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11-1 1:10pm Angela, An Open Mic

Nov 1, 2013|

An OPEN MIC with our very own News Director. Dave Cohen, Channel 4’s Tania Dall and President & CEO of the New Orleans Tourism & Marketing Corporation Mark Romig.

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Well it is Friday and that means it's fun day and what is the most fun is getting to know people better in our great city. And we do that to our open Mike segment where three tremendous people come to the studio and we hear what's important and interesting to them. And what a trio we have today the president and CEO. Of the New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation mark roaming. Who I remember meeting the very first time as the chief of protocol and guest relations director of the in 1984. World's fair. He has gone on to other great things including most recently taking over from his father being the public address announcer. -- game day in the superdome. The transition seamless and congratulations mark you are doing a tremendous job thank you very much. We are also joined by truly one of my favorite people on this earth WWL reporter -- -- Who says she grew up bouncing around the country and the world. Before finally finding New Orleans three years ago and is already planting roots so much so her mother has moved tears well. This is a woman who said she had planned to be a corporate lawyer and make millions. But took a history of journalism course and the rest is history. And if anybody saw a channel 4 at 10 o'clock last night he used saw her doing it was adorable. A flash dance flash mob Michael Jackson's thriller accord she took at Loyola. Whole group -- they're performing it was precious. And from our own radio newsroom news director Dave Cullen. Who although from Chicago an educated at the great journalism school at the University of Missouri. Has made home here in every sense of the word. He says very simply who MI. I'm a guy who loves his family his work in his community. I was very touched by that did -- think you know simplicity. Oftentimes is very best and it just sort of issue. We have many things to talk about but the first thing we're gonna talk about and this is not truly born out of guilt which are gonna see how red faced I am. I always ask what do you wanna talk about and mark. I think you brought up something that I hope we have not seen. At the end of our lifetime and that is. The lack of written thank you notes -- you and I say that because right here is my thank you note to you do you know why. -- and this is my theory is it's never too late better late than never. Because your organization. Send a donation to the Louisiana SP CA in my name. I think is a congratulatory thing room and I'm a little late on but it's never too late thank you literally handing him. I should have a stamp on it -- looks official but thank you. We I did back when I was a brother Martin high school -- the first class we we took in as freshman year was. Sort of a writing. Protocol class and it was drilled into his back then the importance of using that time to go pen on paper. And put your thoughts down and share your thoughts that way. And I know we're in the age of email electronic. Communication but. To me when you can commit to something on paper and actually share that in the form of a thank you it's one of the highest gifts you can give to someone because you've taken a time to do that. And I have thanked people by email obviously many times but to me when you can actually go the next step and do something with a stamp and -- that it it just means something actress so. I like to give stationary out to my nieces and nephews -- -- the holidays. Say it but I think. It brings up -- -- couldn't agree with you more there's nothing more wonderful and to open an envelope and say gee that's exactly what -- -- somebody took the time. Somebody took the time to think not been an emailed -- I mean something to that there is something about that night -- your thoughts on the. You know IAA is soon as mark said and -- sort of think what was the last time I sent or received. A paper thank you thank you -- thank you FaceBook messages thank you tax thank you email share. But when was the last time I got an actual. Thank you mailed to me and I don't know when it was and I I honestly don't know him last time I sent one was. Because now it's it is is so electronic and it phone call now that isn't to meet while they actually called to say thank you -- the. Well they're -- too fast I think if we can slow down just a little bit more now and then and then take that time and you write Dave -- a phone call -- -- the so special these days this well. It's just something in my parents that believing that and those of those of the folks I know my mom and then -- know that -- thank you note that it comes regularly. You know another thing he wanted to or you commented about I think was it. Your heroes are your parents you know and and that is in mobile Janice -- what will yeah. Now you know mom and dad are watching. Well they set the tone and they set the at the script. And they've you know you. The set the values of the family and we all share that with their own family members you know those of personal values and I think. It's it's what do you model yourself. After and that's what that's -- up and what he would do and to try to do at least by no means am -- going even close but. It's working with fellow with a set that they gave me to work with and they are there my robots. And it is we need to hear that we need to hit that it is so wonderful to see -- adults takes. We were commenting on that terrific performance you had last night. My flash mob thriller DNA you know it. This is a calling it was occurring Blaylock sends out a tweet actually and I sometimes literally never been touted tweaks yes literally calling the -- and I thought I would be so much fun and it was a great class and -- for the entire semester. Eight like I think it was like ten classes what's the name of this class it's a flash mob Michael Jackson thriller -- class so you learn to do to. Flash mob dances yet prepared ten weeks yes. And the youngest person in the class was about seven. And I'd say like the oldest person might be accused other retirees. In their seventies. So whole group of different people I think teachers doctors. Journalist is the first annual. This is a sudden they've done it OK so right. Highly recommend a bigger and better when you -- your -- first annual and the other side played too -- -- -- thank you don't act like you've never done it before gonna be the first Daniel how are you know you're gonna do it again next expectations for an. Did you ever see in the video oh superb speed historical thriller you know this. Always spectacular. Did you make an a plus. I don't know if we -- actually do we get green hills I think just performing once in public and the City Hall a should be not getting arrested and not a resident. No but it was wonderful and we were all very proud of thank you know. Very briefly because I don't think a lot of people realize what went -- introduce to insist that you traveled the world as you were growing up and you sort of now planted yourself here which is wonderful. That was because your new father was military or he worked an international development. So he worked to kind of rebuild countries all of them place. And so I I bounced around today. Lived in the Middle East and South America. My parents are immigrants actually I joked that we didn't come on a boat we came on a jet plane from Susan. And -- Chicago. Cookbooks. So yeah I know I I immigrated here when I was young and my family loves it here and this is home now forest and now your mother has moved here she's moved to New Orleans my cousins lived here for over ten years -- she brought me here actually we called a brain -- yes yes that's exactly and I -- his friends and family my sister was in San Francisco and she's willing to give -- San Francisco and who is potentially. -- trying to recruit more and more people has hello maybe even -- three years countless times I'm seventeen now and went to get this place and he just is no way to get out of this is possible people food and doing a welcoming yes excellent New Orleans chose me. That's a nice statement strange way like IE I came here but I feel like the city chooses you. I don't know what it is. You know and to be in the sort of rough and tumble business that news is. And that was actually one of the things you want to discuss was so many people over the years have -- how do you handle the daily daily daily. Death and crime and sadness etc. and how does that impact Q is a person because we are people not just yet and so how do you. It's funny because working in news everybody says. That's so depressing and never wanna watch the news because it's so depressing. We see you know we see murder here unfortunately we see corruption here unfortunately. But I think that's part of our job we have to cover the good -- the bad I'm and I also think it's our responsibility. To cover. The not so pretty sometimes. And it's hard I think you just have to not internalize -- applicant ER nurse or doctor somebody who's kind of in the trenches you need to just kind of this is nice I have to go out I have to report the facts and I kind of dis associate at its heart. I am 'cause there is a lot of murder hears me now and we go to these crimes scenes and I -- family show up. And I see mothers crying as he fathers crying -- -- sister's crying. I am and that's the worst. Sounds actually ever just. Hearing somebody hurting so much. And knowing that their loved one. I'm has passed but it it's just part of what we do you know and I think that it's important we do as much as people don't wanna hear it sometimes people don't want to see it. I think it's important for us to it to realize the reality of of the world that we living and -- -- change it I think you've said that beautifully a wonderful Friday with three terrific people who. Have great thoughts on things and we were talking about the impact of being a news reporter. For so many years sort of coverings the -- bad things I've often thought it's always the balance one needs and we can get and do. But Dave calling you have done this for seventeen years in the city so you have that feeling as well. You know the one story telling people ask how do you do that how do you deal with all of that awful stories and and the heart breaking news and and day in and day out. And I liken it to police officers. My daughter is dating a police officer or so I know very much what that's about my son as a firefighter. And I'm in the news business so we all have similar experiences and you have to be able to win you're doing it. Turn off a certain part of your emotional reaction. So that you don't become a blundering. Bowl of jelly weigh in not be able to do your job I remember 9/11 vividly. Not letting it -- 9/11 even though we were on the radio live. Describing everything that was happening taking calls sharing reports and everything. It wasn't until we finally broke away for a brief time for a bell ringing for the first time remember the first bell ringing. That I call my wife. And just broke down in tears in his own but you can't do that while you're covering the news event. But for me it's when I go home and when I tell my wife the news of the day. Then it hits me and hit -- high internalize -- and I allow myself to really feel those emotions. And really kind of connect on the same level that the listeners -- viewers they're readers connect with the news. And and feel the true emotion of it because if we -- if we allowed ourselves and you know this from your past experience if we allowed ourselves. To react emotionally too many of these news stories. We could do our jobs we couldn't deliver the news if we allowed ourselves to react the way they really do affect -- These this past Christmas I was not working and it was Wendy on. Horrendous killing of those children in Connecticut. I was cooking. I but I could not stop watching. And I cried probably on the hour. And I thought to myself what if I had been at work that day and it's exactly what you're saying I wouldn't have cried he would have found -- way home. But if you do you do find a way and I think mark set a very interesting thing even in your line of work. About promoting this wonderful city that has so much greatness. You still have to handle that. You know we were asked that all the time you know how can we keep promoting the city. Live with so many issues here you know where we have as Tanya said we have murder corruption. All sorts of things just don't make sense and hurt us as citizens is as well as just people who love New Orleans but if we stopped. Promoting -- stop marking the city we would fall. The victims as well to this fear we cannot do that. We have to keep promoting this city is a wonderful place to experience life to live -- to love and obviously we all need to keep working together to solve those issues. But what we can't fall into the fear factor in and stopped in our tracks and not promote New Orleans as a place to be in place to. Come visit we need those revenue dollars to help our city and solve these issues so. As a citizen is someone who grew up here it it hurts one when all this comes down and and it affects people that either I know or that but just you know living across town from -- But we have to keep working at promoting New Orleans time. -- so many chose to raise a family here someone who chose to move here and someone who's chosen to stay here. For now seventeen years and probably the rest of my life. I I evaluate all those things you talked about my evaluation always comes back to push -- much more good. About living here then those bad things you mentioned yes there are horrible problems that are are constant battles in the city some of which have been for 300 years. But when I evaluate over and over again -- I wanna continue to raise my family here do I want my kids to get married have kids here go on all these things to happen. I always come back together problems. But tell me a better place on this earth to live to tell me a better place that doesn't have more positives. That had there there has more positive in this place. And it and and you know this negative split. That's everywhere and there. If I didn't -- you gotta keep finding it and as long as we have to Tonya dolls making a decision to. Plant those troops down and bring them again. For him like -- that's right at the brain gain I like that -- game we're gonna give you an a plus for that went to. I'll rhymes we knew we were talking a little bit about before about not writing thanking us the time it takes right. Tonya brings up a very good point out our week with all of the social media -- kind of becoming little. Anti social. Absolutely. I'll go out to a restaurant or are you having a drink with a friend at a bar. NIC people on their Smartphones. Posting on face. Tweeting are just scrolling through the feed on FaceBook and someone sitting right next year -- year out -- dinner at a young group of people at the table for dinner. Your phone is down people I mean what is going on inside just it's my pet -- and I don't understand word for that now called father phones and other. It's five -- -- -- huge probably had you followed some some big -- in my house via my mother is is quick to to look at us with that -- if if one of -- pulls a cellphone on at. The dinner table even know might be an emergency at the office. Let's put that cell phone away. You know a very interesting the American academy of pediatrics is now recommending this came out this week. That's their house to be four. Media free zones in families. Dinner table being one of them and also prior to bedtime because now they're noticing I mean this is these guys are paying attention. -- you becoming obese kids are becoming more aggressive. They're not getting enough sleep they are so consumed with this media. Mostly put their thoughts. They did and they did you hear about text sleet -- texting now. Still even not even waking up and texting people half asleep or even completely asleep. And that's a big issue in my house we have a no dinner policy would either at home -- out that as soon as we sit down in the food on the table phones go way and then not back out. Until we say dinners over. But did the bad thing that's -- that's a tough one because you know before bed they like kept up with their friends and all but some biscuits are texting on my. Long we were meant to post human beings that have one on one communication and for us to have that in erupted through any other means I think just ruins that relationship and so. I do think we've become so much more impersonal and that's why I think you know it's need to come back. Thank you -- I'm pushing number thank you enough time to learn a major major lesson three great people over Marco -- meg -- -- and Tonya doll and coming given our thoughts on. Social media that included -- we were talking about it how consuming it can be especially for young people and Tonya correctly when your in the restaurant for heaven's -- enjoy the person you're with or the people you whip and don't have to and -- we can always say there emergencies but then get up and walk away. Do you think hopefully because this is still relatively new. On the big scale that maybe there's a shot that the pendulum swing animals had sort of a protocol. For. When she use it and when not to. I hope so I mean I'm pro technology I love it I think FaceBook is. Pretty phenomenal music to find sources telling -- people use it as a tool in business. But I think my concern is -- the younger generation. When you're not interacting. One on one like mark said. With people. How are you gonna get a job. Done -- -- you sit down for a job interview and be able to speak to somebody. When your when your children are learning to just be very social media oriented oriented and all the can do -- have a conversation via text I think in the long term there's a it could be detrimental will there be -- asked. Etiquette or protocol to using Smartphones I hope so but I think it all starts when it. I am at home. You know I'm not a day was exactly you know put the phones away at dinner -- your kids who have a conversation because I think those social skills are so. Important. Not only within family dynamics but I also think in the business world yes when you wanna do it at school -- people need to be able to converse. I'm an articulate. With their thinking feeling. Opinions and I think that it's not as doom and gloom has. It perhaps seems to be on the surface because. You know my kids are still doing very well in school they have women act -- my good parent teacher conferences. You know there's no problems with them using their phones in the classroom they're communicating and working in groups and at. The thing is though they have. They're trying to do it all now and you have kids and in the tough part for me is keeping up with everything because first there -- to cramming. After they were FaceBook and now there's Tumblr. Of course there's texting and as the other new things is you still don't even know what they are it is always something new coming out. And just keeping up with all of that but I think it can be and I think there will be a balance I don't think that we're gonna lose a whole generation. To their phones but the frightening part is how much they when they are in their phones when they are coloring or interest programming or texting. How they get -- completely consumed -- -- and lose awareness of the entire world around them I don't know about you but several times just recently -- almost. Run into people who step out in front of my car. Because they don't even notice there's traffic. When they're behind their phones and they're walking down the street took a step off the curb without even looking both ways. Because they're looking at their pharmacy drivers doing the same thing there on their phones outlook and and home run a red light -- -- mess around with the. On that show it's also might cost was here and he has two adorable daughters teenage pre teenage daughters and he was commenting that they will not make a phone call. I could give them 100 they will not make a phone call to their best friend it's all in and I guess is really a generational thing that was our life. Yeah and -- we don't we would all do is avoid the emotion that comes along with the one on -- communication. Is so this may now wanna be on the phone with someone because they don't want to have to share and emotion where attacks can be a little bit more. Impersonal and then take you get right back -- -- and that sort of thing but you know it affects who we do and in tourism week. We are now 75% of our advertising is digitally place now it's it's on line. We're not in print anymore we're television and and on line because that's where people are getting their information so we're. Unfortunately perhaps feeding the beast because this is where people get their information there it's it's in the palm of their hands now and so. We have to do that if we gonna compete successfully with the other destinations that are doing the same thing so. Perhaps we need just more rules of the road so people understand that there's a time and a place for it. But there's also a common place for good party one on one communication with good eye contact. Here in some -- voice right. That's I can't imagine when television first. You know came on the scene and people are watching more and more television that everyone at the same theaters car world is gonna sit in front of television and stare at the that the boob tube around the clock 24 hours a day and we're kind of doing the things I was gonna say many of us do well we'll look. Put it worked its way out then yes you know people leave home they know here we are talking we bring trees to -- us -- You know whether it's our laptop cards tablet our phone are you Cheryl Williams lanes everywhere we go good. You gotta think that I mean all the stuff was designed to heat on as it's gonna make our lives easier. I'm about you know I know all direct access 24 hours a day seven days a week has not made my life easier not at all in terms of work. Or in terms of personal relationship did you don't have to go see people -- talk to many more. Because you texting and tweeting and all those to keep checking her blood pressure. That's Suzanne -- for that. We're gonna actually go look for that Tonya -- says that but she never believed in bucket list but now all of a sudden you do. So let's talk about what is in your bucket list. It's postponed a spot I'm not to think that there really cheesy and now I like cocktail list. I'm -- now I don't know I just I feel like life passes you by quickly. Maybe it's like I'm getting older and the deficit and passed it does happen. And and yeah I think that would work and it's just the holidays come and it's just like year after year I was like I really wanna start doing things I -- that I have always wanted to do. So I've gotten in -- Being a craft her crown after -- -- learn it yes I am trying to. Sand furniture and whatever you know I'm -- -- finally is little craft at home projects. I traveling places to travel to and I've always wanted to go to Indiana. So I'm hoping to go to India in the new year. Just little things like that are just places here there's a new golf course the mini golf course at city park and I. That's -- my buddy list so just little things like that because I think that it's good to have those. Reminders that reminds me of goal setting that's another I think we lost art I think people who can commit to having goals and that's what a bucket list could be whom these are the things -- what I achieved in the next five years ten years. Archie Manning talks about actually writing your goals down committing them to a three by five -- carrying them with you on a regular basis. Because you've taken the time to commit it to paper you can change and you can erase them and revise them or whatever but you put on committee and -- you are put -- -- -- and look at them as we didn't. But I think I think that's great to have a bucket list and congratulations I think it's just like having a set of goals I wanna jump out of a plane went in with a parachute. You know these -- those things that people wanted to achieve before they they can't is that -- no I I threw that out there but no I started I don't have any desire to jump out of. I've done that twice. I recommend. Tasted it -- and you play best skydiving is the best experience ever -- I recommend that everybody got to -- I just that the flames aren't. Hitting think I'm not going out now I'm assuming -- there -- a fabulous woman in Slidell and so -- blanking on the name. But it 85 for her 85 birthday did -- skydive. Then call me insulin and do one of -- 86 we were gonna covering the weather was bad she couldn't I saw her not to a couple of weeks ago I'm planning the next one. That's what you have to do there. You know what I love I love that we do you think about. What do you find enjoyment from. Then all of a sudden the year has gone by and you haven't done some of the things you'd like to do whether it be learning how to do -- after taking that wonderful dancer were you danced. In front of city couple. I'd like to just go across it just you know traverse the Panama Canal that's not that's not just -- that's on the bucket list that I am. Could take a Panama Canal cruise. -- you anything on your -- so I just want to survive radio. Yeah. I really do. No I I hit did that when I turned forty along time ago I made a list I said what have I not done and it was little things like I never made -- pie -- And now I'm like a maniac with progress I want to learn the net I learned to net it was things like that. Because I've been lucky in travel but I do think -- it makes a lot of sense today. Christ almighty my youngest child is twelve and I told him when he turns eighteen will skydive plaza I wouldn't do it before them. Just because I want all my kids to be adults ahead and and before I you know there was crazy risky behavior but. It's not having it is done right just like anything else is safe. You know more people like crossing the street every -- of course and skydiving -- but just kind of -- we've set our goal in he wants to skydive you know scuba dive together. And I tell when he's eighteen what we'll jump out of a plane together so that's yet definitely one of the things I wanted to do and we -- travel. So that's so we'll see you -- the Panama Canal you're going to be missed. -- craft USA yes. And you'll be sky that we are talking with Tonya doll Dave -- -- Romaine are open Mike I love this day. I love the state because I do get to know more about people who are very special. And we are lucky to have in our community. I would like to know from each of you. What is the best part of your life. That's easy family. It's in I love going to work every day because I love what I do and even as a way to get up before the sun and have to be on the radio at 5 o'clock in the morning. I love even more going home every day. -- dinner with my family and so I love leaving but I love you more going home and and having dinner NC get those hugs and kisses and and and spend an evening with them. It's beautiful Tonya. I would have to say. Opportunity. To tell other people's stories. And people let you into their lives. And other towns little cheesy no it does not read it it really. People let you into their lives. At the most difficult times and that at the most beautiful times and they. Trust -- enough to let you tell their stories. And I think that that's. Incredible and and on the opportunities that I've had a I think it's a blessing and I'm very fortunate you know in your intro it was at one point you wouldn't be a lawyer and make millions. You just sort of a career shift. No regrets. No regrets because I've been able to cover. Amazing stories work with -- amazing people. More money would be nice but hey everybody wants more of an area. And nine into crafting and you can sell your cramps Erica we like that mark. I think it's it's really 2401. I have to save family and friends I -- mom and dad. And David. And just celebrating as as a unit is terrific but also. Trying to have an impact on on. Things you're involved and whether it be the city or nonprofit organization or. Which is impact on your from your friends lives you know and and feel like you've given something. At the end of the day that you make and then that community a little bit better by. By some act or some thing in and hopefully. Paying it forward as they say so it's it's really. Take your life when they determine just living it as fully as you can. Not easy to do but one of those great goals and that really is important -- never never lose enthusiasm. Yes. That is the greatest quality of ball and I feel badly for people who don't have it because they're missing out. All on really the richness of life. I'm not being enthusiastic you don't you just wanna go shake somebody sometime in tan and it's happy. And people are so busy and self absorbed in and all the things that. You find rude people and mean people everywhere you go and in New Year's resolution last year to smile more and laughed more. And I remind myself out of every day because I have been so much happier just trying to do that and everybody else would just be a little happy. That's how we're gonna end this I want to thank each and every one -- you -- handwritten thank you notes. Thank you still very much we'll be back this is Angelo under the W.