approach into the trial. -- it -- out there in this that would grow. Big guys. And a pair he would scream kick in when it very yeah. Gotten -- They told our contact him no more fit for. That's -- still in the home. No my campaign had in the cell and how about the case with so we don't know in that area Dixie had good -- what she told how bad it -- ought to locate. And SBC. The ball well. But no one actually lived in the house anymore. Do you did you try to do a Clinton do you think it's any better do you think the guy you saw the some voters still there. Big which I think he would field where that is one of the places that have Bobble on -- at that kind did not I didn't not know about anything should be able to. Colin -- there was -- up our side too far cooler air -- out that it -- there. OK stay with this -- now get ready for switching gears here. Coming up shortly we'll announce the code word in the 1000 dollar nationwide holiday cash contest on WW well. We've been talking with the three men who are. I guess it's their heartbeat. Looking from coast helping people to situations but we're now joined with. Pastor EB with the myrtle plantation which is so renowned for its spooks. And creepy things and Hester I truly appreciate you waiting on line so long but give me a story. I've enjoyed it. The hurdles lied to what I've been listening to. You know we invite yet to come and stay with us -- didn't hear things quite often and they liked the idea may be having their hair stroked. May be being an imprint on their -- and they have not been on it yet. Foot steps around one in 3 AM in the morning and I did mention that -- -- listen to that time. Don't that they were talking about that most things happen and that is -- on our grounds as well. I'll though you know we have Brittany -- it's we have. Children that are a bit nervous about being at the marital and they played with Dave what stick out there currently frames. Even though their parents cannot -- -- I have had an experience with. A couple coming up the -- getting ready for it too early morning. And I was clean it is giving being kind of freshen apple will be and how and when I looked up what about the gentleman coming up and shyly asked it's why. And he was to have -- examined the little girl was mean and her mother. And -- Koppel stepping up on them up as he opened -- mistake how is she looks good general takeaway Tressel pink pants Islam. And I think -- -- -- reenactment we do about it in an area. The limit generally got up on the -- actually it has started talking to them a little bit he asked what to execute it to -- it would have matches daughter. And he went from pleasant. To an area. He's said we have known children's development in children in Sydney we just got bad news and it was our. I had no way of knowing that -- coming up with a lap -- was about it. And by the time we had been talking she stepped up and I'm sure -- welcome I'm sure idea that can't really remember. But they whip in the house with a guide and I went to the it was a little girl that's because -- policies jet beautifully. Followed the details at this such -- a mother. But what I looked around it was no one else on the ground. Opulent against cars parked at the de -- overnight guests. And now when I got back up on the porch way locking up on the walk and thinking you know less than a neighbor. At a neighbor's child may be -- is that in May very well. -- the front porch and I put my hand on the door. Giggling from the north into the gallery on the porch way a little girl gave militants that there. I don't know I think we hit it and felt that was a precious little girl. And commercials and -- -- wonderful to again that stayed online thank you guys we will have you back we're gonna continue to town goes. I'm so sorry we're out of time we have got to go. Thank you again.