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Nov 1, 2013|

Dave talks about Saints vs. the Jets, Merry Christmas, and gay apparel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News. All old man. Okay okay okay. And the. Okay they'd be there awhile sales. For you when. -- -- -- Coming from across the Canon. Do yourself a favor and don't even get on the night and does take airline problem lies. All the way on man let me get back on yeah I'd send him Williams. Are just keep going and on it's hard to get as you know it's not bad December morning. At a series of accidents on the nights and then heading to the World Series drama high rise earlier -- -- -- -- god that's pretty wheels and it's still there but I didn't get enough that we can get right back definitely no delays -- quirky take about next when he five seconds to get -- get back if you don't think anybody might have been. Heading home from Halloween party and yet. I don't think that if there's time on the morning I'm not gonna make any presumption but in the realm of possibility yes I have no idea what caused the -- at this point. My dad you know that many people are still out party as not just. You're three stragglers. Making their way down what you're about I guess Nolan partial mastery of the while gas. More authority in my head -- it's not great out there -- on the surface seemed pretty bad really and we waited so you know about 6 o'clock refinanced and it drizzle. We went to one of the balls. Not now well -- that threat of rain do all that almost none of the the stores at the smaller participating in anything wrong so it was really disappointing -- You know those little candy you can't -- it and -- accident. Visit -- the -- the right time then we went to one neighborhood. About five houses in the bottom now this is about 715. And it really came down -- you visited me. -- -- -- I was in -- go on the other balls. That we got there and maybe about an hour after they started their events. All but -- stores in the entire mall. -- signs that say -- sorry out of can't come on took -- an -- to give -- on that -- obviously that did not anticipate large crowds of people because of the rain out of the stores -- ten pieces of candy each you know each store ten pieces that he in his -- -- -- that -- but so we walked. Our exercise and who want the entire mall. That I want might -- -- it -- and -- needed to like. You mean don't get the candy I think you miss everything. It was common man is -- and they loved -- he -- zombie -- -- that. I wore my. Monsters. You are -- And as though. We left the hall he had in fact with the -- that. He had maybe fifteen pieces nickname nine movies. But anyway enough rights agreement to my right and organic and -- it's -- and that didn't work out now if it. Can't be happy usually hit it left over Vermont now Ali and all the night not be happy tonight how hard so that's happy that's that's great night's game. Not -- with the ratings going to be upset but he was. -- sound like he was a bit of a struggle. Yeah Clinton would not exactly what you have in mind until Gordon planned up or. Match that's behind us now the cold front contaminated in the field -- missed it this weekend. We're gonna have highs in the seventy perfect all weekend long. And all -- -- -- night all back here now and we get an extra hour of sleep. That is one of the best things I've heard of a long time yeah me too because you know how we dreaded when it goes the other way eagle man this thing. Witnesses this is payback time. One extra hours I don't know -- -- -- different strokes on that right now I can't wait I am wrong about that. The saints travel on up to New York to play the GE TS jets jets jets coming up in fifteen minutes you can back at you with more news we'll get your prediction all up. For the saints and cats. And that -- that was planned at the movies this weekend -- -- the the -- up your prediction for that. Finally Halloween is over a single stop predicting -- -- -- more horror movie that horror movies going to be number one and never get anywhere near lock up this over the weekend I get caught him I can't. Let's. We're happy. All Saints -- happy birthday to the saints. Know a lot of people will be. Being decked out there who dat stuff even more today because it is the saint birthday officially. Arriving here and it wasn't born here in the world that all things other people will be this as a -- -- obligation for Catholics going to church today many schools are -- -- -- them like it draws school. And let -- be visiting the cemeteries this -- -- and the grades and leaving. Whatever you do it this week and the weather is going to be wonderful thank you forecast -- that come and -- Sports with Steve Geller is up next to. The saints an action against the jets the Palestinians with two games this weekend we'll get a good. Also about that and more. LSU off as they wait to faced famine next week so we'll see what else is going to keep your attention in college ball mania the weekend November. It's a cold front. Does it get any better than I get ready to fall back ladies and gentlemen this is the weekend we get an extra hours sleep and that wonderful thing in morning and thanks for starting your Friday. With us right here in the early edition of WWL offers is. There is some traffic now getting around that crashed and had all lanes blocked. Of the -- Carrey spill way I ten headed from applause to -- states here and we'll keep you posted on what's going on there. -- -- still wanna stick with airline -- they get that mess cleaned up but there is some traffic getting around it to at least the folks trapped in that are able to get out. As we continue to monitor that situation will keep you posted also keeping Diane the outbound I ten headed from downtown New Orleans that towards New Orleans these. That was closed at Luis now traffic is starting it looks like to get by. But again that was and immediately they were just getting out that we sent them and you get. Back on the stage right there's so it is a wet road morning there's still some drizzle around by. Man the front is on its way pushing on through. Rain moving out and gradually clearing skies moving and look for just a 20% chance early this morning for some showers that is the actual front works its way again. Gusty breezy today northwest winds around and -- -- mid seventies and heading out this seat being to at a prep football grab a jacket it's going to be breezy and cool. With lows in the upper forties on the North Shore and mid fifties south of the lake. In sunshine around for the weekend 73 on Saturday near seventy on Sunday overnight lows still -- the forties and fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I meteorologist -- tell. Forties and fifties from Lowe's hi is. The man right around seventy cloudy and 67 right now. At the airport in Kenner at northwest wind at twelve miles an hour coming up that about half an hour we'll find out. If we officially need to issue a skirt alert from -- meteorologist Laura -- tell for today -- will let you know hopefully before you get dressed. And -- cloudy at 67 at the National Weather Service office in slide down. Around here the saints update New York City -- the pellet hit two games this weekend. -- she was off to a fund that would nothing's gonna. College football as we say good morning and happy Friday. To -- gala have you recovered. Oh yes for sure I was I had a nice three hours -- now black gets that felt like I was in sleep deprivation came up and didn't know where I wasn't what I'm. Well as we get that extra this weekend that it helped even. Moran did you have a good how. It was great -- surprise though my little one last about 45 minutes an hour and that was like that I wanna go home and this is where you went after Katrina yeah the rain beat -- what was funny though we got home and suddenly boom the rain started coming down so maybe he knew -- that somehow you feel it in his right exact -- -- -- -- -- And crunch in my ground and get ready for them saints football this -- and get more and Steve and happy Friday happy Friday everyone Jahri Evans -- Malcolm Jenkins missed their second straight day of practice for the saints while Marcus Colston and -- the car returned both were limited. The saints offense faces a stiff test on Sunday against the jets defense that is ranked sixth over role in the NFL. Drew Brees says that they're ready for eight tough physical battle and MetLife stadium. You know that they're not gonna lacking. Aggressive mentality you know and we'll do whatever it takes -- and you know fear as far as to pressure to all out pressure to. Just give you multiple looks do whatever they -- to you know confuse you -- and I think just to try to kind of controlled tempo of the game while the dolphins defense got it dawned on Thursday night football. Operating under the gun -- receivers for the last one to the life itself. It's. -- overtime. Cameron -- taxes three sack performance with that game winning safety in overtime. And the Miami Dolphins snapped a four game losing streak beating the Cincinnati Bengals 2220. All pro 49ers linebacker all -- Smith has been activated to the 53 man roster. He had been undergoing rehab and in patient facility for substance abuse since -- late December late September. And has missed the last five games over on the college gridiron -- Browning threw for 354. Yards and five touchdowns. And rainforests were to help Louisiana Monroe Detroit 49 to 37. Browning completed 21 of 31 passes for the war hawks. LSU football is on a -- so no tigers tomorrow Tulane brings their four game winning streak to Boca Raton to take on Florida Atlantic. Today have for the fans in the -- -- that the saints have won six games in the regular season as your prediction for their final win loss record changed. At six you have a choice fans in the pro on WWL 87 the AM. Or pelicans basketball -- the Orlando Magic 1053 WW LS then. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning sports pelicans magic. What's your prediction on for this one mr. Steve Geller well they're very similar. All clubs in the fact that they're young and trying to build. But the pelicans right now definitely have a lot more talent on this roster. They were able to go toe to toe with the team that brought the Miami Heat to game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals of the playoffs. -- and you know speaking to the players and coach -- Williams yesterday at practice. They're sold their sole focus is a win and that's all they want is already with tanks now into. They're they're definitely let down and knows they share of one -- game against the pacers to open the season. But from the bottom line. Your production. Output of pelicans improved to one and one with a victory and then come back home and hopefully can make it to a one. And they play NN Saturday Saturday a -- handles the the bobcats are currently logged at the bar at this -- to be hornets will take on the used to be more. Let's you don't fill that gap right now saints and jets what's your prediction for this one. Like the jets off another defense right now has been pretty impressive applying pressure creating turnovers but the saints offense I think it's just too much. Saints end up winning this 2617. -- close one. Like it I love it now wants to more of an everybody away and says the eve gala let's copyright and two -- with -- out cash and there already bowl eligible -- now they're going to try -- We in the conference I'll ask you -- -- -- meant to march towards the end to -- we. Their conference. He's back with that -- have -- point five minute we're back with another look at your glorious forecast. Right here on WW Allen. Have a Merry Christmas. -- point. -- your weekend forecast gradually clearing skies today -- any of those showers are left there were patches of drizzle will be heading out if you're still a 20% chance so early this morning -- later today in the mid seventies and that breeze will stay with -- overnight as temperatures to prop 47 north of the lake. And 56 south of the lake in some sunshine around for the weekend starting off cool mornings for Saturday and Sunday but mild afternoon 73 for Saturday. And you're seventy on Sunday. From the I would fifties forecast Fenner I meteorologist Clark off itself. And I coming up with saline in my -- Merry Christmas already that it -- hallmark make a big hoops. Well have that news traffic weather together in sports now 38 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this first of November 2013. Heads a big old TGI. -- Wellcome. Let's try it. Would you give people any more tricks. Are Shaq we get an extra hour of sleep well -- -- he sent you out fall back. That all -- ended five hours ago you guys I've hours and 38 minutes. So no more tricks that are okay RI I've become a -- on TV this is -- -- Alt tag you at. All. OK okay. You know so the weekend here the cold front and just about here and you -- relatively -- -- back and now we go to bed tomorrow night. -- -- -- The -- earnings. From New Jersey if you like yeah technically yeah you -- -- -- as a New York. That site of the Super Bowl. Maybe the first of -- -- That these things will be making now in a while there there that monitors don't you did compete -- the confines you know app update -- night. -- the home team is this year but maybe they'll be in the in the same locker room. You know with numbers in the that that -- and it sells for as. What do you think they're gonna win son. Yes I do think they're gonna whereas I I think the jets -- probably at home and everything put up. A bit of a struggle but I've got the saints' regular by span. -- then I'd be it wind or ours and yet and they win by hand says David like I hope you're correct. Right coach was upset this week we know that and I I think he's he's got and turned around. I think that you're probably on the -- them there the saints are favored in this game will get more predicts phones coming up. Here on WW out right now I need to know -- happened at the box office big battle there this weekend. Enders game open with Harrison -- starring in this one Abigail Breslin and other than in the international militaries he got a leader who -- the human race from an alien attack my board also opening about it PG thirteen action -- side by the PG thirteen -- Las Vegas with Robert De -- Michael Douglas Morgan Freeman Kevin -- What an all star cast of 36 something friends taking a break from their day to day lives to throw bachelor party at -- Vegas for the last remaining single now mrs. well not. Hang -- take off well but is like it is not a misread that it's 360. Something for a toddler -- man. -- this is kind of like the almost the senior version. Yes. Avail the hang -- and over again as seniors trying Oakland's regular team with an all star cast and for the caddies. The PG rated animated comedy free -- the story of two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time. Change the course of history in Turkey off the holiday menu for and by the we have left over the top five from last week jackass -- -- -- off. Gravity captain Phillips the counselor and cloudy with a chance to falls to. Part of what a bad -- targeted again. I writes I'm just kind of divided on these three new ones you know three strong new line yeah the -- his game to -- -- I guess maybe I've been under were rock. Because I don't know anything about vendors game I dismissed the whole deal it's only if Harrison Ford taken lead on this I want to have and you get Robert Arum Michael Douglas -- informing Kevin Klein author exit if we can't go to CNET. This is Turkey related movies a Thanksgiving at least get the brief mention in the news that's going dude judge renders game I'm gonna break up. We -- -- -- And about the way now that. Halloween is over it's time for. Christmas. Really. Yes yeah. I went to the store. Actually two days on October 30. And all the Halloween stuff was gone and all the Christmas stuff -- out front. And this was probably playing in the background. Yeah I didn't hear yet but it today some of the stories you go and we'll have this are coming very similar -- Absolutely. So -- Merry Christmas Uighurs and I absolutely and you know Irish get those desires and so beyond there. Yeah thank you Bob and Christmas to you and yours yes -- document tournament Smart -- Chris militant Islam. City park if they replace that pushes me to still be tight -- it was a little preview Moody's and -- winning body. Heated document and WW out. -- -- -- -- -- There's Laura but now -- It's still. That's one of my favorite one well are you already ready for Christmas already I am now. The credit he again. And the weather is cooperating to -- Halloween over the -- -- movement on it may be beginning to see little bit more like Christmas it's a little -- that apple forties and let each. It -- we can all be cool and had Crist in the mornings and mild in the afternoons upper sixties and low of seventy. Well there you go I like it I love but I want some more of it what does all this rain finally get out here. You know it's -- -- -- Next our or Timmy were really going to -- when it beat out pretty quickly I have a 20% chance as early on. Yet for these next couple of hours this morning commute time and then I don't know about skies clearing throughout the day by the afternoon sunshine and mid seventies today. Mean and today for high high tomorrow's 73 and Sunday 69 how about that. Wow not even hit in 7069. For a high on Sunday night ended this blast for awhile. It doesn't last for all. While but -- even early next week Monday looks mild but now what's happening in November these fronts are gonna come with pretty good regularity so we kind of are on that frontal roller coaster you know you have a front come through brings rain it's a little muggy and warm headed it in behind it funny and cool open another front comes that we're going to be kind of up and down now only through much -- the -- seasons of another chance of rain comes Tuesday and dealt Wednesday front moves through so back to some cooler weather for Thursday and Friday. All right roller coaster ride in our future but will enjoy the dip that comes in just a few hours from now. And do we need a skirt alert today Ayers and -- -- that. He got for you know the wind this morning and debt they're only about five to ten miles an hour so far souls they just a slight breeze out there's the front moves through -- -- -- last night with that. -- began we have an agreement cinematic -- alert or. Consumer alert -- -- how are your kids that they get the trick or treating and it was really awful we -- where the malls to try to avoid the -- her good -- have a great idea but they've now the sort of -- -- him personally went to very few it was a disaster. So we went out we got about five houses then -- bottom fell out about 715 added onto another ball yeah. Today it started their trick or treating -- X thirty. We got there about 11:30 AM every store -- can be done they apparently I'm not I'm not out yet wonderful lot of people come with the rain in the forecast. Album since -- -- think about that you know I don't I don't kid Portland to crack the you know what to do and I thought we did but it support that I advocate in my neighborhood -- -- kind of scrambling on the street -- wet. You know drowned rats to try to find out endorsement that's their -- does stand out there it and I you'd warn them and I -- -- -- -- -- -- Christmas time -- all right you can listen to them. -- -- Season two meantime news. Yeah now and game plan. -- about the controversy hallmark is in over that's -- now he had put on an ornament where they changed it from gay apparel to fund apparel. That John we now are fine apparel and now -- all kinds of trouble over that they said they were just trying to modernize and keep up with the times -- as you can imagine some people were upset. -- changing the word -- to find they said it was not anti gay. If this isn't in -- right I mean you know people may not realize that. Long ago that cake and it it -- fine and happy and that kind of thing that -- -- trying to be more. Clear I want it to maybe they should just sort of follow lob that it. We're just ahead that now. That was gonna spark that -- just keep coming up your phone or have you left the offensive to somebody I don't maybe maybe it is offensive and and then -- that would be a bit. You know -- like it the Thong -- and animal tradition. Now put them in the wrong with people -- just for not realize in the country particular dark and if they want controversy and attempt to win now until you can start controversy every thing -- it can be content as humans of the will be upset uncle that is this weekend. Now have a wonderful weekend not you look down I'm gonna love it thank you miss me how -- -- and Laura but now -- WWL as we say happy Friday. We welcome in the stars. I call them double trouble they college double coverage and lean -- your -- thirteen 50 AM Kristian garic. -- your prediction force saints and Jack you're going to be up there Sunday to watch that battle at noon radio and WWL. I predicted to score victory for the saints last week I think it's along those lines as we begin for the against the New York Jets as long as -- -- -- football over. I'll see geno Smith and his -- office they'll keep pace withdrew reasons certainly with a saints' defense plan. I'll like the saints go up there -- point four point 814 when he and a neighborhood two score win forum and. -- -- about you know once again about ever going to defect or agreed. Well yes. Pretty much Christian and on the head the X-Factor there is. Geno Smith the rookie quarterback rob Bryant's Peruvian. He can take advantage of inexperience guy's domain. The opponent -- and that's -- -- on this week -- and I like that defense to do that to Gina cause turnovers game over. And I -- well. A game saints are plus an added degree for the record last week I was wrong it's display against them you'll. Now it now on -- trust me it was it was new for me it's been a -- these series is she's trying to work. Well you all can work that out in about ten minutes when you'll be over on thirteen 50 AM three WL. For double coverage this morning thanks -- prediction both predicting a big saints win and I appreciate your senior Steve Geller and sport that. At least 46 birthday in New Orleans Saints to tell us what they're up to this weekend in all of sports saying happy Friday to Steve Geller with morning sports as the. Good morning everyone can -- -- Carl and Marcus Colston we're back on the saints' practice field. In a limited role while Jahri Evans and Malcolm Jenkins missed their second straight day. The jets defense is ranked higher than the black and gold but the saints are allowing just seventeen points per game. Compared to New York who is giving up 26. Drew Brees knows very balanced offensive attack will be vital to victory on Sunday. Who have been everything you know so arrests or keep them off balance and also -- utilize all of our playmakers -- and try to give them all opportunities and just you just trust that. At some point it's gonna break him in order -- opportunities while Miami's defense came up big for the dolphins on Thursday night football. -- going to receivers to the -- film looks that way he rose to the right side but Peterson didn't take it back we're. I'm streaking down the sideline who aren't good. Along with that pick six the Finns won the game 22 to twenty in overtime. Thanks to Cameron Wake sack in the end zone that resulted in a safety. The San Francisco 49ers have activated hold -- Smith from the non football injury list. Moving the troubled all pro pass rusher one step closer to getting back on the field. Smith entered a treatment facility for substance abuse animal was placed on the list on September 23. Three days after he was arrested and jailed on suspicion of the you lie and marijuana possession. A college football coach -- threw for 354. Yards and five touchdowns. And ran for another square to help Louisiana Monroe beat Troy 49 to 37. Browning completed 2131 passes to help the war hawks improved to five and four on the year. LSU football team in action this weekend as they enjoy their bye before traveling that Tuscaloosa to face Alabama. Two -- does play tomorrow in -- -- Boca Raton to do battle with Florida Atlantic. Today down for a fans in the prone that the saints have won six games in the regular season has your prediction for the final win loss record changed. At sixty have a choice fans in the pro on WWL 870 AM. Or pelicans basketball vs the Orlando Magic a 1053 WW LF spam. -- -- early morning look at sports and I Steve Geller. -- -- you've already predicted a big saints' victory up in New Jersey if you wanted to attack yet -- exactly the New York Jack thank you you predicted to pelicans when's this weekend. At Miami and home against that Charlotte Bobcats. So I said I was gonna ask you now do you think -- and has become bowl eligible that was their first goal this season but now their goal is to win conference USA. They're undefeated in conference play it right. Yet the only team in conference USA that hasn't lost the game to -- you know other conference Gregory. So can -- now achieve their next goal which. Most thought wouldn't come from -- be another year -- and we can't account for bill last year in the conference they could end up winning at the toughest matchup is going to be the final game of the season vs rice. They're six and three on the year 41 in the conference right now. But it's very possible especially with this -- defense but they could run the table and end up winning out. While the -- Bold predictions this morning -- one -- no LSU what's the best college football game other than tooling and keep in mind. And much out there a good question actually at hello -- tell me and I'll tell our listeners coming up after this time out your WWL. INS before. Ask for your Friday and spotty showers early this morning that's just the actual front works its way through. But that will be leaving the area pretty quickly and look for clearing skies as we get into the afternoon -- breezy today with winds at the northwest. And highs this afternoon at 75 and clear breezy and turning much cooler overnight. 47 north of the lake and 56 on the south sort. Since Saturday and Sunday looking beautiful cool mornings and mild afternoons -- sunshine 73 on Saturday. And upper sixties on Sunday. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I meteorologist -- to. Dialogue and and Steve says number three Florida State number seven Miami Saturday at seven inches thick have a great weekend. -- and analysts do not forget to fall back. One hour this weekend you get extra hours sleep congratulations you've -- -- you deserve it. Happy Friday coast saints drove green wave -- Taliban. And go have a great weekend.

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