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10-31 7:45pm Sports Talk: horse racing

Oct 31, 2013|

Deke Bellavia talks to National horse racing reporter and columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News Dick Jerardi about the Breeder's Cup.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirteen Breeders' Cup this weekend's Santa Anita and folks this is a big one because you know but the Triple Crown. This ranks right up there and those who follow the sport horse racing certainly will pay attention this week into what's phones at that and he. Tony has now is gentlemen Ditka holds in high regard horse racing and of course the Breeders' Cup. National horse straight reporting columnist for the Philadelphia Daily -- beat Girardi joint is now. Hate that he's so much for the time -- now man this is this used to be a very big deal and a lot of folks who have followed horse racing will be paying close attention. To this all the week in -- you know we're in a whole lot of football season. -- no question that smack in the Motorola NFL World Series just spent an NBA started Padilla source people of that would be involved the next few days. Trinity of fire Breeders' Cup races Smart 9 on Saturday morning but they dollars in purses and BC sports network of all culminates Saturday night last -- comment. It's gonna be very cool great racing all the way. That -- We we we get involved in no we keep up with the Triple Crown race is obviously it's it's exciting once when a horse. Wins -- goes first who made -- -- we got up and look forward to we get to -- in. The Belmont but how much action from a stamp on what goes up to the Wyndham how many people will get in on the action this weekend the Breeders' Cup. Yeah it's it's the biggest thing today a -- couple days and -- him -- just let that be popular fifty million better over the UK yeah. Yeah it is the big deal. And I mean apparently the day up there and really -- to compare through it and not just been as structured than anywhere but. At them all you rate of that. The Breeders' Cup is just. Is it since sectional for people like -- one more good horses because the competition is so good. That'll work may be in a normal race. Like well it's fair rate so normal Saturday -- -- so much if five or six horse field. We hear is going to be working are working so impartial and your horse that was six apartments Saratoga might -- -- want. Two more that the if you like or football or potential for big scores there. And that's wire to wire right now you're not all long for the Breeders' Cup acrylic it's like the final exam. Like you've been starting in all year here's what to lark to which in. -- like it -- mr. if he's courtesy of express it back down with a legal license and healthy weight typically. The races does go to expressed it back comments account the Breeders' Cup all right. Nick for those that they will pay attention -- give us and as the keep an island is weekend maybe some business who will be following news that they when they wanna get down. Auburn Arkansas game Mario soccer about it in the cities they gain in my wanna check out our heart skip a few blades. You know where do -- -- you can watch the races -- -- sports network finger off track spending so they're. You're in China -- stressed that and and it's legal and it's like it's been. Just get credit card out that that and you can just sit and play what your computers marked -- -- wanna play. Or is that I'm really looking at like two more at night the last race tomorrow is distorted the championship fight that never really -- You desperately -- get these sponsors and bring that up I'll stop that well there are all here. This is the -- rich history of sport always wanted to say that it should be a dollar -- -- about 7:35. Eastern time tomorrow night. You have to charm or depending champion here Royals they'll -- -- one -- almost five million dollars and her great career you have but what looks like the rural village at record this year -- -- -- one in Tokyo. And Europe where yours kuril filly champion older justice and change all that Horry. And just pick up just the pure like the good horses run operation not the culmination of march ivory. Breeders' Cup car announced Saturday that -- that they that they prepare the audit these city. Is a dirty side center right right -- and that's that partly out Breeders' Cup classic which is. It will put -- that -- in Europe or at worst in the years on the line. Anymore dude there's undefeated this year he wins they'll certainly be horse of the year this year but they're the Belmont where Al -- Several of the real high quality horses in the race suggest that. Probably separate sources the -- expect that a race and and that'll be the finale. Saturday or. It Girardi saw spirited -- when I was reading up put up on LA times and I saw they were talking about though about the trying to. Richard mandella and they got to the jockey at Gary Stevens he's he's -- -- holder. And 818 you see it at 63 years old in this meeting in any type of sport you see all the coaches though older. A train as a box and so forth and is this that this that there might but I mean they they can. Look at Hossa they can tell you from -- eight. That cost can be a good Hossa and I just found the peace very interesting because. It's that bad it's not -- if there's anybody got a horse racing is -- -- this has been around all Tammy if you just made he's got to causes and expect to do good this week. Yeah he's he's he's that one of the past and you put Richard -- and Gary Stevens together on. Won't be holder that that some combination you talk about you all famers there. And they'll actually every year there were several breeders' cups ago a banner in Horry won four races. When warrant yet a precedent that. He -- appeal or is -- -- chance but he's got a great chance. And what it for each had a a couple of great courses where chicken you know report whoever wins that -- -- market that -- -- Check out all the great action did Girardi is it would some national -- report columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News has brought you back express fantastic -- president that can pick. Thank you so much of the time enjoy the races this week sure there oh. All right thank you very much.