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10-31 7:10pm Sports Talk: Sports Betting

Oct 31, 2013|

Deke Bellavia talks to Professional Sports Better of vegasrunner.com Vegas Runner about who to bet on this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mom rang it's a fans now it's a fun now we get too caught up on what you'd be known to grow. -- a bank account -- it it's a view. From Vegas we knew each and every Thursday night in the 7 o'clock out -- -- -- Vegas. Is brought it back acme oyster house still -- an instrument the oval 100 years -- -- now own inference quota three. All over the off -- run -- pregame dot com he was money last week BR gave us. Nine -- he was six and three. And he was perfect on his locks of the week he -- stock Carolina plus three over Missouri they want out right Saint Louis -- -- -- count. Should of one -- right. They covered the eleven against the Seattle Seahawks the off you're enjoying another solid week on the. Not a bad. It's been not been in in -- season -- -- -- week and I've spent a couple weeks down in -- And great time by the outside what he'd never been here for Halloween. Highly recommend you come and help the kids like nothing like receipt for a couple of days. You mean out out -- absolutely meant absolutely looked at almost. Any. It's it's just put that he could possibly yeah. It's -- female holiday it's become a female holiday and it's like we always joking around it gives an opportunity for your most. You know -- too late to go out there and be creative and have a good time and it's just. It's undescribable. -- -- -- out here when it once once -- to forget about it. ID be all biggest drama. Of Baker's run -- dot com Vegas on a a pregame dot com lets see if we can continue -- let's look at some odd games tonight Houston still -- the American and that conference. In this sites they in Central Florida or tied. -- eighteen point favorite over the south audible tonight. I thought that was a bit too fine and here's why don't want to. Some big games come out and at that point in the televised game. I think there and it and they'll look at it and -- look at the that many points it was pretty much. Is simply because it's freshman quarterback an -- -- To injuries suspension in. Well and -- situation with the kids per game. Like that it's not did you got. Mine is an eagle in and said it now that it is ninety I thought that it would Houston and 1990. I'm -- that well himself wanted to at least -- out with that. I think in the back seat is over what I'd bet that's what I did -- I thought of its people work because he only missed one so well because they had -- at the end zone. In the -- But I think tonight because you don't have tapper to play deep -- and like that and I used to go over this team. And I'll help -- wanted to put up some point is well typically I I've had the carpet before. And I don't take a little bit South Florida -- nineteen is well. The dog two teams and try and -- against it stays the knee and middle maybe open to the pack in the -- -- -- -- to -- to. Our all our game and Stanford right now but they'll Oregon State went down to the wild last week and had a chance but. Lost late twenties to well with the ball trying to score. To the fifth ranked Stanford this week August date is at home beginning -- -- that the benefit of of Oregon State in big games. -- at home this year they had last week's Stanford districts of account at the unity of the civil war. Against Oregon the B was off five point favorite over southern cal ballclub with basically a tremendous beat him. Yeah surprisingly. That the money. Continue to come in. You know admitted to come. Betting syndicate that have access to that did. When it will get and we're gonna come in and take UNC. And I agree with that no because I -- think USC a little bit on third down. Each and every year. He's usually the good -- on the USC team coming in as he's been there swine. This year like Charlie you know they. Second game against Washington State at sixteen point favorite -- lost the read and -- any consistency if you look at fourteen. They want to want to they -- coming into any of them and that's what you expect. But the team that. I had term well. But I think that there. -- -- Is that this team needed. And went over. To Notre Dame but with the Patriots couldn't -- -- all that the wind against Arizona at home. National television point being -- -- Pierre let's not forget what the banquet week. And then -- bird. Came in here and they will. Compete with. Tight the caliber team I said from the beginning his speed and stay at the top. I like football team even when they lost one game -- adjust my count waiting. And fortunately now they're moving up even in the BC but like -- doesn't have bet that. Leads to contend -- now. California I think you're at these athletes and speed is gonna be too much so he could get the point four -- I think -- the right side -- going to be US city. A ball club if they got seventeenth and nineteen points a game they'd win every game they play they got one of the nation's. There's the -- at the top three defense elite debate team that defense. Might be Antonio is Michigan State on a five point favorite over the Michigan Wolverines at some people think that Michigan State. Is the second best team in a cattle muddled. A big team and this is the big matchup this week BR. Get -- in. A freshman core. Cadets. Schilling his athleticism and he -- his demeanor been impressive. And no one really expected. From Michigan. And -- well they played so I think that running into a team that is better than this week. And I think that -- like that that money on the -- going to be Michigan you'd think the team can't pinpoint but what you want the Michigan State team is -- real they may be -- left. And Michigan but I think at that game that show they are the better team. In. But they're all for it in one against the spread that five game against the spread so -- Really make money with them and because of the there's still there in his life against. A good team but in practice it. Was that that. Look to add to the probably that is being put -- this year and that's Michigan itself but they should mean. Bet they're plainly capable of playing -- up is that no matter. And I don't think they're gonna get surprised by Michigan I think they're gonna be too much for this team -- deep -- of -- you -- to. Washing out not between testing on the -- and put in peninsula out. If you can't score. You're gonna have trouble in the -- so that made the point here -- the favorite Michigan State. All right out like 52 unwell we ought to -- are now let's move on to some other big gains in college football and let's take a look now. Into the Southeastern Conference and Missouri Missouri's Phil has their own polls but while most of the book and they let sock and out of back in the race. They -- eleven point favorite over Tennessee -- What I would say that it's that time would be in that capacity and get you when it's seeing these. You want -- see if that was we leave the game that ended there's these big meaning. That wish the plane -- -- -- They knew they were. On the table that was actually -- well. Count line and the way they eat at home in -- time. And they -- the game. I I stepped up in the and that's why I gave it my best short game that the painful and make. My ball was slightly overweight. And nearly as as my -- And could be. In that. So right now is. That they're gonna -- the Shell that it was more deserving of that time and it was in this game covered that game. Opted to South Carolina did so you make money. But he made so you're not gonna make now I -- we accompanies the other team is good. Flight is you Missouri. -- Like that I think it's one game on the road. But I -- think don't keep it would in double -- at the point with -- field day. This thing in the SEC year in and it's it's it's a manageable schedule but he's still -- tricky when I look at. What Auburn hands we all have a visit the grand dug us a little bit to see. Pay -- anyone Auburn team against that are undefeated go once beaten Alabama ballclub that would simply huge one because. The state Alabama has Howell the last four national champ it to three Alabama one Auburn. Is this a dangerous game for Auburn on a row and Arkansas does -- This is bad name. The league is dangerous if you do it. And I'm gonna lately is that one like that so we could -- coming. Absolutely locked activists on the game and here's why I -- If you look at ratings. -- That team is any. Time at the BC at that happened in my top thirty. Okay and two weeks we've been able to fight against teams. Where I think the BC -- the way too high and we it was like he did not count against the story that we before it was again. Clamped in Auckland in one of the top twenty it would be in top twenty and what they do. As they now we have a situation like. In the same. They -- this game. But I think it's extremely date is that. It'll be open but -- -- in the Super Bowl. This big game here but missed the green. But the Korean too so that. On that play there and if you look at. And well. LSU at the end of -- which is -- I believe him this not being in that game. So I figured to get the upper. That you'd see from the scene in. -- -- -- -- And Florida and can't -- to -- the -- I don't think it's gonna bring anything to the tape. Fourteen I think. -- prepare for this week. And at -- now it's to not think your point that issue at the plot and when that line. I -- plot points and I'm probably gonna take what they could I think it is Q I would be surprised that -- -- second loss right here on on Saturday. -- are Bledsoe moved to a little bit of pro football Cincinnati and -- three point favorites over the Miami Dolphin. Yet -- that being -- line actually. The other time was favored and mine was -- one point. And then it might come in Cincinnati. One of the most the other. I I'm telling you now but this is what we call that game. We put. Like that Cincinnati's side and everyone in that job and move it's it really right now as we speak they -- And possibly Miami they could and I think that's the right side here was in Cincinnati -- I have and it might not that it in the NFL. Power waiting line but at the end of the week. Matchup in which team is better. But the point that becomes the lines and not. Been seen. And I think there's some -- here in England game. That the -- he's been in the game at a seventeen point lead in the second. They kind of let that one -- I think it puts the weight at that that night and that that number of right now. I think that's the right side at Cincinnati he could. It's one so if you're. Worse the big winner -- your numbers to be but I don't make that take in the worst. The -- this looks like I think yes welcome Ben it almost looks too easy Indianapolis has won some big games on the road including at San Francisco wade dominated. A two and a half point favorite over Houston ballclub and isn't serious trouble. Absolutely really -- -- and -- and and you know. Every shot every. Week that. You went against Indianapolis and here's why because they were worried. And everyone was talking about it in the -- -- football team in the history the bet that the guys were saying and even eighteen statistically. Get in at rookie quarterback Eddie -- and sometimes but that's definitely liked. The talent that's out there. This year. That actually like being a into a team that year and they be good free agency. I don't think is a bit but -- here is why. What year and that the games don't think nick is his moment and you get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is a week at the pulpit. Here at Indy was a point against Denver. And one -- they had a week you have you've been goes well. Get up. We don't but I think Houston's been a great spot and let's not forget. That gave you acts -- quarterback changes injuries and -- huge. In. Then -- get it up and time they played in 2008. The home team won ten times. The -- that time but don't teams won every single time. And didn't win in this series I think it continues on it I'm like you've been and I think Asia and shocked some people and get the win against the Colts. And founded BR BR biggest front of that kind of regain that come -- -- from Vegas give us your NFL lock but we. Get it. There are some good games this week in the -- I thought I'd like Indianapolis but I'm gonna do against -- and what -- -- and I'm -- -- -- Cleveland. -- -- come into the -- that. I think is a lot better than most give them credit for work and the thing about youth that we look at this game and they actually jumped at the bottom and her that he and they are the vision and bat and one quick one when they lost track Richards and and they did not quit on themselves to be remembered the -- regain that deep minutes that they beat Cincinnati deep pop up but Atlanta three weeks they haven't played as well. That expected. Like. They played -- good streak. And they played. Kansas City undefeated Kansas City going one of the top teams in the NFL. And they play Detroit which we saw how that Detroit is coming back against. Now like a fourteen bet I really think they can handle and let's not forget a lot of -- -- -- -- -- People tend to wait times the Baltimore at eighteen but I think the -- fourteenth we've seen in years can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Played but I think they win that game right and jump has brought more in the standings. These are the are given -- not having all this information you made -- an appointment right direct. Thank beat -- check -- and it's why don't let. And again every week I played out as much information against radiate from the -- disparate. The awe of Vegas for a dot com in pregame -- comments following on Twitter at Vegas from the are always a pleasant as it wicket win -- -- I'm all right -- yard they Camp David. Yeah it's indeed that is our view from Vegas brought you back acme oyster house do Ruben into -- -- the -- 100 years or they do it and you. All right coming up next if the biggest game in college football in the state of Louisiana these seats it is bought non. From a point five southeast -- -- before. It needs to say how tough the south -- competent they have four teams this week ranked in the top. Point five with her for coach met by talk living beside. Now we hear from southeast in coach Ron Roberts from the Lions side up next on the ability on WW.