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10-31 9:10pm Scoot Show: scary movies

Oct 31, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the scariest movies of recent times.

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Good evening an happy Halloween and we do have some rain in the area so fear. Out tonight featured drive carefully story ahead tonight. Maybe there's a party you're going to. There are so many parties like you talk cancerous stepbrother secure legends and all those places and mentally. Jefferson Parish are having parties will be parties of the West Bank but I took throughout the area and then the French Quarter and -- temerity. And also the lower part of the creator of those who you very very popular spots tonight and not necessarily a specific party but trust you have a lot of thought. If you wanna join -- shortly with a comment about anything we're talking about our number. 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy text is a 7870 but we're also talking about. Some of the more recent scary movies -- consolidate the country and the other night I thought originally stereotypes about that just just a moment ago. We we've talked about the classics this time of hearing the birds an exorcist and Friday the thirteenth and all of those movies that have been classics the shiny we've we've talked about all of those. I want to do since I saw the conjuring and thought it was really -- -- talk about some of the more recent movies. -- debts you've found really scary. Do they still make a really scary scary movies. If you could take a warning that we haven't mentioned yet color show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Protection receipts every Saturday here's a text. Skills and T. I was a local multi. I'd done up under Rory is one of the year one of the plantation that was scary here's another tech's recent scary movie paranormal activity. Really quite unsettling. I have to admit that I I'll -- I haven't seen it and I I've heard mixed reviews about that -- people lots of people think was kind of silly. A from battery Peggy you're on WWL happy Halloween. Hey thank you happy Halloween. Well this human need that that I have really really like that's scary is an old story now -- absolutely recently remade now say. Ten to fifteen years ago but has -- seen brand spent contracting with Gary Oldman its militants. Well let me carry it with its track meet with the plan it was really surprised. One time I've decided to watch it because that was different than me to look at -- for historical value. And had a decent action with hand men. When -- on Iran and can read and Anthony Hopkins. So again outdistanced in the mood for historical thing but pollutants can be. He was terrific and he was -- the wall and then the mind control he hand over the tactic than it was. This really well done now. Now Peggy. Of women in general find. Dracula and vampires to be kind of an essentially Steve you pick up any of that. Well he didn't look sanctuary in that. He was scary and he was soul I mean long fingernails and everything changed. -- he didn't look like but I'll tell you why he was still able to have mind control. Control. Winona Ryder and then the woman and that kind of thing so it's not like he looked like them. But -- even go back and forth between working old. Like centuries old men like these young. Latimer Dracula whatever his name was that when he was the filter. -- I have to thank you know he would look like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know there is that says there is that -- it fascination with with Dracula Utica in the middle of the night become sang in your band and he bites the neck skin. The -- there's and I guess there's a degree of sensuality about the story depending on how it's sold. Yes so you have to see the movie was pretty sent to expose. The man in female fat -- bad. I'm ugly to -- and attack you thanks for calling happy Halloween and after I can you think of a movie that was done more recently it was a relieve a scary movie. Here's attacks in this this is a text that reflects what our studio producer Tony Ellison ransom says. Is her favored more recent scary movie insidious. Having Allison can you tell me with the movie's about. That -- has seen it what's what's a movie about. While basically. There's little boy and he gets -- haunted by -- dream demon and like he'll fall into this hell basically. If he can't get out of it and his dad actually go in and pull him out but if he stays too long and he'll be stuck -- And it it was a cruise well -- it's really -- -- is actually sequel out but I haven't seen an. All right insidious another movie that has been mentioned. There's attacks American horror story is great today here's a text is the -- the one with Ethan Hawke is so it was really it really scare the hell out of me. -- know that the movie with Ethan Hawke was on the church. And I thought that was a scary movie. Mean but there were a lot of political overtones and social issue overtones in the movie. But I thought that was really creepy because to me it was it was very realistic and sometimes you you know you notice that. Did did movies that aren't necessarily supposed to be really scary. Really turn out to be kinda creepy. Because there's there's there's something very real deal. About a and that's and that's why I wanted to talk about some of it. Some of the more recent movies that. That relate to the day and age we live in now are there still scary movies being made today -- tell you movie that was not supposed to be scare. And it's having a -- talk about movies that we're not supposed to be scary. But they really war. Alice in Wonderland. I mean when you're at kit Allison. I was an insecure kid. I wish suffering from this horrible severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder. -- insecure. I -- you know kind of fragile I guess you might say emotionally and Alison she dis at the mirror all of us the big mushroom windows that the -- all it's known that. Movie freaked me as a kid outside this and -- the movie. That was not supposed to be scary and as a kid I found -- carry the wizard of office. Are -- not just the flying monkeys but once again you know here on this kid watching this and I'm already in a very insecure kid. And it's and it's a movie about a girl who gets -- she can't get home she's away from her family. She can't get back home and then there's the monsoons and the -- and anyway that movie what is kind of creepy. Here is attacks. He didn't mean to purge he met sinister. Okay then I guess as a movie with the eight that are candidates. Called sinister now haven't seen that. On the remake of the moment in 2006 brilliance of the -- with Gregory Peck was so creepy to what lies beneath. Is also -- that was a very good movie what lies beneath. So we're talking about some of the the more recent movies that have been scary if you what did you and Russia with a comment about any -- we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And -- -- number is 877. -- blog tonight is titled can you be a Christian. And believe in ghosts. Some Christians and Catholics have to have a problem with ghosts. -- -- So we explore that in the -- blog tonight -- -- Christian or not you might wonder re dead insurer with your Christian or your non Christian friends it's on our website at WW dot com front page. Under our opinions. And here is tonight's Evian you will pretty -- opinion poll should Halloween. These scary. Fun. Or sexy. 28% say it should be scary. 50%. Say it should be fun and 22% say it should be sexy. Now I've seen all three and about my guest the at midnight tonight I'm feeling I'm -- see all three in the French Quarter. Should Halloween be mostly scary fun or sexy. I give assured that you -- going to our web site WWL dot com we'll try to pull driver should give you know birthday coming up here. In just a few minutes it's Halloween nights dispute show live from the most haunted city in America New Orleans. And we'll be right -- WW -- Yeah. I have so vague memories of listening to this point -- transistor radios. When I was here. We open up our show tonight with the topic today but on our show tonight was the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. We'll go through the top -- list of the most haunted places in new worlds coming up again after the news at 10 o'clock Oscar blog tonight is titled can you be a Christian and believe in ghosts. That's on our website at WWL dot com you can read it and shared. And were also talking about movies but more recent movies that we're we're scary when when I say scary. You know their other works that -- I think better describe. Movies that are relief. Scary to us. And those words -- like creepy. -- We can think of another adjective that I I haven't thought here's a text. More -- read in scary Kevin Bacon in stir of echoes and I think those of the movies that really -- the scariest -- I get I guess it. It is to be scared by a movie is. Perhaps a little more -- juvenile. I'd -- that's more for for for kids but for us. The movies that are frightening. -- creepy. Eerie. I saw the country the other night and it was a very creepy movie and it was set in modern times so there were. Things that I could envision happening. In my life which is why I thought it would it's it was a very creepy movie and it made me start thinking about okay we've talked about all the old classic scary movies. What are some of the more recent creepy -- movies. It affected you. The rights with Anthony Hopkins. Insidious. Vacancy with Luke Wilson. Bram stoker's. Bram stoker's Dracula. I've gotten a couple of text about the John Cusack movie fourteen of eight. To keep a list of all these because -- I love movies that are. -- and and creepy. On the fourth kind which is about alien abduction. The skeleton key which was filmed here locally paranormal activity. The movie sinister couple people have mentioned the movie sinister. I've just got to takes a moment ago the exorcism of Emily Rose. And here's -- movies is it a Japanese movie a tale of two sisters. I got a takes a moment ago the descent. And 2009. Version of the haunting in. In Connecticut. Did you think of a a movie that really was scary to you but it was it was more for a recent movie and one of the the classics like the shining the exercise that we've talked about so often. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number is 877. A 2 hour morning and having a Google first there's Tommy -- can talk about All Saints Day get to on November 1 is All Saints Day. So who is your favorite saint. And who's your favorite other states. Who are among your favorites who have Darden the black and gold and to whom do you pray for special favors so favored saints both kinds of saints. A plus the district and coaches that were disciplined for online cheating are affecting the players is it fair to punish the players for the conduct of the coaches. And also hallmark has decided. Did the phrase should be -- we now are -- apparel. Saying that that is more appropriate then. Don we now are gay apparel. So I guess they also suggest that we re do the opening of the Flintstones. I'm will have. Gay old time will have a fun old time that to me the situation anyway these are some of the things that tummy tuck rule talk about tomorrow morning. Wake up -- feel good Tommy Tucker WWL first news tomorrow morning sixty tenure and to be WL. I get -- -- that corset like get off at midnight and it's gonna start for retreating. I might just still be awake. From Metairie Jack here and -- VW well. Case screwed happy lane Cindy and Jack. Just a quick comment on your blog. You they would say enough. The -- Catholics believing goes well you know what there are cheered the debate believing god he's ago. Go she uses nickname spared its lesson in the bottom -- the coastal. -- -- would you judge a movie it's it's very subjective it's just how you view edit and and sometimes it's where you are and who you're seeing it whips toward the environment you're in or -- your frame of mind. Here is a text Halloween was pretty scary I never like Michael Myers. Killing people I know we're -- you know. I think I Halloween was on the of the night. And I didn't see the whole thing but it was a different Halloween where was this the new version of Halloween it was of the woman Jamie Lee Curtis. And -- pleasant. I I guess this was the new Halloween but it looked like it was an old Halloween immediately looked like it was a a vintage movie didn't look like it was done. But today. But they they showed Michael Myers is a kid. And I thought that would -- the version of Halloween -- Soviet that I didn't get all the way through it I thought it -- sensational. And had it a different -- For. For for Michael. I guess that was the remake of -- Halloween but again I'd I loved it because it looked like a vintage movies to look like it was something that was brand new. Jack Wellman is a Christian author and he says a pastor. And Jack Wellman says if you ever see a ghost. You can be assured it is not the deceased person you're -- Or someone who died. It was unbeknownst to you. It is positively. And evil spirit. It is imitating. The dead person. Do you believe them. Can you be a Christian. And believe in ghosts. Are you a Christian. Have you experienced the presence. Of a -- or a spirit. If you wanna join our -- -- right on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688970. And -- a -- 77. Indicate Jameson version of the Bible published in 1611. -- there's reference to the holy ghost the new king James version of the vital published in 1982. Translates holy ghost to holy spirit. Now as with many Christian beliefs there's a lot of disagreement over whether or not believing in ghost contradicts Christian and biblical teachings. If Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus after his death and if there is life after death if that's the belief. But why would it be difficult to accept the idea that a ghost or spirit. Could manifest its presence to a mortal. And why would that be a contradiction of Christian beliefs. I've heard some credible those stories from people that I trust who are relating an honest experiencing that some exaggerated fantasy. I do believe that some individuals are more susceptible to experiencing spirits and others I think spirits sometimes. Might tend to reveal themselves to some people but not necessarily to everybody. I had only one encounter. In my life with a -- it was brief. But it was a very comforting moment in fact. Just thinking about it right now gives me chills. I am a very sentimental person. So I've got and -- I have to kind of set us up -- diverse and middle person so. You know I've I've gone through much of my life living away from people that I loved. My son. My parents family members and sometimes even significant others. Of my career is taken me from New Orleans all over the country and -- back to New Orleans so I haven't always been right there with with people that died I'd love. So I I really had a tendency to to not put pictures of -- points out. Because it and again this was just my way of dealing with it. Eight if they're reminded be too much of of what -- missed no of course I would think about the people that I lumpiness constantly throughout my day. But I just chose not to display of the real pictures. There would only remind me that I was not. Physically. Close to these these low points. One night while I was working at my desk I was alone in my apartment in Denver my girlfriend at the time had not yet moved. This is the person was ultimately engage to one point. I'm my son and my girlfriend. We're still living in Portland Oregon so I was alone in Denver I was working at my desk. And I realized that it was my mother's birthday is April 25. And I sort of thinking about my mom. And I remembered that I had this beautiful bridal picture. My mom that was in a small storage unit in the basement of the apartment building -- and in downtown Denver. And I'm not sure why. But at that moment I decided to put into the basement. And get the picture of mine my mom. I brought the picture to the apartment. I placed on the counter. Right behind me. And I turned around and continue to work on the radio show. When my father passed away which is not long after my mother passed away and I inherited by dance kept. Nobody else in the family can -- the cats alive like I took the -- party back to Denver from from Dallas. As I was working that night. The cat climbed up onto the counter right next to my mom's -- picture. And he began meowing in a way that I had never heard him meal before. It was kind of a deep. -- -- -- -- beat me now. When I turned around I noticed that he was staring. Over the picture which is right behind me staring at a specific spot while he was me now. He saw something. At that moment. I sensed it was my mother's presence. It was as if she was they are giving me a hug. Bringing that picture up from the basement. I think invited her to. To visit to -- a gay issue would wonder why don't I always evident that the picture up. Actually it's it's in storage in in Denver but that this was really get a great moment. I I just -- filter her presence there and it was a real sense of comfort. For me. A group calling my mother time. And when I was convinced that she had visited me at that moment. I looked up at that spot where the camp was focused. And I spent a moment. Thanking her talking to her and thanking her for being a a great mother to me. And I said I love you on. And with that I sensed that she had had left. And I always believed that both of my parents are always with -- after they passed away. But that night I was reassured that they are indeed always with me. And I talked to my parents every day but I really. Believe and I've never had any other kind of encounter but I really believe that that night my mother this economy. I guess technically you could say she was a ghost she was a spirit. 55. Never had anything like that happen except for that moment but it was a very very comforting moment. And when -- I read the comment that I I opened my blog with tonight from this this -- Jack Wellman Christian author and pastor via. That the -- playing a brethren church involving Kansas when he said if you see a ghost. You can be assured it is not the deceased person you are seeing or someone who died it was unbeknownst to you. It is positively and evil spirit. It is imitating the dead person. When I read that earlier today I I I couldn't help but think about that moment when I experienced. My mom's ghost my mom's spirit. And to suggest that a ghost that you see. Is not the deceased person but it's definitely evil spirit which was proof to me that. That some people are possessed. By such strict. Beliefs. That they would dismiss a wonderful moment in somebody's life like that wonderful moment that I felt my mom was there. Now it's not my goal too to tell you what to believe it and whether or not you should believe in -- or not and and Whittier crusher or whatever religion. But I personally believe that there are different reasons that those who have. Have passed on feel the need to sometimes make their presence known in this mortal world. And outside of that the nightmarish scenes that we have all seen in movies. And for the most part we only hear about it. Benevolent ghost we only hear about. Experiences that don't lead to anything horrific -- do you see that in a movie but you'd you don't you don't hear about that in the real world. And then quite often we do hear about the presence of a coaster spirits. Are from a loved one. And believing in life after death is the foundation. For believing in ghosts or spirits. If you preferred him to call -- that. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889070. In a text number is 877 -- blood -- on our web sites can you be a Christian and believe in ghosts I -- can't but not everybody agrees with that. You can read edit shared -- at WW dot com front page and our opinions. And we've also have been talking about as a mysterious places in New Orleans it's a Halloween night. I hope you're having a good time I hope you are safe at home and if you have kids I hope they were able to get out and enjoy. Some aspect of trick or treaty it's really become a lost art. And it's a shame we were talking about this extensively on the show last night. About how the the poison the candy and the sharp objects in razor blades in apples and Halloween treats those things are -- Those things didn't really happen. And in fact -- set the record straight -- that it's that -- like from last night poisoned candy Halloween candy it's just admit. And that's on the -- -- had to be revealed a -- wanna read that and share that with. With others. But Halloween has become. You know it's supposedly a fun frightening time but it's become a frightening time to the point where. Kids can go have fun like they used to. And we were talking about this to briefly last night is like if you're a Christian fundamentalist and this doesn't apply to you than don't take it personally. But it is some Christian fundamentalist. -- years ago a soaring the evil meaning the Halloween. Halloween was just a -- innocent Holiday -- -- country. And and kids didn't know where it started or how we started they didn't really care. -- -- -- on your kids that it's hard as a pagan holiday although some people believe that it has Christian roots and and some believe it is pagan roots. It became a foreign night out. And eight it's our our human nature to want to be scared which is why we love to go to scary movies. We like to be scared. And I guess when we are scared and that we go back into our normal life we feel even more comfortable because we were scared and then now we're back in our. Our normal life unless you see a movie that's really good in the tenacious scared me -- normal life as well. But the also the the other rumor about. Sex predators. Using Halloween to. Abduct kids had sexually molest children. That's a myth. There's no research that shows there's an increase in sexual molestation. Or sexual abuse on Halloween night. No research that shows that. So it's interesting how the media and society. Have both worked together to make Halloween a lot scarier. Than it really should be it should just be a fun time. If you wanna join our show tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 877. From New Orleans Mike you -- the -- show happy Halloween. Q were a couple movies that are here. First of all. You saw ring -- Because a number of -- couldn't move he originally went. -- -- Are you take it relatively recently. Oh in the last. -- in your -- but. It. High standard scary movies. I like original Halloween and I'm watching -- Halloween is listed down the dude there's the guide. And Sasha watching Halloween and go and I never I -- I guess I never saw from the beginning and I remember this party showed Michael Myers is akin. And I thought it was it was brilliantly done Jamie Lee Curtis was nine years ago is it gives a really good movies -- I thought Halloween was this seemed even scarier to me. And what I liked about it was that in this this remake of -- they didn't make it seem like it was it didn't have the polish look. Of of a current movie it had the look of somewhat of a vintage movie like it was done and he is the same time that Halloween was done and I thought that was a brilliant aspect of the move. -- China. There are -- -- about it now yes -- content to sit in essence it. Yeah street. You know it. Which are really good actually two races. I thought. It was. Really. I have seen it but I don't recall that much about it but I remember is I was watching it it was really scary. Body indicated it would kind of made me. Fuel. -- it actually happened to me because -- girl the way college in the and it just. It just happened to her and edit it put -- people -- in the perspective vote. In the current contact. The priest is being key feature does negligent -- letting her tired kill her. Story and whole topic about streak. They say it's -- movies where you do relate to. Some kind of realism and it will wait emitted this this might really happen and that's what I thought when I was watching the conjuring. The other night that -- that for the first time and I thought that was a really creepy. -- -- movie and and while there were some aspects of -- they were. A little far fetched it toward the end it was about possession and and there were aspects of -- -- wow. You know maybe this could happen and and there were scenes around the house it. You know makes you think about walking around your house or your apartment to when you know watching the movie. I mean I remember what he. Really arisen because I remember being pitifully. And operator for the. And those of of those -- the best and I'm on a movie is really scary and eerie and creepy if that makes you wanna say your prayers and you can go to sleep. Mike a political show have a very happy Halloween night. Here is a text that reads I would love to see your -- ghosts. And I would know there is. An afterlife. Here is -- Texas many Catholics. We are always Catholics we are talked about purgatory. Maybe this is. A ghostly form. You know and -- I've read that in in looking into this I've I've read it it it goes that might be between here and there might be in so. Kind of a purification state or. Or are purgatory. I'd -- it. I can't imagine in my mom didn't go directly to have -- especially dealing with raising me. I'm -- Halloween night we'll be right back -- Debbie WL. This music video. For a thriller -- it's one of the early moments when we started paying attention to. Somebody's. Listening to the world answered. You know if they climb mountains where -- night when for example. And a song comes on to the sort of like that Michael Jackson zombie candidates. It's Halloween night institutes. -- from America's most haunted city New Orleans -- French quarterly will be crowned tonight. I'm off at midnight I'm gonna go check it out -- so Frenchman on Mary that's a big go Halloween spot. And and lower part of Decatur and if you were listening from somewhere around the country if you have never been to New Orleans. Around Halloween this is a wonderful time to -- -- In in the city. There's there's just something about the mystery in the mystique of New Orleans that is fitting backdrop for following a mark here and every WL. Tell me that question of the night thanks and -- here today is just -- story. Proud -- pretzel day. You know something that happened and stepmother little strange and powerful there. And that too much at all and I'm driving down the road. And in addition there until contentment and you know then. And channel and in. If you -- the falcons let's actually -- give it side. And and actually animals actually pushed oracle and all. That different. So uncertain at stake in the market as amnesty is something. All right it's something to an additional. Bed such -- that we hear -- well there. Really have to look -- we keep in on the deal and if you leave the leash immediate signs and other side. And sure again would you like -- a particular. It's never happened before never -- again. I couldn't. You feel like you didn't reasoner. Well absolutely. As socialist just. I -- that in any. Some people it's -- gesture or something -- in. The fact that it's remote -- talking to him. And markets -- never again and it never for did you call your dancing at the -- button first. The Pasadena -- -- because -- It worked about leaving the -- it is easy to talk to him for a few minutes you felt he was there. Did probably like finger sent our and it flooded. And everything that -- did. You know Irish in. That we -- -- -- she'd -- -- actually -- and then. You know it just. It correctly that the air do you still talk -- Yunnan. You know not that much. You know their terms or just sit there and be able you know that cat. Schwartz war. Yet think that -- You know and stuff like that. Funny at times where the doing so -- -- -- Jerry you know -- And churn out an answer from. And all. Mark thanks for sharing that story. Sure I'd have been following. A couple more suggestions about more current movies that were really creepy and scary and -- we'll get to those who we come back if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Activity. Text number six of the seven. It's Halloween night life in New Orleans on this show and we'll be right back on to every WL. Hi how late night Disco show live from America's most haunted city New Orleans glad you are -- tonight. During that is at 10 o'clock I'm gonna tweet out a picture me before the process story says -- ransom during breaks and during a news is going to help me applies some make up. You know I don't know what it's gonna look like maybe. -- some kind of a Dracula and I've got to. Shirt and a tie and black coat side I guess that's about as much as I'm going to be able to. I here's a text that says said the movie the strangers. We've -- Ty Tyler. Is one of the scariest movies ever. What makes it scary is that it's based off the true story and movies that have truth behind them make them scarier because he could really have. I saw that the other night. On nine lifetime movie network or lifetime networker ethnic or one of it was a it was scary I hear is attacks that reads yes -- are real. Live with one in my bedroom at my mom's house growing up friends would not sleep over at my mom's. From Slidell Jason you're under -- WL happy Halloween. -- Galilee viewed through are you talking a little earlier about. That you're -- is probably. Is that what I saw. Yet that would be bad like a book called comedian via -- -- air out the column. -- but -- -- rot rebate be rebate. And it blew me. And that first what you always -- a lot more of the Asia. But have the vehicle Micheal is. And he could be old man whatever you when it re build back our class should be looked at the end that it's -- -- -- -- but he. It did charge you more the -- Alex Cuba a cycle every little kid. It is not. I thought it was good and it it to me it didn't look like it was a a fresh new movie it looked like something that was done a few years ago which added credibility. The other get a lot of -- and a lot of fitness seventies and in big like that -- -- -- and so to give our character actors that you know you spewed out great failure elect and elect and it is too early -- a lot more. Psychological would not think the Big Dig -- -- following. Grayson I'm going to call the showing our Rob Zombie can do a good job -- -- -- -- thanks here's an update on our -- W a pretty jacked up when -- poll should Halloween be scary and fine or sexy. 17% say scary 63%. Say fine. And 20% -- scary. Course of its fund that could also mean scary and and sexy give us your opinion -- go to our -- Debbie WL dot com coming up after the news attend the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. It's the scoop -- and will be back on the VW well.