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10-31-13 3:10pm Angela: with Archie Manning

Oct 31, 2013|

Angela talks with New Orleans Saints legend Archie Manning about his life, career, and family.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Archie Manning may have been born Andrew Mississippi. But he is very much hours. His name is synonymous with determination. Perseverance. Excellence and humility. Rarely seen in one person. His football legacy is a legend and now his life better known since the release of the book of Manning. A documentary on his life from birth to today. Although it is football that is the thread through the entire production. It is much more the story of a man who valued family above all. Revered for his athletic skills both at Ole miss and with the saints. Perhaps we all know now that what -- always had designed on was being a good father a good husband and a good citizen. And in that arena he has truly won the Super Bowl. And I mean that arching. I watched that. Both of Manning and I I was so moved. So emotionally moved. Well we had a lot of you know a lot of great feedback. We didn't. -- of that it is -- agreed to do it echoes they ask and yeah I gotta give -- credit. Look name on. -- north came to see me he really won with a ESPN news an independent. But he had done this this series was called SEC storied and they had done it on. Two or three other people who'd played Southeastern Conference sports. Herschel Walker who was -- first Bo Jackson. And so there's. He says it would really wanna do is sit the South -- commerce -- do it your school. Your alma modeled this won't shoot the source it okay. In Libby was there and count thome with a plan was with the wanted to. And about a month later -- month. Plate was kind of full. -- those on the call home plate and to interview him he was going to all these neck surgeries in there and and I did some -- probably pretty rude I just called Rory bag as a -- change from. And I'm not on -- sisters. I'm just not on news not a good time. To -- pretty distraught about it. -- back up a town of Saddam now now problems are all right countless ago. And Angie you've known -- long -- just. Like you've known me about six months later she said how's that documentary going -- has -- to and I sit on nixed it she said we call him up. And -- don't do it and start because you mentioned an agency it is and you don't do it and and should -- that to me very often don't just give me or outright order so. I give her credit I go out and back in he did he he did the risk we've had. We've had the most wonderful letters and emails and but mostly notes and I having Cooper Cooper title you know his on his part there a lot of people related to -- what he went through and so forth but we've heard. It just. I don't know. I think it's an option might be some fathers and sons. -- connector connector. And of had a lot of young fathers tell me they're gonna take more movie more video potentially you know. And that was. That was kind of an -- talk that what is so fabulous is so much of the video you took did and that is coming. I looked I used to look like channel form -- I had that great big -- You put a hole VHS and there and it is usually -- -- -- like one of our camera -- has done. You know. Again I think that's the same really -- father and so I'm not surprised which -- saying that ditch you've gotten a number of letters or whatever from fathers who are probably looking at you saying thank you and thank you for a little direction but. Thought people were aware of the real tragedy in your life with the loss of your father. And through suicide and but I didn't know was that. One man happened to you turn your mother and settlement with school and I'm gonna take care of spam. Women that. As you know they say is kind of that time when you say you've become homeland and I only got laws dollars and a college student I was about thought I was -- it's possible college student I was playing college football and I was doing my studies on that that was more about things right it's still. And until -- was a demand of our house and all of a sudden he was gone and you have a real sense of responsibility must sister is -- is eighteen months older than I am choosing college. And my mother. She's she didn't work. She was issues the mother and housewife that. I did turn her in there's only thing use those dues. I can do this and knows who she wouldn't hear of -- and she wanted me to. Collect schools coercion continue playing college football when. We made it fine but if it was the old saying about kind of grow up overnight on Annika I had to. And to watch. Having not seen all of the video if you -- don't miss. Archie. You were we even got -- I believe. However nothing else that documentary it really made an impression on my grand to my grandsons. Cooper's boys' -- action two. They've never seen you fail with me boy in. College football and their little you know their little leaguers now and -- flag football and so forth and especially arch who's who's pretty fast and says because myriad decent -- you real fat so glad I'm a good impression on -- and. It I have a a lot of talking about but I could not on me. That you played the game with a broken arm of the cast. Well you know they Canada. Are real issue -- -- issue -- out there. Probably will make mention that they skipped one game I broke my arm in a homecoming game and omens when live today live view was homecoming queen. And the game I came back and tried to play with a broken arm was in Tiger Stadium against that potentially issues. And say it would been fortunate to beat them on sophomore and junior year but that night it was their night and if they if they won -- going to aren't well. And the day not only big news and in dude so well that broken arm. They be news. They have good team may be used -- so then the next game -- play it was in the Gator Bowl game which knows a little more accustomed to it ran around a little more so. Probably some vital issue but he said they conveniently left that -- -- facet documentary. Unbelievable. I never hurt -- duke players now where you have probably I don't know who's the Smart thing to do but. The fact that broke my left arm the radius I had a plate and -- screws in there but. You know the doctors just said look if -- Had that thing you need throw Girardi interview and take us if I'm Texas snapped my doing good so we were rigged up this cancer edited. Knows who's Smart things but I did what my copying us as a dock at -- moma. College career which had been a lot of -- and it's kind of been down this journey with a lot of wonderful gas. And and wanted to end. In the seventh game of the year. And homecoming game and -- so to finish it out so I was that I got to play -- bounding. Much more to talk about football but when we come back we're gonna talk about because I always want to talk about. Love and romance in the wonderful woman Mary we're talking to Archie Manning I'm Angela on that you. Week. Okay. You saw me. Really not -- which we can. We -- having a wonderful thing if -- were ending it talking with Archie Manning who. Who is just a delight delight to look at his life and that wonderful book of Manning but also as a citizen of this community. But in the documentary thank Kevin included what I think is probably at your heart and soul and that is Olivia. And how you all met and you know you just adored each other. And she was very much a part -- you acknowledged after the death of your father kind of helping you get through. And was very very important but I want and now because I always want now at what moment did you realize this is the woman -- and the rest -- -- -- it. Well Bolivia and and I never met Olivia but I'd actually played basketball on food if you Mississippi where she's from -- -- -- it come to. Simi -- she says I shot a lot so she can remembered me. We -- an illness with a freshman it is and -- side. Just matter that we went to some. Social thing shoes at delta gamma sigma nu wood meant to a couple dates. And in. We dated salaam and then we went off for the summer -- off to Fort Worth tour model and spoon and don't work and and -- -- kept up and I guess again says when I knew those who have fallen in love with -- because -- weathered the summer and would communicate mr. him. Really good to see here when news summary and ended so we we started dating inundated the rest wrestlers -- sophomore year junior year. They got married. During the middle about it semester break and they're actually in years so. She was a really you know that was after my sophomore year. Win all -- dead. When I had to go back to school I think it was like seven days later that we bear -- my father. Yeah you know I had a lot of mom and does start football practice that in but also he got some -- -- -- classes began. And she was up there for Russia whatever in you get idle time and idle time was tough foaming and I had a lot of support -- had coaches and teammates. But also -- -- Two the outcome is my mother miss my sister's in -- soon stay in touch with their bodies -- needed ethic. Some advice of the from a football coach in football player his may have from another female special thing about my mom and my sister and she resists. Yeah to just a comfort to -- -- which is a Sydney and we begin. Steadily dating and I think that unload them on hold on one knee and ask -- to -- an angle won the north. -- united have a problem with that but. Now exist. This proposed to her house. 19 and and and immediately. Wouldn't talk to her mom and whose great great people and now that by the time we got me it was counterpart -- prosecute mired in that. You know looked like coastal employee employer must senior year football. That broken arm but also. Lou the only man that next summer well I was don't get drafted. In pro football that happens in January backhand and then in the summer. You've really got to go to work so we decide he had about ten days in January for a semester break their collar it would be admired your semester break. Well things Araujo moto we we've -- classes. Had to go who bold plan and all -- and her mother and dad win she went came that we're taking exams both those with seniors we took these lamps. In the week -- Maynard infielder from Mississippi. She says -- don't -- it would area mayor Thursday night. -- -- that's the -- -- -- to go after -- or Thursday night so we could maybe go -- few days and come back in his start -- finish our British Irish group. And in the end also Philadelphia which is a bigger town now that the -- It happened -- -- have a reception. That it Baptist Church was was just packed and people -- The governor said he scalp to his ticket to. -- But is no placed a country could news knows absolutely innocent. So she says and besides getting there on Thursday night was the only people in our wedding reception in a National Guard armory that women and go to -- -- army looking pretty good. I've that they did and is still. I'm sure a wonderful memory but it looks at me neither -- you -- stage parents in the sense of pushing your kids into football. And yet you look at all the wonderful video that you shot of the boys from very little on them. And I just wondered at what point did you see them having. Perhaps exceptional talent. Well I didn't really I think some terms as the day -- and not always but I think some of the things -- Been through insane as some of the day as I was very hesitant to say this will be pretend I'm a boy there pretty good athlete says two. You don't know. This is closest let this play out Cooper. Came to me when he was a sophomore. In Oscars today I don't -- college football. And I can count scared me it will be that's always good to have goals is good to have dreams. You gotta make good grades and on the immediately having no idea he'd be good enough. Said you know I think the guys who have fun playing college football these division three division -- countless small college that they have and I'm -- is set him up you know if he's not. Good enough and then. I don't -- as -- wanted to be worked harder to pay and fell right in -- -- -- -- -- what he wanted to do courses and they played together that years it you don't sound when you. In a course that you was five years. And he didn't say much and we just draw him the ball game you know Kamal -- and if he got where he started asking him to get a baby sitter to I have to go to our broad -- you know -- of baseball term summer this type of thing. And lasted this show will never polish Portuguese colony sports guru he's having to sit out not -- all summer and over these basketball. Want to export sports. He count follow the same same -- surprised. But when -- -- I mean there's so many cute little things in your one time when -- is crying because there's massive crowd -- sorry they got told Rory when I saw the rough cut of balances. He knew that putting grow a lot of reached a bike but I remember conversation you and I had a thousand years ago when you were kind of saying. You're you're looking at your boys as individuals and they are all different -- and Cooper is the funny fun loving one's hand. And Peyton was very serious Ethan back. The death -- -- use an easy child raise you know patent. You know you say but don't cross the street and -- go right across the street. And pregnant comes at Google wanna grocery and had a bit there gathered there on the other kids don't cross the street you know -- he was easy like their Covert got a test us a little bit and. And Eli being sort of the carefree and easy spirit tight but. All of them so disciplined and all of them focused. On wanting to be excellent. Well I think they're mullah you know. I go or places and people pay compliments to me. About heaven. Well grounded children -- we don't know why that is that's mothers mothers. Develop well rounded children in Libya always scholar of the great equalizer I mean she just had this patients and my goodness. She went to so many balls and practices that pick up this car pool and that one drop all feared. And and that's what she did that she just did it was such comments such -- -- you know -- -- just count the ways she is enough. It would just which could make at this job and certainly that are. Well but the other part this is Steve and tremendous affection you showed your voice and and again that was something in your own life that it your father didn't do even though you knew he loved. Look I did you know and is funny. -- alana. Comment from people and some notes and letters and people my age. Who kind of said the same thing that you're and I think that was a generational thing they just didn't I mean there's exceptions but I'd say more. He just didn't do that much back in those days are getting about as I said yeah I don't remember Andrew Davis you know say and I love you and one a lot of hugging and mean that but I'll limit my friend's dad's saying that nugget there is just what you didn't do that much expecting it. But I think. I don't know I don't know if -- copies samarra assault someone who's more about this is just what I want to do it and -- children. Just having to retirement homes just such a special time. In -- alive or when we first got -- you know the anticipation. And that sound you just wanted to. You wanna hook them annual Tommy loan and and I still -- -- -- there almost forty years old but I still do not -- quit. He never quit and we're talking with Archie Manning will be right back this is Angela under the popular. Time goes so quickly when you're talking to such an interesting guy and Archie Manning is exactly that would -- Kind of fast forward -- it. Because the issue of concussions has come up with in the NFL and I read an article where you went. Tom Brady's father were both quoted and that you your voice didn't play tackle football to the seventh grade his son to complain to the ninth grade. And that's asserted that the summation of the article was. But maybe that's how we ought to look at him and yet. Were not because there's still some very little kids that are playing and their bodies have not matured and I think that was your -- your thought. He and I have seen at the time I just didn't think it's necessary to play tackle football when you're 87 they now not saying. Since then I've seen some programs in various communities in pop Warner football is truly. Do and do some good things there where. I think it's okay nationally is necessary but it's OK but I will say this Angela. Are you from here on out. They're going to be taught properly. How to tackle and in and with all. Awareness being home let's stop this this these concurrent stop all this fiscal stuff at such young Asian. And get players to stop spear being in missile used in themselves as missiles get back. To the proper way attack -- lot of old timers out there who say. You know what you do that get rid of the face masks -- go back to leather and it almost makes it discouraging but that's what they'll do -- bit. I think our coaches who are wonderful that coach argues Haas who coaches thank god allow them a bit. You know and it was kind of hard for them. Who's now that a lot of times they've got players. That are playing football's first time seeing how to teach them how to attack and sometimes it has to be physical but she -- on teach in the right way so. I think our game is only safer it's always will be injuries involved in football but are pro game is gone it's I -- -- still some knucklehead -- -- there is -- still take him. -- the year maybe another year and they'll get find puck and Boca fines and suspensions and you know and -- you know somebody key external kick a -- that's what they should but but we've we've got to respect the other players and we've got to respect what's what's gone home what's going on that would got to have is a great game. Gotta keep the game but it's got to get safer and I think that's everybody's goal and on -- -- -- from. And certainly. Certainly took a lot of hits tremendous hits but do you think that the game has become it's much more -- oh my goodness it's just the. Leaders are to -- so all wrong. Big strong and fast. You know and it would would talk -- -- -- years ago my first new years and we first came to town here but. Would a lot of our players had offseason jobs that weren't out of the training facility here today lifted weights and getting faster and bigger so. That I mean we have some good players but we worked as a whole is good his supporters are now because. You know the weight -- they know how to do -- the speed enhancement all the things like -- big strong so the collisions are such. That injuries are just is that it's just don't happen stock I wish we could slow that down a little bit a little bit of -- new collective bargaining agreement. They did they limited a little bit of the offseason but I still wish we could move which it cannot. Get the teams away from these structured weight lifting things and I don't think they have to be that big strong was static it was a good game this time around one of these guys who says they don't like it might be used to these players are better but. But we've just got to keep trying to work for the greatest excitement such a great game. It's also you know society has become more violent -- -- movies have become more violent all across the board. And maybe the expectation of the audience for the -- is we've got to the crunch of the bombs. Yeah I think the fans can have this to be in that -- don't glorify someone who just. As they -- now blowing someone up you know all the -- that -- well let's don't talk about Linux let's say did you see that past you see that catch. Did you see that attack I was a good tackle and he didn't hit him -- hit he grew he wrapped him up and tackle to mess with football is -- I don't know much about rugby at rugby -- where heads. But they have to wrap when they tackle that'll that'll throw themselves out there and analyzed many injuries -- without payment. You do in football stay with -- were gonna continue our talk with Archie Manning right after this. And our special festivities Archie Manning. But he also for the special different Carl -- on don't know channel -- weather center with an update us on all this mess. -- can't handle that kind of watch is still in effect until 7 o'clock for all areas north of lake. Mississippi counties and without so that includes Orleans. Opera Jefferson saint Charles paint -- think James and westward so the only -- is not under the watch think Bernard plaque humans. Look Bruce and terrible the light rain has now reached for the intangible -- so Kent what. It is raining there and it will continue to -- now want there's going to be any breaks so what's the range starts. It's not gonna let out of the thunderstorms extending up -- Western -- and payers already to the east of Baton Rouge and it's moving in our direction so north of lake. Most areas you'll start to see that rain really start to increase. Now extreme northern -- bill payers to Washington payers. And the south other southern portions of the mortuary area anywhere close to the 6 o'clock now south of lake -- -- it. -- look closer to about 7 o'clock to start saying that rain move into the area if you're. Let's step toward -- you can count between 6 and 7 o'clock to -- east of New Orleans probably close to the seven may be close to -- so again. Anywhere around 7 o'clock give or take an hour or two that's when you can start to see the -- start to move into the area so you have the chance to get started much sooner. -- retreating Dinah early because that rain is moving and once it's starts it won't let up. Thank you -- so much. Back with Archie Manning up what are you doing now here you just enjoying your life and you have the restaurant. And that got the restaurant. Still do a good bit of motivational speaking round around the country. Should have an involvement with the several companies -- some national companies -- do with Gatorade Reebok -- -- have wonderful client Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual coach of the year program. -- there's -- I don't really need a new project completed busy but I just. Got asked to be on the new. College football playoff selection committee that thoughts -- penalty fun really only different is going to be some -- rule evolved who launched -- little -- that. Nash championship game here we're gonna semifinals at issue of social. I'm staying -- busy. -- -- -- like there's good. Tell me about that -- because again it's a change in assist it is this year as last year of the BC is which basically the biggest changes on the the computers. Are virtually picking. The number one and number two team in the country at the end of the year and they play for the national champ ship we're that and it's usually in one of the both sides that's don't change next year racist community a thirteen people. We're all pick the number one and number two to any actual -- pick. Number one number two number three and number full and so in the in their goal play for all I want. And -- only three connection one of those games will be here and -- about. And that's supply ups and then the two wonderful polite in a national championship game. That will be bid out just like the super ball. And so new laws will be in the running to traumatic. You know will be on the rotation of game now Harry McCracken had suitable rotation which we are back -- it will be on this national champ -- No but how smarter than to regret it because I was reading that everybody on that committee has to be at the highest integrity. There's going to be tremendous. Well which you have which -- you know people say well awarded full well Ole miss had been there but what info we you know our southeast to go Leo we can't account which kind of check in our loyalties. At the -- and certainly all have our. Favorite schools and I'll bid for the South -- college but we're going you gotta be for this is that kids who are out their plan and try to be the best team in the country and this thirteen dollars which is a big number we got a great member Condoleezza -- is a writer who she loves football she's such a great lady. -- -- have a lot of fun with this who don't work hard to do our best to selective sport for best names or have a playoff that's what you have been. Well and that's exciting an exciting for the city -- -- -- that you look at college football today while you talk about changes I mean is unlikely business. This is big money this is my biggest thing. You know this this heaven is Nash championship game here cute we get on the rotation here new on that's just another home run for you know but. The play offs are good guess is as big money. I'm not sure everything about it it is is certainly not perfect you know as the majority of schools out there in these athletic programs. Here buys like Alabama thereby is not like new issue. Yet where you got 154050. Million dollar budgets and you make money you know what -- -- schools lose bestow college football. It's a great institution it really is it -- everything goes along with -- the fans in the choose yes the traditions and all the passion of course and is no. Better anywhere that is an. Are for the country great coach I don't. Stay with -- -- organist and final thoughts from Archie Manning right after the signing in -- on WW well. We have loved this last hour with Archie Manning just you just to get to the community here your whole family is that your you'll on. Again the documentary is fabulous thank you and went very very quickly your hope for your future. Well you'd like he united I had back surgery in the summer so we we all can we all take good health for for granted you will keep myself we're joined grandchildren. You know one thing I'm really excited about it and Jews is this this. He's who he alone is on file on fire.