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10-31 6:10pm Saints Players Show: Lance Moore

Oct 31, 2013|

Deke Bellavia talks to Saints Wide Receiver Lance Moore on this edition of the Saints Player's Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to another addition the course like crown Rawls saint ratio we're at hooters on veterans boulevard in mentoring hospice against this week number sixteen -- receiver. -- exploit it with a close. And it's. There's -- -- goes on and actually caught in a fifty yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees Saints sixth victory of the season. A 3517. Victory over the Buffalo feels that explains the Saints -- -- sneaking in at the New York. Jets on Sunday here at saint radio that you do you hear the questions -- Lance threw six no one in 786680. The -- -- the beauty of the game well. And it's it's always good to have you out here and you could do you know always a good following about -- CEO made that. Was -- to be back you know first and foremost could be back playing after missing three weeks in. To be able to show to make some plays in the you know to those like excitement out there for the fans -- great. Lindsay you talk about it if it isn't it more is it more difficult maybe you know -- mean -- obviously because you you keep yourself in great -- And you know that. It's a process that if you do something maybe back to two months you could really happy you know you opportunity to be healthy. Long returns seem like that being patient and he's got to be kind of tough. What did this. I mean that I've been in the league nine years now in game. You know the the physical part comes. With the minutes apart you know it doesn't get any easier to miss those games and mean it kind of wears on you. I mean you're trying to do everything you can to get back on the field which you you know your body obviously has to agree with you person. You know it's it's tiresome process but yet do. Speaking of being in the heat is on the average lifespan of -- of the experience and a few three times now that someone just a few moments ago. Brought the official. Alliance -- rookie ball you hit the ball quickly and what you see dammit what pops through him I've been recently that -- what's crazy I mean it it seems like it was a long time ago I guess and we'll lawyers it was a long time ago Wendell. Definitely blessing to have been able to be around this long and I guess it's a credit to how hard I've worked and kind of you lucky enough to be in the right this afternoon at Atlanta I know you very active on a social media -- phones -- out there won't put and Lance Moore sixteen. Ominous the ceremony this agreement -- sixteen. Follow Lance spoke to keep up with -- active on the social medium and it's in the Saints 61 on the season and -- -- had a few -- here it definitely. A lot different. Thome now weren't you one win away from our win total last year but. You know it's it's kind of hard to compare the two seasons and it's kind of like -- or does that mean -- -- the things that we went through last year we haven't had to go through this year and you know we've been playing a lot better. But we feel like we can get a -- better still in you know feel like our best ball at -- -- Is that what you think -- it was from the standpoint is that you you truly a block out that noise with the people tell -- how great chip playing how bad you play. It's on what you guys know you can do what you expect yourself because that's what he seemed like he was. From the -- locker room last week on all all phases of the game look it it's hard to win easily could hardly with Ottawa Monroe ought to win at home with. We expect more from home before absolutely I mean we're happy to be. Six and one we're not satisfy them in six and one. You know our next games are most important game that's -- New York Jets people wanna talk about the -- was and -- 49ers game or even. The Seahawks game a worried about is going up to New York in the way. You know. Lance now. Take us through your rehab him and now they beat the guys that had an opportunity to get some more reps but they came and did good job at. Absolutely I mean -- still stepping up making plays Nixon is making plays. Robert Meachem is making some plays and of course -- -- faithfully and they're making plays at the -- receiver position throwing program. Ben Watson all the running backs everybody's doing a great job and it's when the unfortunate parts about the business to get hurt you can't play but next man up and our guys have done a great job of that. Yeah now -- what you -- when you're out Woody -- you do besides the ornery and does it -- watch extra tape had to keep you just have to when they tell you our manager of go. It's not that on your side -- keep you from doing what you are opposite -- first and foremost you have to things -- -- do whatever you can't that's you know. Maintain that -- level. You know had a hand injury so there there wasn't a whole lot of things that I couldn't do my legs. -- where I suffer with you know my upper body was ordered to do those upper body lives with one hand and stuff like that way. You know been around so long you kind of know which you have to do -- to maintain and I'm positive that -- is out there. Lance now what you look at what you've been able to do in nine years. A lot of success ones who opened the playoffs playoff victories. But did the long yet but he he obviously is he's got to be something that's nothing to do that me. David Vance and and you know when you get further Ian it's almost like you you work hard but when you get to a certain point -- career. It's a blessed to be able to make good money but also with that money you kind of producing you gotta keep producing at a high level what it looks that way is now in. It it's it's a bit. It is it is a business first and foremost and you know I've I've told people all the time it's hard to get in its even harder to stay in. On the work that you have to put it especially as you get older in the league and you know I'm thirty -- -- -- -- when -- -- rookie anymore and mama gotta show them almost -- in day out that I can still do it in you know -- -- before so. Lance when you do get them all all off season. The bye week what would you do it -- that packs -- mean this season is so long. The only thing you really wanna do is relax that your body heal up a little bit and try to get yourself prepared. For the stretch run in I think our Bible -- at a perfect time this year and yet for pre season game six regular season games -- -- got him on the backhand like a whole season -- it's it's right in the middle of those so you know we'll take that. I think that for the most part guys are feeling pretty good. Next couple weeks to start to get more more guys back in here and be ready for the stretch. Hey can you imagine Lance. And I haven't had about what you want to -- it wasn't like we. I mean I guess if if we didn't have a bye week you wouldn't be able to complain about that yet again. But it got certainly you know that would it's on now obviously need -- -- -- -- their to -- We'll visit with Saints receiver Lance boy got a question for Lance 5042601870. -- 386688. He -- and -- the course like crap -- Saints players show on WW yeah and welcome back. This week's special guests please. Bryant's fault he got a question of land -- 601878866. And eight and he writes and use them to be involved and it's. If guys maybe who is a young receiver. At least he had been cut yourself some people may -- but public because there it's that young -- -- -- -- or. Who with his second leading receiver in the CF -- Through seventeen games now the quarterback -- after the BC Lions it's because. -- it's a brother Nate was opened several -- the heat he -- -- -- because he'd have a grant him as the game not to eat. But to steal the rink that time in a -- in the class of the team is going to play out the argument -- well. You got to be awfully -- -- he's been happy with it cope with -- hopeful down brown a run I mean. If he's had a long road he's been out of school for. Five years now yeah I mean he spent the time with a couple teams here in the NFL but. You know didn't stick for whatever reason and been up there and it for three years now this is first full season starting him. I'm seven back of -- doesn't receive. Exactly what it now I know it's different it -- keep people -- you watch -- and analyze NFL network ABC it shows some of those games sometime you advocate him. What I watched almost all the games. The thing this other game zone but the watch is Vienna so whenever they're on as long as we're not you know in a meeting or playing ourselves. You know that -- him in an extra -- amount do you have attendance remains bit. Mean what if I could go. In motion to the last reflect. And I galloped him before a bath is that what what I needed to if you AM hopman I don't know how minutes. It it looks like it be a fun game to play. You know just first learning all the rules and that has this been you know a little bit difficult for me but you know the more -- -- the moment and it. It would definitely in the play -- they got a good spot though wouldn't they do it's going to be a case for south south thank you for calling you know with Lance Ball on Saints radio that you -- Uga. Think -- chemicals one thing out and his woes too much you can attack the ball he can Angels. -- has -- -- -- the the slipped loose the confidence on the determining it will all or the Nationale. Considered the nationally gotten. Inherited and doing well I'll know more as. This journey don't want naturally connected to what makes and so always aggressive always get the only when he touches the ball. I don't really know exactly what's your name but yeah I don't believe that they -- -- -- magnetic -- -- ball in route. On it. It is -- heritage. It puts you in. What is your determination will to draw. That you really don't got that Sunday it would -- atomic you can answer has been seeking out there I would say all the. Sick combination of all that I mean that it's it's it's my job that it has the ball make first downs in. -- on numbers on the reds on the make touchdowns I don't really know the reason I guess it's my determination and then you know the work that I put in in the confidence that drew. In the in the coaching staff that's -- me to make those plays but. I don't know that's the thing to do you you know. 45 years ago anthem might use you know you're you're only available you know Eric. -- quickly among active with the -- that -- that might be sitting next to a man and we call you all day long and it's -- that's right he just never know. 260 point 78668890. Rates in the alliance. I didn't look like you drew. Used to be that's a key block in the first us touchdown in the ball game with fifteen yard reception. Talk about it trust that is really only -- with a Matta of all all field play. -- yeah I mean it's it's something that's built up over. Over years -- me is that something that you can you know jump back in one week of practice and try to think it's gonna. Be great if you haven't been together in a long time but I'm drawn -- played on the same team for eight years now and and you know we put in so much work day in day out we stayed. -- after practice we -- and early did rats and things like that so. You know it's just one of those things where he knows where I'm going to be on the field and I know the ball is going to be in the right place and we just have to make those -- Over the course -- From when you first -- and now the yet on the back sometime in what you first thought maybe some moderate that you would do want to. -- actually beat you look now you say -- is that when you do. Now things made a bit not easier but it's it's more geared for you to get the maximum out of what you're trying to do was work now or -- wait to so -- though. One big thing we talked about during camp with the new regiment you got Annika that simple cross it it's these. What -- I would say the the biggest thing. For young player in this in this league is his development team and I wouldn't say that I'm doing a lot of things differently but I would say that our team has has pretty much become second nature I don't have to think about what I'm gonna do want to use them -- I don't think about. Com Romany -- how much of them sleep at night it just becomes so second nature it's just natural -- one. If you have a question for Lance viable fourth 260 point 786689. He rates have need. Lance how. Proudly. Welcome to -- and without -- noted too. I'm also proud of them but with a typical -- Thomas not a surprise that. Yeah people are always saying oh man it's crazy there's 6162. Whatever they are. But that doesn't surprise him and -- it is such a great coach such a great motivate here and recruiter. You know it it's it's they're doing a great job this year but it can't be satisfied with six and two one -- the tendency when Laviolette and it's not possible in winnable game. You know I think that we they'll be better next year and now you thought the -- reap the the benefits of recruiting him being in pain -- at a it's phenomenal what he's gone in a short amount of time in -- and now it. On the coach he -- the coach in other. I'm what you meant so much and have a bad that was one of the greats that late game now about your relationship on him if the Alcatel is a great coach and an. And it's it's it's great to have good coach that's a motivating has been around good guys but at the same time it's good to have a guy that's. Been in your shoes on this that those meeting rooms it's taken some of those hits that you've taken in puts elective for so going to for sixty years. I'm which is pretty much unheard of for a guy come at the wide receiver position really at any position these days as a quarterback. You know his his knowledge of the game and just know where we're supposed to be when we're supposed to be there -- it is it just adds a whole other element to our coaching staff and you know it's definitely Jordan let's have a round. -- Winning -- on this -- -- winning right now 61 through seven games and you know. A lot of times because that where you know it's a fan in between on him shall quote your guys' hands on the Monday night there was an instance -- -- receiver because he made apologizing. Golden State is that. Is that because of the rooms now you sometimes you think always tonight. I know that what I do with he saw that it can be taken at a at a poor things. I try to do as much researches that and first on the rules and -- second on the things that I plan on doing right I don't know I don't wanna put my team and that it's not done it before Brian that's not something that I really wanted to do. I just try to have fun out there on the front and so voters show up the opponent. But it's you know yeah. The reason I played this game is because I -- An and I enjoyed playing them so they -- and interview them on the that was more so probably like you said it about about the -- -- think you've got on with -- basically -- just it was a -- involvement it that was the rule you know what I mean that and then I guess he can't celebrate and go to the ground. Yes you know us -- at the pylon on that him. You know fifty stability ball you know daytime and it's not have to keep him in writing Ike Davis yeah I have everything that we can have I wish we'd be able to do like teen dances are like well yeah that Nowitzki -- the values there and obviously that would be good at the bit now all the way things that north. You have a question for -- 504260. Wait 7203866. 8890 rates -- the -- beat them the -- -- if the course like my role think players know. Prospects against -- thank you -- -- more if we get the only time 630 if not the first news that will go to Johnny. And welcome back to sports are 2601878668090. Rates -- its course like Crown Royal saint players who here. -- that you'd get -- go to talk to before Michael on I want Michael thank you for calling you -- -- like the Superman. -- -- -- While matching -- place you know I could you -- Jamal white paper football player because she smiled. That can meet all mob. Going to blow -- And it hit it to ya. It that -- -- would -- -- -- you down here. What I would say every team is different. It it feels similar in the fact that we're winning a lot of games but but I can't say that it feels the same is that your mean that was especially here. You know we obviously won our first thirteen games and end up winning the Super Bowl on -- does that -- -- -- take a different path this year I mean you know like I can't really. Answer that you know obviously it's different but I definitely think this will be especially years well. Okay thank you it that would cure all or not it. -- -- -- Who that I have my thank you very much from three to six and 176. X. Eighty yards in Dallas the speed on line teams beat good evening your -- with -- receiver -- more point at Uga you will. It was so I was a quick question for you there was struggling running the ball right now. And do you think it has anything to do was young wide receivers than -- -- he was often the that you talked about -- -- teams have been rolling were you know big run -- But having an impact and a bit of a follow -- question coming up and -- Can you give us an example would play call my talent and how -- we know we've hit it you know let the foreign language. The quarterback sneak in and out of you can get as an example Mexico without giving too much we could get. I'll hang up in this. Obviously that if you asked about who's running the ball out say everybody. Mean everybody's run the ball where we're running back by committee team everybody's gonna get taxes in as far as. The running game being blamed on the young receivers I mean it I think the running game. Is -- going to be blamed on everybody I mean it's not just the young receivers out there everybody's got to do the job of blocking. I'm running backs got hit the holes climbing got a hold up there at the point of attack on its on everybody. Was listless. He's asking you -- about probably you know that not. So I don't get too much -- but it's long and complicated in. Would sound like a foreign language to people who -- As he did -- on you know on the game there were no different. Final four to 601870386688. Units and we talked to the -- and it. And it's about that he's the Booth him platoon. Talk about the role of the independently and obviously when you have you know guys like it when they reach out to you when you read. I mean it definitely territory -- successful is that -- But talk about it. You're rolling it well. Well I think for the young guys coming in it's a point where they've got the kind of humble themselves. It's not a matter of you know whether they're asking for help or anything like that it's it's. I think the the older guys being willing to. And I'm one of those guys it is isn't worried about. You know letting the guys know the tricks of the trade or any great secrets -- -- little tweaks that might run -- routes. I'm I'm trying to help them because I know that I'm helping them them another team come in if those guys are playing well they're gonna puts all the other guys Meachem -- myself. To play well. Tom and I think you know that just makes for better. It was he used to have maybe some some relatively -- on that walk and -- the -- counted on it that's it. It into you know from the area of the it may birthdays -- prospectus who come here -- He can't be -- coming -- -- topic your college is the whole other level here this is the next level. It can't be overwhelming good that legacy it's it's -- -- because most guys that they get to this level were somewhat of stars in college or high school wherever they came from. On the -- -- -- here to this level in. Most guys don't come into this game -- in the stars right away so I'm kind of start from the ground up you you -- the veterans that you're here to work. In your bigger than the team. You know I think that's the easiest way to get accepted since its just sewn up the work. You know growth. It's if you wanna keep people who -- -- If you -- it influence you. Your career in your -- the success you've had it. Oracle. They weren't they -- -- fan of them but some that really you know you used to these days. If you keep it where you'll. -- I have to say my mother to him on the utes and mama's boy. But but she's always been the ones that this you know the support of mother but the when the kind of pushes you. -- always. Believes that you maybe would you maybe don't believe so much yourself. You know she's always had that confidence she's always enjoyed watching us play. -- you know that's one of the reasons why you know I love playing these games -- like Lamar grow up to lose it now that's what that would -- success if they would have. Option you may have -- some nice -- -- is nothing. To make an operative. That's right that's around me that's what it's all about when you can you can put a smile on people's face especially those you know you love the people that are close to the you know that's the things that we know we know you've got the movement what would -- -- wouldn't want mom with this these things -- matter. Big Mac refugees they backs on the sound menaces the lists so I don't expect it to be wanted if -- got -- what mom -- -- -- my -- in the had a couple weeks. I expected to phone Alou and Lance Ball -- long line to your own with its bowl saints' radio at Uga Uga. Think my call. What you and your joy to watch. The student practical concern to back you never going through can you move an -- -- -- -- -- It gives you anything of what they've told me because we'd be thrown off the year -- -- I don't know -- one that's sticks out in my head that's that that that that's the worst split. I would say as a -- the peace talk allowed more than receivers. -- mean we don't necessarily like it that much I'm not a big trash talker out there like you know them please speak for itself but one thing that I will do. Is laugh and smile and I feel like that it ends in the Spezza made plays. I don't follow what about -- peacock network. All right now things are so you'd take him and that is that's -- if it it's news in elect me. It's now with the success yeah it -- for you but in the cut them off the Q you guys made in the record you broke. To be doing on back in it at that that's a big thing you Natalie and if that they go back there. At the university how often all -- you ain't it decades -- that if you. -- -- was there I mean it's it's it's funny because a lot of the people that were there at least I was there aren't there. Go back and feel like everybody knows him. That the perception is awesome much like it back there this past offseason the first year -- mind you it's him but there we -- -- it is. On to the -- but on a free clinic in place it means so much to me. It's pretty cool. Be in the -- Toledo is in no island being with Cleveland and it could beat them with be it may lead but -- -- brown you know I think that goes -- that it had to be -- no teammate you but. -- quickly become my dream being you know it was it was -- -- -- from Columbus. -- -- -- -- -- and I ended up in Cleveland. It's kind of been bad you know it's awesome because the home Nicklaus -- you know. Let you know that that kind of wanted to be of the get away from home a little bit. It's funny things but yeah. Talk about it and my point we recruit. Yeah its critical they actually the benefits of his house they'd open -- never got the -- off. Mean and you know I had a Santo as a walk on to a house dating and luckily two weeks before graduate that got called three different schools -- -- it's back to back nights. You know ended up in the business. -- outbreak you know because. Another gaffe fumble you go to beat some great great effort Jason Taylor and Hart do you want. With Dan Patrick and -- it will you know what units they like it you don't go to the quote on quote the school reflects into the actual. Why you go to you know where you -- -- you -- -- in Atlanta with you that I want to play. I. I think the fact that it before if that's -- upgrade and a we visited with sight to see -- Lance -- if you got a question for Lance final four to 60187203866. 889087. And follow Lance onto it means more sixteen mode because like -- thing as soon next year on that -- -- -- Welcome back visiting with the Giants mojo back -- via phone the week though and it's cool to Avant in the -- I want Allan thank you for college Saints radio you're always Lance Moore to. -- you kind of want to. Just the thought of him in a leader but in the all on the U and we all know Watson. This does a lot of pain -- lot of people don't know well. CB -- it can. I won't frequent but about it know who would do this who was -- and people. Almost the end shoulda been in a kid but there's little. In an anomaly and he's always that the debate but on a tight. We don't know it's that the impact. Player knows it but aren't you -- -- that it is in the net as well. It is -- will leave people. All all these guys will it impact the Panama and didn't. Pick up about it and be the premier. That you don't have the competitive and then it's back that it didn't mean you know. Always -- -- -- and realize you think you could begin as well maybe look you get -- big and critical court there. But who wouldn't. Man that the that the that would Theres a group -- -- it worked out there are. You know -- -- I realize. You know how important is community isn't in. You know this team wouldn't really be much about this community so you'll support us so we gotta do it takes to run support our you know our fans and in our community off the field. That's a great call Allan thank you so -- the point that out the game if you are going to community Canada. And let's go back to you to Euro football game you know some guys who some years that's of the specifically. Are you doing back home -- plans to something around here. What -- was the first year that that we did it myself in Bruce Gradkowski back of quality hitters who is my quarterback in college and you know it's something we're gonna want to do probably every year and going on up there but now. As far as down here -- or you know I would love to do something down here. I'll let you know once this offseason starts after OTA's and mini -- and stuff like that there's only so much time that you have different you need to get a lot of time with your family as much as you can before you report to training camp in. I'm that is definitely something I exploring future. Lance win. When you're able do it's I guess whenever this season is and we know what happens they basically did that Sunday you played -- Monday or that it Tuesday. If those boundaries kind of get away for awhile to the offseason program in its. What do you do the kind of beat you go back home or are they here for awhile and go back -- -- when you when you give them all of us I -- amount of time you know you -- half of football out of them but from. When you see in the hands that would OTAs though he's felt worked and now what would you do it. Yeah I mean I kind of split my time you know -- go home Brothers days in Tampa his offseason so -- spent some time down -- -- -- and -- you don't back and forth here. Because I actually my place here in. You know I don't really want to ever stay away to loan. You know -- I love it here that you're so long now I feel like it's my second home in. You know hopefully be around here for a little longer than them Placido you know -- that's what you come from -- you know it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go to our -- in bad route on my B Richard -- on what Lance Moore on that because you have. -- you do it again. Are looking. Yeah simple question. We'll just kind of wondering. -- things that we do it and I'll market the real thing. He's just been the better there. Saying. That that the defense or off or what do you think that it. Well I mean we play together for so long now mean we we. I think we complement each other well out there on the field but you know at the same time it's it's kind of what the defense gives us. I mean I don't know that it's necessarily you know when the two of us are on the field together we always play better but. I'm you know the defense is allowing us to make plays out there. You know we've got a guy back there -- sharp enough and you Brees is gonna give us the ball so. You know hopefully we continue to play a lot longer together make more of those plates. I'm into thinking amendment to come back in Lance Ball on the New York Giants at the course like Crown Royal saint players -- Witten Owens W did you go. Sunday at noon the Saints at the New York Jets took down a sound that's it -- Saints radio. Lance an opportunity to go out get another victory if this evident on November Beason was what this ballclub cannot post season runs. It really turned it up and not what are some things -- -- to -- to be successful offense on the field. Well Chris Smith that. Know that that team is again so we'll play the way they did last Sunday I mean if you can look at that game and say that that you know the Bengals beat them 499. And think they were gonna go in there just. Run over them. I'm and that that definitely won't be the case right away I mean they'll become they'll come ready to play. You know they've got a really good defense they get pressure on the quarterback Tom they've created I think thirteen total fumbles already this season. I'm you know we've got to do -- good job of holding on to the ball. I'm staying consistent with the running game in and making big plays when they're available. Saint receiver Lance small -- -- to the Saints all season long on derby yet beyond following its -- when it and it it's the grant and Lance Moore. Sixteen means I was opponent does things so much movement I get it up for Lance Ball. And our sport cockpit the count book get a few bases and the ability you know the home the Saints at tiger and -- it's that.