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11-1 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Jets

Nov 1, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against the Jets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our good friend joins us right now does every Friday and Monday talk about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can look at it -- way to look at it is aware of the elements of the ones and it blows. Of course in Drew Brees is Jason might be one in this game. Article tell me how this -- stack up against the jets as you know it's -- matchup they go to managers on Sunday. Well. The thing that jumps out at quarterback differential we got one in the lead late in the game it agrees. And a jet that you know -- -- rookie quarterback who rode the roller coast this year so. Overwhelming. Advantage their of the sank the second thing you're watching. About three different games of the jets this year during the week is just how intent that they are for a -- -- and to on line. And they're given up one -- nine sacks this year. The -- you know outraged that 25 sold that to -- bills. -- story that they're winning the battle front to protect -- smear. And you get beat up pretty good back there in the pocket so. What a look at the key matchups in the trenches where the -- Distinct advantage defensive line against -- top -- the line and had a critical quarterback position. You know you gotta figure that the -- you're gonna take. Care of business and little rope and almost 63%. Winning percentage seeing all wrote and shall pay. A very focused football team. But you know what -- seen -- -- stone dead and one good game one bad one good one bad they played horrible game last week against symptomatic. Expect that you probably gonna get the best of them put to a half waters and then I think what I just pointed out comes the light got much better quarterback. It got much better way along the offensive line that arrow and so -- so again it's an outdoor. Windy stadium. Normally Drew Brees is not quite as effective but still. You wanted to guys in the business that if you look clinical against the sank. And hope to pull away and now you've got a quarterback in the same area code -- -- not it. I'm Mike let's take a break if you get a couple more minutes on address a couple of things we come back. Rex and Rob Ryan plan against each other -- lead series five and -- both. Defense of coaches geno Smith he talked about running for his life it will also talk about the saints defense containing him so he doesn't run for first downs. And they talk about Garrett Hartley two it. You know -- is a very streaky it seems like and he doesn't seem to be on the upswing now six point one time related traffic. 6186. Tommy Tucker on a Friday morning All Saints Day we're talking to Mike tell you about the jets game coming up in New Jersey. Mike you've already addressed geno Smith and how the offensive line is. Evans and problems and he's been running for his life what about those saints defense containing him because he can be a pretty mobile guy a. Yeah I think that's the thing in this game you don't want him two weeks then the polite. And I think that the key part of a flying a mobile quarterback is to keep him in the pocket just trying to keep can corral so. That it would be ordered the defense. And -- a nice job. You know this season and certainly last week is no real strong indicator because that looking at -- But I think it's a big part of playing mobile quarterback not gonna let him and lays out. Because you know I appeared at time army you can you can just got a got a salon and in the break open. So you try to make him make a quick decision one that owns. I'd take that you can do to kind of help that is get -- light up the middle. Every quarterback he thought he says the same thing won yet stepped up in the pocket. And secondly Iran left or right guy definitely direct you now. So I think getting pressure up the middle -- do you know what it is imperative -- -- football game but stop that one. It's first and portables and that's where Chris Rock becomes in the -- yeah. I know what it might be about me and platelet -- and -- big game pummeled the arts are. Everybody knows that you know the play big against the -- -- all -- the team stopped that love -- know what. -- its ultimate get a PG going to be Egypt but I'm gonna let them pound away at me with their running game. And I think with every line is pretty deep and it was from the bad body directs the rob. First thing is stop Iran for a lot of back and make every play in the. Along those lines Rex and rob. Facing each other again -- lead series five and no there's no age differential of ten minutes as the twins so. Like it was just situations. Where Rex found himself maybe with better players and rob did or does -- have the advantage when it comes -- defense of mind. Well the biggest tech quarterback know what when rob was in New England in polite. And you know -- -- like that Tom -- eagle which since they'll they'll battle -- and got. And Internet spot that's where you -- you got a big advantage -- Drew Brees so you know better teams but you know when you think Cleveland. And in Oakland. You know from what -- quarterback -- In -- again -- -- especially has done a terrific job with this football team because I think most people thought it would take this year. That does the way it was built new policies in that it was almost setup for -- still won't get that popular coach. With his team go for -- everybody -- You know what in New York would really -- a bad start it would be to try to would be the jets. And yet he says he survive with a rookie quarterback a lot of holes across the board they are fairly strong and -- coming up front -- seven wise. Into another big test for the saint Altman Taiwan. Last week was a big test to against possible and put a lot of pressure on Drew Brees. That Russia on the saints' rushing attack. But it would be it was amazing last week on the football that's another big test because you know -- more now on the row. You gonna play teams that have really good centers and their water back. As at least the same -- vehicles if -- done but Alice with Tony Romo. Seattle with Russell Wilson and San Francisco -- copper nick and you like Carolina why we can't know what prince's second best quarterback in the NFL and Andrew Luck so. Tonight test for the saint all of the rules. Not understand it to be chamber of commerce web one thing -- -- play that stadium the wind is terrible they would -- gate opened things up and almost certain. That while now when the comes at 22 mile an ill wind -- All interest in gaining focus interest rates you should be that we get the big advantage water back in -- defensive line against their upwards of one. The real quick it didn't matter last week but if it comes down to -- and Garrett Hartley struggles how patient the -- going to be with him. Probably not too patient -- -- -- -- would -- -- mean a lot like his mentor bill for well he's not real patient with kickers. But you know -- -- really well up until last week I mean he was whether real strong spot this shouldn't. This season ending mean misses too predictable field goals short guy. That in my opinion can go back this yesterday but signature moment and that they'll mystery -- you had. Because when he put his team. In what the NFC championship game and I don't Tracy Porter -- shut the world rocket when he had the interception back in this bull. But the signature moment in this franchise. Was winning a championship at home he would support that. Quote it is and we'll be real patient. What we've got to continually -- make a book your -- now whether thank you might appreciate have a great weekend we'll talk -- Monday. Bank account.

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