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11-1 9:10am Tommy, date night

Nov 1, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Karen Ruskin, a licensed marriage and family therapist & author of "Dr. Karen's Marriage Manual," about the importance of date nights to successful relationships

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let me ask you that they share happily married government and Oslo Norway. They've issued a plea to this married citizens go one more date nights imports from divorce rates are rising it's at 40% now. Between those ages forty to 44. And they say the government -- saying you know what. Take some time away from the kids yeah plan a date night every week puts some romance that's what's missing now I know you have kids in your married do you plan a date night every week -- not every week. But we tried to do -- I'd say he maybe once a month ago I don't ever says or does your chance to our hands holding hands and have term. Just and not be -- erupted with anything very interest. And it works yeah. Good for you will become will right now to talk to doctor Karen Ruskin. From. Our friend our friend licensed marriage and family therapists author doctor -- marriage manual theatre take on like a cult. If he had any questions and let me ask -- to music so money seven -- 386 exit date -- early seventy. Is date night it sure you would rather skip. Or is -- the way to avoid your love life becoming a war. And -- date -- really helped keep a couple from divorce doctor Karen -- In the morning he'd -- I'm great thanks for coming back on and. I am about to aid in the United States and that and does it always end up like the movie date night. -- -- -- The actual -- -- and play. So many. Crime in the time. Well -- T techniques premiere at. At eight and 81. And it's time and time. Time together and it greatly doing that -- on. Many ball. They can call for it it. Actually I'm and me and I went out and I see. I I and wrap it up a -- are actually. The Aaron. We will arrive what is going on it and you really apple says. It's one. The wonderful tool that. Do couples sometimes have a hard time doing that if they have kids were about the kids at home or some people at our lady go on news -- by the kids anyway on to stay home the kids. I. Know each other. On the -- -- From your identity. A worker GQ. What went -- negro. I'm. In it. I. Mean that your. -- -- on the somebody. There are a -- that the and yet they're talking about -- split a share -- -- wonderful things keep up. -- -- -- -- -- Quality time together getting -- know. Art and doing that because. Of where Anthony out. -- They can't. Not only black -- it only animal shall. Actual air it. On to sell. Now let me ask you this collection because both you and I are. Some of the four most experts when it comes in theory being happily married. Expect. -- on. There. -- make about me on that date about it. The time together. And and goes restaurant and mountains -- I mean not -- users. Rate of that and it's gonna expose. Maybe the thing that binds them are children and run and around and do this stuff Melanie. When actually sit down and try to talk to each other I mean I would presume that happens on. He had an army at the species the fact they like it very analytical and that is the fact that it's true that awful couple of -- If we -- what are we talk about saying and conscience protection device. He been paired together. Oddly enough. People not at that and -- you know because they eat in that think they're so much. Dirt and did you go about. And you're currently are not getting together spending time they're out on May social level. Five years and years twenty years by. Is that -- beat her connection war now that running away from the problem. You're doing just that you're running away confront the track him. So in terms. Trying to make that happen for people for whom it would be difficult woods or would both sides would be better time ago with both parred. -- -- -- -- -- would both partners than. Have to do like a little preparation were to do Jews like you would go on a date to think it'll Caitlin and I can talk about this ninth about. He -- the -- for all feel like they freely box. Can actually aren't they can talk about stimulating. Conversation and enjoy it it is something that. -- -- And -- -- eco car show. Out there you know. Teacher. Of the year hitting a poor but. Yet there so there at the moment of shared an actual deal. Al providing permit and start and actual. People in Chile and pearl -- -- -- each and your health but I heard that -- long time. For it and -- start -- on another. -- The thing you can get it out purple -- -- -- And that. And overtime. Field more and actually. Well I'm. Not a strategy. And -- right in order to makes a date ninth successful. Couple days have gotten away from and try and it I would think. Is some of the land mines are don't bring up bills don't bring up. Disputes that you've had in the past try to make it as though you really -- dating somebody new almost. Yeah I. Go out on me not that you -- -- -- -- each year a couple. -- set aside and talked to one another bout there aggregation. Be completely separate the week you feel like you don't have time enough. It can turn it. Here at the time to talk. Be sure -- think about it. Sure lecture -- other then how. Fletcher. It to. -- you lecturing. And you know my marriage act like a client. Might be seeing water. -- in the marriage. While the people who wanna know more about you -- looks aware of the New Zealand TV you'll etc. -- -- -- -- -- which it's much going on I didn't. -- -- -- Some a lot of the dot Karen in dot com web site and see our. ERE and RK. I can partly because column on Twitter here last. Aaron left in the relationship expert. And I. Are we seeing you on any TV programs soon. Well see I get this week. On Fox News talking about why. Actually when -- And the coming weeks I. Hear you my. Karen it was like -- -- I. Elect and in every election. -- Com. We appreciate -- time -- the weekend. Great at Iowa Todd.

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