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10-31 10:10pm Scoot Show: scary movies

Oct 31, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the scariest movies of recent times.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show on this Halloween nights -- from America's most haunted city. New Orleans. And you're -- somewhere around the country tonight if you get a chance to come to New Orleans for Halloween it is a very big celebration I know the weather is not ideal tonight but that's not gonna stop people from being in the quarter. Or on Frenchman -- on Decatur. -- and in a second stop people from going to many of the the bars and clubs in Metairie in on the west bank and really throughout the series they're having big Halloween parties. Halloween has evolved from a kids' holiday to very adult holiday. And when I think about the new establishment today is the baby boom generation of which I am sometimes hostile witness. We grew up having fun with Halloween and as we got older we actually helped turn Halloween into a very. I don't holiday. Here's our -- WL pretty jaguar and I don't mean. Bad -- holiday stuff so that would you say adult things you know everybody's thinks about what you know but I don't mean it that. Although there is some sexy Halloween stuff out there. And that does conjure up evil thoughts in my brain. Here's are there to be -- pretty jaguar opinion poll should Halloween be scary fun or sexy give us your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com. Last night that it was pelicans they've lost their home openers they debuted at the New Orleans Arena as the new worlds pelicans for the first time. They introduced the that the new mascots -- pelican. And it's appropriate there we're talking about this on Halloween night because -- appear pelican the new mascot interviews have you seen. He's been described as creepy scary eerie. Something about his allies. He looks like he could be a relative of the clown penny wise. Stephen king's it. Now may be we will grow to embrace him I've but he does it does look. There's something just a little. Evil clown fish. Interesting. About him. And again we may come to totally embraced I love the name. I love the logo but tonight I didn't see it last -- and I got some calls for instant text from people last night. After they had they had left the game. They were contacting me and they were telling me additive to do pelican -- obviously panic kind of creepy and and scary. -- that I took a look at the picture might not understand what you're talking about. The -- blood tonight is titled ten -- a Christian and believe in ghosts. And it deals with this controversy and it's it's it's an interesting debate. If you think about the father son and the holy ghost. Can you believe in ghosts and via Christians of people believe no you can't be Christian and believe in -- at the believing Christians. I'm believing in ghost defies christianity and Catholic teachings -- biblical teachings they are others who believe they're all control. I've you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WWL -- comes. And if you missed the ball ago last night it's dead still trending on the -- page to be WL dot com. Its title poison in Halloween candy it's just a myth and set the record straight on the the myth about its poison and sharp objects like razor blades and things like that in apples and in in Halloween candy if you wanna join our show with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- early seventy. Text and -- 7870. Here's a Texan res evil thoughts at least you're honest yes I am modest. I here's a text what about the sighting of big foot in honey swamp violent. Yet you know that was in an older movie and and if you just joined us tonight another thing we're talking about. Are some of the the more recent movies that are are scary and I really don't wanna use the word scary because it's like something that I think. Is is more liberal waiting to two kids. But a creepy movie a movie it was eerie and creepy that was more recent. You know we talked about the ex assistant shining in Halloween and Friday the thirteenth he racial quality of course. And the birds and although almost classic scary movies. The other night I watched the conjuring. For the first time. And that movie to me which really creepy and it made me think that there are some some newer movies more recent movies that are still creepy and eerie. And scary. We've they started to list here if you -- if you think of -- maybe we haven't mentioned yet. -- show it to 601870. At all free 8668890870. Tech's number 87870. I'm somebody mentioned it detects a moment ago the movie the ring. Now that's a more recent movie did to me which really eerie and creepy. And then what do doubts. The grudge. That was another one. The strangers. With Liv Tyler. Somebody else mentioned the exorcism of Emily Rose. And I mentioned earlier the movie that Ethan Hawke was in that I thought had a lot of political overtones it. The perch. To me that was a really. Creepy scary movie. Again to join our -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text numbers 878 Seve coming up and a few minutes we reopen every -- show every night at 8 o'clock with a top eight date. And it's a topic things we'd like you to know is we start our show. Well tonight we started our show -- -- The top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. -- Serena repeat that for you coming up here just humans are taking -- WWL happy Halloween. No -- -- I. I just about the world. And to get to me. Out here and it would. I've been. Going to -- partner. -- -- you know action should that -- me at. I mean. Counselor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it just goes on line in saying it never. That probably bury its patent in -- So it was it was in them on movies that worries it was eerie in terms of the additional tight characters it was a movie it was scary do you because it could really. Head cap on -- rally cap on state and you can't be that way. Get hobby. The beauty. And the man. I enjoyed being I missed I went to enjoy it and -- -- (%expletive) you know. I didn't. You know he needed. It was and I can't. -- yeah I appreciate you calling an end and now you make me wanna go serious. That it is calling and and -- ankle checked and I don't believe in Italy in here. Yes well my dad and sometimes. It has that feeling and then she -- And trying and it actually in. Game well. -- each day each -- -- a little sheet together. And you know say he actually. Chasing her and let her go into training camps. She would be able news. They GA. Or herbal. Or -- tell -- there. Aren't that. A lot my mother had a short legs from -- -- little -- -- -- which you mentioned him her mother was doing. And that eventually. To tell me debt. On my attitude at the -- two years after my mother. As he actually died from a broken heart. That's -- Stan. My dad I want to write off well I yeah -- and Kristen are together now. Now. And you know she just let itself. Egypt and the feeling and then that Carson did with you that goes. And I call -- -- good spirit. Yeah I I really don't I think it's it's a matter of semantics -- a ghost town is it is it is a spirit and the into the Bible once it only goes to now the the more recent Bible is holy spirit to me it's it's the same thing. And I in in the blog that I wrote can you be Christians believe in ghosts -- I share a story about. The one encounter that I've had with the ghost or spirit and it was it was my mom. Move on their lives and mr. -- Well I think that this thing I guess it was I mean you can say ghost is of I guess some more pedestrian word goes -- -- is a more. Common. For Spurrier. Spirit is. You could argue that any ghost is as clear and that any out as it is exit ghost. Aren't aren't either. Literally can't. Yeah Internet. And can act and in the Catholic or get to thirty years and I was saying. And my grandson by -- so what shock. You know give me. -- -- Thank you brought it to what brought you back to the church street we've been talking a lot recently in the show about the Pope Francis and some of the things that he has been. Saying in some of the controversies and debates that do continue with -- Churchill -- wanted to go back. Why -- back. I I had a connection with traced my -- and I'm Catholic school and this spring what it. I'm in Dion and helping the -- boy and a gambling. It beat the (%expletive) god came to me and I and you need to. Has some connections that were. Good and in that many activities. Sure the ride that and -- it just kind of let go and spent. Well. As far as I'm not. I'm happily back in the terror. Thanks for pictures to share a story about that the movie the counselor to net thanks for calling. I guess trying to send a question yeah right. LA you know -- movie a movie is a good movie if it really makes you wanna pray before you grossly before you close those guys. Thank you glad to call the show here's a text that -- -- my name is -- I think Kerry it was an eerie and creepy movie. Here's a text -- is so scary I haven't seen the new carried by a lot of people say that you've seen the new -- is it better than the original. Here is attacks. I saw a ghost on river road in front of just for -- plantation. Is another text why do priests perform -- systems if they don't believe in a ghost. His view of the Joyner show with a comment tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Text numbers except creativity. This song reminds me of something really scary. And that is. A man wearing fish net stockings. Will be right back god Debian Hugo. Okay. And not -- until it. Okay. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL to join in the talk -- called vital -- 260187. Free at 8668890. Played seven. It's Halloween night 2013. I -- this on this good show and we're coming to you live from America's Most Wanted city. The city of New Orleans. Haven't been outside yet but it did thankfully it off and I will feature into the French Quarter and -- don't Frenchman and Ernie and parts of Decatur. And the justice system greats. Party atmosphere and extra police are in the quarter because we have learned that. This is kind of a Mardi Gras I've type crowd now I don't know how much the the weather is going to. Ten temper their crowd a little bit -- might there -- the crowd down just a little bit but really not not too much and 140 getting out. I'm trying to to apply some makeup to make myself look pale and like I guess. Dracula and kind of person -- a bit of black coat and tie and and black pants on silent and really do much -- do the best the candidates to at least look like something. You know I was gonna I'm on one of my thoughts wise to to dress up like Ann Coulter the the conservative. Well authoring the commentator I was gonna get a blonde wig and dress up like Ann Coulter but I thought. You know I'm just not masculine enough to be he had to. All right we're getting and an update here that it is very crowded on Frenchman. Here's a text about scary movies Christine yeah. Again you know I'm not discounting any of these older movies that have been out for along time we've we've talked about those in the past him talk about it. Movies it really did scare you. And there have been so many I wanted to talk about some of the more recent movies that have been really scary movies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I gave them nightmares and it was a really scary movie I haven't I haven't seen it. Every night when we begin our show 8 o'clock we sort out with the topic today too it's the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show a tonight's at this Halloween night we started our show with. The top eight most haunted places. In the city of New Orleans. We're gonna run through that -- again. Number eight. The program Orleans hotel in the French Quarter. The hotel was once a conscience and orphanage. Yellow fever hit New Orleans and many children died. There are stories of the frequent appearance of a little girl rolling her ball and chasing it down the halls on the sixth floor. And light footsteps can be hurt whenever I think about kids in the hall of hotel I think about that scene in the shiny with those twins. Number seven. On a list of the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. Our -- restaurant. Not only -- is the bill scary but I just before the founder of or -- died he told his staff that he was gonna leave his daughter Jermaine. In charge and she was gonna take over the restaurant. When Jermaine died she apparently didn't wanna leave. And to this state dispirited Jermaine wells is known to appear in the restaurant. Number six on our list of the top -- most haunted places in New Orleans. -- -- a hotel on pointers in the CVG. A paranormal research team discovered for ghosts. Including the ghost of a nineteenth century teenager. An aristocratic couple from the twenties and a well dressed man from the -- And all of these ghost had been known to tort. The cleaning staff. Not if you're applying for a job and it's we'll party all night and day you were applying for jobs in the Bay Area that is the cleaning staff area. If you -- part of a clean if you think it would warn you. As we just -- -- what you know that as a possibility that unity unity taunted by some ghost here and if you were warned about that you you'd think he would stay with the job. Number five on tonight's list of the most haunted places in New Orleans. The border guard -- house. Super natural sightings include visions of the battle of Shiloh taking place in the main hall. On this this this house. Men with mangled limbs and blown away faces can be seen along with horses and mules. That have been slaughtered. By cannon fire. Number four on our list of the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. And possibly on hotel hotel mostly on -- or a street in the French Quarter. This hotel is actually very proud of the year -- image. A recent hotel guests reported -- seeing a man in his hotel room he was he was here during Mardi Gras. And he reported seeing a man it is his hotel room. The man was wearing only a feathered masks. And was completely make it. Now if that was a ghost of usually -- disciplined smaller -- kiss it sounds like it's just part of the Mardi Gras celebration. They and they are are their other stories about a hotel mostly on in the French Quarter -- to be one of the more ordered hotels in the quarter. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. The legendary. Feats far defeats blacksmith shop on Bergen street. -- feats is one of the all the spores in the country and over the years when I was growing up and young adult and going out of the quarter. My feet set in even when I was an adult here. I think really prior to Katrina -- -- was -- was primarily gay bar it's not the case Hartsfield. Aaron and invited there. But in more recent years -- -- has really become a popular hangout for a younger. Straight New Orleans crowd a crowd that you'd expect to see hanging out at a bar on magazine or. Oak street or maple street or saint Charles avenue that's what the -- in some ways that's what some of the crowd looks like -- as the younger. A straight crowd not that everybody is welcome their bit. That the crowded -- has definitely changed. But he's really one of the more haunted places in New Orleans. -- there are countless stories about ghost enjoying themselves at the bar. And upstairs at certain times a ghost appears on the balcony. And -- actually wait -- Before disappearing. Among the famous -- that it appeared with feats or the voodoo queen of New Orleans for regional -- Author Truman Capote you shall feed himself. Huey. They've all been reportedly. Seen now. It's always possible that people have seen these these ghost after having a couple of those of frozen purple streaks and it says it defeats that's something you -- try fear. If years in a vote for something sweet and something very refreshing. But what features have been known to be very very -- -- so when you walk by defeats on on Bourbon Street you might wind just occasionally. Look upstairs and see if you see something in the -- Number two on tonight's list the most haunted places in New Orleans. Saint Louis cemetery. Number one believed to be the most thought -- cemetery. In America. The -- includes. Revoked the voodoo queen. And it is said that her ghost can be seen sometimes going in between the tombs in the -- She's wearing a red and white turban. And she's quietly saying a traditional New Orleans curse. To those who were there. As some people even report hearing that that that person hearing her voice outside of the wall when they're on -- rampart street. Visitors often leave items on her curve -- including Marty gras beads money. Food and I seen a number of empty liquor bottles there and and there are there a couple of other -- in that area who have does the same the same thing. Also some people will will make a wage. And no mark three black -- on her -- and that he's in hopes that she will grant their wish. From beyond the -- Saint Louis cemetery number one. Is. Definitely -- -- she should see it if you -- in the New Orleans area. And you haven't been down here. Go do it truly is -- it's quite an experience and there are famous people out of former mayor Dutch morial is buried there so there are the people. Buried there as well. But it's a very very old cemetery and and has has all -- has all the ambiance of just something really really eerie I believe that's where they film the Ellis. Toward the end easy rider when they were doing -- Ellis steer mushrooms aside to remember but there were some kinda crazy scene there. And I believe they did that it to Saint Louis cemetery number one but it's it's very easy to get to from anywhere and in downtown New Orleans in the French Quarter. And it's definitely an interest and they -- member a couple of friends of mine and a visit from Denver. And it diverted to New Orleans before and it's took fantasies Louis cemetery number one and they were just absolutely mesmerized by. And finally tonight's. Number one. On tonight's. In places in New Orleans. The Laurie house on royal street in the quarter. This was the home of doctor Louis Lori and his wife tilting. In 1834 fire broke out in his house. And firemen trying to put out the fire also were glued to the house to see if if anybody needed to be saved. Firemen broke through this door and they were astounded. When they saw seven starved and beaten slaves. Change. And literally dying in the thick smoke from the fire. The firemen continue to go through the house and they also discovered more slaves but many were already dead. Some of the slaves they were alive and amputated arms and amputated legs or were disfigured. But here's the really creepy part. Firemen that night discovered organs and body parts. They were found preserved. In what appeared to be a laboratory. Use for conducting experiments. On human beings. This is the house that Nicholas K Jones at one point I don't know if he ever stayed there or not he lost it in in foreclosure but the Laurie house on royalty the French Quarter. Makes number one on our list of the top eight most haunted places in New Orleans. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And I -- number is 877. And that we should have this list of the top eight most haunted places so aren't on the -- page on our website go to WW real dot com. The top bar at the top has -- shows and schedules says click on that and I'm gonna end of the -- page. And click on that and we should have. Mr. that they are also the scoop blog tonight trending on our web site from page to be if you although economies can you be a Christian. And believe in ghost. You know that sounds like a ridiculous question because of the holy ghost and spirits in the saints and people praying to the saints and things like that. But there is this controversy about whether or not you can be Christian and Catholic and believe in ghosts and is it really goes despair. You can read that in -- that's -- -- -- -- dot -- More of your text -- your comments are coming up it's this cute show. Halloween night -- from New Orleans and every WLU. You then. And to do. It's not black. It's Halloween night. I'm trying to during the show it during breaks and I'm trying to apply some some makeup and its head to be honest it's definitely not going very well. Contrary to what many people -- you know I don't Wear make up or registered cases. I just kind of born to do kind of a -- look in May be something that resembled something close to. Of vampire titan and I was gonna Wear black -- I've got to Blanco white shirt black tie. And a black pants and I'm I was gonna do much but I was gonna do something before out the year at midnight selector and go on and Gillick and not part of the credit. I am I gonna tweak out some pictures and now it's we don't another one here just a moment if you wanna join me on Twitter it's at. -- -- -- Night tweeted out -- a moment ago before. And outs we don't want in a in a -- United States in the price it this is really it's not really is looking kinda silly they'll treat their counting down just a moment. Again you -- join me on Twitter and it scoots. To every WL. Here's a text I never really knew that the blacksmith shop was -- gay bar not that it's mattered I just didn't know. Here's a tech sure you're not confusing the -- in exile with defeats blacksmith shop and a shot to check that out but I do know that -- on Bourbon Street. At one point one is was more of a more -- -- then. And it certainly it is now. Here's a text the fourth kind is scary is relative you know I've not seen that. But that's as a -- movie we're we're talking tonight about some of that the newer movies not some of the old classics that we always talk about his being really scary movies that we remember. But some of the more recent movies that have been done that are very very scary. And I mentioned this movie and here's a Texas says the conjuring man it's new and it was scary. I have to agree with that if you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. In a text numbers State's heaviest heavy more of your -- are coming up from Memphis pressure on -- show happy Halloween. -- Pete. Epic and it was pretty get back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now that the that -- that became one of my girlfriend's cousins -- in golf. And -- you know we just may -- and let's make it Cutler made Beijing. Would. Stroke outlook from the currently there. And with it and let you know. -- we're watching the green in the wedge that might be yet so those actions of those pictures. Well that being. -- player. It's all on our try to check it. That would be. And you're watching again about about Jim -- what are. Out now. And then. In L there's -- There but upstairs. The wind and then. There. Ought. The it's clear they're good at. It. Root. It. And it's. An October night in it would call. She wouldn't want to -- out why would have been better. The estimates that. -- working that day but at night. -- and issue with the first one that would. Not because -- actually. -- Cannot sit back. She -- and incomes were ousted over. Vehicles -- not. You get caught. Trying to eat. And -- in. All -- -- caught inside. And it's no explanation. Explanation said that you're not you're you're in yet bickering you're not going to be bad but not totally. -- -- You were just trying to get her to spend the night. -- Out. And vote our state beat. Because they think it's interesting how those things were were happening so you'd. Well what do what do you think -- those things. But I do know one thing that everybody would definitely freaked out. Expect actually make the way -- she in the end and that was. The rest of vehicles which had been chanting for a long time what. Which protocol was -- -- and then our vehicles yet caddie spot on the windows. And that's what we want everybody -- barely -- doubt about that. And I would just day it would just a weird not it nobody has ever forgotten. And it comes out every. I ever watched a lot of people that you remember that night -- and don't want to hear about it just rooting. It was absolutely. -- And I am I -- yet watched that movie you know I'm John you know. I am in -- And -- used to watch that -- I don't know what night. But. You know you don't want to happen again. Ultimately I didn't emit a skin crawl right now we can about what happened that night. Chris thanks for sharing that story was. It was just weird speed -- about the -- in. A out votes but that. At least right now. That's a great thought Chris having Halloween. This is one of those big party nights and I'm sure a lot of people are gonna show up worked co workers are gonna show up -- working late tomorrow or maybe not even show up and also feel they have been proactive and taken tomorrow off. I as as we have grown up the we have really turned Halloween into a very adult holiday. And it's as much for adults is it is for kids if you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Text amber has a 77. Have you ever felt the presence. Of a ghost. Or spirit. Or has somebody that you really believe sold to a very credible story. -- and experience with the ghost. Or spirit. This is the -- show boat following -- and we'll be right back on -- well. Okay good. And that.