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10-31 11:10pm Scoot Show: ghost encounters

Oct 31, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about encounters with otherworldly beings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Halloween night to welcome back to our show from America's most haunted city New Orleans one of activities at the French Quarter a lot of activities really. Throughout the entire New Orleans area you might be out in the suburbs somewhere. Going to clobber in between clubs because a lot of bands playing a lot of parties going on out in the suburbs. I'm also went Frenchman street here that's very crowded tonight that's in the -- Ernie and lower area of Decatur is also very crowded. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight should Halloween be scary fun or sexy. I know it can be all of those but if you had to pick one which should it be the most scary fun or sexy. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com astute blog tonight is titled can you be a Christian. And believe in ghosts. And it might might -- like a silly question when you think about the spirits and and mention of the holy ghost in the Bible but this is actually a debate. And I in the in the Christian world and in the Catholic world as well Kenya -- Christian and believe in ghost. -- you can read the blog -- with others it's on our web site to be WL dot com. And I I share a story. Abouts my only encounter with. A ghost. -- in the blog and we'll talk of more about that coming up -- a few minutes and if you have experienced a ghost if you felt the presence of of a ghost story a spirit of some kind. A Kohler show it to 601878. Incher with us toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A -- Amber's late 7870. On this rain is moving through here's it's a cold front is going to be beautiful. Chilly at night over the weekend but very very nice for voodoo fest Friday Saturday and Sunday. A from battery Peggy you're on this -- happy Halloween. At the howling good -- and good -- on a different are they think that we need to calm spirits and not ghosts. And because they're good spirits and met -- yet aren't good spirits. -- I I do agree but it essentially had a ghost is a spirit. Most people think that those companies keep. Down they Dylan I guess one of the things that I'm I'm trying to change years it may be why we shouldn't think of coast because it essentially if you. If it how we define a ghost is essentially the spirits that we have. He encountered but I agree with I'm just I'm I'm challenging people to not think negative thoughts when right when they think about a ghost. Yes exactly like that so. Aunt and several. But the one I want to talk about what kind of amusing are a little while modeling she died. Past several years ago and we knew that you can die that night and went and ninety it would terror. And Japan early in the morning. And then -- it was Memorial Day weekend -- mother had been template should -- in like eighty our account was not well for a long time. Did you accomplish in parenthood when people aren't gonna make uncle Robert. This she'll it'd sweaters on -- leaves all the time is always. -- polio attending camp eagle on hand even in the middle. So a little -- -- -- and she passes and aid comes into walks -- body for the funeral home comfort to reduce. Goes back to the time before cart they have always -- -- -- you -- to bury. So they come in in the air conditioned. And she called them -- down and the electrician not what was that question and -- You know try to buttons and -- I'll get -- second -- back on and it will not work at all. So they watch the body and I say out loud in the world. -- whenever you're ready for the chicken you know whenever you're ready to turn attention back on. You know it's pretty hot newsroom. Pretty. Appreciate feature in the air air conditioner on. So a body Albany and then pulled the covers -- laid back approach and about thirty seconds later the ignition from on. On account. And nobody touched and it was it was an on automatic. Now. It was -- tables and on that there was that was incentive our -- -- to. I actually I have actually turned everything -- development like that you want to go there and now -- I turned it off and came back on Iran Iran. So it mom that I mean Jews and affiliates airlines' -- and I have a point are. You know watching her and which seat in question turned statute -- the -- -- -- So that she turned the technician back on the public that -- sheet in the cover up over. So you felt like this was your mom don't president of the -- there did you did you Q did you talk to your mom at that point is we want when you thought she was there. Sure a little bit her and and her. -- I feel are very strongly that you could topped analyst Peter king and your family -- other people Liu. That are caught on have a very strong devotion to the collector. And would not it would get to every day of my life without protection and care. In and win this situation. Whereupon I was gonna die an answer -- skier and he would better protect and kept me a lot. And Peggy when your -- -- she passed away and there she is -- her body still there but she's investing with -- it did did did you wanna say something like Obama are we gonna continue to fight about the AC. Now. And and you go on. -- -- -- -- -- -- Kind of who she was exposed injury he -- and coal and -- now -- -- -- an eerie to you at all. Well now comforting. Well it -- the company is that you would on a comfortable. You know I was there and I knew what was on. It was get mine aren't. You know it was really afraid but it was not frightening thing for me because. And the issue is there in the world and that she hadn't gone lapped last year. And I'm I think is like oh wait. And they are -- very end. You know they tilt the -- -- came from an optional all taco. And she won in saint target which is really the -- -- and I would advise no one day and watched. I wouldn't we're going to do that where you can use. It's very depressing but I think -- is waiting to -- a bit ago that told I was -- Google paying him again. Again appreciate you sharing that story -- -- had a -- nine. Are well if you have experienced a ghost or felt the presence of a spirit goes whatever you wanna call pricing ghosts I don't necessarily mean a bad thing. It we see ghosts and we see spirits who really evil things in movies but the stories that you hear about encounters with real spirits. In the real world. Aren't negative and they're they're they're usually positive and sometimes there are very very comforting as was mine which held this year in just a few minutes. But if you if you have and an experience -- -- -- this card number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 877 Sam your on the -- show happy Halloween. -- -- -- I. Think probably -- -- scare number you could totally be Christian and inspect. I don't really full story line. You salute in the palm plantation mrs. back out Petit. Irons it's called attention -- a lot of -- the basic windows addiction and all that message. Well crazy and she thought about -- story you know thing that happened there and we outside would run up but we're gonna -- much about it. So we don't it was that talk about how cool. It would be to be -- and stuff right. So she told a story about way back when and there was apparently some waves. A longer -- and at the time and that a mother and a daughter had gotten. Butchered. In the and many thought -- feed them. And she saw that ball you know angle so that how to -- -- and slaves were killed. So we go out there to watch boxes. Out. Like all people don't know that it may like cotton bodies with porcelain carried. Out not that that means people start out now right. And and I the guys the people. One the other guys over catcher. We. Big -- I mean like it would comet that was them. Think it was anything out of the -- -- -- line and it kept cry. The lights went out and we all ordered for the downstairs. So close to the door I -- -- first. And I had back in the the doorknob. Clothes and I school. Can political problem to open everybody screen -- thing going and I finally come back on the door opened. Up well. -- -- And I mean you definitely feel that there was some part of president. Well into it wasn't a menacing presence you just that there was a presence there are or were you scared. I'll put. It all there and meet the definitely that would limit Nadal it's look at it that I -- expelled by helping him with one of those old you know cotton type. Now my brother passed away the year Katrina never I don't. My daughter. Used to talk about how should -- -- mania Chico who may have been in the corner. And Mike I don't know who you talking about -- talk about Katrina she kept saying that and it's finally one day she saw picture. Barbara actually -- millions and the core. You can hear my brother out all the caught. Now did she knows your brother and does that scare her you know -- No matter because now Graham on without Howell. You can -- -- Should stare and stare and then my daughter actually tell my grandson. Out to the local -- he should eat all. It. And articles though. Two years. And explain to do it so much that your uncle brought. You like about it shouldn't know who cannot think I would think for you salmon recovery. Totally. Totally believed. It auction recently. That great and. Chip and I -- I agree with the -- thanks for Sharon. Probably be out there and YouTube. Here's a tech series I -- a very devout Catholic and believe in spirits and -- matter of fact I've been confronted twice in my life by one. Kim -- on the -- show -- -- WL happy Halloween. Industry to speak Kimball how are you. It is cheap shot. And other important. At all on it. One problem that I -- album here's would. -- -- change. Which has been the order. Chart that you will -- it and then you body stretched potential. That. Oh. While each world you know there was an error an ENC. And insist. I would appeared -- before -- actually comes. Our ultimately -- it was quite audit. And back -- up straight -- walls at one point. BE. -- used to be believable -- Great. But the actual result and won't want. It to you to. Our children. Interesting story and and I think there are countless stories like that in in cities where there are reports that you know they're they're art. Haunted places everywhere in America but it seems as if the highest concentration of a -- areas. Seemed to be port city's New Orleans is a port city of course on the Seattle. Portland Boston. Passivity is cities along the the eastern seaboard to seem to be very very hard. I can't drive carefully and let you share that story -- this thanks for calling if you wanna join us tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. In a text numbers -- and creates -- opening here's a tech. -- resent Lebanese stories this is how to spend Halloween. -- -- these stories according to those who were telling him he's a true stories this is not stuff that is made up. Have you ever encountered. A ghost. A spirit. Forty you know somebody you hands somebody who has told you really credible story. About a spirit they encountered. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Protection receipts of creativity. This is dispute show live from America's most -- city. New Orleans and we'll be right back -- -- WL. And trying to -- -- make a -- -- ransom our studio producer -- make -- artist and I can put this make up only between these. -- these segments of the show doing a commercial break. -- hell I would like to have to do this all the time. -- when you look land I just wanted to go a little something before -- When added that night. Yeah we were talking about scary movies and and every year this time leader we didn't win it last year Russia we we talk about scary movies but the other night I saw the movie via the conjuring. And it made me realize that there were some more recent movies that are really scary. And so instead of talking about the old classics the birds in the -- -- in the shining in Halloween and Friday the thirteenth and nightmare on elm street and all of those movies that we've talked about nothing wrong with those classic movies. But there are some more recent movies. That have come out that are very very scary but I say scary are really mean creepy. And theory. Here are a few of the movies that -- people -- -- -- the conjuring tennis has come up and if you haven't seen -- that's worth it. I thought it was superiors about possession and it there's there's just something believable about it and there are a few things that happened it overly making Disco. And when you walk around your house you kinda have a feeling that I don't know maybe this reminds me so. Again there were very very eerie scenes in the movie. Somebody mentioned the right. Alrighty the right with Anthony Hopkins. A somebody else mentioned the movie vacancy. With Luke Wilson. Alison art studio producer and a number of people have a -- in -- about the movie insidious. I'm gonna have to see that. Somebody mentioned -- stoker's Dracula the newer version. Another movie that was mentioned the fourth kind. Skeleton key which was done here in this this area. A paranormal activity I. I haven't seen any of them and some people love them and some people think it's it's really really Hokies so I guess it depends on whether or not you get into it in the right way and if you do. Paranormal activity is scary to a lot of people. The John Cusack movie 1408. A movie called sinister. The exorcism of Emily Rose. Japanese movie a tale of two sisters. The dissent. The 2009 version of the haunting in Connecticut. On the strangers. With Liv Tyler. And the new -- couple people have have mentioned that also that if somebody called and had just gone to see the movie the counselor. With Brad Pitt and a host of other stars. And they said it was it was was excellent it was really scary it's it's. It's not a ghost type movie but there were some six of things and if that made it very very scary. You know when I saw this movie with Ethan -- recently I thought -- had a lot of political overtones and I'd like to for a number of different reasons but the movie the purge. Was a really good scary movie. And if you're on your way home -- -- looking for a movie to to render fine on Netflix or somewhere you might wanna think about some of these movies I -- the arduous with CRE. And an eight. That the purge to me which carries -- -- said in the future but everything looks the -- having cars and everything looked the way they look now but it's set in the not too distant future. I was in Hamburg we're through the political overtones. In the movie put. The purge is something that you know you felt like this could really happen and that's what made it really eerie. And creepy. Also the movie the ring. And the grudge. Couple of more recent movies that that are scaring. Here is. -- text that read so I encounter a spirited daily. Every time I hit the bars in the quarter. Spirits present themselves to me. You know I'm gonna what went when I go out. After the show at midnight. I'm gonna look for some of the spirits. I'm from Indiana Ruth you're WWL. I yet com. I'll -- is that won't happen to my daughter and a fifteen to -- -- Lieber sent in it and she is on the cats and the did you -- here. And we won't solve her door -- we heard the -- itself. And has now on the farm and -- -- of him coming home. Movie before in the coming in the dollar. And he didn't Cunningham waited in time one -- -- went -- the door. And opened -- And the screening law. And -- world problem not a lot of people out term. Couple days later and she started acting really turning. -- then -- go home and now the police have never lift her pregnancy. Criminal home we'll we'll get to a loved and -- And without can't take a modern typical fat cat print and they had locked up for about bringing her. Into -- So -- that he -- Right out of the England and the clock got broken -- Cattle -- a couple of minutes. And we finally got all. Of that that I know that you wouldn't step. And not count played that one more thing. Sure we'll -- what do you think was wrong with your daughter. I don't know I think something in her body -- -- And. Then they and then -- went away she she got better. After about a year. We had an awful time ten -- -- the Canadians. So -- CO OK now oh yeah that we are proud and Alex does she have recollection of what she went through. Well you know we've talked to go out. They're going on -- And I think I'm. -- of a lot of parents cheating them Brock is at Keeneland on the run constantly and he has now. He won't -- and you don't know what happened. Picked up -- never told that ultimately. It is pretty bold statement because suddenly. Scare her you know Anderson -- really -- Upon taking something that's really important thing. Well I I am an elderly person in you don't at night each country Dayton and then. I went to -- if small town next to the one that means Madison -- that. And I'm getting out of my car. And I felt it looked like -- man. And I saw his faith and that the coma hasn't he helped get the -- -- -- hadn't -- And -- -- eight. And -- -- -- -- can't bracket I don't want to -- And they learn English and fatigue. -- handled in the army fatigues has -- that when when you're. And boot camp falcon in reluctantly walked up the floor. That can mean more than anything Hitler did. He -- and didn't accept help. You you know that they were in it it was nothing that you're doing that would made you who elucidate or all they saw something that really wasn't there. Now honest to god -- -- -- to kick return. I'm not include. An apple in market -- the -- black -- and did you look did you get the -- -- -- look at the camera on public in the -- He would welcome alone on how to play but he milk -- -- Only. Keep them. But when that adding that he can't and they can I mean I think in the city. And it took care of me at all that black hat. I'm thinking Obama. -- Patrick wanted to tell you that that that there are more than you think that the unions are. Ruth I appreciate you sharing that story witness and thanks for listening tonight in Indiana. All right thanks for listening. Here's a Texan reach the scariest thing I've seen recently is Pierre the pelican. The -- consider -- -- pelicans -- their debut last night their home debut as the pelicans -- last year than it was pelicans this year. I'd love the logo. -- I wasn't a fan of the name of the beginning but I you know I understand a lot about pelicans now did know that they were just such. Vicious creatures and they can be really mean -- -- and vicious and I've loved the logo so I'm I'm I'm cool with the name. So -- pelicans make their debut last night and minerals arena they were up by fourteen points they've lost to the Indiana Pacers a very good team. 95 to ninety so it was a it was a an entertaining game for what appeared to via a sellout crowd there last night. I wasn't there but we got a lot of reports right after the game. End. Last night was when they introduced here the Pelican. -- new mascot. Now this has actually gotten some national publicity. Because a lot of people are kinda creeped out. By the pelican mascot. And I I heard this last night from some people and got some text about how -- It's carrying previewed at the -- -- you know how teams offered their mascots -- -- to come out to schools and pep rallies and things like that. And one gross and -- happened when. Individuals pelicans offered attitude to bring -- today at the elementary switch like mr. -- a year -- the the elementary school for your cover. I know that that's that's fine I think we're pretty well booked up right now. -- I don't know maybe we're gonna make it we're gonna just get over -- the way he looked. I'm not as freaked out as a lot of people war. But I do see some similarities. In the eyes. I see some similarities in the face of the pelican mascot with. The clown penny wise. In the movie it's -- Steven king he said. Since similarities it's gonna be interesting to see if they keep the pelican exactly the way it is. And we just stalled. Become enamored with it or if it may be deal -- think about it changing it. There's so I'm a Christian author and pastor. He's at that it molding brethren church involving Kansas. Name is Jack Wellman. And here's a quote from Jack -- if you ever see a ghost. You can be assured it is not the deceased person you're seeing or someone who died. There was unbeknownst to you. It is positively and evil spirit that is imitating. The dead person. If Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus. And life after death and why would it be that difficult to accept the idea of a ghost story our spirit that they could manifest themselves. It in the mortal world. And why would that contradict Christian beliefs. You know I've heard credible go stories from people that I I trusted I felt like they were sharing an honest experiencing not exaggerating some fantasy to get my attention. I do believe that some individuals are more susceptible to experiencing the spears and others. I had only one encounter with the spirit in my life it was brief. In a very very comforting moment. I'm a deeply sentimental personal and just set the separate -- I am a amid deeply sentimental person. So through much of my life my career is taken me from New Orleans suit too many great cities -- in the country now back to New Orleans and I'm natural to be back home. -- there have been many times and I have lived in different cities and far apart from people -- laughed and people like missed. My son my parents and family members and significant others. I had a longstanding. Relationship. It was -- who has always ultimately -- two and moon had to move in actually. We worked it out furtive continue to live in this city that I was in depreciated wanna move right away. So I had this this tradition of -- not filling my apartment with pictures of those that I love and miss. And it was just my way of dealing with my own sentimentality and just you know pictures word reminding me too much if things that I missed out of course I would think about peace people every single day in and talked to him every day in of people -- I'm -- as they were constantly part of my life but. I just chose not to have a gallery of pictures that reminded me of those who I was and physically close to. One night I wish -- alone living in Denver. And my son and my longtime girlfriend. We're still living in Portland Oregon I was working at my desk at home and I realized it was my mother's birthday. April 25. And I started thinking about my mom and I remembered that I had this beautiful bridal picture of her in a small storage unit in the basement of the apartment building that would lift him. And I'm not sure why. But at that moment I decided to go down to the basement. And get that picture of mine my beautiful mother -- the beautiful picture. I brought the picture to my apartment that night and I placed it on the countered just behind me. And I continued. Working on the radio show. My father passed to weigh in Pomona long and two years after my mom passed away and I inherited by dance -- since nobody in the family could take to catch. So as I was working that night. The cat climbed up onto the counter and next to my mother's -- picture. And he began me now. In. A type of me now that I'd never heard before almost a deep. -- re kind of it was different. And it got my attention because first of all he just didn't meet our randomly. Ended for him to just jump up on the -- -- start meowing in this certain wade got my attention I I turned around. And I noticed that he was staring at a spot right. Behind me. Right over my mother's picture. And at that moment I sensed. The presence of my mother. It felt like. Comforting hug it was really a very comfortable feeling. I grew up calling my mom -- And where I was convinced that she was there visiting me and that might my caddie had really notice stated it was it was it not long after I brought this this picture up from. The storage unit in the basement. I called my mom Helen and I remember. When I realized that she was there. I thanked her for being a great mom. And talk to for a few minutes and I said I love you -- And then I sensed that she -- left. And I always believe that did both of my parents are with me after they passed away but that night I was actually convinced that that was my mother. On visiting me and I haven't had a visit since then and I I don't need another. But to I -- my parents every day. But I never felt the physical presence like that before and may not feel it again but I'd I and I know that -- -- -- -- get it was a very very comforting moment. On and I I definitely think that it's it's okay to believe in ghosts or spirits they're really essentially the same thing I think it's a matter of of semantics. Now my goal is not too. Convince you to believe in ghost or to challenge your christianity or whatever religion you -- by believing in ghost. I personally believe that for different reasons there are those who. I have passed on who feel the need to make their presence known to us in in in this world. And an outside of -- and -- nightmarish scenes that we see in movies all the time. Those who seemed to visit us in this mortal world. Don't seem to mean harm. And many times they're there to two comforts. And believing in in life after death really is that the foundation of believing in in ghost or. Spirits. If you prefer. If you have heads. Some kind of experience with a ghost or spirit you're -- share that -- -- -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A text number is 877. This is this -- show. -- Halloween night from America's most hottest city New Orleans. And we'll be right back with more. And to -- WL. Okay. And. This wasn't a horror movie but it was scary. Never forget the first time I saw this in the movie theater and is this -- show. Halloween night. And you know the parties going on the French Quarter. -- street. Fat while French -- street in America. And on Decatur street did this is it just. What a fun city. From -- -- draw because they're just so much about new oral instead. It is is the the perfect. The perfect atmosphere for for Halloween. And if you're listening somewhere around the country and you've never experienced. Halloween in. I'm in in New Orleans look for an opportunity come here and Halloween because it is a lot of fun in the weather's not overly ideal but a -- I don't see a lot of rain right now outside of our our studios it. It is a cold front moving through here the good news is this front is gonna be out of here. After tomorrow morning and stick around noon they're expecting it to be out here and that means really nice fall like weather. For voodoo fest this weekend with Pearl Jam. Nine Inch Nails. The cure Kid Rock Tara Moore I mean the list goes on and on what a great lineup. For voodoo fest I here's a text that read says the Dave my daddy died. After the funeral while talking with my family. I simply began crying uncontrollable. My son carried me to bed. And I cried -- -- I heard my daddy's voice. So I stopped to hear. Denny's voice said I'm okay. I raced up to see him. And said I love you. I saw a white -- figure. At the tour. Here's another text have you heard about the two hitch hikers. Who appear to be young children begging for a ride. When turned down. They become very aggressive. And black -- exposed. No I haven't heard. Here is a text as scoot by scary movie is never say never with Justin Bieber right I understand that. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas 877 from Mississippi Liz welcome to our show a happy Halloween. Yes talking about Don. Preston -- somebody. -- -- -- There was dismay and kidnapped two a little ball and and he was found to have keynote the by age. And Matt brother -- lying about it breach saying. And he had two -- Not too Long Island was set in different ways. And -- -- Wednesday sent him and his brother. But he said he failed there was somebody in the early in the he -- elegant. And it scared. It scared me as he you know it was but anyway. And -- debate Monday was the content some kind of -- -- used to it and he also said he felt a presence with you know. And they and he remembered the long years ago people outspent and then made -- feel that all. Things. That that kind of mayhem that Panama and audience Italy's that it -- You know make an -- ball and the Iranians they have like ever. Was it that was it that one timer did that image persist. Now in the inspecting plants in the eight sun -- you know bail out yet but I don't know. And now I have I have had anybody say that that that you know like -- have a big budget has made it the other day and I. This story but he said it and it is stating that top command it. And and you've -- you have every reason to believe that what they're telling you was accurate. Get him. Laps on the day not been there arrogant -- -- -- a lot that knew what they were talking about. Well listen I appreciate you sharing that story with this did you have a good Halloween night tonight in Mississippi. There's always something new on our website WWL dot com to saints missed practice today Malcolm Jenkins and Jahri Evans. I'm so we'll get the latest on the black and going you can get -- our web site also tragedy and -- in saint rose three year old boy accidentally killed. By dump truck distinctive tragic. Tragic story also Angela -- exclusive interview with saints legend and New Orleans favorite adopted son. Archie Manning. And that's now on on the podcast you can hear that in check out the video interview -- you -- the outcome also discuss blog tonight is titled can you be a Christian and believe in ghost. All of that and more our website. At WW dot com. It's Halloween night. This is dispute shows. Live from New Orleans America's most -- city. And we'll be right back. -- You know I'm wondering if -- girls. Real spirits. Don't come out come. Because all the damage has been good look at all of us we got. All of that always and it's just pretending to be scared I didn't feel -- -- just take the night off and so they don't come out on a night like this. Here's an -- a real part of today's stove top grill get a four get a 4999. Gift certificate. -- good for grill for only 21 dollars. And we're talking game day grilling rain or shine saying great taste and flavor of grilled foods right in your own home he works on any stove gas electric or portable. Stove top grill that -- of the -- are on sale right now. And -- -- perks dot com. It's a final update aren't a VW all pretty general opinion poll should Halloween be scary fun or sexy 15% say scary. 66% say -- 19% say sexy. On -- -- ransom our studio producer have a great night. Be careful enjoy your Halloween night. As always love -- New Orleans.