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10-31 7:130pm Sports Talk: Southeastern Football

Oct 31, 2013|

Deke Bellavia talks to Southeastern University Head Coach Ron Roberts to talk about the upcoming games.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The state of Louisiana this season thus far perhaps all season long number 25 southeast Louisiana university. He's at now before make these statements Southland Conference showdown Tony now is the head football coach of the southeast of mine down -- him and he's coached. Ron Roberts goes Roberts thank you so much for the time how are you. -- -- Well coach when you first got there today program is one of things you talked about being in big games like he's doing well in the comments. Last year the five victories you had five into account would play at high watermark six team was in the south Atlantic doubling the 04 season. And now an opportunity really when you look out of this conference -- coached the -- looking a further than the whole intact topped point 50. Itself -- to -- and saw Sam. And then knees all of the -- point five this is an extremely tough conference you got a tough -- -- this week. It's a great conference top to bottom. You know word you know anybody any conference can be anybody on any given Saturday. -- you really have to play your best we can't we -- out. Their chance to compete now and got a great opponent this week goes in the nation that a girl powerful long time and they are great program motor program that the and we have a tremendous -- respectful Childress southeastern. Coach I would imagine one of the things you -- your ball club last week is is -- -- at the weight and come back -- you fall behind you go 42 -- answer to roll. All over Lamar but I would imagine is that that maybe demands he is eight we know we can come from behind but we've been like a better start this week. -- you know. A great job organizers want to -- occurred on the ground game going. Just such an actual serious school -- Sixers there in a row. But you know you -- have a better shall we we we came out there on offense we came out there and it's miscommunication on the inside the ball and but the only game and delusional -- in I was pleased with that and where they're just picked up another step respectable. -- the coach Ron Roberts is a special against the southeast an alliance number 25 in the country taking on them before. It means -- -- night's showdown in Lake Charles Dakota. Politics -- -- program but that does get them all like me. Who have related salary got to go to the conference commissioners athletic director. I mean these three games and are you looking for the mag knees -- set him off a solid Sam best best run I've gone a coach -- three ranked teams in a row. Yeah very great football things pretty you know top ranked I think it's going to be. Tough test for us about. Accept you when our team is that you know -- we got into the day if you if you wanna be ranked -- you compete for temperature -- bigger picture result -- you don't well things don't go there so. Also next three weeks so we do. Coach may -- after I found very yards a ballgame for 84344. Points you're about five Mario it's 480. Thirty than points a ball game you look at those obviously -- minuses -- -- offensive explosion at some -- -- these past four games coach. I look back at speaking to happen this year college football in him at Auburn coach -- thought it. It still came down 01 team that can make wanna to be fair to place he hit a ball game and then may be the case here in this game. The other Brooke at -- if you know I instantly get two great offenses in this game. Filming is very our our offense and I we've got a lot of success well. It's going to be you can come down the defense is really I think it's that the true terraces it would be -- common there. Makes stops so get off the field buildings you know cricket turnover and and which which -- built by the special so ball. Coach both of these quarterbacks -- the mag knees and that was so Brent -- for you they don't make mistakes immediate both top eleven in passing efficiency. But these guys are clicking on all cylinders so when you look at Joseph quarterback house seat house he grown from from -- -- that now. Well I think the biggest things like he's learning so much more comparable. Just you know lead -- -- ball games he's just a lot more comfortable behind I'm sure it is making calls -- -- -- In the pocket. He just has. Well they comfort through world has now in the -- could -- for pure golf instant and wrote in his first year route to get all the reps and be that guy in college football. So you know it's going to be growth for a number -- -- tremendous amount of growth tree. -- are looking to three. And now I I think he's grown tremendously. It really was pocket presence he goes to the pocket from football. Coach when I talk to different coaches -- you know. They talk about the preparation and you had to prepare your opponent it's the most important game because it's the next game I completely understand what their philosophy. But -- game like this of this magnitude of the Europeans know make these -- they make these -- do you both rank you both went extremely well. In -- conference to this entire season is it is a little different feel to preparing for a matchup like this. Well you know I think from our kids you know -- there or for a little bit more those kids come overspent their own time. Contract -- extra film and -- me. A little extra focus sharp and they do you know you double figure is that that they understand the magnitude -- -- -- game I want -- out there and and how well they've got a first would play the best football. Coach what we do. Would you say is the strength of your ball club Reno -- silent count play at six and two on this game and it's make me. Well you know I I'm all relate -- -- arguably its our special teams. That it's period that we that we can just like one weekend and week out. Booed that's great return units. You know I think that's great -- returner bigger -- Notably will kick -- are covered here it's been outstanding you know are are over our our partners our kickoff coverages. They've got hasn't been -- and other things she's plays that's what we had six stops and but the point. Which is pretty ugly end to touch backs and that's that's cute when your -- people apparently like. I just really a show of support. And for me I think history actually -- that one -- strictly guys here it's a one week in and week out there play consistent and they played very. Coach when you're looking back at it say nine at safety and their dilemma -- that you have a strong list of things and -- is going to. These are some things I feel like we have to do it ought to be successful. What -- to a 30 things be on this matchup. Well. I think it's really you know we got -- on the football. I think we've got to build on football and you know I think you're in. Are there ought to be potentially it's gonna come down the same thing in their ability to stop the run. Techniques and Merrill's cool -- the trouble is -- to -- things -- There are about to win football games or football good shot to run and everything -- in the translation I shall. On -- up expulsion for occasional cant let it go metropolis -- approach each. Southeast Louisiana university football coach Ron Roberts it's a huge ones in Louisiana Ford teams in the Southland Conference right. In the if he has topped point five on the between fives out the -- eighteen. I central and so on number eight Sam Houston and now before making any statement that power conference. It showed outstanding night in -- so that says the -- Cowboys Stadium and it was -- at the coach Roberts thank you so much for the time -- look you're on the line Saturday night. Are they accurate much pressure Trammell all right coach Ron Roberts and you can it's all the only news points out -- -- -- -- line in sports dot net.