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11-1 2:10pm Angela, NOLA weekend fun

Nov 1, 2013|

We got the inside scoop on this weekend’s big Voodoo Music & Arts Experience in City Park with Sig, CMO OF Rehage Entertainment…talked “must see” movies at the theatre and on demand with movie lover, Jude Bourque… previewed big acts coming to the Saenger with GM David Skinner…and gave you some fun ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is the day we all wait for Friday at the beginning of a fun weekend and there are no excuses. When you have as much going on as we do in this area. From voodoo fest to -- on the North Shore so get ready we're gonna spend the next hour. Talking about what's going on from new movies to pet fest. And to my gifted and wonderful cohost in poker is here he gives me such peace of mind. Because he is all knowing about what's happening like yet. Our wonderful voodoo -- are you going. All I'm going I'm absolutely I wanna go Simon to go to ninety shovels and -- that's what I'm really excited about. There's there's sort of -- when weather down ticket acts that may be -- people haven't heard of but. I saw the -- always lounge I think a couple years ago and I just below -- bought their CD's and had been given away their CDs as gifts to people and I'm really looking forward -- their live show. I did not know that -- -- is now fifteen years old I can't believe I can't believe that either -- and how much has grown in that time is it's incredible and that we have to remember that it's also about art and it's the art experience and not just music yes so and this is as it should be we have someone very special on the -- street Louis -- gonna Phyllis and sick are -- their. Everybody you talk much doubles in the world that's the main. I say god I'm on the big troubles and -- and you know just for a couple maybe a year and a half but it's been a really good eighteen months. Well they went from playing or play around to planning a deal like standing room only show it to but you know last year or so ago -- -- out here and you just want -- about a -- that is. You know every now and then there's a bit and -- that was the band Alabama shakes. You hear it shovel and ropes stood -- then the people are. People are talking about people are -- like you are about it -- circle subway or get out there. Only did you have such an incredible lineup I don't know where you began but. Tell -- which are most excited about. I know it's really funny I had been really really really excited about Pearl Jam I think anybody that's ever been a -- then elect just sports -- you know I haven't seen him in many years. So them being here. Permit it we announced that -- that we booked them it's kind of all we privilege enjoyed -- that brought up. And that similar feeling about the -- and I've never seemed to border or like on Sunday night. I have never seen him and I used to be a huge huge -- band so that's very special and there's the band -- Shovel and ropes and and event on camera called the undercard that not everybody knows forgot about it just incredible performance. So of course you ignited -- which try to make it right up and urged all -- but its site. Yes he was a neighbor too many we should get him back -- -- do you. You have been involved with this for a long time. I have I actually -- radars out of Purdue in 1999. -- -- -- Working at a local radio station rock registration department. What does -- involve the media partner and then. A year after Katrina. I'd left my rock pretty efficient and returned to country radio station to work received full time and general marketing partnerships dog I've really been involved -- -- -- so much to perform. So you have seen this incredible evolution. How it is android you know I I'm always reminded of him and reserve -- to talk about the market are memory and it went and it's incredible. To watch what you what it was a one point two Q what is now -- also. Just see how much it means to people who were literally come from all over the world -- see -- tickets are bought from and where people are beating up on personal media. And it is literally from all over the world. Which got tickets to every state of the United States. And it's just it's a little mind boggling that -- large. Can I ask through quick save what you mentioned that people had asked you what some your favorite voodoo -- memories argue what what's your answer. I tell a lot of them actually and they religion it and you know more about scripts in 2007 -- -- -- machine had basically been. Retired for ten years and there are 70000 people are understated and it was just export of the anticipation of the performance. People or just where it Bellic -- European soccer matches person that -- put it that -- downbeat. It was literally like a bomb went off the crowd just exploded. By 2005 on the on applied the. I don't blog saying yes this love -- it -- I was there we suffered extremely -- Yeah. And you have security there's no reason -- -- -- show you -- like if you're here come and it is this -- started experience and track. Trent Perez are on that night -- -- performance stats is only rivaled by Steve -- blocking -- you know you do at this moment. Our votes are released for a lot of people. Who had had not. Been able to cope with a lot of things and not -- felt normal for a long time now we're just. A real moment in time that particular show. Cool one thing CI I don't know if you're able answer this or not but it's it matters very much personally to me because I'm the biggest Green Day fan in the world. And -- last fall was really tough because they were on the line up and then he had his meltdown in Las Vegas and they had to cancel and I got metallic instead which was really cool but I'm curious is there any possibility is there any sort of Al reeks like how does that work will ever be on the lineup again. There's there's never a never you know there's unit number part of it and yet stay in the game by. Send -- if you do that were not good ever and ever employed murderer -- not you can't you guys and what we we also. Big fans of Green Day and treating today. I a year in advance when or just rumor than doing shows. And they were talking about putting up career record and all and we don't really we worked very very excited about them being. At Purdue was -- only got -- that your first show in. Many years. And we we wanted to in the theater development or Saudi it's great spirit -- reports that you know and at USB the -- -- another one. So well -- it. Hopefully you also I. -- -- it -- be no reason not to have them back but I would I commit to make sure they show up next dot. Guys I'd like -- I think you grew detonation of like that hasn't. And what they -- and other forward it brought kids up to play all -- it's meant to play agreed on I don't remember that Ali did you learn all the -- Did your daughter -- entered into its -- launched. American idiot so Richard this really. A nominal performance so. I'm always you upstate I'm shocked economic output actually see them but I would book report but not for nothing Metallica was pretty strong -- -- at bat I thought. Let me existence because I know that. Correct me if I'm wrong but I I thought I heard that the single day tickets for today were outed you have to do the whole weekend ticket. That is correct Josh Siegel we have no assimilate tickets -- it's all predate. One weekend tickets to gradually and they -- -- know -- that's that's great testimony general. A lot of things that's a testimony. To about Pearl Jam and -- dealt mature -- Iraq. -- total performer -- a single day it's thought that testimony of people wanted to come in order to -- part of you part of Halloween. Cure but all you don't feel like it's the summer. I'm and then being part of -- achieved anniversary so. Super excited about that and but people are here earlier having intimate in time so both put up more to come. Well I have a very successful voodoo fest and -- -- the were cheering you on. And we will have you back next year talking about it. You know way to think you got so much about talking about that nobody else did shuttle broke thanks unite. That's that's that's that's but I'm right. I'm -- you know I love you in because you lives this wonderful life of things that I'd never heard so when you say something like that I learned something more about. All of that the little groups that you choose and you just have such an interest -- why well think you I think so too and let her keep it that way. Just as we are a city of festivals and an area of festivals were also an area of great fund raisers and -- before we go to our movies I wanted to mention to. One self serving its Louisiana SP CA 825. Anniversary. There's a Saturday night it's at the highest it's a lot of fun. Great music great food. Also on Saturday night is the Louisiana Museum foundation and this is what. The haunted jail cell with -- hanging guy this was a guy we had on yesterday as -- is -- and -- -- going to you'll be able to -- it's happened meant to be able to go to the cells so again that to -- to -- -- those -- I don't wanna do that then all dressed up only like nine and -- room. We are now -- -- Who could we do need to talk about movies because so many people love them and who don't we are so lucky to have a wonderful man name. Jude Bork who is a movie. But par excellence. Were calling him mr. movie. And he is going to be sort of our movie not just critic but tell us the fun stuff to Judy they're. I am -- it's great to hear your voice on this phone and you know hundreds of an -- CA I remember it was just yesterday wasn't it that you were leading the -- parade. You -- -- just yesterday here was it was hurting for a great. And cheer for them so I'm gonna get a balance short thank you very much but you also love the movies. I do I do -- some great ones that are out there it's subtle with Louisiana. Flavors all over them. Players that injures gain have you heard about this when you ask us. Not specifics -- -- -- into -- Enders game oddly enough I did -- depart but you do that was about as close as I got -- You know it it is -- it's a great story to come from a book that is several decades old. It's about a little a ten year old boy who basically states there are I mean he plays games he is just scifi movie. And there are great actors prepare them for Millwood Davis Oscar nominee for the help and doubt -- Been -- -- An and also that other Oscar nominee -- young lady. Clearly Steinfeld from. True grit US. The end the basic story is earth has taken over by aliens and -- these military schools. And this young -- happened to be. No one who has the talent and he's chosen to help lead to the troops. And there are several. Civil and sequels to the book. India I'm very excited about going to see it it's -- to be very well done and truthful to the story in the book. And injured game it was filmed here partly in the wall and so he's. That's great yeah. I was the one you were talking about but twelve years of slaves. Oh my gosh twelve years of slaves that I have to reserve my tickets to make sure that I get into one of earlier teachers. So excited about two again it's hard to say I'm excited about seeing a movie about slavery. But a movie with such. Critical acclaim. And such amazing. -- from what everyone is saying about it it's a true story into a based on an autobiography of Solomon Northup. -- in 1841. It was a free person. Lived up north. -- kidnapped. And then he was packed into slavery and brought down -- For twelve years he lived at the slaves. And this is his story. The amazing thing is that -- mean there are many stories about slavery that have been on the four. But the director and co writer Steve McQueen. Not -- after the British director. He brings a almost -- neutrality. To this story where the audience. He gets to experience. It as it's happening. And everyone says how powerful it is how. Could -- even that the torture being the whipping scenes the he's been better than that they're brutal. -- to watch. But only because they're still on. Its not done -- And special effects it is just done real. This was the way it was as as compared to Schindler's List. It has been compared to Schindler's List exactly. A lot of people are saying that this is sort of the Schindler's List of slavery. In this sense that it is they and essential movie it is something that. Is to be experience. And I'm very excited about it. And I saw an interview with Brad Pitt after. Brenda he's he was commenting that he was gonna take his older children he said because they need to it to know this thing you know it's it's it's history it's real history. They think exactly you know. And it's amazing all the movies that Brad Pitt. Has been doing because he really gets to be in pick and choose whatever he laws and yet to be a part of this movie to help. Get it done and bring it here to Louisiana to be filmed. You know we -- love our native boy Brad he almost got to be called a native Bryant. Almost. What about and only because we get so many of the things you need to talk about yet -- about jackass presents bad grandpa but that's about. -- guilty pleasures but it's okay that's for your Sunday afternoon I wanna brunch and a whole bunch of bloody -- and afterwards too goofy movie. And our ideals that it's just that it it's it -- -- documentary. Just put the title says -- that one relative that you're always embarrassed about the one that you'd have to tell everybody I can't believe this person did this. And after the Soviets it's making audience roar and yes sometimes and to look we just need to -- comedy. Do a lot laughter is everything now you say there a couple of dogs out there. You know the -- -- we talk about Brad he is in that movie counselor with -- The big news. Com. How come why I knew I was rather looking toward the -- I heard it's been compared to traffic. And other in movies and that sort of narco trafficking genre and why why does this one and then look at the cast I'd like Ridley Scott the director what what what are we not looking forward to. Right and Ridley Scott great director exactly. But the writing in this story just never get -- there at the most just having a true story true back stories. We get cliches we get lost jobs. This is one I would say to wait for it to come on red box you won't miss anything for seeing and it's not many want to watch the people. But for stories. I'm not sure that's the one there. OK I love Vegas. Last time they get. Michael Douglas who never thought I mean let's Morgan Freeman -- blue -- and word -- possibly go room it's you know it's a hangover for the AARP crowd yeah. Honey you're speaking to the AARP crowds I don't I don't like caring. About it I'll give -- -- -- you know but it's. The Hallmark Channel -- to remake the hangover. They got include -- mom who boo -- I get I think you know it burned we can wait for a red you know. I just think going to movies as such a wonderful. Space you know like the movie gravity just 3-D yes. It -- Ethiopia yet. Yes I was -- I sunny cal plays and they know the experience wound up costing me 45 dollars and at dinner kind -- was -- worst. Every red since I've just in general is that it is a wonderful -- -- -- tell me. At. Did you ever hold your breath from negative -- yes -- contingent. -- -- I was I was turning blue -- freaking out and I told Angela this a couple weeks go we're when we're previewing gravity this movie's gonna mortified me. And it did it with a spinning and. And good flying the I'm dean knows how beautifully shot it is an arson all my gosh I mean it's and it's a wonderful story. Jude I hate that we are at a time now you're the best I can't shoot every Friday we're gonna depend on you don't give us what's right what's wrong. Well it's going to be my pleasure and out to you at this spark at this at BCA event. We will see you Saturday night thank you again so much about it we are so happy not to be talking about all the fun things that are going are -- going on in this community all the time. But something that just brighten our spirits was the opening of the singer. And I got to see the book of Mormon it is such a spectacular building. You just so thrilled that it's lighting up canal street again my jaw is still bruised from how hard hit the for a while I walked to get after it is magnificent and how lucky we are. To have David Skinner who is the general manager. Of the Sanger and we appreciate you do so several Heidi good. And you're not a -- A pleasure being here real pleasure. Well tell us what is going on now because I know book of Mormon has closed. Well book of Mormon is closed. And four -- the Sanger informality itself. It's a busy busy weekend as normal we. Head Diana Ross's stance Wednesday it was sold out everybody had a great time there. This Saturday admin area we have had to simply performing. At 730. And then looking forward to both Sunday and Monday. At this -- -- interest to conclude. Yes they are now on medium -- man that unfortunately I have to say if anybody didn't buy tickets. -- -- -- No I'm just not surprise -- his illness or -- -- performances are so what have -- been. Are running a lot of sold out shows what -- did encourage people get tickets early that I and a rock show was sold out and following trees could put bill on Tuesday we had So You Think You Can Dance the end that you know butchering children TV. And that there are probably. -- handful of tickets left for their Amin and talking. 150 tickets left at that shows. It is going to be so that to decide urged everybody that's become one down to get the tickets is -- they can't. Let me tell you something great I really watched that show this season because. Want the guy who came in second parent turner is the son of Earl turner an Earl turner of course. Is who they built the stage for an apparent as a casino at the casino and then after the storm of course they've damaged when a different direction. -- tremendously talented man Earl turner. But -- got to meet his son very young and you could see a chip off the -- block is seeing him now as a grown man. To be the phenomenal dancer she was interpreting songs and he is a tapper tap dancer. And then to broaden out to all the various stances he had to do. I really was pulling form voting like a full ten million -- toxic -- but I am so thrilled for him that he will be among all of those who nobody. And they had so many talented dancers -- -- ought to be a tremendous tremendous show. Going to be creature creature and -- right you know the for the folks that. You know not everybody get a chance to get -- to see this -- yet since the renovation and I can say is that. You're right you're walking in and -- your jaw drops and and in a million thoughts run through your -- your mind you know we all have memories of of this -- -- whether it was our first day leader our first. Concert brought glacier what are we all have those memories and and it brings them back decision walking -- And by the -- for those who maybe haven't driven down canal street this week. On Wednesday. Would actually finished -- on the last renovations. For the exterior. We have this tremendously. Speedy blatant sign. That went up on Wednesday in the late Wednesday night and a large. And not only doesn't like canal street I'm getting calls simply do that and see -- -- -- I love this and it's it is like our little jewel in the crown and and congratulations. For all you would accomplish and just speaking for the women. The ladies room rate. Went up -- see where this actually happened I didn't actually know where I was going in a woman kind of point me in the right direction. And their financial ladies room which you walk into was a line of men waiting to go in the men's room. Never have icing that wow that is over and the women have arrived but that you just did a beautiful job it's. One of the things -- immediately went to the renovation was so we wanted to address some of the restroom concerns of the pastor. And in the in the patio. We did -- pretty much double the size of the restaurant men and women on that level and then on the in the arcade. We actually put into would be new restaurants are worth their reform for men and women itself. You know we tried to. They -- the patron all the way through -- the renovation. Well again can gradually shows thank you so much mr. Skinner and will be calling you again on what's going on outside I look -- you very much okay well we're not finished with festivals in no sir we've got a big one. In Baton Rouge it's the Louisiana book festival they will have over 200 authors. This is an enormous thing that's a lot of authors it's a lot of authors it's big time authors and in sort of spread in an area downtown. If you are a lover of books this is where you need to be on -- and yes and a lot of local authors as well. And we have to mention pet fest however are offering your park it is on Sunday starts at 10 o'clock every single organization. Rescue group. Shelter is going to be there and you know what it is it's a happy day. It's a happy day for the animals -- paso de -- for the people who love them only so I hope so I'll I'll be out there and I hope to see you at -- for near park. Also in saint Bernard parish calling at home a beautiful festival. Really looking at the rich culture of Saint Bernard and that is going to be at the Dr. Phil farm. On not -- growth. Off 5124 east Saint Bernard highway in violent. And that will be very very special so that's two days in saint Bernard parish never dull moment no which you have some theater things happen. Yeah there's some really cool feeder vessels that are coming up I wanna make sure talk about the -- mania festival which is happening right now at the shadow box -- down in the same -- this district the -- that say. It's just what it sounds like it's a festival solo performances a lot of local performers I think it got people coming from out of town. And you know the art form out of the of the soul of your performance I think is XT is really arresting I love it could be a lot of it is original work. And a lot of it is people's personal stories and they figure out related to turn their life stories into jaskol presentations and did you know. Who's going to when he leaves if you just everybody yeah. That's funny -- -- for one weekend -- -- her notes multiple weekends actually they have several days strut setup Erica check that out. We also met to talk about the mountain top -- which is the MLK sort of documentary story it's. It's featuring two really great local actors Anthony being himself -- being communicators. And Monica are Harris is a very talented actress who have worked with many times over the years fellow Loyola graduate. And down they are telling the story of Martin Luther King junior's final night and that did the -- for his -- in what was like Canal Hotel room that night -- thinking I was going through so. That's continuing -- AT&T being community are strongly encourage her but you'll see the top notch acting and really important content. That's great -- also possible kingdom. Which I still want to mention that's the Cripple Creek feeder companies golf ball production of both full I am I'm a member of this company's special enclosure so. Possum kingdom is happening right now the saint Claude truck farm there's so much -- happening in the 800 stick it's really yes it's kind of the center of all the -- really new and exciting theater that's going on. On possum kingdom eight we talked little bit about a couple weeks ago is another play kind of about. The land loss and -- the -- -- nation of the natural world and it's written by Louisiana for. And Louisiana -- in when we really think people enjoy they're still tickets available you can go to Cripple Creek -- dot -- it's a really great piece of Iowa and Florida avenue is the place where it's happening now yet did very obviously you can't throw a stone on saint Claude avenue -- not gonna. A really cool gallery you're a feeder that's opening up for real exciting new restaurant yes yeah tennis is at least on their -- field. I've killed just this is totally blessed to be surrounded by so much exciting stuff all the time. I wanted to remind of me also at the Joyce theater is Tony and Tina's wedding. I have not seen -- but I am not easy either but the thing is like Orion had faced they just say you will Rourke it's and it sounds like it's it's its own genre bending. Sort of played you know it's it's interactive and they come in -- and actors sit there and I talk to you when you have to kind of get involved in the wedding. I think it sounds like a riot I think it'll be a lot of fun we are continuing to look at all the wonderful things that are happening this weekend and if you love art. And you why -- you show -- yes I do and do you know how many great artist we have in this community unbelievable. -- mid city. Studios artist open house is this Saturday believe me it is and it's worth the trip to 44362. Oldest street thirty different artist. Showing their -- we are so very lucky. If you're on the North Shore however. Saint Tammany art association on Saturday from nine to one. Is having it's big art market and that's going to be it for nineteen New Hampshire that's downtown Huffington -- is the best Christmas gift I have always maintain this. If people put it up on their walls and hence they can enjoy for years to come and it's it's from New Orleans and don't just makes them think of human gas cut I could not agree with some important the local economy and yes support the local economy. I also wanted to say that now this is not this weekend it is going to be Wednesday. Over at Xavier state university senator gonna have the New Orleans jazz funeral a joyous path to happen. Jason Berry who's a great author also filmmakers gonna be there as are Fred Johnson with the black men of labor social aid and pleasure club. Benny -- leader of the hot brass band Gregory Stafford. Young tuxedo brass band beautiful performance free marvelous. Free is good we like for. If it's free it's me. Who could assignment and very cheap. How do we have a couple minutes left do you wanna talk about what's on Netflix yes I -- since you know we've already kind of talked about what's at the movie theaters but. There's so much going on you know at our home now you can just see good movies all the time world war Z. Is available for streaming now. Personally wasn't a huge fan but I guess I'm in the minority on Ellen did you see it yes I did you what did you think it was average yeah I thought so too was averaging no. I don't wanna say it but I'm going to anybody who hasn't seen -- -- -- and really is looking forward to be ending may be turned on the dial just a -- At the end of you know when he's about to. -- it to save the world opened and delivered the zombie cure. Any stops. And he turns around and kicks the vending machine and a Pepsi rules out any takes a and then she goes and saves the world I was furious. Attendant did that I mean I've -- -- -- on a product placement in movies since I was. Very small watching movies but that was -- resource and it really. Really ruined it and the general beauty of that movie premiere at that point acts like -- watch a blockbuster commercial. Next. Though they can push the limit if you went and did what else Fargo is out and -- They've very rare movie following Jim. Yeah Iowa mean -- a little bit more familiar with the Cohen the Coen Brothers -- put out a lot of great movies since then -- Fargo was kind of I think you know many ways they're pulp fiction. In a way to kind of movie that really put them on the map for audiences everywhere so that's out that's a movie to watch over and -- and ghostbusters. Yes I've probably seen ghostbusters seventy times. Absolutely okay now we're gonna do our thing I want to thank you -- for being with the thank you enjoy it.