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11-1 12:10pm Don Dubuc, the Governor's wife

Nov 1, 2013|

Former Governor Edwin Edwards and his wife, Trina, have a reality show, The Governor's Wife, on A & E. Have you seen it? Is this good or bad for Louisiana's reputation?

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And on Friday is this to Friday addition of -- think tank put me down Dubuque filling in for Garland Robinette and Limbaugh what a great weekend it's going to be that's a beautiful weather forecast is a frontal system is in and getting out of the way to leave us with some. Cool temperatures in some blue skies and -- moderate temperatures great to -- not enjoy the great outdoors what are you going to be doing. I got to an event coming up tomorrow Saturday is called the blue -- poker run. The registration 930 you know the last bite gets out at 1030. And the last Mike in at 4 o'clock the proceeds to this will benefit the blue knights Louisiana chapter two. In other charities you can register for twenty dollars for the driver twenty for the passenger. His music auction. Even give a prize for the worst poker hands and now first 200 to register in free T shared new registrant New Orleans Harley-Davidson. That's on airline drive in Metairie got a whole list of stops. Should be a great great event what ought to be doing tomorrow well I'm going to be doing the outdoor show from five to seven on this station in the outdoors. Went down to -- radio network affiliates. And then from seven to nine we do more out doors will be talking about. -- -- -- specs and more with time mess on 78 and from eight to nine program call talking guns and filling in for Michael Meyer. Will be Gavin sash -- and we'll talk all about guns and take your phone calls questions. Comments and then after that. You can find me in the French market albeit the French market. They have a staged like a demo stage. And I'm going to be there with spud McConnell expressed Tom spot now I've ever done an appearance together. And we're going to be colonists. Radio guru par three we've been going out there went out there with hokey and Tommy Tucker now it's -- inspired -- ago. We're going to be doing some demonstration cook being in. I had a lot of fun and got some prizes and giveaways and also Sparky if you don't know -- Sparky is he's the are calling the tail gate mass chef. He's gonna have some wild duck grabbed he's going to be cook and on the trigger grill. It's a smoked duck breast rolled with -- roasted peppers in seasoned cream cheese. Then slow smoked in the Cohen would was sweet pepper sauce to -- that it. -- get you going I'm gonna have some venison snack sticks out a lot. And -- check in the freezer in -- dug up some duck sausage in some quail wide shot. Did that display and he's supposed to be whip them up a jumble lies buds Jim wise so come on out there at the farmers markets stage in the French market. We going to be there from 11 AM to 1 PM. Talked in fishing hunting. -- -- talking what he does in the great world of acting in. Nominee in none radio talk being in that type of thing we call the taste little while. It's right in the heart of the French market eleven to one should be some great weather for that. Cried as we get ready to wrap up the last hour of the think tank gonna have some fun with this one I promise you. Governor Edwin Edwards and his new wife Katrina I have a new show a reality show called the governor's wife. On -- arts and entertainment. Did you see the debut last weekend. If you did now want to tell me do you think it's good or bad for Louisiana's reputation and also will you continue to watch his program. I gotta tell you the early reviews. Not good at all. Quoting John mcginnis who like me is a freelance journalist seat. You can check out his stuff that LA politics dot com Louisiana politics is coming his beat. I think theater review on this and I think this kind of sums it up on -- I'm quoting John Maginnis here he says. This is pretty awful TV as it makes -- dynasty look like masterpiece the eight. But given that American hog gears and swamp people. Has secured their places in the vast waste land a reality programming who's to say that the governor's wife won't find it's audience. For its image Louisiana. Should be so unlucky. So is John right on target with that -- all wrong are you gonna enjoy it or you gonna not watch it anymore. Tell you get some early text that came in a dvds if you wanna text you comment. It's a 78721. Equality and it's 2601878. RE 668890870. This one says Edwin Edwards is the most honest. Politician we've -- ahead. In his he ran for office again I would be first in line to vote for. He may be a crook but he's honest about it. Missouri quote. Is another -- yes the show was a train wreck that's that's why I found it fascinating. They are -- to children trainer is a whiny petulant child. In Edwin is in his second childhood the two daughters -- hoot -- watched every episode. And cringe at every seat. So what do you think about it do you agree with them and we also have a new poll out. Now should I must say I got to refresh it here that was the old poll by the way that -- ended up 79 to 21. Those of you respondents think we should not. Change the standing ground law I -- it is for a governor Edmund -- woods and his wife trainer never reality show. Is it good or bad for Louisiana's reputation. Cast your vote at WW dot com. Some would say is good for our economy. It's bringing in money to do these reality shows I tell you what I initially and I and I got -- then would Edwards story a personal. A story to tell you about me NN and enlistment. Before I do that. I came away from watching the parts of that program that I did win this. I do -- do not believe and I may be wrong and you can tell me -- -- am I do not believe it was accidental. That trainer in -- got together and get married because she found him into staying in -- he Melamine while he was in prison. I think it went down more like this. New reality show producer. Some kind of way was in discussion found talk to new train and and they decided let's have a meeting -- would Edwards in let's talk about a reality show. YouTube can get married have a baby in this will be great fodder for a new show. Which will be a big hit and as you can see the success of previous shows of this type -- dynasty. Is probably the one that has been the most watched reality show in the history of the world. In the hopefully they would think that this would have similar success I think it was pretty much contrived I think this is an agreement. More of a business agreement between Edwin Edwards and his wife trainer. And the two daughters in the -- and her children and everybody else the writers the producers of the show. Then it was a true love affair that developed in the reality show. Do you agree or disagree I may be wrong and I'm just I'm just saying Don Dubuque and for Garland Robinette we're talking about the governor's wife Louisiana former governor. Edwin Edwards and is less than half stage bride train I think she's 35 and he's 86. And the new show debuted last weekend in the reviews and not so -- so -- been sand. I've personally will choose not to watch it but then again that's may. And now of course reality shows from Louisiana have enjoyed some success how about this when what do you -- right now on our WWL. Ready opinion poll. It's a 100% say this will give Louisiana. More bad reputation then good. Cast your vote at WWL dot com the text messages are common in an 87870. Remember to please. We -- to text responsibly before I get to some of those. A couple of more review points here this one again from John Maginnis. LA politics dot com freelance journalist. He says well they they had one playful exchange that border and on you. In the opening scene as the two prepared for a book signing event which authorized biography. Trainer asked what he wanted her to do. He said. You get the money for the books she said I'm supposed to take the money he says I think that you role in this marriage. The gold digger references played in most seen -- shares with Edwards daughters. And out and Victoria. Victoria Edwards laments that she has already had Teixeira Mayan -- with the federal government. That was as close to reality. Is that dialogue -- And finally he says as for the Edwards family if they're enjoying themselves in the money is good all -- given up there's a privacy. Tough luck for us they didn't value it more. And that's John Maginnis is some excerpts from his review. Dave war -- calls it an uncomfortable. Embarrassing curiosity for local viewers who've lived through it was political career curtain call incarceration. For extortion. The governor's wife is for everybody else on the planet. Just train wreck TV. And he's on on the on the daughters in the other characters. Victoria done no favors nonetheless feel pictures production companies. Make up artists. Seriously she looks cartoon villain -- house mother -- poor woman. Takes the bad cop role with -- -- harsh manner with the dance styles combined with the pretty much completes what must be intended as a crew -- did bill homage. Well one I saw Lois Lincoln more of wicked witch of the west type looks very what do you think 260187. ER 86688. 90870. Nick comes some -- text messages. One says the show is not bad at all as a vote for. Another one says governor's wife crude boring an embarrassing for all of Louisiana. And then on the other side of the coin another text there says governor's wife is funny is now. And another one says so not love really and and that's my assertion. I'm saying and then I think the whole thing the relationship the marriage. The whole thing was there for the purpose of their reality show not the other way around what do you think. And one says -- could not agree with -- more thank you thank you thank you. And here's another fan loved the governor's wife so. I what do you think 260187. Or 866889087. New York. Simply send us a text message. Must story on Edwin Edwards com. I had the opportunity. I can't recall the year but I do remember. It was the year that he ran into and back again for governor against David duke. And he was asked to speak at a conservation. Awards banquet. I was the emcee and I had the opportunity to spend the night sitting right next to him at the head table. And before the event got started in the unionized or not there and discount talked in you know it is friendly type stuff. And then he started asking me about people in the audience indecent and who's that gentleman over then with the -- man. And who is that all and end in not telling who was it was media people -- officers -- organization representatives. He didn't know them from -- And when he got up -- on his speech. He started off disease Hollywood with some hysterical jokes. And what he did -- he incorporated every one of those people into the proper place of his speech. Like he knew a -- -- life. Prior to the event. At that time there was a big issue about. Whether ridge issued become game fish and -- should we end the practice of gill nets if -- -- call. Red fish -- on the brink of extinction them and you could not only catch a red -- of any size. And it was because of the demand in the overfishing it was a big conservation issue well he kind of figured he could win over this conservation audience. But there's got to remember now this was this was -- campaign is a reason why he showed up. And he knew nothing about the issue he was totally oblivious to the whole thing and he got one of his aides in these -- Has some of these people hip and about the red situation and I want my opinion what do what do tell me about it. And he got about a five minute education. On the whole situation. And when he spoke of that you would swear that this guy did research for months and weeks and days and checked into it he just. The words just rolled off his -- and I tell you probably one of the most impressive speaker is and I've ever had the opportunity here. Also as a politician. If you look back. You know yet he went to jail he was incarcerated for extortion. Probably accumulated a lot of wealth but being in office but. You've got to admit there was a lot of things happened in the state under his terms as governor. The acquiring of lands for the state that entire state wildlife management system. You can directly attribute to him they was it done some great years and I'm gonna -- that there in the oil industry was wonderful the state had a lot of money it was pretty much self sufficient. But a lot of infrastructure. He was responsible for creating that he and and in maintaining a lot of things he had new buildings being being built. Teaches -- happy. Schools UN things with the state budget was balanced there was money to spend. Life was good under Edwin Edwards for us and prop. Let's see we've got one here that says again he does something for personal going to gain. No regard how stupid it makes Louisiana looked. His another text and remember these are tech does not make sense. They're bickering over money stolen from lease it and the taxpayers. Governor's wife makes Louisiana look bad. Another one says I think you underestimate him I agree with you but believe the show was the governor's idea it could -- his idea. But again I think he from may be he may be a work that way maybe he put the word out to a producer who's read his book. His biography. And said you know we need to get a reality showing gone to notre really get to go on -- young wife who's willing to marry me become a star of the show. Make a lot of money like Myanmar family and doing it took it may have come that way. Here's another -- -- was lifetime crook arrogant in your face embarrassing for the state. And for me as they cajun. 9601. A 7866889087. In his one that says glad that don't have cable because of shows like this one -- That that man to fear of cable you know have to watch it. And that's what determines how successful debate. Whether you watch in and out of his watch that it will continue to go on to make money who knows they may be. Product lines coming out Victoria. You know may have T shirts with a picture now. Appropriate here's another one and again this is not me please. Victoria I thought she was a transvestite. There's another one bed so Louisiana's reputation but also true in all respects. And then no one says can't get any worse than honey boo boo now well on the honey boo boo Santa deduct dynasty I think the thing that really saved -- dynasty. Was the family values aspect I think and you know it's a trend is pretty funny in this some nine needles script writing in there. And that one out today has been the most successful. I here's another I would rather Raja David duke reality show -- watch what you asked for be careful you may get it. And he says that he goes on to say I don't think it would make the state look any worse then the governor's wife obviously not very popular. Former governor Edwin Edwards and his wife train is new reality show called the governor's wife I guess technically should be ex governor's wife. You can see it on a unique. We're asking you this question on operating opinion poll is it good or bad to Louisiana's reputation right now 77%. Saying it's bad. And 23%. Saying it's good. If you watched it did you like it did you not like it will you continue to watch it were you not watch it and -- has some specific scenes. That she thought was funny on that you liked or that you did not like and did you have any favorite characters there's a whole most of them in there. Was to gov and train. Now the stars and then you got that two daughters and a in Victoria. And and has done and a they showed a date and and a win on with. It was like -- first date with this character that he was some friend of Ed Wood headwinds and they met to have coffee and discuss. Something. -- you gotta admit it is kind of funny maybe Scot free -- value but what does it do for Louisiana if any thing. Do you think people see through and say that's really not Louisiana on May be. They say why what I wanna move and take a job locate a business that. I got lots of text that -- get took caller on line one chuck in Metairie. Wants to talk about meeting Ed -- Edwards at UNL back in the seventies John thanks for you call Telus historic. Yeah I was just hours they lose it is actually another and another to right along that group quick but first get color that you know I just started there and he was given a speech there he was running at the time. And I just kind of back into about going to night school I was walking down -- the library. Break per rental library just came walking out with a group of people around and the cameras like the action are kind of dissolves and -- like right next doing. And he lose you know as he stood there and spoke to the people on the steps. I was blown away he was the most charismatic individual I have ever met in my life. It was good looking guy first involvement and you know he he just had that persona about America everything about voting. And it prompted me I end up on the campaign trail for him you know just stuck with him for a couple look. -- that he had worked in the democratic. Campaign. Sites and everything -- but I mean I never really got close to him or anything like that but just get out. I just thought the guy was could get anything accomplished he wanted to just because of the persona that he had. This thing right now -- and I think people look at an 85 year old man I think they just think it's a joke to some -- like to take it seriously. It's kind of a sad ending to a guy that does the all the problems he had with jail and everything else it's a sad story because he. I think he has the ability to accomplish saying he wanted to do just that kind of a guy that actually came across to me. While chuck you hit the nail on the head I think Santa than what he looks like on the show was the fact that the talent that that god given talent that man had was wasted. Can you imagine the good did he could've done for people with what he had going that you know that our leadership the head. No doubt I mean you -- what followed him anywhere fantastic cut out so -- Kids entering college he just blew me away with with the presence that he had everybody just looked at him miked. I do or just coming album really amazing. But another quick story that if he ran against David duke I'll lose. -- march in India I think after day parade one time this is back around not much later than that date. And and I out of that a few Beers few green Beers before afraid started so we turn an awful. So firm hand on the Metairie road and also not look around and notice whenever I can't stand her anatomy who haven't scared them before and also meet. For a lot of look up specific right next to David duke it's a big soccer the -- -- like -- 65. And also not far nobody's been a little too close to discuss I'd prefer -- Pete's sake deserted. Yeah -- cameras going off was activated them that the proliferation of cell phone cameras but now everybody everything else gets an image -- economic and who knows when that when I ended up Arnold what it would have done -- union. Well -- although it's. Who courageously you don't have bumpy and accidentally bumped into two guys that actually ran against each other for governor -- kind of weird. Now with two amazing people aren't part of the characters at the status produced an absolutely. Sure -- all right Gary tonight -- with thanked the reality show that is now airing on AME. Do you like it. You're gonna watch it -- think it hurts Louisiana's reputation. We now have 83% of the respondents to operating opinion poll. Saying I think it is bad for Louisiana's reputation. 17%. Saying it's actually good for the reputation do you think the show is funny. Is it humorous was specific scenes all lines did you. Most inch O which ones really disgusted you. As many people say it INS get to the text board here again you text as an 87878. We please ask that you do. Text responsibly or his wanna -- you don't like it don't watch it. Absolutely and that's how you would. Vote against it by not watching it is another one I really like the governor's wife TV show. And this one says Edwards vs duke. Now that's got to be a classic in Louisiana while with the rest of the country C Louisiana as a big -- street. And we have another one that suggests wouldn't Edwards be perfect in today's Washington DC. Another phony. And this one. Once again verifying what I believe Edwin Edwards has a photographic memory. It says I'm a musician who played at. I told him my father handed out bumper stickers first first run -- governor. He asked me his name and when I told in my father's name he thought for a second and asked. Was your father burned in an all feel fine. I said yes -- 45 years ago. He set our -- you fought and I know that was the only time my dad had ever met him I also had some instances of that when -- recall was. Impeccable. There's another with the governor's wife can't make LA. So Louisiana another -- Los Angeles look any worse then governor Jindal as. And yet another text what a joke won't waste my time watching it that's from big pop. And we have another one -- -- my brother are additions for the date seen. How wishy what are won the part with it guy I think and was horrible total set up he says. Is another one. Thrifty met since. -- thrifty man my husband makes lights out all the time made me laugh I thought I was the only one going through that go train. What the references here for those of you didn't see it train -- was put out. Because Ed -- told her. He must've turned out a hundred -- -- -- a hundred light bulbs which houses the home was pretty impressive looked like it's. Somewhere up there around Gonzales and one of those new subdivisions. He said he went around the home and must've been -- -- recount and a hundred light bulbs that were burning. In the asked the wind that put the lights out when united used in them and she just didn't get that I mean you know what's the big deal owning the rights of at a beyond. And then someone in the opening them may be it was now one of the daughters brought up that he was raised on a depression and that's when people saved every penny they could. That's what that references -- another text that says eight years of talent wasted in jail. And here's a fan I love the daughters. Ha ha ha. Yep they can have their own show I love the government time off those lies the -- just don't know the value for dollar and don't care. Having. A baby. Come on man. Yep I think she does know the battle value of a die all right we're gonna take another break we'll come back in continue this long line Nevada text messages. Some of them is a unique is the famous ex governor is one line quips let's go to David he -- he was an eight for Ed was David exactly what kind of aid where you political eight -- -- -- But I it is surveyed I was I was -- to the governor mainly for economic development works I'll work with a bit. Back in it there in 91 during the campaign I was working from 6 in the morning poll out tonight for almost. Eight marks in the model and hotel he ran skipping out of model on downtown. And we had -- -- the fifteenth floor of a good model on in and pretty much live there are about 68 monster and that gave campaign in the no run off. So there -- what what has been sent a body -- you agree with that photographic memory charismatic. -- guy who is an impeccable speaker. -- are -- or political -- girl that spoke out that he was a bikini bod squad the past spectators so. Even back in 92 mr. -- some of that but as for the forever memory. You are absolutely you know coming up -- him beat people that. Nobody would know advancement gave him you know -- name is there anything like that he would know him know the people another name of the family. Remember an anecdote about them and just it never legislate. So you know that's all him you -- -- operate in am -- they I think that I don't have any respect their kid is kid that -- David and and Steven are. Well up in my comment but David it's Stephen -- nowhere near the an elected he has Norton did not that there are two by the daughters. Now of the DNA stop there tell me the bomb what about the did you watch the show. Not our idol watcher at every -- but thought somebody that you watch that I said then I'll live that that's even more. I don't but I I think that's you know the government got stable behind me I think he could have done a lot I ask you could -- Yeah argument I he'd never really pursued a grand vision. He got mired in state politics and I think a lot of what the problem was that. He let some -- old you know your friend is -- around in -- and make sure that he should Obama. Got rid of a lot of the people that continue to get him in trouble over the years by. You have oil to fall through it to be where he grew up well. Yeah pretty good description David sound like you know him well. -- -- report ranks of the car appreciated all right that's gonna wrap it up pretty much for us and our discussion I'll be back tomorrow morning with the outdoor show.