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11-1 8:10am Tommy, Hallmark controversy

Nov 1, 2013|

Tommy takes your calls and talks about a Hallmark controversy over the word "gay"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Friday morning at 810 and you know a lot of times Dave and I guess in many stories and so many things they built up an adequate amount on Friday you've got a big -- stacks of keep this in mind as you buy your powerball ticketed dealer. Lottery -- -- get this weekend nine Orlando. One a multimillion dollar jackpot. -- in the Florida lottery twice -- I'd hate those stories I really do August's 2013 67 year old home -- Bozeman junior claimed a three million dollar did he take that run was held on their August 31 -- just recently claimed three million dollar first prize on a prize -- the jackpot at some nice pop last year he won ten million dollars in the flow cash Lotto. Both number purchase at the same 7-Eleven I'm sure edgewood floor you know. It's just not so they're lucky I think got a dollar just lucky there is no. Doubt about it some people fall in the you know blood. And and it turns into a better roses -- ball and a better roses. And they find them indoors that Stephanie seems like. A lot of -- seem to find. Not good -- exactly what -- a bad bad. 48 -- man arrested in -- -- Wednesday after a woman found him in the hallway of her home she came out of a bedroom Hillary street teams. Much he said woody -- doing here now which I think is fair question -- -- -- -- -- finds a mining house and middle of the night I don't think you being invasive does say you don't hear it. The age and the guy said he was looking for work in any lifted up Fisher to surely didn't -- -- anything a dozen armed. Com I think if you know apply for a job that somebody's house its best college. Let me count and yeah maybe make an appointment looking for work and and we got this sort of talk about right now while hallmark. Nobody column -- fill me in on this hallmark hallmark -- catching and critical pieces greeting greeting card card company and now in the week but has got a sweater I don't know it's an ornament that's in an ornament in the shape of a Christmas sweater. And instead of having the traditional. Lyrics. From the song. Runs on that you're wrong sung this song. Yeah. Okay. The yeah. Okay and. The question is is the word gay offensive to you order issued. Hallmark and not change is in the words of the song. Does it now. On a -- -- apparently now are on apparel and some FaceBook comments saying it's okay to be gay featured -- ornament. But I think it goes stick connotations of words indeed change and so it doesn't. Give the wrong meaning from what it meant when the song was originally. Written out or do you go with tradition and I and I would and asking people and I wanted to be honest about the risk as we had a discussion in the office. When you hear. This. Or even this. They have a -- What do you think may have to get to work on the Flintstones now the thing about my on it or when you hear that because of the connotation that the word has. The immediately think out of gay people I -- gay people because that word has become so associated. With. And as a rising homosexuals and lesbians out of it so that it that it's become so associated with that when I hear Don we now are gay apparel when I hear. Will have a gay old time I think of gay people because that's what the word and just being honest here that's what the word has come the main. So I'll ask you both Leo they ask Ali Al rather we have had two of both of these songs do you think -- isn't happy or do you think gay isn't. Day Andi think hallmark should have changed the words of the song on their little sweater ornament had. And I think it goes the fact of does the word gay. -- and you know -- only think of difficulties six 18 yard -- were people thinking positive 6889087. A year and these guys so long as you now -- thing. Gay -- fun. When you hear the songs amber says she thinks of fund you're only thing. That's a pause so we can. -- that out to be what it would move every one that you tell me I'd love to hear front. As the word gay become associated with gay people or does that still mean fine and Tommy Tucker back in a flash and -- W well. Hi Tommy -- got WLE 19 Friday morning good clear out today NN. Over the weekend highs tomorrow's 73 plenty of sunshine and then. As you set your clocks forward. Now back these dang it now is and has an update you set your clock back. For the end of daylight saving time when you wake up Sunday hopefully at the right time highs only 69 and plenty of sunshine. So when you hear this. Do you think. Gay isn't happy or do you think gay isn't gay people you know on that prejudice or anything I just I think I've been conditions are now now winning here the word gay. I think. Gay people. And hallmark change the word I don't find it offensive that hallmark change the word on at Christmas ornament from Don we now are gay apparel. To Don we now are -- Apparel I guess they didn't wanna offend anybody and it do you find a word gay offensive. I don't but there's also a lyric in this Flint stones song we'll have a gay old time. And a text comes in and says -- one -- now the secret is out concerning Fred and Barney listen. We talk about this and an adult manner or not gonna talk about it at all mark new loans -- at W good morning. Yes good morning. And market them in the loan. They control about the changing of the wording of that puzzle -- the -- and there and that's because. So slow work. Influence my -- -- culture in the homosexual culture had become acceptable by the rest of the world. The bill so what that we're gonna have had to -- -- apparel and a prayer. We're seeing on the original being hurt her hand and you -- -- original meaning. Context could change if you'd think in the blues if you hear what I hear when I hear the song. Well that the so that you don't consider them and the person that -- a little. And the in the minds of the person who -- It worked on it what happened it -- level arch. So if you do as stated in its character and the salute in the movie and it should not be here fiction. Nights if your hallmark and well while the reason you know it could be a serious issue isn't there a lot of people in our day could say away why you ashamed of this idea to take that off if that's the way people think. And I just wondered if people don't think that way why would hallmark changes. Well my problem with outlook distributor careful because it's time to reach a quote I'll been bitten trail and -- -- you don't want opened in part. -- -- -- -- -- Homosexual or me being street I would not -- -- that little bit slow because they weren't talking about me. Got to thank getting ready tell market today -- RIT 601870. Toll free 8668890878. As the as a conversation continues. Text comes in I've always felt that homosexuality is altered the meaning of the word gays so I welcome the hallmark switch. -- -- Another -- says is political correctness gone way too far exactly what is gay apparel. I know gay people who Wear the same kind of closes I do wanna hear from you when we come back right now time for -- WL traffic. We're talking about the meaning of the word -- and does a word. Change over time the meaning of it specifically -- when I hear and is all based on home mark deciding not to. Include the word gay on a little sweater ornament from the song Don we now are gay apparel announces Don we now our fund. Apparel. And I think now I've been conditioned when I hear gay apparel when I'm here. In the Flintstones -- not that watch Flintstones a lot and I remember that the songs that we'll have a gay old time. -- -- and I'm not a teenager but I just left because -- word of -- back in the day meant that and now to me it's taken on a completely different meaning. It doesn't offend me but I think. In the vernacular if you say game what was the last time you heard somebody say well you can have a daytime. What do you think you go let's go out tonight will will just -- day. What would you think. That's what I'm saying and so it seems like. -- herself would you go and secondly it's seems like that word gay has come to mean. Gay people so is hallmark wrong to change it because I think he got a couple of different issues first what does that word mean today. And secondly even if it does are they wrong to take it off the ornament -- in Hattiesburg high here on W -- the morning. According either they get there -- -- in the car. It's. Yeah it's -- that new at work you mean you know it there once and when it. You know back when our trip and at one meaning now up to date it has Jimmy is -- Do you think hallmark is. Stephen on one side or the other by eliminating exit -- if they're eliminated they got to feel as though they're offending somebody. There I would think there are people. -- better beware. And I mean -- all the other way of sending. If people -- a gay guys and now it'll be associated with you were taken that we take in the the word on. Yeah our target date to be offended imprinted. -- -- -- the biggest dollar. It's that -- or. You mean -- -- -- has won and now at the other thing that you can't change history. So using hallmark should change it bottom line and they think. But when I was -- -- -- heard somebody use gay in a happy context. -- It ought to the debt off android two. Is I was last night. I guess there -- a good day RID. Tony nine will take more calls when we come back into six 187 Neitzel 3866. 88 -- the early seven a couple of text. Hallmark makes its money with words I applaud home mark for not wanting to offend anyone. Nolan says we in America need to realize that words can have two meanings we need to stop being offended and every little thing that is said. I don't think you would be offended. If they'd said gay old time -- -- -- gay apparel I think. If you -- gay and hallmark looks -- that is a pejorative word an offensive word one handing a negative connotation. That I think if your day. You're offended by that but if you are again Colombia from the NT six -- 1878. Toll free 86 exit eight -- early sent. Now David Blake's coming up I hope he has some gay. Isn't happy news wars on WW and then of course there's this. It. Already. Just sings sounds that Wellesley and ask ask story of course and holidays -- be here before you know what we're talking about. Hallmarks decision to change your Christmas ornament the words from the old song. Deck the halls and from Don we now are gay apparel to. Don we now mark on impact on apparel and somebody texted and sensible -- it was said what is Webster's say about it what is their dictionary I'll carry out -- -- so Jordan boy genius lifted up her not that you have to be a genius a look at opening in the dictionary but still he did it. And under gay -- says. Edgy to him sexually attracted to someone who is the same sex. All relating to or used by homosexuals. And in the third definition is happy and excited cheerful and lively. Which I don't know if your am excited are cheerful and lightly because of the first two definitions Ward Just the traditional meaning I want her board game. When they changed that. Because I believe your third definition used to be the first Indian yes so I had a little adjustments something to do with usage I don't know a couple of questions here should all market changed it. Why did they change it would and we can anybody from hallmark to come on wasn't about. Off sending somebody in and it's seems to be confusing because. Com I get a taxes there is not one issue that does not offend some genre of society it's sad state of affairs it is true but I don't know if you're talking about gay people being. Offended because a word was removed. -- -- People being offended because iron. Other people have change your definition of the word. And now the I don't know you tell me 260187. He told creates executed 8908 Sony and distilling all of this down. We ask you -- up ready jaguar opinion poll from pretty simply do you find the word gay. Offensive. And I give -- the results won't connect takes more phone calls to Tommy Tucker glad you let us on this Friday morning All Saints Day. A day in which we remember not only the saints that where the helmets but the ones where the halos back in a flash on -- BW. It's not just in case you've got in the car. Com. We're talking about a hallmark decision on an ornament a Christmas ornament coming out this year to change. The message on the ornament that's based on the lyrics of deck the halls and instead of saying. Don we now are gay apparel is substituted that with on apparel witches. Offending some people. In a homosexual community the gay and lesbian community because it is they're saying hey what's -- the word gay. Way today -- that off. And I am asking you does the word gay and you should home market have changed the ornament and if they did and you straight. What was at offends you or did the word gay offend you more 83% of you and are pretty jaguar opinion polls saying. Gay is not offensive to them. 17% saying yes it is so if that's the case I don't know if you want. The ornament changer not Ron and Herring and I Indonesia and evidently you on the morning. Make it more. -- -- They're. Called market long though it and about it it or buts about it they're there out telling down to move. Whomever whatever but they're flat out wrong. And as far as gay hating -- connotation it anymore. You can throw the dictionary away -- -- warned on occasion and that is in every body goes. And what is it kind of takes you -- use -- -- Our basic sexual purely Iowa the first definition just to be clear that Webster's you know it was all that. -- argue Webster's dictionary. And as the other gentleman pointed out that we has probably would you know I think he thought. -- have been out anyway you'd like our thing or the day. No galleries I said that it cleared up -- throw the dictionary -- the dictionary now says gay means. Gay is in sexual orientation. You gentlemen earlier -- the last time you work somebody's -- the other connotation and he was talking to get people. You're not hearing it in countries like -- world. -- forty I'd say gasoline in nickel cokes. Nobody uses it in the. Happy go lucky. Heart patient anymore. All midsummer have a have a band concert in the city square kind of thing. Execute midsummer have a band concert in the in the dizzy -- kinda thing. You know Gail Parker play you know in the -- summertime I've reviewed and yet you'd -- That's why and it probably will be because of the war created atmosphere. General everyday -- you know. In that connotation anymore and you know you're just like -- like the other I'd have. If you aren't and I can not remember the last time anybody use that word in back on occasion Colette -- watch turner classic move. You aim and Bryan you and I are on the same page thank him -- to call out and a good -- because it does say that other in an old movie where Judy Garland is. Is in the hoop skirt every call it in and twirling around that they had town square the bandstand. But I'll tell you in terms of word usage attacks comes in and says. Sodas Randall Gay have to changes name former saints cornerback or safety whatever he was busy city changes named Randall fund gimme a break. However. It wasn't too long ago when I don't know the policy is now if you tried to get accustomed Randall Gay Jersey made with the word gay on the back. That was one of the words that the NFL -- when he came to get a customized Jersey so I think. That says a lot about what it means you couldn't get a gay Jersey. And by that I mean a Jersey with Randall gays last name on it if you just like the way he played -- want to get that is the NFL side you're trying to be. I guess offensive Smart Alec Osama I don't know Tom engines really high here on WWL. I Tom lately. That's what what we have seen. Is a classic change. The word becoming -- Thank you read it picture sometimes -- easy to -- that definition has has archaic or you hear that the mean the work has become marketing people. You know being happy festive mr. chatter -- people in terms. Of homosexuality that's just the way it appears. You know I'm gonna change yet so I'm I'm kind of for the change as far as -- baucus surrogate bill bloodshed. Because children in this this -- by curious children will not just people being that effective. It seemed so indicative of essentially. -- Adobe optical -- Not anything wrong with that. -- -- -- -- -- -- at what do you think it changed at what point would somebody. -- lies still think Yevgeny meaning. -- time or winning here they automatically think it is sexual or. You know what you know I have a gusting 6960. It was sold out she. Okay debt debt debt debt debt debt terminology and -- in terms of sharp contrast to a little bit. Is pretty and then I think over the year if you can add to the court study on net and if you go back to discover that I think the term gay. They're 189 there. Under something like that term also object that's what. Homosexuals started you know that's what sells and what is your gradually came out and did it into into society would you use bank and the I think just like the early nineteen hundreds. The late eighteen -- accurately exactly but around that time. That's when they started using the word for the sale. And somehow it just that -- simply out beside it so maybe the meaning of tres. And that's -- is concerned is archaic now. I'll tell you want to back in -- -- thank you to the caller we had traffic coming up it was a golfer and I'm accounting golf historian who won a masters gave ruler. And the nicknames he's again had nothing to do with heaven fund not that that's right and his -- in terms of word connotation. And time frame a couple of text on and should they remove -- in the Flintstones theme. -- Clemson team Tommy should we change. The Flintstones theme in case you don't know what they're talking about. And if you are -- member of the Flintstones theme this is what they -- -- -- -- -- -- Up. And attacks they should we change the Flintstones theme song to and is trying to figure out why hallmark dated and who -- fans here. If if that connotation of the word is. In terms of sexual orientation when you hear that song from the influence on I'm sorry I think of gay people. Because I'd been I -- conditioned by usage to think that. That's what that word means so if Huard to take it out. Would you be offending straight people or gay people is seems like hallmarks of -- and everybody with this. And I know who's in the marketing department but they may not be their long 852 more calls when we come back right now time for Devin WL -- Terror rocks there's a new study out that says the way to avoid -- fours. If you're married arias breaking out of your long term relationship is to go one more date nights. Surrogate talk about it when we come back and ask you is date night a chore that -- dread. And only Steve -- and -- the movie date night or. Is it something that is an important party relationship and you witness for the world. A -- guns and Tommy hallmark made a Smart business decision they -- a word that is ambiguous. Period entails going to -- -- because they thought it was. Offensive day in home high -- got a W out the morning. 8 -- I am not show and it -- appreciated. In the confession to make on -- so all -- -- -- watch it get. Let my -- is today. Our name is yours and it's anyway here's what most beautiful image and apparently -- equipment they were better and they -- them. Wonderful -- personalities don't enjoy three allies and when you said earlier that. You know people don't username and what these everyday so -- -- Did I that in username anymore I said. They didn't use the word says. To express. A fun time that a happy time that it was used in terms of sexual orientation. -- and on the a marketing media and hallmark don't think -- started -- so good targets they'll kick ball if sales -- down a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- and thought about it everywhere yet that's what I'm trying to figure out I thought about it now. It just seems to me from the calls we didn't in the conversation of agreement offending everybody.

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