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10-31 4:20pm Deke, Kristan on Saints Practice

Oct 31, 2013|

Deke talks to Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic about Saints practice today

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. Lance -- is I spent so I guess it was like Crown Royal -- players so it's hard for everything today with -- -- practice report. We Saints have a record of -- -- Gary Christian taken away the only two players missing practice today safety Malcolm Jenkins in the guard Jahri Evans. Kenny to Caroline wide receiver Marcus Colston limited in today's work and Kenny stills returned to practice. They awful basis after missing yesterday right out of the -- Saints coach Sean Payton asked about the play. Defensive back Keenan Lewis is he's he's he's. He's been consistent. He's got very good length. Yeah and no he's he's handled the amount of man to man we play which is quite a bit. And then number well. There being games are we put him on certain receivers and other games where we've stayed right left. I think it's it's gonna -- a real good acquisition. For us -- one of the saints' key free agent acquisitions during the off season has three interceptions this season. The Jets are minus twelve of the turnover margin the Saints. At plus eight but Peyton says the Jets just haven't had the ball bounced their way we went through the tape today we pulled out a bunch of cause fumbles by their defense then. The one thing that stands out that is unusual to have that many forced fumbles and yet only. A handful recoveries. So there's been a lot of opportunities where the offense has been able to retain possession. I think. Just a few more -- So to Tennessee -- until Monday after the Dallas Cowboys came to decide if the course of action for linebacker Jonathan Vilma who's practicing after the starting after starting the season on injured reserve. With the designation to return these oil and he's he's getting -- is. You know it's just a matter of getting back into football. Playing shape and we know he's someone that's a quick study so he knows what we're going. And Peyton says Vilma will pick things up pretty quickly the good news is we know -- he's gonna work extremely hard that anything he does. Game. -- I know he worked very hard on the rehab element of coming back and strengthening his leg and yes that's a credit to him but. You know I'm glad we were able to do that and you know I think that's. -- a good rule change something I think that teams can benefit from -- safety Roman Harper limited again today and says he's anxious to get back on the field. It's -- you know is this you know the fact there's no teachers were playing so well. Do we really haven't dropped off a lot and then that's when the good things it's. About -- person loses -- being out there. This is social fun around the guys and I'm just on my part on the sidelines Santana does and I see is trying to do a little. I -- you kind of these guys continued very knowing you very very good defense good. And putting -- just -- things that we can still improve on and and that's where I am still very optimistic that when I do come back getting my -- fly around makes its news. You're right on right -- whom were alumni golf. The Saints are back on the practice field tomorrow before traveling to New York to face the Jets on Sunday. -- MetLife stadium all actions we are right here on Saints radio I'm crucial Garrett from -- camp back to beat Elliott for more sports talk hooters. -- and -- New York Jets a four and -- haven't lost back to back games this season and when they when they don't turn the ball over and they run the ball well. They do well and you go back to that when they got. Pretty much handed to a moderates in his seat and they came back two weeks ago we're all kind of watch him. The Patriots game and they started off went down with the go to opening drive but that's if that's the kind of game they want. They wanna go out there and score any you know they don't need you don't need a marked a bunch of points to win games it doesn't matter really if it. -- -- every team says this but it's about what they do that they can get up there they their ballclub they got a one point. They feel confident with that point his best bit of a lead in a bowl game. And when they play at home they do well also and I go by today's Patriots gained. They really dictated the flow a big game and impact that was the low score and it was kind of some long drives and -- game -- And then they want it right there at the end and had this is a ballclub that's coming off a forty man and I lost last week it historically and his lead. But some might get pounded that bad -- -- and we think they come back and they've. -- -- much better yeah pride got hurt a little bit last week for sure for that Jets team give up 49 points and they've always been under Rex Ryan the defensive oriented football team that on offense and run the ball. They try to play Smart or not turn the ball over as you mentioned. Think -- -- they haven't done and I mean a 31 at home this year including a victory over the New England Patriots which is you know so for the Saints didn't do. But you know for the most part. When they've been able to avoid the turnovers they've played every team right down the wire in geno Smith has been impressive at times in his looked like a rookie but. You know once they need to notice about them is they believe in him cut to lead them back in in in the fourth quarter of their closed within striking distance so if the Saints can separate. In 710. You know thirteen points that's kind of -- certainly make it more difficult for geno Smith an engineer another fourth quarter comeback but. And if there even with the Saints in terms of you know turnovers or they don't sort of all over the speed to go gonna go right down to the wire I mean you saw. Has the Jets are minus twelve as a mentioned earlier the Saints are plus say they've done a great job. The Saints have a protected the football and also forcing turnovers this year. Then -- saying twice this week yesterday and today. Stressing -- his football team. That hey look at Jets can cause turnovers they just haven't had a ball necessarily bounced their way and getting him back and in terms of -- stripping -- stripping the football out. And getting it back to their offense and you know the Saints took their turn the ball over and this team you know -- foreign for. Can certainly is certainly. Cable beat the Saints. Think some are -- Christian gig accuracy Gary Cohen is on special -- Christian non moving forward this is the halfway point the Saints. What's what's the biggest thing you've seen Christian and that the team has to look at these progress on a move forward getting better on. And educated to a difficult month of November that start this weekend we could say about Dallas San Francisco and and a personal. Among the -- Seattle and you referendum on what Atlanta but. And this is a tough. He it's going to be a tough one and doesn't get any easier after this strongly consider as you mentioned yet Dallas the following week he got. San -- he gets you got Atlanta and he -- Seattle. An instant Seattle's always tough -- -- I don't care what their record is it's going to be tough and we know the 49ers do Dallas can score points but. Now for media I think that would -- the running game. I know it's important part mean teams don't have balance but the passes more prevalent this year -- NFL whenever that the teams are calling fewer and fewer running plays. Seemingly every season. So you know having it in a 12030. Yard rushing average. Per game in the NFL isn't as important as the once was but they have to protect Drew Brees. -- it on the line has been shaky. The season they have Forsythe sacks last week. And if they don't do that in a race among the silly mistakes they've made it even in victories. When that's why I think you saw Sean Payton we actually did on Sunday. Is ultimately he knows when they get into post season are they get into December and face a team like Seattle or later in this early during November. Against a team like the 49ers. Those teams -- gonna make you pay for mental mistakes for penalties for a turnover. I'm a botched assignment gonna make you pay dearly and I think that's what. You gotta look for for the Saints team -- skinny correct the issues. Protecting Drew Brees and also. -- they got cut out the mental errors. Christian now you are an avid prep football follow him on the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football rounds got to go one the fourth ranked team in the ninth ranked team and players for eight east Jefferson and Franklin ten -- the -- -- cruise you got some national league's. A bizarre situation mature and ready to an -- and the suspensions and that. Who kind of talk about everybody for its somebody in the media room they people just kind of scratch and here's why you know why did this happen. Yeah and won the district and fill a need to do this -- -- I don't know if he's eleven level playing field I still think he went he UNC NC I mean and I hate him you know what's afforded him a five mistake the undefeated coming right just don't understand why would compel you. -- compel you to do that and then on top of that. You know who suffer from this ultimately. Ultimately who suffers and as a coach your job is to protect the players and and you know guiding teach -- lessons -- what are you teaching your year players and if if you go out there and you know hacked into computer system and game what you feel like his competitive advantage. And it at the end of the day -- pedestrian -- -- a victory. That they probably would have earned anyway she about it you back where years -- maybe feared and then. You kids have to answer for. A couple of coaches that -- made a very very poor decision. Absolutely Christian know what's coming up in the morning. On double cook certainly excited about that tomorrow show and now we'll talk a little pelicans basketball courts and the latest on the Saints in numb in our. Our weekly. All the week and a bonehead of the week go along with a little luck girls on balls the returning champion from a week ago Serra. Baghdad to seize money can be thrown her on our girls on all segment as well. Man that sounds like some good stuff pitching scared -- Christie gave one. On a Twitter would you throughout -- Saturday about 1030 years so it's a New York about 2 o'clock in the afternoon posting about four hour flight. It's about two and a half to 45 heavily do you lose an hour because -- on the eastern time zone so about. 245 on -- I should make for a man has -- below canal over. And he had but they're still -- hey look these these planes he can't figure out either the planes again smaller on getting bigger want to play in my become reasonable. Chris again following on what he's won 32 NFL sideline reporters and he had to leave out a bit. The morning drive double coverage on three WL thirteen 50 AM it's in the morning from six and nine Pena Christian thank you so much they spokesman. All right Debbie Debbie and whose time is 4351. News that we will go to heavily you've got to.