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11-1 7:45am Tommy, cheating coaches

Nov 1, 2013|

Tommy talks to the Big Chief Deke Bellavia about the Destrehan football coaches involved in a cheating scandal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight of course more Friday Night Lights big chief Deke Bellavia and the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football one mile round up he'll be live east Jefferson and frank Clinton. Reports from all of the week's big games including Delis salad John Curtis north short -- avail. Car play in McDonald's 35 punch train at saint Paul's. And mourn homicide or WW -- on line game of the week with Tony di -- and play by play in David Garrick. Doing color live from -- Gormley stadium where brother -- battles jesuit starting. At 640. Some ugliness industry hand where they apparently went to another team's web site. It gave him an unfair advantage in the ability -- joins us right now big chief I know you gonna have a long day and I really appreciate that state. -- -- -- I'm not built up immunity that you again. Well thank you so calm. It to tell people -- they know all -- -- but don't know exactly what happened. When it occurred and who gestured him was plan. All right make -- long or -- Tommy. There is. A way of getting the right now what technologies in the proteins in college teams in the players' hall. When -- pages with practice prudence the scenes footage given to him that he obtained. And how to -- somewhat of the -- -- who can't afford it so there's been a web site read what you could count on like what you bank account checked bags and more. You log on to web site itself on this call eight should be -- And you can and coaches store foods their practices based -- different things maybe talk talk as the biggest order but it won't be. And it was acute that like it's like you know continued education at home they go check it out -- the progress is. And all that kind of stuff. Well the rules dog that is you know the -- who goes by -- was -- and -- -- one. And because few simple about the situation in south with some additional players district gains let's think that the five day -- you. -- is different. I would be tainted -- and growing -- of stay undefeated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's put what prompted a cold sort of several coaches that was there. -- need to cool it. Give it a competitive advantage I would think about I'm not -- about talked about that the debate. When I think in the you know. This handy if anything meaning that one of the best players in the state on the best players in the country and on site and it -- It remains in the -- in the -- if the heat and humidity and visit is just means that the Indians. The worst thing can happen if you couldn't move but in this footage. Wouldn't what type of competitive behavior really gain because what they want to -- and for that wonderful but it is because they had before they thought if if you if you believe that I don't know there's more to this story that's -- -- it's great to me why would they can I mean they would the big game anyway. Yet tech's guns and saddest part about the high school cheating scandal. Dennis transient as you just said -- had a great season the coaches didn't have to resort to. Use -- -- in a winning game against south will push it probably would want anyway and this text comes from a south will push start and -- I don't get it at. I was also on The Who played a good game because he was -- -- point four. But I mean doesn't and it and they've been like if it is more than that of this statement one -- the best -- in the state. All of these little -- -- -- -- -- a lot of people by surprise that some development stage it feels like that they need to do to resort to -- like this. Head coach has been cleared right. From what I -- -- -- -- created assistance that had been. That's -- didn't want you know every home today -- was he and his girlfriend were arrested. Because he was a guy with a formal player and coach itself the foods that the foreign -- that is Brian -- made his name. He was it was a wanted was apprehended in the exits to the -- the food web site and he had written applied for the felt that the job. Pretty creepy to deny it. I -- -- effects CA get both of them in the same district. Desperate hand. As a result of the loss will lyric she will intercede changer doesn't just -- the kids have a chance at an undefeated season. At an excellent excellent excellent question but they would have -- -- prohibited. If not they -- an effect doesn't. And it went in the district and -- is -- going to affect them amnesty and open its own it jacket at the end of the season. Absolutely we would hear -- thing. I don't know what you had to coach against certain things in the end this and we'll take that approach say that's gone in no -- we -- have the -- with India with. But -- look at those blanket when they come out. And you'll look at witness conceded. And it -- -- to keep him moments may be away from west Monroe all the people know when you would be at all -- you would be awake at practice everything to play out. That you could if somebody like west Monroe talk at your house in the state board of that they files. If they don't is it Columbia. Clout all the things in the room and I don't mean to be doom and -- it's cute but. People who followed people notable of these coaches. That would -- that's where it can be -- does -- come -- and -- -- critical. TK he was a former -- set allegedly throw that in their former south of -- players so in terms of cheating. With other games chances are -- not because you only had access to that. Little more for more on the stand right freelance reporter who called itself the solutions in the food here. That that was going on now investigating -- you know and it's being -- before and you know -- Everybody wanted to prove you can -- these these people who it is the man in Europe and the coaches they came clean to the food there's at least they'd he'd go to the web site. So outlook. It is the opinion that you know not mean to -- because the first time. Yeah -- play and just think in here -- about. The punishment and as it and meanwhile legally do here because she can't. Accidents and because they just lined up where the coaches on the line up -- and it's like a solid game plan it and know that analysts subterfuge and. Yeah absolutely but not like as you know it will point comic view -- -- computer equipment which of single people. I mean as a fingerprint I mean -- it means they can achieve if you eat you know I think -- is it outdated it's intimate intimate submitted evidence. And it looked back -- -- URL addresses I mean it probably took the simple steps that anybody would inside but cyber crimes and like dead what took too. Has it not maybe take a pop up cautious approach it. If we -- call and in his head as we go with the wannabe -- in the game. I bet that's like that's it that that confuses me all together as it was the with a big bill and the game. And you hurt in the -- teen you're trying to coach and -- wins its trees here they get equal listen for you tonight. I -- it.

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