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10-31 8:10pm Scoot Show: scary movies

Oct 31, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the scariest movies of recent times.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening at a very happy Halloween it is a shame that it is raining and I hope if there were any little trick or -- out there I -- they got their trick or treating in. As done as popular as it once was when I was kid in France where and when you were a kid that's really a shame. -- -- I -- -- show we we talked about how though the whole fear with the poison in. Candy and sharp objects in razor blades in apples and treats and that's it was all a hoax that really didn't happen. Effective Bradesco bloggers on our website on the -- page it every if you don't dot com that really kind of sets the record straight on that. But it is a shame that there have been so many myths that have caused people to not wanna go out. And like they once did. Another myth that we talked about last night. Was this myth that sexual predators. Use Halloween as the perfect time to a sexually abuse children. And that's not true there's -- research that indicates that there are. More sexual assault on Halloween. Than any other time of the year so that's yet another -- So if you're going out tonight that you might already be out I'm glad to this tonight of the -- show it's our Halloween edition. A life here on their -- -- well. A French Quarter is going to be packed arena no rain I'd I'd I'd just got to the station before it started to rain and looking out of our studio windows -- concede it is raining and it might be raining where you -- If you were to the east of New Orleans it's not to to -- yet but it's it's on the way. There are the sort of things are going inside -- I I don't think this is going to stop anybody from from going out. In addition to the French Quarter Frenchman street the mayor -- the lower part of Decatur all of these are very very popular spots. And I'm I'm. I'm not going to be able to experience its electric off at midnight but then I'm gonna head out to Ellison ransom or studio producer she's got -- arms in the air right now she's ready to go out. And midnight and this is one of the cities where you can actually start. And midnight. You know you'd eat you don't have to I've gone early in the in this in this city -- -- there are times when you can just car delivered twelve and that's when it's distorted information for those of you who I've love to go to eighties night. And when I Jackson a quarter. They have moved their eighties night which is usually again Thursday night. To this Saturday nights which I think is going to be fun and -- have a special and I don't know who the bandits but there's some special band for the Halloween festivities tonight to there. Also tonight of the show let's talk about scary movies and we always talk about scary movies this time of year I don't wanna talk about the classic scary movies the exorcist. The birds the shining Halloween Friday the thirteenth. We note that all those are scary movies. But the other night I watched the conjuring. The the first time it is really creepy. There are some there are some scenes in in I'm one of tell you got a -- case you haven't seen it but there are some scenes in that movie that make it. Make you jump back a little bit and they kind of stay with you and one of the things that I thought it was creepy about the conjuring. Was that. Some of the things that happened were in such a normal house setting. That issue walk around your house. Late at night you might actually have memories of some of the things that happened in the country I thought it was good so it's just talking about scary movies. Let's talk about some of the recent movies that have been made that are really scary. And really creepy. Also speaking of scary and creepy that that's the way a lot of people are describing the pelicans new mascot -- pelican have you have you seen him. I have to admit. He's a little creepy. Not deal may -- we're gonna maybe we're gonna embrace him and maybe everything's going to be fine a practicing right now you know. It was Cilic which elect the pelicans and mascot to come on visit your elementary school. I know that's fine that no I think we're all by the all booked up noticed keep him -- you know maybe will embrace about title I noticed the lights. And to me it looks like. Here pelican could be a close relative of penny wise. The decline -- in yet. By Steve thinking it's like I don't mean to be critical as is my first impression and it just a budget you meet somebody and and they they kind of -- poignant what may be that won't happen but I thought he was just. A little tiny bit scary. -- glad you're with us on this Halloween night if you or out or driving around -- -- -- drive carefully go have a blast went. It don't be afraid to take a campaign and you know tonight honestly he might have to to wait for -- because a lot of people are going to be camping it tonight. It's time for tonight's top candidates in on this Halloween night. The top later dates will be the most haunted places the eight most wanted places in New Orleans -- expand upon -- throughout our show. Number eight. The -- Orleans hotel in the French Quarter. This hotel was once a confident and an orphanage. Yellow fever -- you were once in many children died. There are stories of the frequent appearance. A little girl. Rolling her ball and chasing. Down the halls of the sixth floor. And like footsteps. Can be hurt whenever I think of something like this in a hotel I think about that scene in the shining this twins down a halt to the state that freaks via. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight most Tony places in New Orleans. Our -- restaurant. Not just the bill can be scary there. Just before the founder hard -- died he told his staff that his daughter Jermaine. Was gonna take over the restaurant. When she died apparently she didn't want to leave. And to this state the spirit of his daughter Jermaine wells. Is known to appear in the restaurant. And arts. Number six on tonight's list at the top most 800 places in New Orleans. And partly our hotel on -- street downtown. A paranormal research team actually discovered for ghosts. Including the ghost of a nineteenth century teenager. And aristocratic couple from the 1920s and a well dressed man for 1920s. And all of these -- are known to taunt the cleaning staff. Now do you think that that's something that they would warn you about if you if you apply for jobs. And at that were probably a hotel in and year ended that the cleaning. Staff group will with a warn you that Jim might be -- if if somebody's target on the sheet or somebody's trying to prevent you from putting the towels. In that of the wash her that it it it might just be ghost in at that point would you say you know I think I'm gonna find work somewhere else. Number five on tonight's list of the top most haunted places in New Orleans. The -- guard -- house supernatural sightings include additions. Of the battle of Shiloh taking place in the main hall. Men with mangled limbs. And blown away faces. Can be seen along with horses and mules. That have been slaughtered and killed. By campfire. Number four on tonight's list of the top most haunted places in New Orleans. The much only owned hotel in royal street in the French Quarter. One recent hotel guest reported seeing a man in his room during Monique Wright was he was is -- Mata -- a man in his room. The man was wearing only a feathered masks and was totally naked. I'm wondering if that's illegal if you're ghost. Or can you get away with it if you're if you could you can you get away which is being naked like -- now I realize that there are a lot of people who go to hotels and they would dream for something like this to happen -- -- Yeah and -- I mean if this if this person spends the night did you know you do you think that they would have to baby help pay for the room but the hotel modeling on that's not the only sure there are few other stories from. The hotel Motley on and and actually. Are proud that they are known as a very -- -- Number three on tonight's list of the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. The legendary feats far. On Bourbon Street. Politics is one of the oldest bars in America over the years it was really no more as a gay bar. -- -- obvious they're growing up and they're a young adult it was more the -- -- it's like I don't know maybe this was really after Katrina. In recent years defeats has become a really popular hangout for younger straight or it doesn't mean that there are -- there -- It's it's really -- dominated by a younger street New Orleans crowd. It that you might see hanging out at a bar and on saint Charles or or magazine Streeter maple streets of somewhere in the uptown area. As a -- has really cheap given the day trip that purple drink to that things kill somebody was telling me that. The -- who does bar rescuers some some reality Barr show. On had three of those. Any absolutely. Passed out so you know you're not gonna wanna do that. But it illustrates -- -- street there are countless stories. About ghosts enjoying themselves at the bar. And upstairs. At certain times a ghost appears on the balcony. And waves to people and then disappears. Among the famous -- that continue to appear on recurring basis that would feet suburban. Aren't the voodoo queen of New Orleans. -- look though. Arthur Truman Capote. Charlotte feed himself. QEP long. And Louie Armstrong. So when you when you -- by the feats argument when a glance upstairs and check up that area upstairs looked in the window because there might be something there. Number two on tonight's list of the top -- most haunted places in New Orleans. If you're listening somewhere. Around the country if you come to New Orleans this really is a must see. Cemetery. Saint Louis cemetery number one. It is believed to be the most -- cemetery in America. The -- include data of voodoo queen of New Orleans regional flow and her ghost. Has been seen moving among the tombs wearing a red and white turban. And saying out loud in an audible way. That traditional new worlds curse. And she can actually be heard some have reported today hearing this from rampart street outside of the the secretary -- itself. And the way the crips are -- it's just it's a fairy. It's beautiful but it's a very eerie place and I think that's the secretary they used are one very similar to that. When they did the Ellis. It's it's it's definitely a fun thing to see it. We will talk a little bit about how those those -- tunes above the ground or. In reduced your New Orleans but that's no -- -- -- site that you really should see it it's it's very close to French Quarter close to downtown. If you live in this general area. And you haven't been to Saint Louis cemetery number one you really should go it's it's very interesting. Visitors will actually leave items on some of the tombs including food agreement -- -- -- They'll leave for Mardi Gras beads. Money. How does the money stay here you do you think that somebody would steal the money maybe they're afraid to food and I've seen a number of empty liquor bottles. -- half pints and even fist. And some will actually make a wish. And they'll mark three axis. Three black -- is on her -- And that's hoping that she will grant their wish. From the on the great. And finally tonight. The number one most haunted place. -- -- It's the -- Laurie house. On royal street in the French Quarter and in fact an actor Nicolas Cage -- this at one point. I don't know if he actually lived there he he lost it in foreclosure but at one point Nicolas Cage owned the -- Laurie house. This is one of the most fascinating stories in New Orleans this was the home of doctor Louis -- and his wife don't seem. In 1834 fire broke out in the house. And as they were going through the house firemen were. Astounded. When Nate they broke open a door this is a locked doors broke open a door. Good temperature to figure out there's anybody in in the house to worth saving or invite it it could be saved. And where they broke down the story noble Laurie house they saw seven starved and beaten slaves. They were changed. And they were dying in the thick smoke. But the -- discovered more than that. They also discovered more slaves. Many were already dead. Those slaves that were still alive many of them had amputated arms. Amputated legs. They were disfigured. But -- also discovered in the Laurie house a royal street. Organ and body parts. They were being preserved. And they were found in what appears to be. A laboratory a laboratory. For conducting experiments. On human beings. Amazing. That's our list of the top dates. Most other places in new -- if there's a place we haven't mentioned that you know is so is haunted -- show it to 601870. To all 38668890. A seventy. In our text -- a 77 here's a Texas are you mentioned penny wise -- -- -- but it's and the clown haunts me that was a freaky freaky clown. The -- in its penny wise. -- before we get back to our show we want to go to traffic updates if somebody calls it was some information when he has a traffic update for swing where -- Our own raw image that it up pretty bad -- -- that the -- called. Marked in blue large target and other the third column what's normal and although not that at all but. 610. He's on going into the city didn't like it happened. The rare road trouble spot Metairie road. They'll all and stop stop the blue light. That there. There are budget and be careful right. All right -- be careful and thanks for the traffic update. Yet you're ever it's a traffic court you want to report whether or traffickers is alive Charlotte to inform those several were listing on the road you can help out your fellow voters by telling -- what's going on you can always call our show it to 601870. A toll free 8668890. Late seventy and a text number is 877. Also tonight. Have you ever. Have you every experienced. A ghost. Have you ever experienced a spirit. -- what you want a ghost or spirit. If you haven't. Have you heard a story from someone that you think is totally credible it is someone that you know is credible. And you you totally believe their story. I mean I I've heard you I had one. Brief encounter with a ghost in my life. And it was a very comforting plus an expert told I'll share that with you coming out the scope blog tonight is titled. Can you be a Christian. And believe in ghosts. Mean actually this is that this is it somewhat of a controversy there's there's a debate about this some people believe he can be a Christian you can be Catholic. And you can believe in ghost and others argue that. That any ghost is evil. And you can't -- Christian. And then believe in ghosts. And yet the holy ghost is in the Bible. Holy spirit is essentially the holy ghost. The -- -- tonight if Europe if your Christian. Does -- matter what religion -- Catholic Christian whatever I -- this I think this goes for for all religions actually but but if you're if you're Christian. Do you believe in ghost and is it okay to believe in ghost. The blog is on our website at WWL dot com front page and our opinions that you can read it and -- with -- Christian and religious or non religious friends for that matter gives your comment if you like. If you're gonna join our show with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- In a text number -- of creativity. It's Halloween night. On description. On WWL. It's Halloween night on the -- joke ledger would decide if you're in traffic that you might be in a very scary situation. Apparently they're says. A major car pileup. At 610. By the railroad tracks and that we just got a call from listener who was eastbound on the high rise -- -- backing up there. So we wasn't exactly sure what was on the other side. But -- -- -- -- traffic just to just relax and I know it's it's horrifying and it's it is scary not only a Halloween night but it any night for that matter but. It to be careful and if you're out -- driving. If they're going to be a lot of people out tonight. You -- -- when people get into a different flow well with when people get what would you would you go to work in the morning you you know exactly. How to drive and and what to do not not that people don't get into accidents in in the morning but when people in their regular routines. They they do a lot better than if they break their routine. And a lot of people because it's Halloween night are breaking their routine. And they're they're traveling somewhere where they might not ordinarily go. They are not traveling on it in for the same reason and and so sometimes people just. When Nate when they don't travel their typical. Route they'd -- they get confused but if you -- out there be sure drive carefully. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight on this Halloween night should Halloween be scary fun or sexy. I seen all three of those things on Halloween and I'm -- will later -- a tough at midnight. Give us your opinion by going to our website divvied up you'll dot com give an update on that coming appeared in just -- few minutes and is deployed tonight is something we're gonna talk about can you be a Christian. And believe in ghosts and that too was on our website to front page and our opinions -- to be -- -- dot com from Slidell David you're on -- show happy Halloween. -- good. Have a question home is actually. I've been brought in oh paranormal group her about you know that very year now and it's -- locals in New Orleans area and I get a lot of people that will call and you know they have a -- on and they can't explain it. And we'll go out there trying to you know figure out you know apartment they are going crazy here you know Bono and oh you're not caught -- things that kind of you know proven 100%. That there is and and the question he's a Christian and go to the bank. Has only gotten -- group. I'm only 28 and -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- you know it because. You know -- that you can not be a Christian and believe that there is. -- I thought the whole idea what is old -- yeah. You can. If it. Or heaven or -- you know you're gonna. -- it back in and and you know what -- -- you know. And that's what a lot of people believe very and they believe in life after death they just don't believe in spirits that are coming back -- we're gonna get to that a little bit more later David tell me tell -- what you've experienced -- convinces you that. They are there are spirits that visit us in this moral world. The only thing. Probably the most. We need here and convincing story is. We had a guy. That investor and in a regular -- and he would call the call me what. You know all the ammo what -- -- Even taken aback and says this lady. Will just walk right and should disappear. And you know that he says that's not important -- if he's -- law and so triple short of going out there. -- a mere hours. And not gonna happen partners so. Got control we took. A civil -- hundred pictures of you know it didn't -- -- out. Well. You know look at apparently picked electric -- that you say is what. -- -- -- -- So we got from -- you know I want to help OPEC is she -- -- -- life is like it and believe. Well become old and but what -- the economic partner. And the thought picture number 200 and it took. Vote like the 400 pictures. Well law of the camera it's terrible he walked up the broad street oh my god this is the late writer in the picture. I go to it. You know I didn't quite -- at the moment it kind of went along with the world but yeah America so you know is -- Well anyway -- -- in all of blown up on the computer. And clear there legally. In the picture here -- that kind of a couple. Tight lady you know while he did he do it wasn't like it light or actual -- But kind of investigated a little bit rhetorical in the past the way in a -- of breast cancer. Started to a little more of that in the neighbors. You know until the neighbor. The picture that we captured in a woman crying on the spot. -- -- that Arnold you're able to that that is you know there's going to be a cheat sheet you know she's -- There and she said that he lived there about where there there are as the old house right there and I that it within their. And army cleared the bases and in the picture a long way that. I was able defiantly obituary. And and -- from that particular effort but. There and it looked a lot like -- and I mean that. Just the picture of -- -- real. You know it took pictures may and the camera. Is it more remote -- there's. See that's a very credible story and I have every reason to believe they what you're saying is true it may not have happened to me video you captured it. -- -- on film and I think there are a lot of things that might show up when you've you've you've heard this when you hear about paranormal investigative groups. That they might not see with the naked eyes but it's something shows up in orbit some kind or some presents it shows up crowd on film or -- and a picture. Berry and then yeah it. -- think that we. In other Latin root out of the so popular. It. A lot of people. It well. In the park district or so ago. You know all -- out. Of the person and need help. It is. You know in -- one -- paranormal. The in order. You know over there. David when you say what people who call to help so soon. It if somebody feels the presence of somebody in their home for example you go to help them define its. It terrible. -- and that there are gay scene. -- actually -- -- marital problems because of his life you know. Broad because. He should just didn't matter to they're running -- you know -- That it took -- in Britain but up front when you look at the picture like that lady wants to mean you know tomorrow. -- but I think that there are there're are spirits that. I don't know what happened but we just lost our phone Wednesday it would agree to when a great conversation. You still -- -- I just it looked like everything went to when Blake here but. I David on. I think there are some spears that reveal themselves to some people but not everybody. Can see him. I didn't and not much news. You know we have a reported popularly have a pretty good follow on outdoor game and we have a you know some pretty cool evident all our auto right now and had our -- Gerald. Ought partly out of plantation overpaid and put. I don't know -- my role and the like are up there helping people but if it is it. You still struggle with the the idea of being a Christian and of seeing these things. What a street -- you go to our website WW dot com and read the blog and wrote. Doubt this there's subject and you might wanna put that on your website this year and others. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- David I'm on Politico. And thanks for sharing the story -- this. A -- blog tonight is titled can you be a Christian and believe in ghost it's on our website at WW real dot com. FaceBook page is WWL radio you can read it and comment on it there. And we'll talk more about that in just a little while I wanna remind you that there's a priest sizable accident. I sixteen and side near the railroad tracks. And also there wasn't an issue on the high rise eastbound. On accidents and keep those two places in mind and if you're out there driving drive carefully. Here's a text that reads demonic forces. Might be characterized. As ghosts. Can you be Christian and believe in ghosts. If you what did you ownership of the -- and have you ever experienced a ghost or to you know somebody who has told the really credible story about experiencing -- Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Zeroing seventy. Text number -- it's him it's Halloween nights a dispute show. Like from New Orleans and -- WL. This Halloween night. This is -- scary movie. But this was a movie in the past. I watched the conjuring the other night and I thought it was really clear I thought it was a scary movie and there were some things that may mean discounted jump back in and cast. For air. What more recent movies. Not the classics that we talked about so often this time of year the order some of the more recent movies that are really scary -- they still make scary movies don't think. As you can think of a a scary movie it's been done more recently that really scares you were which was creepy do you. -- show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890870. Protects Amber's late 77. Got a text here Anthony Hopkins started a movie called the right. Want Anthony Hopkins but it did not see -- here is a text. Astute you -- so entertaining christianity is based on the unseen. Father son holy ghost of someone. Is it open minded Christian. They should believe in ghost. It is left over energy. The spirit world has much to teachers my parents are strict Catholics. And they believe in ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts. We're getting a report that the police are on the scene of accident on I ten heading eastbound it is 610 -- high -- it is to -- in those in in that area in general it's the best. I can do as far as we know this rain is gonna continue -- for a while so if you Audi unit be sure and drive carefully. And just be aware of other drivers because there are people out there -- party tonight. And as you know. Halloween at one point was really more of a kids' holiday Halloween has evolved into a very adult holiday. And that's why we -- in this question it's -- Evian you will pretty general opinion poll tonight. Should Halloween be scary fun or sexy. Right now 43% say scary. 249% say fun and 29% say sexy. -- you think about Halloween conjuring up evil thoughts I can tell you that last year in the French Quarter. I saw some. Very sexy Halloween outfits. That conjured up some very evil thoughts in my mind I can't appear on the -- -- every WL. I used weekend. The principal talked about the about the ghost in the picture. But he took put my among the choices. -- -- My airport about a report yesterday that the presently in Calvert for them Angel. And that it would restore a -- were. You're not a model my -- and I merit. Which -- the money will look at the I network -- a more broker. And he called me and them all into it all there and -- it could do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your -- And he -- It -- -- at an interest in programs. Available at the time you'll be actually in the -- vote with -- -- 00 when you don't. -- -- -- -- -- It wouldn't -- an -- and the report about those open. An expert in full blown you don't you know I -- -- Butler good track record -- it well -- okay. My pocket without getting his call you call everything. We're -- -- -- -- that the old. Okay. The whole game from a truck probable bowl week. The Ottawa if you were getting. We hope look at them all. OK so. More open now what will do so -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there and you'll all worked well -- submit the vehicle or. Out of that'll walk away -- at all for what you like. OK. With that five. To involve the optical and even. Okay. Out of all those who not only. Or Tommy here was it was it was it dark at this point isn't just a presence o'clock 6 o'clock in the spring and summer -- is bring his Summers light and sometimes it's dark it's 6 o'clock. It. -- outfit I -- Out here is that in the quality because the clock. A little ball. I'll. Go anyway. We golf ball more. OK then the next thing with my wife it's all. You know more were all -- -- outlook -- -- for. An acute the address -- to go through the Oreo and Oden in the war and so okay. Down there with music and art art check from the bank without formal papers. Have. Graduate. And that let you know so. He used by the local. A -- have a you know. A little bit of fruit scare the electorate and give it to. What sort of around albums. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What cardinal won't work here -- name. What you go back to the office and they they didn't recognize the name of the person that helps you buy this house. That is correct OK. I don't know what you -- that important. Don't you. Think that -- no other -- All. The mortgage broker. All the more a program that lets a lot that the that the author of the actual vote. The real killer of children out there. And don't get it because it took time out -- appreciative. To. War. And economic name. So you feel like you were dealing with somebody that was -- An Angel in your life and and did it help you get this house. I mean that's how I went and -- I know all right now -- what Hitler got into the act like -- work you -- And that is off our little iron and -- It means that bad yet and you and an open book but that didn't when you about. -- And you never you never heard from him or about him again. -- And you ended up getting everything worked out the house was legally salty you. What do you. -- -- -- Did you ever did you ever get an eerie feeling about this guy just -- not existing and then you use you know now you're living in this house that he soldier. Now I don't know -- know you're. Out there feel about this -- at all. -- Kenneth I'm gonna have to get to break but I really appreciate you sharing that story -- Thanks for calling. Have you ever experienced. A ghost -- spirit. And what's the what's scary movie it's it's been done more recently -- on any of the scary classics what's at a more recent movie it really -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Protects embassies have the it to Halloween nights I've -- we'll be right back into the WL. It. It's Halloween night on the skirt shows from -- Steve you're -- VW good evening and happy Halloween. In the -- -- It's scary it's movie and the -- but it most realistic movie. That I've seen and -- parliament favored. It is vacancy. Vacancy and said it is with Luke Wilson and Kate back -- sale. It. I don't like criticize. But because the movies can be great for -- -- be great view but I think -- the greatest. Realistic movies and it's it's a more recent move. -- Are tutored many -- ten years yet. -- -- -- which we've talked about all the classics the governor had to get to brave generally going to college show. You know we've we've talked about the -- -- birds in the shining at Halloween and Friday the thirteenth and all those classic horror movies. But let's talk about some of the more recent scary movies got another text about the conjuring saw that recently -- that is scary we're coming right back -- more.