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10-31 4:35pm Deke, odds on NFL games this weekend

Oct 31, 2013|

Deke talks to PredictionMachine.com General Manager Paul Bessire about the odds on this weekend's game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- QB to QB Drew Brees is what is there now and tonight -- -- -- -- Sign up get some good news from the kids are excited they -- all sports there's some birdies. You awake after the players through the course like travel Saints players feel. Well it's time I would take a look at some of the numbers this week now last week he's been -- up. Last week he was six and three but -- to me these big peaks Seattle minus eleven over the Rams at Pittsburgh managed to an ample will open a those are two -- however he was six at three yard loss he had was. Taken Buffalo and the points he -- -- up on Oregon. To remain as one of his upset special -- came through Ohio State Texas -- -- -- Michigan State. And arise Paul was here prediction machine dot com so call -- and go to two and two big when they come in I don't know anybody that plays a number that would take six and three. Yeah now on I'm on the happy with the overall outcome in the end actually over the courses -- that was our weakest two weeks so far is Cedar Fair especially in the NFL felt. We can be -- and at about 500 local 500 of the process and happy waited. Great one right now like the week to be an accurate and talented football until about five -- the -- Soviet era over 50% historically very benevolent that it felt plays and come through sports. I think your schedule or. Well like you save your worst week is you still plus trio of 500 that's a very good week Paul. And it's doing pig came through Paul was asleep just like I got off let's start off with -- -- on a road demanded. The numbers here you know he -- Tulane. One has won six games -- six into their bowl eligible. But that's an easy story here is is that. Attitude remains on the dog is -- How does Florida Atlantic playing with eighty cents and anything this week or with all of it has gone on to coaches are not there anymore you defense according he had coached. But did not biblical to be illegal drug use an event that's got to make this even more difficult for the home team. It and it hit incredibly difficult -- as -- begin weirder than -- -- in the books I read an editorial editor prohibitive favorite particularly his personal favorite actually her books and you know and come down to like doing to cover the receiver as we don't actually have -- -- Albert -- -- Atlantic at one of the worst teams accountable for awhile. The quarterback situation -- too late to make it a question mark make it difficult for handicapped. We don't pick up and it is playable we -- like led to a bit calmer in the under here 2221. To predict -- score. Two lane does not quite win but they have about -- almost fifty typical big treat their only one point underdog -- numbers. And totaled about forty -- -- -- -- -- reports. -- now when you look at it we're a week away from the a big win between LSU and Alabama -- what's what's an early land on that one. My I think making an inter goal line and I look at it frequently -- it somewhere in the 88 may have sprained I believe that's where what a couple of years ago in a similar situation -- -- these guys. Right around -- have -- more than a touch starboard he has. Here is it. As the Redskins college football bowled over this week and people get a better read and get easy Welker happened there I can tell you Alabama for the first I think. It's -- -- consecutive week. And they are eligible hollering he did not number one return earlier organs -- into the country and Oregon will be favored over Alabama quite a point. In a neutral in your game at some -- -- so well ultimately as a -- being dictated -- not a big game or get an accurate you are better or beat. Fifth Collins take a look at a matchup tonight there's a lot of folks have not interest him because he could help to lane. Rise in north Texas and north Texas has done a ballclub at Tulane beat earlier this season but -- is -- ballclub is doing well and they have a Lance went into the regular season showdown with Tulane Tulane I think you look hill tonight and not take this -- think I slight favorite at home. Had to -- favored in the sports books which we have right when it came out and talked about -- you referenced earlier they were a lot of the regretfully can't quite -- Here but they're actually the team that we expect to win four point favorite -- I -- think that -- we have right swinging -- about two points 2725. And predicted score. Called the game are very in any point we're looking at exactly 51% or are right -- -- -- -- a bad team both like the super speed he could only do wanna be one of our favorite teams and homered earlier and he's good at Ball State. I think lately and a little bit better than Balt eight quarters worth. And right it went -- in America and organize pager went out right. The world's largest cocktail party -- -- is the Georgia Bulldogs are two and a half point favorite over Florida Gators. Yeah I think it's appropriate but it that there where we're actually bright aren't very arbitrators find aggregate totals of the official take here practically that we don't have much of an opinion. And I've seen though it's basically handing the Vegas as a 28 to 23 point game. Georgia win but only -- beside her somehow right. I think that when they get the point -- -- -- -- -- and get them comfortable and offensively they are not quite you know quite enough on a neutral field. Ideal opportunity -- -- banged up and Arab. Paul I think this is just the second time we have seen our top ten match up. But it doesn't look anything like that not to match here on the line where number three Florida State is a 21 to 22 point favorite. Over number 67. Miami and out many fear that this game is not going to be close from the jump. Yeah and then I would agree with the the general public instead of third and particularly close or dramatic number we would have had two touchdown game -- three touchdowns better accurate reporter that you just mentioned. And there's eight he had even though they're not in Miami the only numbers seventeen and our our kicker punter -- where they are to -- yet end up lower. Thirteen to play a lot like we don't talk talk about the Dallas Cowboys the other -- -- -- you need to do anything but have you added anything -- and quite the level of the competition committee. The game looked very close match play get the book reports are -- out of the world. I don't mean that they can keep people close to make themselves -- good. I get supporters stayed under pressure as deep we get home field advantage at all out for -- Lilja -- you prepared historically -- player -- okay. And yell -- people outside of there. When we handle those things together at 38 tweak or predicted Korean supporters he ran -- -- -- we don't have coverage Goliath what Robert Baker figured. We can call it a bit quick on -- bigger than a week. All again published here is that GM a prediction machine back common you can't Randolph some numbers in -- wanna say what is on his new book policy and take them through the process. How many times you simulate argues that come up with your numbers. We -- help to predict the -- Armonk we played the game he he thousand times before it's actually quite as pleased simulation which is the best way to account for all the interaction. Of all the players on the field and are you trying to figure out. Belt made quite circle would be the -- it's going to be or do what they aren't really do against each other and matchup. Still do weird things like that coaching staff out to be especially for football. Our home field advantage whether everything on the plate Belichick includes five sports going on right now we'll have a export here he's here. It totally completed -- -- check out all of them the confidence we have but how does. Gain an advantage as to what's going to happen like either they're happening just because we know what he did look like and actually play and -- -- a lot of arm round I had the numbers. This looks like Osaka bay to meet -- -- -- -- have a tenacious defense Florida demanded that any dogs come off his best performance as a pro. They only hit three point favorite over Miami -- Miami was three you know now flawless fourth straight here. OK I -- I don't think that I I don't think the talk about Clement greatly greatly here respect that it -- the Cincinnati should win that game and we just came back or five points or more. As we could get -- Michael Breed in nineteen their predicted court and went straight up 63% of the time. Not that -- -- magic uninsured ready to go on the road against get a decent opponent they have pretty good defense and Miami does come I'll bet my you know until I terrible Orton immediately fleeing to prepare. From week to week on short record a -- person you've got to -- got to get to the quarterback. The Miami Dolphins the right now -- another tackle Jonathan Martin's wedding Wal-Mart right. I think you'll feel we ultimately use he's -- -- lean and -- got it but we anything -- -- upper peninsula. And Paul are matchup Sunday Minnesota probably their final five and now it's going to six. This Saints already six point favorite and a New York against the Jets Sunday at new. I wanted to get go to help the team to handicap it Carcillo into the -- and everything that you it. Jeter and his ability to either prevent turnovers girls married on the ball over it -- there's too many for whoever I'm going on the road against beat Stanford and overall -- thought -- -- -- -- in the week. Punt -- below -- -- -- defense is that much improved year over here and there is an opportunity here give it to eighty they've got up and now I'm right -- about fifteen run defense -- -- -- People -- following a precisely gate yelling at home yet it's standard again where are we talking about if they keep in the game we're gonna -- out there so we need to worry about. In an -- if we do have the Jets are in the spirit -- tour victory 25 point one predicted court. But I repetitive and bourbon straight up let speak we talked about you being beat out of my four point -- at an old and it felt pretty elite. It's week we have a circus like four or the record with more cars there. Paul -- -- GM a prediction machine dot com all get ready because next week. Is a monster we -- at the top eleven teams because the ball square off and a monster Thursday night to talk him matches next third tonight Baylor and Oklahoma. And Stanford and Oregon we should have a big week next week. Eric -- all right Paul thank you very much Paul the city of a prediction machine dot com is it this week doing like so the Saints to win. But to kids at home with the points on the ability and tonight it's the -- right crown All Saints players so. Glance -- -- Michigan's Drew Brees QB to QB about the Big Five born right here on Saints radio WW.