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WWL>Topics>>11-1 7:15am Tommy talks to Archbishop Gregory Aymond

11-1 7:15am Tommy talks to Archbishop Gregory Aymond

Nov 1, 2013|

Tommy talks with the Archbishop on All Saints Day

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

718 Tommy Tucker was beyond All Saints Day and we're talking about the saints aware of the helmets. We're also talking about the saints that where there halos -- -- archbishop Gregory -- who he doesn't know. This but he confirm my daughter on Monday night in Belle chase and he did a wonderful job with the ceremony good morning archbishop yeah. This morning Tommy I'm glad to know -- it's that we were there together celebrating. A mission you don't. He did a great job value added just he kept it very they relate to -- kids and and I really loved the job beat him. A let me ask you this just quickly with confirmation they don't they don't give -- a tap on the cheek anymore. -- -- -- -- That was a sign of peace but also going to be strong and let's -- -- we do in other words now. I was getting around with a -- on the archbishop does slap in the face and gonna find out needed. He talked about patron saints now is trying to find out if new loans at a patron saint nicely or patron saints of Orleans France. I'm not doing. Yes absolutely yeah the archdiocese of long ones as Saint Louis in France. They're very interest in person who was married. I'm not in the -- -- in his wife and in his life would release the significance about him. Is that in his government's -- being in his being McCain he was really. -- humble man was server two Brothers whose very decisive. And he always combined to his faith in Christ with his rule as -- Very significant man. Now we do have. Either saints are people letter on the way he writes from new Marlins spent a lot of time here. We do we what the differences to -- -- Who was interest priest and the literally gave his life when he was in the in serving people. During the yellow fever epidemic and he is on the route to saint. And we also have mother Andrea too little who was the congress of the police and sisters sisters to organs of our schools and privilege to -- In currency matters academy. And they boat on the -- -- that in fact when I was in Rome this past summer I looked into their call is to see would couple weeks due to continued to promote their close -- -- I a lot of people myself included that haven't devotion notes of a pharmacy lows and and I have been granted some things and I guess it could be a coincidence but I don't think so. I'm tell me how the whole concept of patron saints developed in. And how does one get assigned to a specific cause. Instincts developers that you know sometimes. For example when we're. -- baptized my parents decided that it took my name would be Gregory so I think Gregory. What is -- telling to me in a sense. At other times we actually picked -- patrons sitting in consultation. The young people young adults have an opportunity to edit the name to there already existing name as someone who may have come to -- -- mark there. And as of virtues that they would want to. To emulate that person so. It's. Sometimes they -- some times we choose. That the -- things -- means in terms of what they're. Sort of known for more popular form. It's something in the history. That for him. My my impatience aggregate agree with is a great musician and he knew a lot about church music and so he -- what is -- -- -- -- -- From music. That it and so that's something about the -- and something about what they've done and some. Tendencies that they had their life that they would be known for. Prominent thing in my money's on if you lost some and it was saint Anthony's. Are correct -- And an Eisner's. Something tells me dishes glasses and saint Jude is hopeless cause Azeri -- In saint Lucie but actually the -- Our eyes because. She brings her eyes were. Actually as part of the morning from the pro life. On the in terms of of All Saints they also state and your native new millenium pretty significant to the people here. It's very significant here and actually. I would city's unique year especially in the statement that the ports world. -- also Wednesday in the traditional. And the universal -- operations that we remember also I think it's you know that the things we know marriages and two recent. And -- and Peter James and experiment the -- It's the big names but also we remember crossing state all and that's the key to this All Saints. So it's not just those whom we know -- -- -- -- canonized in any one who has lived a good life a life attached to Jesus and is going to heaven is a saint. So -- thing to. That you would -- have known saints EU they probably have lived with sites in our own homes perhaps apparent that -- -- old grandmother. I think it's an uncle support and we are great. So -- so I think it's you know on days like today we remember all those who have lived a life of goodness. At that point to the lord so it's safe to say that many of us have lived with. We're out of time and I appreciate -- spend some time with us this morning archbishop the only thing I would say is that. You know next time maybe you deleted Sullivan NC we have very special guest here winners on the stand -- take a bow on the have a great weekend particularly.

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